Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls 2023

The popularity of golf as a sport and as a form of recreation is growing rapidly across the world. It seems like every day, you read a new story about a professional athlete from a different sport showing their love for the game of golf, often citing the game’s degree of difficulty as the main reason for picking it up. With an increasing number of daytime golf course tee sheets being completely booked, courses are looking to capitalize on the growing golfer population and potentially introduce new players to the game with a fun variation to the sport called “night golf.”

Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls 2023

The premise is as simple as it sounds. Courses everywhere are putting glow sticks inside their cups and sending patrons out to enjoy playing night golf. You can enjoy the fun of golf without the heat, bugs, sunburn, wind, and potentially even cart traffic by partaking in night golf using glow-in-the-dark golf balls. There are courses everywhere introducing night golf tournaments, but since the concept is still relatively new, not everyone knows what night golf balls/glow-in-the-dark golf balls will help them perform the best! Today’s article’s purpose is to point readers in the right direction for all their glowing golf ball needs.

Our favorite glow-in-the-dark golf ball comes from GlowGearGolf, their “Glow V1 Night Golf Ball.”



Glow V1 Night Golf Ball

  • Premium Feel

  • UV Flashlight Activated



BattlePulse Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

  • 50 Hour Life Per Ball (300 Hours Total)

  • 6 Color Options w/ Set

  • 10 Minute Activation Time



NightHawk LED Light Up Golf Balls

  • Each Ball Changes to 7 Colors

  • 40 Hour Life

  • Cell Phone Light / Flash Light Activated

Plenty of players enjoy using glowing golf balls for reasons other than night golf. Golfers with rigid or inflexible work schedules who can only play at daybreak or dusk say they enjoy speeding up their pace of play from the visibility the balls offer and feel like they’re saving money from losing fewer golf balls. Many courses across the globe offer twilight and very early morning discounted rounds where visibility is low, yet another instance where glow-in-the-dark golf balls save players money. In addition, glowing golf balls also make short practicing games / putting at night exponentially easier than bringing a flashlight.

Please take a look at a list of our 8 favorite glow-in-the-dark golf balls for 2023 before reading each selection’s detailed analysis. We feel many choices from our list would be worth your consideration, and we try to offer options from several manufacturers and price points.

8 Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls 2023

  1. Glow V1 Night Golf Ball (Best Night Golf Ball)
  2. BattlePulse Glow in The Dark Golf Balls (2nd Best LED Golf Ball)
  3. NightHawk LED Light Up Golf Balls (Best LED Golf Ball)
  4. Night Flyer CL Golf Balls (Available in Bulk or Individual)
  5. VinBee 12 Pack Glow in the Dark Golf Balls (Budget-Friendly Pick)
  6. R&L Glow Golf Balls (FlashLight Included w/Purchase)
  7. Thiodoon Glow in the Dark Golf Balls (Money Back Guarantee)
  8. GoBright LED Light Up Golf Balls (Motion Activated)

We’ll assess every selection further to see which glow-in-the-dark golf ball will meet your needs.

1. Glow V1 Night Golf Ball

Glow V1 Night Golf Ball

The engineers over at GlowGearGolf say their Glow V1 glow-in-the-dark golf balls are the longest ball in night golf.

The Glow V1 separates itself from competitors in the glowing golf ball market because it’s the first-night golf ball with a “90 compression COR rating” that feels like regular golf balls. This rating means Glow V1’s are built through the same rigorous process actual golf balls go through and, from user testing, is said to be “four yards shorter than a ProV1 and other Tour-level balls.”

A two-piece construction comprising a daytime real golf ball core and a photoluminescent “Max Glow” urethane pigmented outer layer, GlowGearGolf achieves tour quality feel, compression, and distance.

The Glow V1’s “charge” their glow by being exposed to UV light. You’ll need your own UV flashlight, or you can purchase their patented “GlowCharger” UV charging case that can make house/charge a few Glow V1’s at a time. From a few moments of direct exposure to UV light, the Glow V1 golf balls glow brightly for 8-10 minutes (essentially bright for the perfect amount of time per hole of golf) but keep a slight glow that slowly dissipates over hours. Once your Glow V1 has lost its bright light, expose it to direct UV light for a few moments, and you’re playing golf again in no time.

GlowGearGolf claims their Glow V1’s are entirely safe to hit with player’s driver/woods because of daytime core and two-piece construction and urges players to use caution when playing with other nonpremium balls as their materials may cause damage to players’ equipment.

While the Glow V1 does come with a premium price tag, we believe the premium, professional-quality ball is worth it. If you’d like to get the most distance out of night golf glow-in-the-dark golf balls and maybe win your upcoming night golf tournament, you’ve got to check out the Glow V1.

Key Features

  • UV Golf Ball

  • "4 Yards Shorter Than ProV1"

  • Safe to Hit w/ All Clubs

2. BattlePulse Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

BattlePulse Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Taking the spot as the best-LED golf balls on the market, the Battle Pulse glowing golf balls will make golfing at night a more accessible and more enjoyable experience.

