Best Electric Golf Carts 2023

Electric carts were once thought to be the exclusive toys of wealthy country club members.  However technology has made it possible and affordable for regular golfers to have some form of an electric assisted cart.  They range from a small electric motor added to your push cart, to bikes, to motorized skateboards to a 2 person “standard” electric riding cart. 

After using dozens, we found the 9 best electric golf cart of the 2023 season to be the Axglo E5 Electric Cart. (Plus save $100 with coupon IGR100)

It offers everything we love about an electric cart and does it at one of the better price points. We factor in the golf function, stability, battery range, cost, fun, speed and how it impacts our overall golf experience. This list will help you figure out which electric golf cart is best for you.



Axglo E5 Cart

  • Easy Follow

  • Glove Box

  • Price Point

  • Coupone Code IGR100



HeyBike Ranger Cart

  • 90 hole range

  • E-bike style

  • Fast

  • To and from the course



Stewart Q Follow Cart

  • Ultimate Follow

  • All-Weather Construction

  • Rolls Royce of carts

  • Hands Free Golf

Walk or Ride is often the debate among golf buddies when you arrive at the course.  This list takes that discussion off the table if you have your own form of walking/riding electric cart.  I think walking is still the best way to enjoy golf; an electric option to carry my clubs adds to that enjoyment. I also know that not everyone can walk 5 miles easily and play golf.  Some of the new single rider electric carts are also really fun and fast. 

Electric carts all have a learning curve which means that during the first few rounds scores may suffer because of the focus this new electric cart takes to learn/worry about.  But once you get the hang of these electric carts you will love what they offer.

9 Best Electric Golf Carts of 2023

  1. Axglo E5 Electric Cart  (Best Follow Cart)
  2. HeyBike Ranger Electric Bike (Best Bike Style Electric Cart)
  3. Stewart Q-Follow Electric Cart (Close 2nd Best Follow Cart)
  4. MotoCaddy M7 GPS Electric Cart (Best Remote Cart + GPS)
  5. MGI Zip Electric Cart (Close 2nd Remote Cart)
  6. Alphard E-Wheels (Most Affordable Electric Cart)
  7. Finn Electric Scooter (Most Expensive Single Rider Scooter)
  8. ClubCar Onward  Cart (Best Luxury 4-wheel/2 person cart)
  9. GolfBoard Cart (Most Unique Way to Cart)

We recognize a quality electric cart can be an expensive purchase for many individuals, so in our list of the 9 best electric golf carts of 2023, we provide options from a variety of different manufacturers, styles of electric carts and price points. Be sure to stick around to the end of our list, where we’ll break down our favorite features in the newest crop of electric golf carts and help point you in the right direction before purchasing your own.

1. Axglo E5 Electric Cart

The Axglo E5 Electric Cart is our pick for the best electric golf cart on the market. The combination of features, function and price point make it our top pick.  While Axglo may not be a household name in the US, this Canadian company makes amazing carts.

The follow mode on “Shadow” (my Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart) is the best follow mode of any cart I’ve tried.  It locks quickly onto the remote and smoothly traces the path you just walked.  There is no hurky-jerky movement, but smooth follow a few feet back.  When you stop Shadow stops; when you walk Shadow rolls. It follows best with the remote in a back pocket, but even did OK with it in hand. The follow feature is one of the top features that sets this cart apart and why we think it is the best electric push cart in 2023. 

The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart has the best console of any electric cart I’ve used.  Regular push carts have large full featured consoles, while electric ones have often skimped in this area; Axglo didn’t.  They have a full sized console which can hold your score card, rangefinder, water bottle, golf balls, etc under the cover in the “basket”.  The handle has the display and turn dial front and center.  The handle can be used occasionally when you are in tight quarters and unless you are a pro remote control driver, it is easier to just stick a hand on the cart and guide it safely to it’s next destination.

Shadow the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart comes out of Canada and ships anywhere in the world with a price point that beats all of its competitors because of the follow mode.  There are similarly priced electric carts that are remote drive only and there are follow carts that are much more expensive.  The combination of features, function and price is what gave this cart the crown for 2023.

