Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2023

“Alignment Sticks.” A crucial tool used to check key positions in the swing for some, a source of contempt and an eyesore to others.

My only question if you don’t use alignment sticks is… Why would you not?

We have been reviewing golf equipment for over 10 years and the alignment sticks we recommend the most are Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick.

The best golfers in the world use alignment sticks to check their ball position, keep their body parallel to their target line, and check their swing path (and other alignment stick drills we’ll get into at the end of this Buyers Guide) EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Best Golf Alignment Sticks



TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe

  • Enhanced Alignment Lines Really Help

  • Feels Soft w/ Noticeable Distance

  • 7 Color Variations



Titleist Tour Speed

  • Penetrating Ball Flight

  • New Cover Increases Spin

  • New Core = Faster Ball Speed & More Distance



MYNT Talent Soft

  • Inexpensive in Bulk Pricing

  • Surlyn Cover is Highly Durable

  • Long Distance Yet High Short Game Spin

Growing up in America, particularly in the Midwest where the junior golf scene is pretty vibrant, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t using alignment sticks at the driving range. Laying one or two alignment sticks on the ground during practice sessions has been a part of my routine since childhood.

Of course, I’ve been to the range without them, I even usually take a few practice swings and lightly pitch a few balls before I put one down, but if I had to guess, it would be less than 25% of my total range sessions that were uninfluenced by alignment sticks or at least a club shaft laid between my feet and the ball.

Our list of the best golf alignment sticks 2023 has to offer will hopefully convince you to take the plunge and join the alignment stick “dark side” if you haven’t already. Make sure to stick around to the end of our breakdown for those promised alignment stick drills!

6 Best Alignment Sticks of 2023

  1. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick (Basic, Reliable, Tons of Color Options)
  2. David Leadbetter’s MoRodz Alignment Rods 2-Pack (Designed by World Leading Golf Instructor)
  3. Callaway Basic Golf Swing Trainer Aid Bundle (Includes Useful Training Aids)
  4. The Putting Stick Pro (PGA Tour Verified)
  5. Pro Withlin Aluminum Alloy Alignment Sticks (Affordable Life-Time Purchase)
  6. Rhino Valley Golf Alignment Sticks 2-Pack (Night-time Practice Colors, Most Budget Friendly)

1. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick (Basic/Reliable, Tons of Color Options)

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

To begin our top choices for alignment sticks in 2023, I wanted to start with a genuine classic brand I purchased golf products from multiple times in the early days of Amazon, the “Tour Sticks” golf alignment sticks.

The “Tour Sticks” alignment sticks are sold in a pair and measure 46″ in length and 5/16″ in diameter. Each “Tour Stick” is built using high-strength fiberglass to add resistance to damage and general wear-and-tear while also giving players confidence their alignment sticks will travel as sturdily as their clubs do in their golf bag.

Tour Sticks are designed to include a rubber cap on the “top side” and an uncapped pointed end on the “bottom side” for easy planting in the ground for drills or holding your towel on the range. The purchase includes an instructional flyer with multiple drills to visually demonstrate how to incorporate your Tour Stick in your next range session.

Besides their lower-to-middle tier price point, “Tour Sticks” really differentiates themselves from competitors by allowing buyers to choose from 10 different color variations. You can be confident the Tour Sticks you choose match your personal color preferences and overall “bag aesthetic.” In addition, the Tour Sticks are UV-coated to prevent fading after long hours in the sun!

Key Features

  • UV-Coating

  • 10 Color Options

  • One Pointed End for Easier Drills

2. David Leadbetter's Mo Rodz 2 Pack (Designed by Leading Golf Instructor, Multiple Colors)

David Leadbetter's Mo Rodz 2 Pack

If you’ve paid attention to the professional golf scene at any point over the last 40+ years, you’ve likely heard of David Leadbetter.

David Leadbetter has instructed world-renowned players such as Ernie Els, Greg Norman, Byeong Hun An, and Lydia Ko to 26 Major Championship Victories and more than 150 worldwide tournament wins.

Mr. Leadbetter believes that every golfer should have a pair of alignment rods in their golf bags regardless of their skill level or amount of time spent playing the game.

The “Mo Rodz” alignment rods are made of a lightweight yet durable fiberglass material and treated with a protective UV coating that prevents fading and enhances the overall protection of your sticks.

For a very affordable price, every purchase of the David Leadbetter Mo Rodz includes 2 44-inch golf alignment sticks and a special surprise! Being one of the greatest golf swing instructors of all time, Mr. Leadbetter felt it would only be right to include NINE (9!) free instructional drills incorporating his alignment sticks that he promises will improve most amateur’s games.