The LED light on the inside of the golf balls is designed to glow after impact, with the light staying lit for 10 minutes. The Battle Pulse golf balls are made with an interesting three-layer design that is very durable and waterproof. The company says they use “an extra-thin cover for soft feel and good control and a thick resin inner layer for enhanced sturdiness.” BattlePulse claims its design allows the LED golf ball to have a regular golf balls feel when struck and check the highest USGA and R&A requirements.

With Purchase, users will receive 6 LED light-up balls in bright and vivid red, blue, orange, white, pink, and green. The updated Battle Pulse golf balls have an extended 50-hour battery life for more playability and use, making a full pack have 300 hours of super bright playability.

BattlePulse really goes above and beyond by including a practical mesh carrying bag and sturdy box for easy travel with Purchase. For the best-led golf balls you can find for night golf, please try the Battle Pulse glow-in-the-dark golf balls.

Key Features

  • 3 Layer Design

  • WaterProof

  • Carrying Bag / Box Included

3. NightHawk LED Light Up Golf Balls

NightHawk LED Light Up Golf Balls

While the price per ball is higher than many proper golf balls, the NightHawk LED glow-in-the-dark golf balls to come with some features that make them an excellent choice for your next round of night golf.

Like competitors, the NightHawk led balls are light-activated with a bright light source (like the flashlight on a cell phone) and will not go off until you turn them off yourself, for 100% confidence you can find your ball even on the darkest of nights.

Also differentiating from competitors, the NightHawk LED glow golf balls can be turned into 1 of 5 different colors with light exposure. (White, Blue, Teal, Pink, and Green) Each LED ball comes packed with 40-hour battery life, making a full pack have 160 hours worth of night golf round potential.

NightHawk says their glow in the dark led golf balls are amazing for night tournament-style events, but to be sure to store them in a closed, dark container, as sunlight will activate their LED inside and drain some of their precious 40-hour life.

If you’re looking for a fun and reliable glow-in-the-dark golf ball, look no further than the NightHawk Light-Activated golf balls.

Key Features

  • Light Activated / Unactivated

  • Sunlight Activated (Use Caution)

4. Night Flyer CL Golf Balls

Night Flyer CL Golf Balls

If you’ve ever played nighttime mini-golf, you’ve most likely used a Night Flyer golf ball. A true staple in the night golf ball/glow in the dark ball industry, Night Flyer Golf’s new CL Golf Balls are sure to impress.

In what Night Flyer is calling “the best professional tournament balls we have ever designed,” the CL Night Flyer golf balls work through internal LED lights that have constant illumination after being activated for 8-10 full minutes. The constant light ensures players have full focus on where they’re hitting their next shot, not if their ball is going to turn off. A computerized timer inside the glow balls shuts off the light to preserve the battery UNLESS the ball receives another strong impact, in which the internal timer would restart for another full light-up period.

Interestingly, Night Flyer Golf offers all six colors (Red, Yellow, White, Green, Pink, and Blue) in bulk per color, individually, or in a 6 / 12 pack of assorted colors.

The CL Night Flyer balls are designed to be the official weight and size of real golf balls to ensure players easily transition from a real ball to their ball.

If you’re looking to spice up your next dark golf outing or take advantage of their bulk discounts with a party or event at your golf club, please consider the CL Night Flyer golf balls.

Key Features

  • 6 Assorted Colors

  • Bulk Ordering Options (Party's / Events)

  •  Official Weight / Size of Traditional Balls

5. VinBee 12 Pack Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

VinBee 12 Pack Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

The VinBee 12 Pack glow-in-the-dark balls would be perfect for your next night’s golf experience and is the most budget-friendly pick out of the list.

The VinBee golf balls have a bright fluorescent glow and are rechargeable by sunlight and a UV flashlight (flashlight not included with Purchase). They generally stay illuminated for 5-7 minutes and then will need another recharge by UV light.

The VinBee golf balls are real balls with no inbuilt LEDs. The luminous golf balls are created with a low compression core and soft urethane skin that VinBee claims have a “drive equal to a daytime ball.”

Through a double fluorescent layering system, VinBee makes their golf balls shine brighter and longer than many, if not all, competing brands. VinBee encourages users to purchase their glow in the dark golf balls for tournament play because they believe in how well their product performs that strongly.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly night golf balls that will perform under any night golf circumstance, please consider trying the VinBee 12 Pack Glow in the Dark golf balls.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable by Sunlight / UV Light

  • Drive Equal to Daytime Ball

  • Budget Friendly

6. R&L Glow Golf Balls

R&L NightGlow is a glow-in-the-dark golf ball manufacturer that wants users to have as many options as possible when stocking their next night’s golf game. We’ll be discussing what R&L describes as their “high-performance tournament balls,” but we do want users to note that R&L offers LED balls that fly 20% shorter than their performance balls for a lower price!