Save $100 with code IGR100

Key Features

  • Best Follow Mode

  • Big Glove Box

  • Great Price Point

  • Long Battery Life

  • $1700 (-$100 with coupon code IGR100)

2. HeyBike Ranger Electric Bike

The HeyBike Ranger E-bike is a new category of electric carts.  The rise of e-bikes makes this a perfect new way to experience 18 holes.  The HeyBike Ranger requires an aftermarket bag holder by Divnick.  If you have ridden a bike; hopping on a HeyBike Ranger E-bike is as easy as pie.  The fat tires, low center of gravity, and super long battery life make this our 2nd favorite electric golf cart.

The HeyBike Ranger E-bike is foldable so it can be put in the trunk and transported to the golf course, or because of its long range and high speed you can ride it to the course from your home if you live close enough (5 miles or so).  The battery life is amazing because it will last 90 holes on a single charge.  This blows away everything else on this list.  It is also the fastest cart on this list, reaching speeds of 30 mph.  The bag rack takes a little installation and learning curve for setting it down for shots, but the low step through of the Ranger model makes it easy to get on and off the bike between shots.  If you want some exercise you can pedal it like a normal bike, or you can be lazy and use the scooter trigger for riding without pedaling. 

While the HeyBike Ranger E-bike doesn’t come ready for golf right out of the box, the price point for this cart after the bag holder is still one of the more reasonable carts on our list.  It can function as a regular e-bike too with the golf bag holder removed.  It is way more fun to ride than expected.  The speed, battery life and price point make this our 2nd favorite electric golf cart option. 

Key Features

  • Bike style riding cart

  • 90 hole battery life

  • Folding

  • Ride to and from the course

  • $1200 + ($225 Bag holder)

3. Stewart Q Follow Electric Cart

The Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart is the ultimate follow machine in every aspect of its design.  As you can see from their logoing, they are very proud of the fact that the entire cart is designed and produced in Great Britain.  While is nothing wrong with factories in other parts of the world, Stewart wants to over see quality control right in their own factory.  You know that when you buy one of these carts you are getting a special, high quality product.  While the cart itself looks pretty basic, the technology in the cart and remote are unique to the golf world.  The dual bluetooth, the battery and motors are all specially designed for this cart.   It is also obvious as you study the design that it was made for the climate in Great Britain rather than AZ climate.  Don’t get me wrong, it works amazingly well in AZ, but many of the weather proofing features aren’t as necessary here as they are in the wet/sloppy conditions of Great Britain.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie is focused on the remote.  This cart lives and breaths through the remote.  If you want to move it in any direction, the remote is essentially necessary to do so.  While there is a “freewheel” option on the hubs, 99% of the time you will be using this in remote mode.  The buttons are fairly intuitive.  If you want to go forward push the forward arrow, if you want to go back, you hold the back arrow and turning it requires the side buttons.  One of the more interesting features of the motor system is the speed.  While it goes fast enough that you almost have to start jogging, it is slower than some of the other electric caddies on the market on purpose.  They want to conserve battery, but also see no need to have a cart going 50mph down the fairway because you’ll never be able to keep up anyways.  They believe that speed will just lead to more problems.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow is the Rolls Royce of electric golf carts, that is really the only reason it isn’t our top pick.  The features, function, durability and battery are amazing which simply costs more than others.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Follow Cart

  • Built for all weather conditions

  • Highest Quality

  • $2700

4. MotoCaddy M7 GPS Electric Cart

The MotoCaddy M7+GPS Remote Cart is our favorite remote electric cart.  If you don’t want to invest the extra funds into follow mode, this is the best option for walking while your clubs ride on an electric cart.  The remote is easy to use and gets your clubs from hole 1 to 18 with ease.  The new GPS features means you’ve got everything you need for a round of golf right at your fingertips without the effort. 

