Best Golf Driver for Women 2023

To the benefit of female golfers in 2023, we’ve created the ultimate guide to help find the best ladies’ golf driver for every type of player.

We believe the best women’s driver on the market, in not only looks but also distance-boosting performance, has to be the TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Driver. It combines a stunning appearance with innovative speed-focused technology for a real weapon for female golfers off the tee.

Be sure to stick around to the end of the article, where we discuss some of the most stand-out features of the best ladies’ golf drivers of 2023.

Best Driver for Women



TaylorMade Stealth Women's Driver

  • Twist Face Technology

  • Designed for Speed

  • Forgiving Face

  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve



Callaway Rogue ST MAX D

  • Draw Tendency

  • Increased Ball Speed

  • Adjustable Loft and Lie Settings



PING G425 MAX Womens

  • Adjustable Rear Weight

  • Highly Forgiving Design

  • Adjustable Loft and Lie Settings

7 Best Drivers for Women 2023

  1. TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Driver (Distance Focused Ladies Driver)
  2. Callaway Rogue ST MAX D (Draw Tendency Driver)
  3. PING G425 MAX Womens (Most Forgiving Driver for Women)
  4. Titleist TSi2 (Highly Adjustable Pick)
  5. Cobra Women’s LTDx MAX (Draw Bias Driver For Women)
  6. Cobra Women’s AIR-X Offset Driver (Lightweight Driver)
  7. Callaway Big Bertha REVA (Budget Women’s Golf Driver)

1. TaylorMade Stealth Women's Driver (Distance Focused Ladies Driver)

TaylorMade Stealth Women's Driver

The TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Driver introduces the “CarbonWood Age” to the great women’s golf driver department.

After 20 years in the making, TaylorMade says the “limits of titanium have been broken.”

The Stealth Women’s driver features TaylorMade’s new “60X Carbon Twist Face Technology,” which comprises of 60 layers of carbon sheets that are strategically arranged for better energy transfer and faster ball speeds across a larger area of the face.

TaylorMade claims that the Stealth Women’s driver is the most forgiving and highest MOI rated driver they’ve ever produced, at the minimum making it a “must-test” ladies’ driver in 2023.

Also new to the Stealth and “CarbonWood Age” is an innovative nanotexture cover across the Stealth face. TaylorMade says this cover creates the face texture needed to produce the ideal amount of friction at impact, fine-tuning launch and spin while optimizing total distance in every type of playing condition.

Just below the face on the sole is a “Thru-Slot Speed Pocket,” just like on TaylorMades irons. This maximizes ball speed and adds forgiveness to drives hit low on the club face.

TaylorMade engineers have implemented an “Asymmetric Inertia Generator” into the Women’s Stealth driver design. By creating a more aerodynamic head shape and using this technology, TaylorMade has created more natural speed for players at the most critical phase of the swing, the moment right before impact. This breakthrough design increases clubhead speeds while also allowing additional weight to be placed at the club’s rear to encourage higher MOI, optimal launch, and improved forgiveness.

An adjustable loft sleeve allows players to fine-tune performance up or down 2 degrees from the standard loft options of 10.5° or 12.5°.

The Stealth Women’s Driver is offered in its own unique colorway to differentiate itself from the other drivers in the Stealth family. While every Stealth driver features the famous new vibrant red face, the Women’s driver features a striking metallic finish with a carbon fiber patterned crown. Additionally, the Women’s Stealth features its own “White Out” premium leather headcover with every purchase.

The bag appeal and overall eye-catching design of the TaylorMade Stealth Women’s driver might make it the best looking driver head for lady golfers currently.

Stock Shaft: Aldila Ascent Ladies 45 Graphite



  • Twist Face Technology

  • Designed for Speed

  • Forgiving Face

  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve

  • Only Available in Right Handed Configuration

2. Callaway Rogue ST MAX D (Draw Tendency Driver)

Callaway Rogue ST MAX D

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX D driver helps players reduce their miss to the right or promote a shot that curves to the left.

Callaway uses the Project X Cypher shaft as the standard stock option, and the Rogue ST MAX D is available in lofts of 10.5 and 12 degrees.

Callaway is also implementing a new “Tungsten Speed Cartridge” structure to the Rogue ST MAX D that places up to 20 grams of Tungsten low and deep in the driver’s head to increase ball speed on off-center strikes and provide more forgiveness by boosting the MOI.

Callaway’s patented A.I. designed “JailBreak Speed Frame” in the club’s “Flash Face” delivers increased stability and speed across the face. Combine that technology with the precise unibody construction of the Rogue ST MAX D, and players are offered supreme stability and forgiveness without sacrificing any distance.

By using a “Triaxial Carbon” crown and sole, Callaway engineers were able to save weight, allowing this discretionary weight to be distributed around the club head to increase forgiveness with a high launch and slight draw bias.

