Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2023

The best golf ball retrievers help you recover golf balls you find in hard-to-reach areas like water hazards and thick vegetation. They’ve become a standard piece of equipment in the golf bag for most golfers and offer many benefits during a round. We found that the I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever is the best golf ball retriever in 2023.

It can be frustrating when you see your golf ball in the water or thick brush but can’t reach it. Sometimes you might be tempted to put yourself at risk to get that precious Pro V1. However, you don’t need to do that with the best golf ball retriever in your bag.

This tool gives you extra reach to retrieve your golf balls and stay out of harm’s way. Also, you save money from all those recovered golf balls in the long run. And who knows, maybe you’ll finish your round with more golf balls than you started.

Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2023



I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever

  • Easy to use

  • Exceptional ball security

  • Stable and durable



Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

  • Great reach

  • Premium product

  • Head cover offers protection and style



Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever

  • Versatile

  • Great for seniors

  • Good ball security

The I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever is a lightweight retriever that fits in your golf bag’s side pocket. It only weighs 10 ounces, so you won’t notice the extra weight in your bag, which is especially good if you carry your clubs.

This ‘Made in America’ ball retriever is sturdy and durable, holding up to any ball recovery situation on the golf course. With a comfortable grip, this retractable golf ball retriever won’t dig into your hands when fully extended. And the stainless steel shaft stays stable at total reach.


1. I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever (Best Overall)

I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever (Best Overall)

The I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever is our pick for the best golf ball retriever in 2023. This golf ball retriever comes in handy on the golf course without inconveniences.

At 17.5 inches when fully collapsed, it’s compact enough to store in your golf bag easily. You don’t need to worry about this golf ball retriever getting in your way when not in use.

However, the I Gotcha XL extends to an impressive 10 feet when you need it. That gives you a maximum reach of 14 feet. A long reach of that size should be all you need to retrieve errant golf balls unless your tee shot goes entirely off the planet.

A patented spring-loaded head makes it easy to collect golf balls from water hazards or areas with heavy vegetation. You only need to push down on the golf ball with the head to activate the spring. The lock mechanism snaps around the golf ball and secures it, allowing you to pull the ball from water hazards or brush.

The design is much more secure than the scoop designs of other ball retrievers. Even if this golf ball retriever turns upside down, it’s safe and stops the golf ball from falling out.



  • Lightweight and compact

  • Good reach

  • Excellent ball security

  • Stable and durable shaft

  • The plastic head and spring system are less durable

2. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever (Runner-Up)

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever (Runner-Up)

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is a close runner-up regarding the best ball retriever. It’s one of the most popular ball retrievers on the market, and you know you’re getting a quality product from Callaway.

The high-quality aluminum alloy pole reduces bending when you’re retrieving golf balls. That makes it easier for you to maneuver the ball retriever and collect lost golf balls.

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever comfortably extends up to 15 feet without bending. This ball retriever gives you a fantastic reach, making it a great choice in your golf bag.

This telescopic golf ball retriever has an ergonomic handle for your comfort. It makes handling this ball retriever a breeze when trying to recover balls from awkward positions.

The Callaway Golf Ball Retriever has a stainless steel ball retrieval mechanism. It snaps around the ball and makes it easy for you to collect golf balls from various hard-to-reach areas. This ball retriever also comes with a head cover that protects the retriever’s head. The head cover also gives this ball retriever a stylish look when it sits in your golf bag.



  • Premium-quality ball retriever

  • Great reach

  • Durable stainless steel head

  • Head cover offers protection and style

  • High price

3. Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever (Most Versatile)

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever (Most Versatile)

The Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever is our list’s most versatile ball retriever. The Prowithlin is made from stainless steel, so it’s sturdy and durable. And the stainless steel won’t rust after repeated dips in the water.

With this ball retriever, you get an extra ball grabber attachment. That makes this golf ball retriever extremely versatile for recovering your golf ball from various locations. It’s excellent for retrieving golf balls from thick vegetation and soft ground. Also, you can use the grabber to pick up your ball from the hole, making it an excellent option for senior golfers.

The Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever comes in two sizes: 6 feet and 9 feet. Both sizes are very stable and feel solid at full extension, making it easy to recover golf balls with the retriever head.

Weighing only 0.5 lbs, this extendable golf ball retriever is lightweight yet sturdy. You won’t feel any strain using this retriever, and it won’t add extra weight to your golf bag.

The stainless steel shaft also looks good in your golf bag. It matches the look of other golf clubs like your irons.



  • Versatile ball retriever

  • The ball grabber attachment is good for seniors

  • Lightweight and sturdy

  • An automatic locking device gives added ball security

  • Reach isn't the longest

4. ProActive Sports Golf Ball Retriever (Budget Pick)

ProActive Sports Golf Ball Retriever (Budget Pick)

The ProActive Sports Golf Ball Retriever is our budget pick. It comes in 12-feet, 15-feet, and 18-feet options.

This ball retriever has a hinged cup that makes recovering golf balls easy. It pushes into the golf ball and traps it securely, holding it for simple retrieval. The hinge makes this retriever’s head suitable for collecting balls in water, bushes, rocks, mud, and even from the hole.

The ProActive Sports Golf Ball Retriever is more lightweight than other ball retrievers on the market. It weighs less than a pound, making it easy to maneuver to those awkward places golf balls can end up.

