Best Golf Accessories of 2023

The best golf accessories of the year can give players more peace of mind while on the golf course, make practice sessions less monotonous, and generally make the lives easier for the golfers that purchase them.

Our favorite golf accessories in 2023 come from every category in the golf products space, and taking the top spot is the OGIO Alpha Travel Cover.

Users should know this golf accessory from OGIO will provide all the extra protection needed for traveling with the atrocious airlines at this time.

Best Golf Accessories 2023



OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

  • Long Lasting Carry Case

  • Easily Store Clubs and Clothes at Once



ClicGear Model 4.0

  • Maximum Durability Push Cart

  • Supports Stand Bags



Golf Bag Organizer

  • Must Have Golf Accessory for Avid Golfer

  • Multiple Trays for Golf Gear

10 Best Golf Accessories of 2023

  1. OGIO Alpha Travel Cover (Make Travel Easy)
  2. ClicGear Model 4.0 (Take Stress Off Your Body)
  3. Golf Bag Organizer (Keep’s Space Neat & Orderly)
  4. SuperStroke “Traxion Tour” Putter Grip (Increase Putting Green Feels)
  5. Ping Tour Umbrella (Best Golf Umbrella)
  6. Odyssey Putting Mirror Putting Aids (Improve Putting Stroke)
  7. Titleist Leather Golf Alignment Stick Headcover (Look Stylish & Protect Clubs)
  8. FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves Pack of 2 (Best Deal for Quality Gloves)
  9. GoSports Chipster Golf Chipping Pop Up Practice Net (Practice & Improve Your Short Game)
  10. Blue Tees Series 2 Range Finder (Accurate Yardages Up To 800 Yards)

+ Bonus Pick @ScramblingTom Custom/Personalized Golf Accessories

Investing in quality golf accessories now (like a Travel Bag, Umbrella, Range Finder, etc.) has the potential to improve your quality of experience on the course for many seasons to come.

The best golf gadgets and training aids on our list will not only set you up for success in the 2023 season but could also pay dividends for years into the future toward your golf game.

Be sure to stick around to the end of the article, where we include a bonus pick from our Editor-in-Chief and Equipment Writer.

1. OGIO Alpha Travel Cover (Make Travel Easy)

OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

OGIO believes there are two types of golfers. One golfer wants a travel cover that carries their clubs alone, and the others want a travel cover that can hold their clubs, clothes, shoes, and balls and still have room to bring home souvenirs.

OGIO describes their “Alpha Travel Cover” as the latter and generously sized to fit any size cart or stand golf bag.

Dense foam is added to the section around the club heads for added protection and structure during travel.

Each OGIO travel bag, including the “Alpha Travel Cover,” features external and internal “compression straps” to reduce club movement.

Our favorite features of the Alpha Travel Cover from OGIO have to be the fact that it stands upright unassisted (for easy access or storage at home) and that features additional organization spaces inside for shoes, clothes, or other accessories needed for a great golf trip.

Players should never fear their Alpha Travel Cover getting into the wrong hands, as OGIO features a clear contact card holder on every travel cover they make!

Lastly, OGIO goes beyond competitors in the “travel bag” market by keeping the weight incredibly light (5 lbs) and including an exclusive offer with ShipSticks, a company that specializes in shipping your clubs to and from the golf courses you’ll be traveling to directly so you can skip the airport checked luggage steps entirely!

If you’re in the market for a golf travel bag and want your options pre-measured for you, check out our list of the 10 Best Golf Travel Bags of 2023 here.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Design

  • Durable

  • Safe Keeping for Clubs

2. ClicGear Model 4.0 (Take Stress Off Your Body)

ClicGear Model 4.0

ClicGear is a push cart company that focuses on durability and function with awards to back up their claims.

For the middle tier price point, you cannot currently find a better made push cart on the market.

The ClicGear Model 4.0 is available in White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Gray, and Teal, and the silicone straps that secure your bag to the push cart itself always match that color (but can be swapped if you want to be even more unique).

Where other push carts only have one adjustable saddle strap, the Model 4.0 from ClicGear features two fully adjustable saddle systems to ensure your bag can never fall out during use on the course.