The Motocaddy M7 + GPS Remote Cart is well designed top to bottom.  The front wheels are free spinning wheels that have a soft lock in the center position to stabilize the front of the cart.  The two large rear wheels have the motors connected to them which also serve as the steering wheels.  They work off the principle if you spin one wheel a little faster in a direction the cart turns.  It is “skid” steering.  There is a small 4th wheel that sticks out the back to prevent wheelies on hills and quick starts.  This cart is incredibly stable.  You have to go out of your way to tip it over.  It will most likely happen on a side hill when you hit a bump or something to cause it to become unbalanced.  If you watch where you drive and go up and down hills rather than across them, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about tipping the cart over.  You can always grab the handle too just in case it starts to tip.

 The Motocaddy M7 + GPS Remote Cart folds up compactly enough to fit in the back of almost any car.  I drive a MINI Countryman and it fits ideal with a seat down in the back.  This allows for space for my bag too.  The cart weighs around 25lbs.  It isn’t light nor super easy to lift, but most golfers can accomplish this motion before and after their rounds.  It unfolds and folds with 2 levers; one on the lower section and one on the upper.

The MotoCaddy M7 features GPS on the screen attached to the handle which raises the bar in electric carts.  You don’t have to wear or find GPS distances on a separate device, but have it all at your fingertips.  The touchscreen is bright and easy to use with thousands of preloaded courses.

Key Features

  • GPS Included

  • Remote Cart

  • Integrated bag holder

  • $1900

5. MGI Zip Electric Cart

The MGI Zip Navigator is a close runner up to the MotoCaddy M7 GPS, however it doesn’t have the GPS feature.  All of the remote electric cart features shine in this cart.

The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is very sturdy and stable on the course.  I was impressed by the low center of gravity which allows it to navigate up and down hills and even across bumpy terrain.  They do include a wheely bar so that going up steep hills the cart doesn’t tip backwards.  The narrower stance than most push carts didn’t seem to cause any side to side tipping issues because the mass of the cart is so low.  The motor and battery sit near to the ground right under the clubs.  The free spinning front wheel makes turning on a dime simple.  The other nice part about that free spinning front wheel is that even when it hits a bump or rock, it doesn’t throw the cart off course.  The back wheels do the steering by powering one wheel or the other more to make it turn in one direction or the either in forward or reverse.  The cart has multiple speed settings.  I found that I can walk about a 4 or 5 pace, but the cart goes all the way up to 9 so it can race ahead or catch up when left behind.  You can easily control the speed with the remote arrows or the dial on the handlebar.

I understand that the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy isn’t as cheap as a simple push cart from Costco, but compartively, this is one of the more reasonable electric carts.  Walking is still a big benefit of an electric cart like this.   If you typically take riding cart, you’ll miss out on the 5 mile walk.  If you currently carry your bag, think about how your shoulders and back will thank you the next day.  You need to consider this as an investment in your game and your health.  Yes, it can help your game too.  Think about holes 16, 17 and 18 with pushing a cart around or carrying a bag on your back, your body will still be fairly fresh when using the Zip Navigator which means better swings for better scores.   It might even open up some opportunities to play 36 holes in a day since you won’t be as tired.  It also has a pedometer so you can track your yardage walked total or even use it as a shot tracker when you bomb a drive.

Key Features

  • Easy Remote Use

  • Lots of Accessories

  • Low price point

  • $1500

6. Alphard V2 E-Wheel Electric Cart

What sets Alphard V2 E-Wheels apart from other brands is that they attach to any push cart you already have.  There are just the power unit designed to fit any/all push carts.  One of the nice things about this features is that you can use a cart you are comfortable with, but yet get the benefits of walking without pushing.  When you purchase these wheels, they ask for the cart you plan on using that way they send you the appropriate brackets for the back wheels.  If you decide to change push carts at a later date, you can order different brackets from Alphard. (You can also reinstall your old wheels back on the cart anytime you want)  This “universal” fit system makes them usable for just about anyone that has a push cart.  The brackets look easy to install and the eWheels have a sliding rear axle for the appropriate width on any cart.  The E-Wheels attached very easily to the cart with 2 latches that have a “D” shape to make sure it aligns properly every time.

