Best Golf Balls for Women 2023

Regardless of skill level, all amateur women golfers will see improved performance by playing a golf ball with a compression rating and design catered towards their swing attributes.

Our front-runner for the best golf ball for women in 2023 is the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe. The Tour Response Stripe balls feature a compression rating conducive to most all female swing speeds and a 360° alignment line to help players putt with more confidence.

Best Golf Balls for Women



TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe

  • 360 Degree Alignment Aid

  • Improved Distance Over Previous Models



Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept

  • More Distance for Slow Speed Golfers

  • Soft Feeling Off Club Face

  • Low Spin Design

  • Affordable



Callaway SuperSoft

  • Unisex Design

  • Lowest Compression Rating On Our List

  • Low Spin On Longer Clubs

  • Affordable

9 Best Women's Golf Balls 2023

  1. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe (Built-In 360° Alignment Aid)
  2. Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept Golf Balls (Aimed at Beginner & Senior Swing Speed Players)
  3. Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls (Lowest Compression Rating AKA Softest Feel On List)
  4. Titleist Pro V1x (Best Golf Ball for Faster Swing Speed Players)
  5. TaylorMade KALEA 22 Women’s Golf Balls (Distance Ball for Slower Swing Speeds)
  6. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls (Softer Golf Balls For Women)
  7. Callaway REVA Golf Balls (Larger Golf Balls For Easier Contact)
  8. Volvik Crystal Women’s Golf Balls (High Visibility Ball for Moderate Speed Players)
  9. Wilson 50 Elite Pink Golf Balls (Affordable Golf Ball for Women)

Be sure to stick around until the end of our breakdown, where we discuss our favorite features of the best golf balls 2023 has to offer for every type of lady golfer.

1. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe (Built-In 360° Alignment Aid)

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe

The newly updated TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is designed for slow to moderate swing speed players with a wild new approach to superior putting alignment.

The Tour Response is a moderately softer golf ball with a compression rating of around 70, meaning nearly every type of amateur player, male or female (besides exceedingly fast swingers), will find success using it.

TaylorMade stole a bit of technology from their most successful golf ball (the TP5) by implementing the “Tour Flight Dimple Pattern” on the updated Tour Response Stripe. TaylorMade says this pattern is proven to give players more distance than the previous model of the Tour Response ball.

Similar to the cover, a new “HFM Mantle Layer” on the Tour Response is stiffer and more resilient than the previous mantle, meaning the golf ball can gain ball speed without sacrificing for a higher compression rating.

The star of the new Tour Response Stripe has to be the 360-degree alignment line, or “stripe,” on every ball. The stripe is 22 millimeters wide and seems to be TaylorMade’s response to the Callaway Triple Track.

Through the rigorous testing of multiple potential stripe designs by TaylorMade researchers, they found the final dotted, striped, and colored pattern to be the one golfers aligned most accurately. Additionally, TaylorMade says golfers can more quickly and consistently align the Tour Response Stripe ball compared to golf balls with a single alignment line.

If more distance, easier alignment, and a unique look sound like attributes of the right golf ball for you, please consider the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe.

Construction Type: Three Piece Golf Ball

Colors Offered: White with Yellow Stripe



  • 360 Degree Alignment Aid

  • Improved Distance Over Previous Models

  • High Price

2. Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept Golf Balls (Aimed at Beginner and Senior Swing Speed Players)

Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept

Back in the early 2000s, male golfers everywhere began to see substantial benefits from playing softer core “Precept Lady” golf balls that were designed for women. Men loved this golf ball’s lower spin and improved distance so much that Bridgestone released a “Precept Laddie,” designed as a men’s version of the “Precept Lady” to take some of the stigmas away from using a “ladies’ golf ball.”

The Lady Precept ball from Bridgestone has been a massive success over the last few decades, but it hasn’t strayed far from its roots.

Despite updating the ball’s design continuously, Lady Precept’s price per dozen has remained at $20 USD, and its compression rating has remained at the lowest possible levels to boost slower swing speed golfers’ distances.