R&L claims their glow-in-the-dark tournament balls “shine brighter and longer than all other competing night golf balls.” Through the use of two fluorescent layers built-in to the incredibly soft outer urethane skin, the tournament balls are able to be charged in 10 seconds with any flashlight (UV flashlight recommended), and the intense brightness lasts for 5 minutes before your ball will need a recharge. Thankfully, with a purchase of the tournament balls from R&L, users receive a UV flashlight that a ball fits into and can be spun to increase glow time and help the balls stay lit while on the go.

R&L says their glow balls (NOT LED) offer an equal drive to a daytime ball because in their design, they utilize a low compression core and multi-layer construction. This means they hit, sound, and most importantly, feel like a normal ball, making the transition to a night golf game much more seamless.

In addition, if players believe in their ability to see a glowing ball in the night sky strongly enough, R&L is offering slightly less bright tournament balls for extremely low prices in bulk.

If you’re looking for a night ball with the best glow you feel like you can rely on, please consider trying one of R&L’s amazing glow ball offerings.

Key Features

  • Tournament Level Distance and Performance

  • Low Bulk Pricing

  • Dual Fluorescent Glowing Layers

7. Thiodoon Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Thiodoon Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

Thiodoon is focused on helping players get the most out of their updated design LED golf balls.

When Thiodoon’s led balls make contact with a hard surface (your club or the ground), the internal led lights light up for 8-10 minutes each strike, and the timer resets after each hit. Unlike competitors, Thiodoon says each ball can be struck more than 800 times. This is by far the most used that is claimed out of every brand on our list today.

New to 2023, Thiodoon upgraded its LED ball to a four-layer construction. The core comprises standard LED lights, while the inner and middle layers are resin materials to strengthen ball speed for players. The outer layer is a new “Surlyn” material that makes the balls feel like a normal golf balls. Thiodoon states their balls feel great after the LED lights inside the ball lose their charge. The balls can still be used as daytime balls.

Each six-pack purchase includes a White, Pink, Orange, Blue, Red, and Green color glow-in-the-dark ball, making fun games with friends easy to separate and distinguish whose shot is whose.

Thiodoon is so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase that if you aren’t, you can return your package for a full refund. For truly one of the best glow golf ball experiences out there with a battery life that will last, please try the Thiodoon glowing golf balls.

Key Features

  • Each Ball Can Be Illuminated More Than 800 Times

  • 4 Layer Construction

  • Full Refund Return Option

8. GoBright LED Light Up Golf Balls

GoBright LED Light Up Golf Balls

Finalizing our list for the best glow-in-the-dark golf balls for the 2023 golfing season are the GoBright LED light-up golf balls. The only reason they find the last spot on our list is due to their incredibly high demand. They are out of stock at the moment! Don’t worry; their suppliers have informed us they’ll be back in supply very shortly!

Offered from the GoBright store are LED motion-activated balls in colors of Red, White, Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange. GoBright encourages users to bounce their balls firmly off the ground or hard surface to test the LED lights and battery inside. After confirming your LED balls work properly, rest assured each ball lights up for 8 minutes after firm contact and has up to 40 hours of playing live.

Differentiating themselves from competitors, GoBright offers their LED glow golf balls in packs of 2, 3, 4, and 6 based on the size of your night game outing or event, so each player will have a color they can call their own. While not the words of the manufacturer themselves, users have reported the GoBright LED balls being exponentially brighter than premium costing competitors like the Glo-V1.

If you’re a night golfer looking for the brightest and best glow you can find in your night golf balls, look no further than the GoBright LED golf balls. (Once they’re back in stock 🙂

Key Features

  • 8 Minute Activation Period

  • Team Pack Sizing Options

Now we’d like to take some time to answer some of the burning questions most golfers have about using glow golf balls when playing golf.

How long do glowing golf balls last?

The lifespan of each glow golf ball is different based on the manufacturer. Our list of the 8 best glowing balls for 2023 has options that last from a round or two to multiple seasons (as long as you don’t lose the ball off an errant strike). Although sometimes, LED glow balls do have a slightly shorter lifespan than non-LED balls because the internal LED lights do not make as solid of a core as a non-LED core ball. If you want to ensure the balls will have a decent lifespan, the Thiodoon LED ball manufacturer claims their balls are still great for daytime use after the internal light loses battery!

How far do glow balls go compared to regular golf balls?

Top brands in the glow golf ball field (Glow V1 / VinBee) claim their balls travel essentially just as far as normal balls. GlowV1 states their balls travel “4 yards shorter than a ProV1,” which is nearly a discernible difference in the grand scheme of shots. Generally, if the distance is a concern when you’re making your glow ball purchases, look for a “normal ball construction” rather than a “LED construction,” and you should most generally find more distance. When purchasing an LED glow ball, users should often expect a much shorter flight as many times the weighting/materials used in the LED construction cannot fly as far as solid core construction balls.

What color golf ball is the easiest / hardest to see at night?

In our experience, the LEAST easy colors to find at night are Purple and Blue. The shades within the color make the colors harder to find when it gets very dark out! On the other hand, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, and even Green are very easy to spot at night, regardless of how dark it is out, due to the light nature of their pigments. Of course, using a green ball during the day would be a disaster, so being able to use the color at night is a very fun alternative!

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