The Alphard V2 eWheels have a simple on/off push button with an LED light ring so you know the battery level.  Mine came fully charged right out of the box, so I was able to test it and take it to the course the same day.  The unit weighs  23lbs so the carry strap handles the weight easily from trunk to ground.  It’s actually less than my bag with clubs and accessories in it.  The folding cart, golf bag and eWheel take up a chunk of your trunk, about an extra 1/3 of the space you had before.  The Club Booster is controlled by a fairly straight forward remote. There is a magnetic clamp to attach it on the handlebar of your push cart or a belt clip holder to wear the remote.   While all of this is very simple and straight forward, the learning curve on driving the cart takes a little time.

After the first few holes with the Alphard V2 eWheels I felt comfortable driving it all over the course from shot to shot.  I started to forget about the novelty of it and started enjoying my round with less effort to push my clubs around.  It’s like having a caddie, except this one you use a remote control.  I got 18 holes easily out of a full charge.  The battery was at about 1/2 power when I was done.   I was impressed by the consistent power and function for all 18 holes.  The remote obviously has much longer battery life and worked from a solid 50-75 yards away.  I could drive the cart ahead or bring it up from behind with ease.  I didn’t run into any connection problems during my rounds.  It also has  3 distance buttons for 15, 30 or 60 yards auto distance.  This can be used to track the distance you hit your shots.

Key Features

  • Works on any push cart

  • Easy set-up, installation and function

  • Lowest price point

  • $800

7. Finn Electric Scooter

The Finn Scooter is backed by Sun Mountain and seems to have created an option that addresses most of the issues plaguing single person golf course transportation. We think Finn Scooters are one of the most Fun way to experience golf.

Finn Scooters are electric so that makes them quiet and fairly easy to maintain.  Their price point is fairly close to ½ of a 2-person golf cart.  They offer fleet sales and personal sales as well as lease options for golf courses.  They do everything digitally through an app so the golf course has minimal additional work to have Finn Scooter available for rent.  The rental price point is still a little high as an additional fee on top of your greens fees, but not too much.  As an overall business plan for a golf course, having a fleet of these isn’t hard to justify.  They make money, while not requiring much work.

Basically the Finn Scooter is FUNN.  After checking in for my tee time and downloading the Finn app, logging in, and then purchasing my round; I strapped my golf bag in the Finn Scooter I had picked out and away I went.  It is pretty self-explanatory how to ride and use the scooter.   While I’ve ridden bikes and scooters before, it is wise to get a handle on riding the Finn Scooter around the staging area or parking lot.  It has a thumb trigger for speed and handlebar brakes to slow you down.  It has a kickstand (that looks like a 3-wood) for when you get off the scooter to keep it standing.  The Finn has a low center of gravity and accelerates very smoothly.  These features make it easy to step up and start riding for just about anybody.  Learning the turning radius is important, especially the first time out on the course, since you don’t want to crash or get yourself in a bind.  At the end of the day it still is transportation to get you from point A to point B; there is an exhilarating feeling cruising down the fairway.  The soft tires and suspension make it feel like you are floating.  It felt like after the 1st hole, the Finn caused 0 distraction to my golf game. 

Key Features

  • Fun

  • Stable

  • Rent at the course

  • $3500

8. ClubCar Onward Electric Cart

The Club Car Onward is the most familiar of electric carts since some version/brand of 2 person electric/gas cart is available at almost every golf course in the world.  While owning your own might seem out of reach for most golfers, the Onward model makes a cart like this valuable in many cart friendly communities for more than just golf.

These easiest and probably safest cart on our list since you sit in it and drive it like a car, and takes zero learning curve to get used to a Club Car Onward since most golfers have rented one from the golf course before. For some this will always be their method of golfing because of health reasons.  In AZ it is a must in the summer heat.

The Club Car Onward model offers numerous customization options so you can “pimp” your ride however you like.  There are color choices, upholstery options, different wheels, extra seating, etc.  If you are getting your personal Club Car, you will be paying considerable more for it than anything else on our list, but remember this is the only 2 person cart so, you essentially have to double the cost of our other choices to compare apples to apples.  However the Club Car is still more, but does and offers so much more too.