With the click of a button, the Model 4.0 quickly folds down to a compact size of 13″ x 15″ x 24″, which easily fits in any vehicle.

Continuing to blow past competitors, the Model 4.0 includes features such as; independent handle bar adjustability (for shorter or taller players), a sizeable waterproof console with unique locations for scorecards, balls, pencils, and tees, a large storage net underneath the cart for clothes or water, four additional accessory mounts, a cup holder, and an independent umbrella mount and bracket.

To finish up, the ClicGear Model 4.0 is made of heavy duty military-grade metal and feels incredibly sturdy at 21 lbs.

Feel confident this golf accessory purchase will last a long time, as ClicGear includes a 3 Year Warranty on the frame of the Model 4.0 and a 1 Year Warranty on any additional parts.

You might want to act fast, as the ClicGear Model 4.0 is selling so well that ClicGear has had to limit purchases to one Model 4.0 per household!

Click here if you’d like to read our in-depth, hands-on review of the ClicGear Model 4.0 push cart.

Key Features

  • Three Year Warranty on the Frame

  • One Year Warranty on Parts

  • Seven Color Variations

3. Golf Bag Organizer (Keep's Space Neat & Orderly)

Golf Bag Organizer

For a fraction of the price of nearly every competitor in the space, “World of Golf” is offering a golf bag organizer that will hold everything you could possibly need to play your best.

The organizer itself is 15″ x 40″ x 36″, so it’ll easily fit in any garage or room you decide to put it in.

Sleek black metal is used in the construction of the bag organizer, and the product itself can hold two golf bags of any size.

Each side contains an adjustable child-proof strap to secure your golf bag and ensure it won’t fall out or damage your clubs once inside.

The purchase includes two fully removable and sliding storage trays (for miscellaneous golf gear), a removable shoe tray, and a top shelf for golf balls and other golf accessories.

Assembly is required after purchase, but the entire product takes less than 5 minutes to assemble, and tools are included with the investment that you get to keep!

Where we feel the “World of Golf” bag organizer exceeds competitors is in its heavy duty construction (18 lb weight once assembled) and the fact that the organizer features rubber grips on the bottom of the legs to keep your precious golf items safe for a long time to come.

Key Features

  • Child-Proof Security Straps

  • Fits Multiple Bags

4. SuperStroke "Traxion Tour" Putter Grip (Increase Putting Green Feels)

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip

If you’ve been around the golf world at all since 2009, you’ve likely seen someone using a SuperStroke putter grip.

SuperStroke putter grips have been used to earn more than $500 million in Major Championships and PGA Tour events.

The “Traxion Tour” putter grips are now available in four different sizes (Tour 1.0, Tour 2.0, Tour 3.0, and Tour 5.0) and eight different color variations for the ultimate personalized putting experience.

SuperStroke is introducing an advanced surface texture to the Traxion line of putter grips that not only improves grip but feedback to a player’s hands. “X-shaped” treads are placed on high sensory areas on the bottom and sides of the grip to enhance comfort and feel.

SuperStroke is one of the few grip companies that use “Spyne Technology.” This “spine” is actually a heavily embossed ridge that runs along the underside of the grip, giving golfers a repeatable hand placement area.

Lastly, SuperStroke includes a “Tech-Port” on the butt end of their putter grips. This is essentially a hollowed section of the grip that allows players to counter-balance their putter to their specific needs (if they choose to).

If you’d like to see our breakdown of SuperStroke grips to find the best one for your game, click here.

Key Features

  • Eight Color Variations

  • Optional Counter-Balance Weights

5. Ping Tour Umbrella (Best Golf Umbrella)

Ping Tour Umbrella

The “Ping Tour Umbrella” is precisely what every dedicated golfer needs to add to their golf gear collection.

The Tour Umbrella from Ping is made of UV-protected, fully waterproof material.

The umbrella also features an extra large, 68″ double canopy for enhanced airflow and to provide an area to hang a towel to keep it dry ( to dry your grips or body with).