Having a compression rating of 40 (the 2nd lowest on our list today) means this golf ball was designed for slow swings to create as little spin as possible. This means large hooks or slices can be remediated to hit more fairways.

Additionally, the Lady Precept uses an extra shallow dimple design for higher launch and increased carry distances. Essentially, the Lady Precept was designed to have a longer and straighter ball flight for players struggling with both factors off the tee and in the fairway.

Bridgestone added a thinner cover for an improved feel that also allowed engineers to make the core of the Precept larger. This design lowers spin off the tee for straighter drives with more distance.

Lastly, every ball features a pointed alignment line aimed at helping golfers have a confident and repeatable pre-putt routine.

If an affordable, low-compression golf ball with a soft feel built to go straight sounds like it could benefit you or the lady golfer in your life’s game, consider the Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept.

Construction Type: 2 Piece Golf Balls

Colors Offered: White, Optic Pink



  • More Distance for Slow Speed Golfers

  • Soft Feeling Off Club Face

  • Low Spin Design

  • Affordable

  • Only Slower Swing Speed Players Will Benefit

3. Callaway SuperSoft (Lowest Compression Rating AKA Softest Feel On List)

Callaway SuperSoft

The SuperSoft ball from Callaway has long been one of their leading sellers, with many die-hard golfing fans hesitant to allow engineers to change the golf ball’s DNA over the years.

Despite that, Callaway has revamped the cover, core, and dimple pattern of the SuperSoft to take the ball to new heights, both figuratively and literally.

Callaway engineers have teamed up with DOW Chemical to create a new hybrid cover that provides an incredible combination of fast ball speeds from high launch and low spin, a soft feel, durability, and excellent greenside spin.

The compression rating of the “Soft Compression Core” in SuperSoft balls is a mere 38, meaning every moderate swing speed player will find a higher launch and lower spin on their longer clubs for added distance.

Additionally, Callaway has improved carry numbers and optimized trajectory using their famous “HEX Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern.” Callaway says this pattern allows for full dimple coverage, whereas traditional circular dimple patterns cover less than 90% of the actual surface area.

This golf ball is soft off the face, long, durable, highly affordable, and both men and women golfers can play it effectively. Consider the Callaway SuperSoft in your 2023 season.

Construction Type: Two Piece Golf Ball

Colors Offered: White, Yellow, Matte Red, Matte Orange, Matte Green, Matte Pink, MAX Yellow



  • Unisex Design

  • Lowest Compression Rating On Our List

  • Low Spin On Longer Clubs

  • Affordable

  • Faster Swing Speed Players Might Lose Distance From Lower Compression Golf Ball

4. Titleist Pro V1x (Best Golf Ball for Faster Swing Speed Players)

Titleist Pro V1x

The “#1 Ball in Golf” manufacturer Titleist continues to deliver year after year with their Pro V1 and Pro V1x line of golf balls.

Many female golfers might be convinced that a higher compression golf ball like a Pro V1x is only for male golfers, but the statistics behind who plays it might shock you!

Titleist’s claim of being “the best ball in golf” was certainly actualized on the LPGA Tour last season, as 72% of the Top 25 players on the LPGA in 2022 used a Titleist ball of some kind, with the Titleist Pro V1x taking the top spot at 44%.

While a higher compression rating means a faster swing speed will be required to see all the benefits the Pro V1x has to offer, any player with a swing speed over 90 miles per hour will experience the full nature of this ball’s features.

The updated Pro V1x golf ball has its softest cover ever for increased greenside spin on short game shots, while its “ZG Dual Core” has been reformulated for improved distance compared to previous models.

The Pro V1x has always had a naturally higher trajectory than the Pro V1, but thanks to its revamped “Spherically-Tiled 348 Tetrahedral Design,” the Pro V1x sees an additional distance boost along with increased consistency in its ball flight.

If a high flight with tons of spin and increased distance sounds like it could improve your game, please consider the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball for your 2023 season.