Key Features

  • 2 person

  • Most familiar to use

  • Rent from course

  • $12,000+

9. GolfBoard Electric Cart

GolfBoard Electric Carts were all the rage about 10 years ago.  They haven’t gone away, but the other electric cart options have certainly overtaken them in terms of popularity.  As someone who grew up skateboarding, hopping on a GolfBoard Electric Cart was second nature.  However if you never rode a skateboard, the learning curve on this electric cart was extensive.

The GolfBoard is a giant skateboard in which you strapped the golf bag to the front of it.  The large all-terrain wheels and suspension could tackle anything the course throws at the golfer.  The controls were easy to navigate and turning was done by leaning like a skateboard.

The $3,250 price point on the GolfBoard made it kind of expensive for most golfers to purchase.  Some courses had rental ones available but charged additional cart fees and required a video training session prior to use.  While fun and cool, they also came with some danger and difficulty to master.  It took a full 18 holes of learning how to ride it which means the casual golfer isn’t going to enjoy their golf much on the first go around.

It is a cool and fun electric cart alternative, but really aimed at a small segment of the golfing population.

Key Features

  • Skateboard style

  • Fun way to ride

  • Rent from select courses

  • $3250

What To Look For In Electric Golf Carts


Size does matter when it comes to electric carts since they are going to weigh more and require lifting and transportation to the course.  However a few models like the HeyBike and Club Car could be used as transportation to and from the course as well.  Does it fold up nicely? Does it fit in your trunk? and Where do you store it at home or at the course?  Some of the carts on our list can easily fit next to your golf clubs where you store them like Axglo, Stewart, MotoCaddy, MGI and Alphard while others like Club Car, HeyBike, Finn and GolfBoard need an extra garage stall. 


Making the electric golf cart get your clubs from hole to hole and shot to shot is key to enjoyment.  The follow mode on carts like Axglo and Stewart make the experience hands free.  The remote carts are like driving a toy, while scooters and board require hands on navigation but not walking.  The trade offs between electric carts will come down to how you want to move around the course; hands-free, remote, riding or sitting.


In an age where our refrigerators have touch screens, it comes as no real surprise many of the electric carts have amazing features.  The MotoCaddy M7 GPS includes golf GPS right on the cart.  Follow mode is key to the hands-free experience with Axglo and Stewart.  The comfort of HeyBike, Finn and Club Car mean you get to ride in comfort.  Almost all of these electric carts have apps that enhance the experience. Some of the carts on our list have large/multiple storage compartments, and some even have a built-in cooler! The glove box features varies too from cart to cart which is an important feature for storage.


If the golf courses you frequent are particularly hilly or have rocky/loose footing, stability is going to be a crucial aspect of your cart purchasing decision. The Club Car Onward is obviously the most stable, but many of the other electric carts take stability seriously with low center of gravity designs.  Every cart on our list can handle the challenges of any golf course, however very hilly courses can be taxing to walk, even if your clubs are riding on a remote or follow cart.


Your golfing style can be matched by an electric golf cart.  If you want to “skate” the course, you can use the cool GolfBoard.  If you like to bike, you can HeyBike or Finn Scooter.  If you want the luxury of a 2 person golf cart then Club Car Onward is for you. If you still want to walk, our other choices are the best on the market.  Price point may be a deciding factor which might determine which features are most important to you. 

Battery Life

All of our electric carts run on rechargeable batteries.  All of them are designed to go at least 36 holes.  The HeyBike has the longest battery life capable of 90 holes.  They all require recharging which most recommend overnight.  With all electric carts, there requires a plan to keep them ready to go, in case a last second round is planned.  Running out of juice on the course is no fun.  Some however will still function as a regular push cart or bike.  The Club Car, Finn and GolfBoard however will leave you stranded.  All carts have good battery indicators and chargers to make sure you are ready to go for 18 holes.

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