In an easy-to-follow and clearly defined “Golf Drill Booklet” (free with every purchase), Mr. Leadbetter himself instructs players on proper alignment for the golf swing, shot shaping, ball position, how to check their swing plane, chipping technique, putting technique, and foot positioning for all golf shots.

David Leadbetter’s “known rate” is $3,500 for a 3-hour golf instruction session, a price 99% of amateur golfers cannot afford.

For less than 1% of that cost, players can get two durable alignment rods that will last an eternity, 9 golf lessons and tips from one of the most prestigious golf instructors in the world, and their choice of 5 unique colors that can match players style, golf bag, and personality.

To reinvigorate your love to practice with nine new lessons included for free, consider David Leadbetters Mo Rodz Alignment Rods.

Key Features

  • 5 Unique and Vibrant Colors

  • Free Included Booklet with 9 Drills and Tips

  • UV Coated

3. Callaway Basic Golf Swing Trainer Aid Bundle (Includes Useful Training Aids, Beginner Orientated)

Callaway Basic Golf Swing Trainer Aid Bundle

We decided to include the Callaway Swing Trainer Aid Bundle because for a small up-charge from the standard alignment stick price, buyers receive 3 additional training aid-related products that would benefit any golfer. (beginners in particular)

We’ll begin with the alignment sticks themselves. The bundle includes two 3-piece collapsable alignment sticks with an instructional manual showing players how to check ball position, shaft angle, and swing plane.

The alignment sticks are a vibrant yellow with rubber end-caps to help with wear and tear. Also included is a slim plastic carrying case for your sticks to travel with you.

The bundle really boosts its rating compared to the competition with the added “One-Piece Takeaway” training aid and the “Power Platform” specially designed to promote the necessary weight transfer while making a swing. I believe these drills would truly benefit any golfer who hasn’t done them before or doesn’t check their swing on a regular basis with a professional, and they come as such a small up-charge we had to include this pick in our list!

To really lean into the “alignment stick drills” side of practicing, we couldn’t many better choice’s than the Callaway Basic Golf Swing Trainer Aid Bundle.

Key Features

  • Additional Training Accessories Included

  • Breakdown Stick Design

4. The Putting Stick Pro (PGA Tour Verified)

If you thought alignment sticks were only to aid in pounding balls on the driving range, think again. GolfTrainingAid’s “The Putting Stick Pro” is a PGA Tour Pro and Golf Instructor verified putting practice tool and eyeline putting mirror combined in one convenient package.

To use The Putting Stick Pro, players should place the Putting Stick on their putting green and use the integrated level located at the rear of the stick to make sure they’ve found a flat and level putt. Next, players should place a golf ball in the “Easy-Load Ball Ramp” and use the integrated putting mirror to ensure their eyes are directly over the ball.

After making a putting stroke and keeping the ball inside the ball ramp until it reaches the hole, players can use the Putting Stick Pro’s “Adjustable Backswing Stop” to make sure they are consistently and repeatably stroking their putts with the same backswing length.

The creators of the Putting Stick Pro thought they had a successful product on their hands but wanted some validation from golfing professionals who see new training aids every week. While competing in his last Open Championship in 2014, the creators introduced their Putting Stick to Sir Nick Faldo. Sir Nick said it helped his putting that week, and he understood what a valuable training it could be for young golfers. That year, The Putting Stick was introduced worldwide to the finalists of the Faldo Series, and the rest is history!

If you’re looking to improve your putting through proper alignment and incredible visual feedback, the Putting Stick Pro is undoubtedly the best way to go.

Key Features

  • PGA Tour Validation & Use

  • Includes Putting Mirror and Backswing/Putting Stroke Feedback

5. Pro Withlin Aluminum Alloy Alignment Sticks (Affordable Lifetime Purchase)

For one of the most affordable prices on our list of the best alignment sticks, you probably wouldn’t expect to receive a lifetime purchase, would you?

That’s precisely what you get with the Pro Withlin Aluminum Alloy Alignment Sticks.

Hinted at in their name, the Pro Withlin alignment sticks are made of a highly durable aluminum alloy and are 48″, substantially longer than most options on our list.

If four full feet of alignment stick sounds like a lot, don’t worry, these alignment sticks unscrew into three different sections so players can break them down for travel or for various drills requiring different lengths. Every pair is available in six different colors so players can easily match their golf bag, team spirit, or personality.