Construction Type: 4 Layers

Colors Offered: White, Yellow, (Customizable Option on



  • Long Distance

  • High Spin on Short Game Shots

  • LPGA Tour Validated Success

  • Improved Height for More Carry Distance

  • Faster Swing Speed Required to Use Golf Ball Effectively

5. TaylorMade KALEA 22 Women's Golf Balls (Distance Ball for Slower Swing Speeds)

TaylorMade KALEA 22 Women's Golf Balls

The TaylorMade “KALEA” golf balls are part of the “KALEA” line of products TaylorMade has created for women over the last few years. The KALEA set of clubs is so nice that it found a spot on our list of the Best Golf Club Sets For Beginner Lady Golfers 2022.

TaylorMade designed the KALEA golf balls to generate higher launch and maximize distance for slower and average swing speed lady golfers.

TaylorMade uses a high-energy “REACT core” designed to retain energy and work in unison with the two-layer construction to provide optimal driver launch at moderate swing speeds.

In addition, an aerodynamic 342 dimple pattern helps maintain lift and promotes added distance.

The soft feeling ionomer cover with an extra large core generates a very soft 60 compression rating for an enhanced feel and responsive short game performance.

To add a little flair to female players’ golf bags and styles, TaylorMade went above and beyond by introducing brand new UV-resistant matte color variations called KALEA Peach and KALEA Purple. These colors improve players’ ability to find their ball while also making their ball unique compared to playing partners!

Construction Type: Two Piece Golf Balls

Colors Offered: White, Peach (Pic. Above), Purple



  • Soft Feel and Good Short Game Performance

  • Distance Golf Balls for Slower Swing Speeds

  • 3 Color Options

  • Higher swing speed players might lose distance from low compression rating

6. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls (Softer Golf Balls For Women)

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf balls are designed to launch higher than previous generations, with the same incredibly soft feeling off the tee and around the greens.

With a compression rating of only 58, the Srixon Soft Feels are one of the softer golf balls on our list today, meaning moderate and slow swing speed players will see the most benefit from this ball.

Srixon is using a “Soft Feel’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core,” meaning the core of the Soft Feel is softer near the center and gradually firmer around the perimeter. Srixon says this design, being “tuned to a woman’s swing” (having a lower compression rating), maximizes ball speed for easier launch with more carry distance.

The lady’s golf balls feature the same “338 Speed Dimple Pattern” that Srixon Tour staffers play, which reduces drag and is especially effective in windy conditions.

The cover of the Soft Feel Lady’s ball is remarkably thin and soft. This shallow exterior cover produces ample spin for more greenside control.

As a final benefit to their female golfers, Srixon has added a sharp and thick putting alignment line on the side of every Soft Feel Lady’s ball. This built-in alignment aid not only helps players aim and read their putts more confidently but also gives direct feedback to players after every putting stroke. If the line follows itself smoothly as the putt glides across the green, you know you hit your ball on its line.

Construction Type: 2 Piece Golf Balls

Colors Offered: Soft White, Passion Pink



  • Soft Compression Core Perfect for Slower Swing Speeds

  • 2 Color Options

  • Outstanding Short Game and Greenside Feel

  • Thin Cover Shortens Life-Span of Golf Balls

7. Callaway REVA Women's Golf Balls (Bigger Golf Balls For Easier Contact)

Callaway REVA Women's Golf Balls

The Callaway REVA golf balls are designed for beginners or players with moderate to slow swing speeds for an increased height of ball flight, distance, and straighter shots.

While still conforming to the USGA rules, every Callaway REVA golf ball is actually 1.73 inches in diameter as opposed to the standard 1.68 inches, a 9% jump in size.

This larger golf ball profile results in a higher center of gravity, meaning launching the ball is easier, and players will have greater forgiveness with less spin on mishits.

A bigger golf ball instills confidence in players that they will make solid contact. Testers at GolfMonthly discovered increased confidence around the greens and in poor lies due to the golf ball sitting higher on the turf from its increased size.

Callaway engineers developed a “Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover” specifically designed for women to maximize distance and forgiveness from their swing.

Lastly, the Callaway REVA balls for women feature a thick alignment aid on the side to help players line up putts more efficiently.