On top of all the previously mentioned technology, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX D drivers are fully adjustable up 2 degrees or down a single degree from their standard loft, and the lie can also be adjusted.

There isn’t another driver on this list that features more anti-slice and distance-boosting technology in its design. If that sounds like it could help you or the lady golfer in your life’s game, consider the Callaway Rogue ST MAX D driver.



  • Draw Tendency

  • Increased Ball Speed

  • Adjustable Loft and Lie Settings

  • High Price

3. PING G425 MAX Women's (Most Forgiving Driver)

PING G425 MAX Women's

The PING G425 MAX is a fantastic ladies’ driver for players seeking maximum forgiveness.

The G425 MAX has the highest MOI of any driver PING has ever manufactured, making it their most forgiving driver head ever.

The look of the G425 MAX is sleek matte black yet catches the eye a bit thanks to the rear turbulators we’ll talk about later. The sound of the G425 MAX is just as loud and hollow as all other PING woods, but its performance more than makes up for this factor.

PING engineers found ways to save weight in the initial design process of the G425 MAX, allowing them to dedicate 26 grams of Tungsten to the adjustable sliding weight located at the rear of the club head. This weight can be set to a Neutral, Draw, or Fade bias setting to contribute to a customizable and consistent ball flight players want to see.

Placing this weight low and deep in the club head stabilizes the head for players on mishit shots (making them go straighter) and optimizes spin rate and launch angle for more distance.

To help increase swing speed and ball speed, each PING driver in the 425 lineup shares new features like turbulators above the face for reduced aerodynamic drag, and a proprietary lightweight “T9S+ forged face” accelerates face flexing for more distance.

PING has always been a leader in the adjustable club fitting space. The G425 MAX has five unique loft settings, and players can adjust the lie angle up to 4 degrees.

If a more forgiving driver that boosts distance and helps you hit the ball straighter sounds like it could benefit you or the women golfers in your life, consider the PING G425 MAX.



  • Adjustable Rear Weight

  • Highly Forgiving Design

  • Adjustable Loft and Lie Settings

  • Rough sound off the club face

4. Titleist TSi2 (Highly Adjustable)

Titleist TSi2

The Titleist TSi2 driver is built for players looking for incredible speed and accuracy across the entirety of the face.

Titleist offers the TSi2 with players’ choice of four exceptional shaft options from Mitsubishi Chemical and three premium shaft options that Titleist engineers designed with Graphite Design. With this many shaft options, it would be wise to get a professional fitting before purchasing this driver.

The TSi2 features a deeper and lower center of gravity for maximum distance through the “Speed Optimized MOI” approach Titleist took to its design.

Titleist introduces a new “ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face” to the TSi lineup. This unique material delivers superior strength, elasticity, and durability compared to conventional titanium alloys used in golf club design and is entirely new to the industry.

“ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium” is 30% stronger than previously used titanium in Titleist drivers and was originally designed to be used in ballistics armor! This material allows Titleist engineers to produce the fastest, most durable, and lightest driver face a Titleist driver has ever seen.

By saving weight in this step of the design process, Titleist was able to reposition that weight to increase ball speed across the face and raise MOI for greater forgiveness.

Through meticulous, PGA Tour player-inspired tweaks to the head shaping, Titleist was able to reduce drag during the swing up to 15 percent in the TSi2 compared to prior generations of TS model drivers. This decrease in drag increases club head speed for faster ball speed and more distance.

An adjustable swing weight is located at a fixed position at the back center of the club head. This not only stabilizes the head for easier alignment and forgiveness on mishit shots but helps provide a high launch and low spin for maximum distance and a straighter ball flight for users.

Last but not least, thanks to Titleist sticking with their classic SureFit Hosel, the TSi2 driver is adjustable in 16 unique loft and lie angle combinations, ensuring players see the ball flight and results they need.



  • Quality Shaft Options

  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve

  • Forgiving Driver

  • With so many head shapes within the TSi line and shaft options, a fitting is likely required for a perfect fit.

5. Cobra Women's LTDx MAX (Draw Bias Driver For Women)

Cobra Women’s LTDx MAX

The Cobra Women’s LTDx MAX driver combines a high level of forgiveness with a slight draw bias for straighter shots with added distance.

“PWR-COR” Technology located just behind the face on the sole of the driver’s head positions a substantial amount of weight low and forward for faster ball speed with reduced spin. A new additional Tungsten weight located at the rear of the sole takes Cobra’s fastest driver and makes it extraordinarily forgiving and playable for a wide range of swing speeds.

Cobra is introducing a new artificial intelligence designed, “H.O.T Face,” that uses varying levels of thickness in its construction to increase ball speed across a larger area of the face.

To further increase distance and speed for women golfers, Cobra uses a multi-material construction with 30% more carbon and a lighter titanium in the design process. Players have reported a slight increase in ball speed upon first-time use.