Each Aluminum Alloy alignment stick is divided into three threaded sections, and both sides have rubber caps on their ends so players can travel with them in their golf bags and have no fear of scratching their club heads or other belongings. Besides their incredible price, our favorite feature of the Pro Withlin Aluminum Alloy alignment sticks has to be that each side of every stick features a different tip, one pointed and the other rounded, so that players can stick their rods in the ground with minimal effort.

*Note from the Author* Having broken multiple wooden and fiberglass alignment sticks through trying to push them into hard ground or closing the car door on them too hard, these are a true Godsend.

If you’re tired of replacing your alignment sticks every few seasons and want an affordable option that will last a literal lifetime, go with the Pro Withlin Aluminum Alloy Alignment Sticks.

Key Features

  • Aluminum Alloy Construction

  • Breaks Down Into 3 Sections

  • Lifetime Purchase (Most Durable Option)

6. Rhino Valley Golf Alignment Sticks 2-Pack (Night-time Practice Colors, Most Budget Friendly)

Rhino Valley Golf Alignment Sticks 2-Pack

As our last pick on the best golf alignment sticks list, we chose something so budget-friendly that any golfer should easily be able to afford it. The “Rhino Valley Golf Alignment Sticks 2-Pack.”

While the full title of the product is 27 words long and clearly written in broken English, the actual pair of alignment sticks are great.

Rhino Valley actually surpasses all the higher-priced competition in the fact that they offer each alignment stick in three vibrant colors that make night-time practice sessions much easier. Both the “Green” and “Red” color options are so bright they are easily visible in a dark room.

Rhino Valley notes their pair of alignment sticks only weighs 6.5 ounces and folds to a very storable and portable size of 17 inches from its standard 48″ design.

Each alignment stick is constructed with fiberglass and has a pointed head to quickly plunge into the ground to prep for swing plane drills, etc.

Like a few of the other choices on our list of the best golf alignment rods, Rhino Valley includes a clear plastic carrying case with your purchase for safe and easy travel.

Key Features

  • Most Inexpensive on List

  • Bright Enough for Night Practice

  • Folds to 17"

A Few Quick Alignment Stick Drills and Tips from @ScramblingTom

If you’re new to the alignment stick drill life, let me be the first to welcome you. If you’re joining this side of the game, you should understand you’ve also simultaneously decided to stop aimlessly smashing golf balls on the range and make your practice work for you as it should be.

I’ve realized over my years spent traveling and playing the game in other areas that some golfing cultures disregard the idea of carrying alignment sticks in their bag entirely, writing the notion off altogether as either a “gimmicky swing aid” or almost like the alignment sticks themselves bring a pompous, arrogant ambiance along with using them.

A Few Quick Alignment Stick Drills and Tips from @ScramblingTom

Sure, the alignment stick is a type of “training aid,” but isn’t the end goal of playing golf to get better? The amount of golf training aids I’ve seen people pull out that look exponentially dorkier than any of the sticks on our list is astonishing, and I wouldn’t suggest something that looks dorky to any of our readers (that’s an @ScramblingTom promise).

Let me explain what I mean with these three simple drills.

1. The "Train Tracks" Drill

This drill lets players become comfortable aligning their feet and shoulders/body parallel to their target line with the club face and the ball. Learning and maintaining consistent and correct alignment is crucial at every level of the game. Putting alignment sticks down to simulate “train tracks” is something every player should do for a considerable amount of time at the range. Even though I’ve been playing the game for 15 years+, I still revisit the “train tracks” drill quarterly to ensure I align myself with my target line.

golf alignment setup

2. The Swing Plane Drill

The Swing Plane Drill

As you can see in the photo above, this player is combining the “Train Tracks” drill with the Swing Plane drill. Once you understand the game thoroughly, you know your golf swing operates on what’s called your “swing plane.” Putting an alignment stick in the ground about a club shaft length behind you at the same shaft angle as the club you’re currently holding allows you as a player to ensure your “swing path” matches your intended “swing plane,” as demonstrated by how you set up to the ball and your “address position.” I know that’s a lot of jargon, but this drill is crucial to slicers of the golf ball and incredibly helpful to players transitioning from other sports like baseball or hockey.

3. The Ball Position Drill

Above is an old photo of Zach Johnson (Multiple Time Major Winner / Former Ryder Cup Captain) demonstrating the perfect “center” ball position. Every amateur I play with changes their ball position drastically from shot to shot, regardless of whether the shot needs that ball position change. Learning to find the center of your stance and work your ball position from there is so damn important. From there, players can build superior accuracy as they are no longer worried about what was previously a variable. (Where do I position the ball?)

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