Construction Type: Two Piece Golf Ball

Colors Offered: White, REVA Pink



  • Larger Size for Easier Contact

  • Improved Distance for Slow Speed Players

  • Straighter and Higher Ball Flight

  • Larger Ball Makes Hole Look Smaller Than Usual

  • Fast Swing Speed Players Won't See Benefit From Oversized Design

8. Volvik Crystal Women's Golf Balls (High Visibility Ball for Moderate Speed Players)

Volvik golf balls are designed for slower swing speed golfers who want a soft feel at impact, longer distance, and the highest visibility on the golf ball market.

Volvik adamantly states on their website the Volvik Crystal golf ball is aimed at players with swing speeds between 70 and 90 mph, making this an excellent selection for many mid to higher handicap and beginner female players.

Volvik improved ball flight stability with an updated “322-Octahedron Dimple Pattern” and strengthened durability by tweaking the covers material used in construction.

To give slow swing speeds as much distance as possible, Volvik softened the outer layer of the core, hardened the inner portion of the core, and increased the core’s size overall.

Volvik calls themselves “The #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour,” and we’d have to agree with them. Going above and beyond every competitor in the space, Volvik offers their Crystal golf balls in over 30 color options, and two distinct cover finishes for ultimate player preference customizability.

Construction Type: Three Piece Golf Ball

Colors Offered: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Ruby Red, White (30+ Additional Options on Volvik’s site)



  • High Visibility

  • Improved Distance for Slower Speed Players

  • Higher Ball Flight

  • Higher Price

  • Only for Slower Speed Players

9. Wilson 50 Elite Pink Women's Golf Balls (Affordable Ball for Women)

The Wilson 50 Elite golf balls are designed to be the ultimate balance of distance and feel at the most affordable price on our list.

At a 50 compression rating (hinted at in the name), it’s most certainly on the lower compression end of the scale, meaning low long-game spin for increased distance and a very soft and responsive feeling off the club face.

Wilson specifies the 50 Elite ball is built for swing speeds under 90 miles per hour.

An advanced rubber core delivers extra distance but with more greenside spin. A responsive cover combines low driver spin with effective softness around the greens.

Lastly, a “302 PHD Dimple Pattern” minimizes aerodynamic drag for improved ball flight and carry distances for players.

Construction Type: 2 Piece Golf Ball

Colors Offered: Orange, Pink (pic. above), Bright White, Yellow



  • Very Low Price

  • Low Compression

  • Increased Distance

  • Soft Golf Ball

  • Aimed at Beginner and Older Generation (Not Really a Con)

Favorite Features of the Best Golf Balls for Women 2023

Low Compression

The ultimate benefit of a lower compression golf ball is a softer feeling to players’ hands through impact and a higher launch with less overall spin.

Spin is what influences a shot hooking or fading. You’re naturally creating straighter shots by playing a lower compression ball and eliminating spin.

The only issue with low compression balls is that players with a swing speed exceeding the recommended compression speed will be robbed of yardage and consistency.

It’s truly a crucial aspect of the modern golfer to get their swing speed tested to know how ball and equipment technology will best suit their swings and to try multiple golf balls throughout the off-season or downtime during the regular season to find the best fit.

The lowest compression golf balls on our list today are the #1 Callaway SuperSoft, #2 Bridgestone e6 Lady Precept, and #3 Srixon Soft Lady

Alignment Aiding Technology

Golf ball manufacturers are getting exceedingly bold in recent years with pre-drawn alignment lines to help players see the pureness and line of their putts easier.

While some people think using alignment lines to aid aiming on the green should be banned from the game, we believe it’s an excellent tool for beginners and amateur players trying to get better at the game to use.

The obvious choice for insane alignment help in our list of the best golf balls for women is the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe balls.

High Visibility Color Options

Let’s face it; golf balls can be way too hard to find if you or your playing partner aren’t hitting every fairway.

Every amateur player has been forced to frustratedly take a drop and accept subsequent penalty strokes when they know in the back of their mind if their golf ball were just a bit more bright and vibrant of a color, someone would be able to find it.

Thankfully for us players, companies like TaylorMade, Callaway, Volvik, and Wilson all offer vivid and brightly colored golf balls that make the searching process exponentially easier and faster.

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