A comfortable foam and rubber handle make carrying the umbrella for long periods very easy, and a simple button release deployment makes opening and closing at a moment’s notice extremely simple.

As an improvement from previous Ping umbrellas, Ping decided to include an additional securing structure close to the umbrella’s handle that keeps it locked in the collapsed or extended position for ease of mind for users.

Lastly, Ping exceeds competitors in the space by providing a carrying sleeve for your umbrella so it can last for years to come without damage from being secured to the outside of a cart or your golf bag.

Key Features

  • UV Protected Material

  • WaterProof Material

  • Carrying Sleeve Included

6. Odyssey Putting Mirror Putting Aids (Improve Putting Stroke)

Odyssey Putting Mirror Putting Aids

For a literal fraction of the price of competitors, Odyssey (a Callaway-owned subsidiary) is offering a Putting Mirror Training Aid that promises to improve players’ alignment and swing path with the putter.

Both right-handed and left-handed players can use this putting mirror at the same time, a feature that isn’t on the majority of putting mirrors.

Users will simply place a ball in the center, align their shoulders to the pre-drawn lines on the putting mirror, and make a solid stroke. The feedback from this golf training aid is immediate and incredibly helpful.

Each side of the putting mirror features 6 “alignment peg holes” where users place tees to act as a “gate” for their putting stroke. The “gates” you’re creating ensures your putter has to swing between the recommended parameters from the putting experts at Odyssey.

Noticeable at the rear of the putting mirror is a singular peg hole for an additional tee to be placed. Odyssey finds many golfers in the amateur category have too long of a putting stroke, so this rear tee placement keeps the stroke more compact.

Lastly, Odyssey includes a protective cloth case for this putting stroke trainer for secure storage and travel.

Key Features

  • Left Handed or Right Handed Compatible

  • Shoulder Lines for RH or LH Players

  • Additional Peg Holes for Improved Putting Stroke Path

7. Titleist Leather Golf Alignment Stick Headcover (Look Stylish & Protect Clubs)

Titleist Leather Golf Alignment Stick Headcover

Titleist has long been a golf equipment manufacturer that prides themselves on having incredibly high quality products.

This standard of excellence is shown all the way down to small accessories like the Titleist Leather Golf Alignment Sticks Headcover.

Offered in “Frost Out” or “Jet Black” leather options, the Titleist Alignment Stick Headcover is designed to keep your alignment sticks secured and unable to scratch or damage other clubs your golf bag.

From standard travel to and from the golf course or a long-distance golf trip, the last thing you want is a bent alignment stick (making it useless) OR having a club head become impaled from a rough bump your bag takes.

The Titleist Alignment Sticks Headcover is made of genuine 100% leather and features luxurious quilting details on the leather to add a bit of extra flair to your golf bag.

Best of all, the Titleist Alignment Sticks Headcover features a Tour-inspired Titleist patch across its top and bright accenting around the outside of the stitching (depending on the color you select).

Lastly, to ensure you don’t lose your alignment stick headcover by it sliding off on its own, Titleist includes a cinching elastic entry point that holds your alignment sticks in the position you put them in.

Key Features

  • 100% Leather

  • Two Color Options

  • Cinching Bottom for Security of Alignment Sticks

8. FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves Pack of 2 (Best Deal for Quality Gloves)

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves Pack of 2

The “Number One Shoe in Golf” company (FootJoy) offers a lot more than just shoes.

FootJoy now claims the title of producing the number one best-selling golf glove in the world, the FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove.

FootJoy promises maximum durability along with a consistent, soft feel for as much feedback to players’ hands as possible.

A newly redesigned “Advanced Performance Leather” increases durability, grip performance, and feel in crucial stress areas on the course.

A breathable mesh called “Soft PowerNet” is placed across the knuckles of the WeatherSof gloves to improve breathability, comfort, and flexibility.

New to the updated WeatherSof glove design is a proprietary “ComforTab Closure System” that comfortably adjusts on your hand for a secure and reliable fit and feel on the hand.

Lastly, “FiberSof” material (exclusive to FootJoy gloves) provides the WeatherSof golf gloves with the most advanced combination of a secure grip, soft feel, and consistent fit until it is worn out.