This ball retriever collapses to fit into any standard golf bag. This collapsibility makes the ProActive a very convenient choice to take onto the golf course to ensure you won’t be losing golf balls.



  • Excellent value for money

  • The hinged cup securely holds balls

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Collapses to fit any standard golf bag

  • Less sturdy than others

5. ToVii Golf Ball Retriever (Good All-Rounder)

ToVii Golf Ball Retriever (Good All-Rounder)

The ToVii Golf Ball Retriever is a good all-rounder and gets the job done. It comes in 15-feet and 18-feet length options.

Once you press the golf ball, it pops into the orange head, where it’s then securely held. The golf ball then pops out easily whenever you want with the flick of a wrist! The fluorescent head is easy to see in the water and helps you lock onto your ball.

The ToVii Golf Ball Retriever has a rubber grip with an ergonomic design. It’s easy to handle and makes retrieving golf balls more comfortable for you.

The telescopic design means you can smoothly extend and retract this ball retriever. A twist locking mechanism ensures it stays in place when you extend the retriever to your desired length.



  • Hi-visibility orange head

  • Comfortable to use

  • Lightweight but durable

  • Smooth telescopic design

  • No locking mechanism on the head

6. Search N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever (Also Great)

Search N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever (Also Great)

The Search N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever is also a great option. It has a reach of 18 feet, giving you plenty of length to recover lost golf balls from awkward positions.

The orange trapper head is highly visible and works well in the water. You can easily guide it to your golf ball for simple retrieval.

The Search N Rescue Golf Ball Retriever is made from high-quality materials. Made from tubular stainless steel, this ball retriever is rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, the head is made from Delrin plastic for lasting durability.



  • Good reach

  • Visible head

  • High-quality ball retriever

  • Durable shaft and head

  • The locking mechanism is hit and miss


When buying a golf ball retriever, you should look for ball security, length, handle, stability, compactness, and ease of use.

Ball Security

Ball security is crucial to consider when buying a golf ball retriever. To effectively do their jobs, golf ball retrievers must be able to hold golf balls securely.

It’s no good collecting your ball in the water only to fall out of the head when you bring it in.

This will take up more of your time on the golf course. That can be a problem when playing competition golf because you only have three minutes to search for your golf ball.

With the best golf ball retriever, you might sometimes have to rotate the ball retriever and turn the head upside down. The best golf ball retrievers will hold the ball securely in every situation.

Not only is that a good feature for recovering balls from the water, but it helps from almost any position on the golf course. For instance, if you play in a desert course with rocks and spiky vegetation, dropping your ball could put it in a worse position.


Looking at the length when buying the best golf ball retrievers would be best. Having enough reach is essential when recovering golf balls from awkward positions.

The longest ball retriever on our list is 18 feet, which gives you plenty of length to retrieve a hard-to-reach golf ball. If you go longer than this, the stability is often affected too much. A longer shaft length can make it harder for you to control the ball retriever and secure your golf ball.

Also, these longer ball retrievers have a telescopic mechanism. These can degrade over time, so that’s something to consider when buying a golf ball retriever.


The handle is a critical consideration when buying a golf ball retriever. A good handle ensures you have a comfortable grip when using the retriever.

For instance, an ergonomic handle can stop the retriever from digging into your palms at their maximum length.

Cushioned handles add to your comfort when recovering golf balls.


It would help if you looked at the stability when buying a golf ball retriever because it impacts the tool’s effectiveness. It’s hard to lock onto your golf ball if the shaft is unstable.

If the head is moving all over the place, it’s harder to control. You’ll struggle to trap and ball and lock it in place.

The more you extend the shaft, the more unstable it’ll get. So, it’s crucial to test the stability at different lengths when buying a golf ball retriever.

Regarding stability, drooping is another thing to look out for. Some ball retrievers will droop when they’re fully extended. However, the best golf ball retrievers will hold their rigidity because they’re made from sturdy materials.

Ball retrievers that are less stable also tend to be less durable. So, that’s something to look at when buying ball retrievers.


The compactness of ball retrievers is another factor to look for. You don’t need golf ball retrievers that take up too much space in your golf bag.

Golfers already have so much equipment to take onto the course, so you don’t want to add to your burden. Ball retrievers should collapse to a compact size and easily fit into your bag.

Also, compact golf ball retrievers are lightweight. Therefore, they won’t weigh you down on the course. That’s essential to look at if you carry your golf bag.

Ease of Use

It would help if you looked at the ease of use when buying golf ball retrievers. They should make your life easier on the course, not harder. So, you don’t want any hassle when it’s time to recover your golf ball.

Golf ball retrievers should be easy to extend and collapse when needed. That makes using them much more efficient and won’t cause unnecessary delays.

Also, golf ball retrievers must be easy to use when picking up your ball. So, the retrieval mechanism must be effective at quickly lifting and securing golf balls.

Lightweight golf ball retrievers are easy to use, so you should look at these models. However, make sure they’re also sturdy and stable.


We’ve covered everything you need to know about choosing the best golf ball retriever. Our list gives you excellent options to choose from in 2023.

The I Gotcha XL Golf Ball Retriever is the best option overall. The locking mechanism makes it easy to retrieve golf balls and ensures they are held securely until you recover them.

It retracts to 17.5 inches, making it one of the market’s most compact golf ball retrievers. You can easily fit it into the side pocket of your golf bag for your convenience.

This golf ball retriever is made from quality materials, making it stable and durable. And it’s super easy to use.

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