The women’s LTDx MAX driver comes standard with a premium aftermarket UST Helium Nanocore shaft that’s only 43 grams. This lightweight design promotes a consistent high launch and excellent feel for players.



  • Slower Swing Speeds to Faster Swing Speeds Find Success

  • Draw Bias

  • Premium Standard Stock Shaft

  • Expensive

6. Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver (Lightweight Driver)

The women’s AIR-X Offset driver is the lightest driver Cobra has ever created and is designed specifically for women’s swings. It is available in 10.5° and 12° loft options.

The AIR-X driver features exceptionally lightweight construction, so every swing feels effortless regardless of a player’s swing speed.

Premium lightweight carbon creates the bulk of the club head and delivers a sensation of faster swing speed through the air.

Cobra has essentially designed the club face to be one huge sweet spot. Through their internal testing, Cobra found that players hit the ball just as far even when they didn’t make center contact!

Additional heel weighting helps correct slice bias spin and helps keep drives straight down the fairway. A straight neck hosel with no offset provides a traditional look at address while still keeping the face-squaring aspects of the offset face design.

Lastly, with the purchase of a Cobra AIR-X driver, players are eligible for free Arccos Smart Sensors to equip to the grip. This sensor provides more accurate swing data to the award-winning Arccos Caddie app for more precise practice and goal setting throughout a golf season.



  • Lightweight Design

  • Offset to Square Face Naturally

  • Heel Weighting for Anti Slice

  • Less expensive driver (not really a con) for more beginner players

7. Callaway Big Bertha REVA (Budget Women's Golf Driver)

Callaway Big Bertha REVA

The Callaway Big Bertha REVA is designed for women golfers looking to unleash as much distance as possible. Callaway has reworked every aspect of the Big Bertha to make the REVA long, straight, and easy to hit.

The REVA is available in lofts of 10.5 and 12 degrees and features a speed-enhancing Callaway shaft that’s available in player’s choice of 40 or 50 grams, perfect for women golfers.

You must start by hitting the ball straighter if you want to hit the ball farther. To help eliminate a slice, Callaway has created their first high launch driver with an ultra-low and forward center of gravity for low spin. These factors combine to create a more consistent ball flight and increase distance through carry and roll.

The Big Bertha REVA features internal draw bias weighting that also helps stop the distance-harming slice spin.

Callaway has advanced their A.I. designed “Flash Face” by improving the strength of the material used in construction. This update to the design process promotes fast ball speeds across a greater area of the face. This means lady golfers will hit the ball further even when they miss the center of the face at impact.



  • Shaft Options

  • Internal Draw Bias Weights

  • Improved "Flash Face" for Forgiveness

  • Distance Driver Overall

  • Differing shaft weights might require a fitting before purchase.

  • The design is nearing 2.5 years old.

Stand-Out Features of the Best Women's Drivers in 2023

Adjustable Hosel (Loft and Lie Customization)

Many modern drivers feature additional customizability options after purchase through adjustable hosel sleeves and included tools. These sleeves have up to 16 unique settings (depending on your chosen manufacturer) that allow players to customize their loft and lie angle.

Changing these factors of the club head changes the ball flight characteristics and tendencies and allows players to finely tune how their driver performs on a day-to-day basis.

If you like to tinker with how your club performs after you purchase it, every driver on our list besides the Cobra AIR-X features an adjustable hosel sleeve.

Adjustable Head Weighting

Head weighting in a driver’s design is a critical factor in how the ball launches off the face, what the ball’s flight looks like in the air, and how forgiving of results you see from off-center strikes.

The Cobra LTDx MAX, Titleist TSi2, and PING G425 MAX all feature adjustable head weighting that allows players to customize their ball flight further.

As a note, we’d like to mention that the Titleist TSi2’s head weight is only adjustable at purchase, meaning a professional fitting would likely be required for a proper weight to be found.

Draw Bias

The unfortunate truth is the majority of amateur golfers struggle to combat a slice off the tee.

Thanks to golf equipment advances in recent years, golf club manufacturers have developed draw bias drivers that naturally fight the distance-halting slice.

Draw bias drivers combat a slice tendency and increase distance and roll out by lowering spin. Draw bias drivers not only improve performance but also boost confidence in users that their ball will find the intended target off the tee.

If you or the lady golfer in your life could benefit from a draw bias driver, consider the Callaway Rogue ST MAX D, the Cobra LTDx MAX, and the Callaway Big Bertha REVA.

Lightweight Design

Due to outlying factors, most lady golfers see substantial benefits from lighter-weight equipment.

A lighter design increases swing and club head speed for greater distance and lowers the amount of strain put on the body throughout the course of a round or season.

Drivers on our list that feature lightweight components in their design include the PING G425 MAX, Titleist TSi2, Cobra LTDx MAX, and the Cobra AIR-X Offset.

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