Key Features

  • Two for the Price of One Luxury Glove

  • Mesh on Knuckles for Breathability

9. GoSports Chipster Golf Chipping Pop Up Practice Net (Practice & Improve Your Short Game)

GoSports Chipster Golf Chipping Pop Up Practice Net

A lesser-known golf company, “GoSports,” is creating one of the best training aids you can have at home currently.

The “Chipster” pop-up practice chipping net is perfect for getting better at chipping and pitching anywhere.

The Chipster is compact enough when folded up to slide under any seat or can even be folded to fit in a golf bags storage compartment.

This practice chipping net from GoSports only weighs .8 lbs and features “Dynamic Targets” that get smaller as they ascend to the top of the net to allow players to refine their aim (with the majority of errant shots being caught by the side net).

Perfect for coaching or practicing at any skill level, the Chipster from GoSports assembles in seconds and can be used in backyards, parks, on the course, or anywhere else you could think of to improve!

Key Features

  • Three Different Targets

  • Instant Assembly or Disassembly

  • Easily Store in Vehicle, Golf Bag, or Home

10. Blue Tees Series 2 RangeFinder (Accurate Yardages Up To 800 Yards)

Blue Tees Series 2 RangeFinder

The “Series 2 Golf Rangefinder” from Blue Tees is our final pick for the best golf accessories of the 2023 golfing season.

“Blue Tees” is a laser rangefinder manufacturer that burst on the scene within the last few years. If you watch any golf on YouTube, you’ve likely seen an advertisement for their products.

The Series 2 from Blue Tees is overflowing with incredibly high-quality materials, design, and features, for less than half the price of leading golf rangefinder competitors.

The Series 2 rangefinder features “Flag Lock Pulse Vibration,” so users can know with absolute certainty they are locked onto their target and not what is behind it. Through a few short bursts of vibration, the Blue Tees Series 2 lets you know you are getting the yardage of the target you intended on.

A twist-to-adjust “EZ Optic Focus” display is what meets your eye. The lens itself is fully high-definition and even blurs its edges to enhance focus on your target.

The Series 2 is fully water resistant (to rain and dew, not complete immersion), so players can use it in all weather conditions.

Going beyond many competitors, Blue Tees guarantees their Series 2 rangefinders to have pinpoint accuracy up to 800 yards away!

You or the golfer in your life is should have zero fear of breaking a tournament rule with the Series 2, as it features no slope technology and is fully USGA conforming for legal tournament play.

The purchase of a Series 2 rangefinder includes the following:

  • A hard shell carrying case.

  • A microfiber cleaning cloth for both your front and back lens.

  • Two CR2-3V batteries (that should keep your rangefinder charged for at least a year).

Lastly, Blue Tees stands behind their products 100% and includes a 60 day, no-questions asked guarantee and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover any issue you could encounter with their product.

Key Features

  • Water Resistant

  • Tournament Legal

  • Hard Shell Carrying Case Included with Purchase

Bonus Pick From IGR Writer and Editor @ScramblingTom

Bonus Pick From Writer and Editor

As a bonus golf accessory on our list, our very own Equipment Writer and Editor-in-Chief @ScramblingTom actually makes personalized golf accessories for anyone who wants them!

A message from @ScramblingTom, “I grew up with the former captain of the Yale basketball team and an engineering friend that went to Mizzou. They got into the game recently and wanted a way to make sure their bags stand out amongst the crowd. Since they enjoyed them so much, I’ve been approaching every golf course in my area of the MidWest to provide my services to their members, hopefully.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Literally, any product you’d like customized, from golf accessories such as Tees, Pencils, Bag Tags, Divot Repair Tools, and Cart Key Chains, to different items like Coasters, Personalized Signs for Homes, and Cutting Boards and other Cookware, @ScramblingTom can put whatever you want on any item you choose.


If you’re interested in any product, feel free to contact him through DM’s on Instagram (click any mention of his name above) or additionally on his Instagram, there’s a link to his email where he will accommodate any request you may have!

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