Best Golf Bucket Hats 2023

Over the years, we’ve found that bucket hats are one of the best all-around options for golf, and the Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat is our pick for the best bucket hat in 2023.

The best golf hats can make a massive difference on the golf course. Bucket hats offer sun protection and help you stay cool in hot weather. Also, they help you to stay dry in wet weather.

With wider brims than baseball caps, bucket hats give you more protection against the elements. You’ll be glad for that extra protection when the sun is beating down.

Best Golf Bucket Hats 2023

As well as offering sun protection, bucket hats should be comfortable. Comfort can have a positive impact on your golf game. Therefore, it’s an important factor to consider in bucket hats.

The Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat offers the best sun protection while keeping you cool. It’s our pick for the best bucket hat in 2023.



Under Armour Men's Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat

  • Premium comfort

  • Excellent cooling

  • Snug fit and adjustable



Callaway Men’s Aqua Dry Bucket Hat

  • Fantastic for sun and rain

  • Waterproof

  • Moisture-wicking sweatband



Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat

  • Great value

  • UPF 50+ protection

  • Super breathable

Under Armour is known for producing premium gear, and the Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armorvent is a premium hat. You’ll feel the quality as soon as you put on this bucket hat. The comfort it provides is second to none, keeping your head protected from outside factors and firmly in the game.

THE 10 BEST Golf Bucket Hats 2023

1. Under Armour Men's Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat (Best Overall)

Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat

The Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat is our pick for the best overall bucket hat in 2023. This bucket hat looks good, but the comfort is exceptional. It’s so comfortable you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it out on the golf course.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t do its job. This bucket hat does an amazing job of keeping golfers cool on the hottest days. The Iso-Chill sweatband helps disperse body heat, and it feels cool to the touch on your head.

Also, Armourvent technology makes this bucket hat super breathable. It adds an extra element to keep your head cool on scorching days. And a mesh panel offers even more ventilation so that you don’t overheat.

A cool head is essential for posting your best-ever scores. These features, along with the sweat-wicking material, make this bucket hat perfect for sweltering days. You’ll get all the sun protection you need while staying cool as a cucumber during your round.

This bucket hat comes in four sizes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right fit for you. You can ensure a snug fit for windy days with an adjustable chin strap. You can concentrate on your game without worrying about chasing your hat down the fairway.

Also, the snug fit means the hat won’t move during your golf swing. That’s super important for any golf sun hats. You want to keep distractions to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Premium comfort

  • Armourvent technology

  • Iso-Chill sweatband

  • Sweat-wicking material

  • Mesh panel

  • Adjustable drawcord

  • Machine washable

2. Callaway Men's Aqua Dry Bucket Hat (Alternate Best Option)

Callaway Men’s Aqua Dry Bucket Hat

Our alternate best option is the Callaway Men’s Aqua Dry Bucket Hat. It’s a fantastic option for both sun and rain. For instance, the brim shades you from the sun’s harmful rays and keeps the rain off glasses.

The quality material is waterproof. So, you won’t have to worry about keeping your head dry in the rain. Get this hat out of the golf bag, on your head, and you’re good to go when showers hit.

Also, the brim stops water from dripping down the back of your neck. This helps to keep you comfortable on those rainy days. It’s not a nice feeling when water sneaks into the neck opening of your waterproof jacket.

In the sun, this hat also performs well. The quality material and the brim offer good sun protection. And the moisture-wicking sweatband helps to keep you cool in hot weather.

One downside of this golf bucket hat is that it doesn’t have chin straps. Although it fits well, that extra security would make it perform better in windy conditions.

Key Features

  • Waterproof construction

  • Moisture-wicking sweatband

  • 100% polyester

  • Two sizes available

3. Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat (Best Value)

Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat

The Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat is our pick for the best value. This is one of the most lightweight and comfortable golf sun hats out there.

With 50+ UPF protection, this is one of the best golf hats to wear in the sun. The wide brim keeps your face shaded and protected.

But the brim is adjustable, so you can fasten it to the sides and wear it up. That’s a nice feature if the sun is fading. You can still get some protection without completely shading your face.

And this golf hat is super breathable for those hot days. The mesh lining supports airflow and keeps you cool.

This wide-brim hat is one size fits most. However, it has an adjustable drawstring for a more secure fit.

Key Features

  • UV protection

  • Mesh panel

  • Wide brim

  • Adjustable brim

  • Elastic drawcord

  • One size fits most heads

  • 12 colors

4. Nike DRI-FIT Bucket Hat (Best Cooling)

The Nike DRI-FIT Bucket Hat is the best bucket hat for cooling. In the sun, you’ll undoubtedly stay cool with this golf hat.

That’s down to the incredible breathability on offer. Vents on one side and laser perforations on the other help with airflow and keep you cool. Also, sweat-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry during your next round.

This wide brim bucket hat shades your face and ears from the sun. The sun protection and cooling this golf hat offers ensures you’ll be comfortable while you play.

Buyers should be mindful that this bucket hat comes in four sizes, so it’s important to find the right hat for you. However, an adjustable chin strap allows for a snugger fit. And you can remove this if you want to go for a different look.

Key Features

  • DRI-FIT technology

  • Vents and laser perforations for incredible breathability

  • Wide brim

  • Adjustable drawcord (removable)

  • Reversible

  • Four sizes

  • Three colors - white, black, navy

5. Titleist StaDry Performance Bucket Hat (Best Wet Weather)

The Titleist StaDry Performance Bucket Hat is the best one for wet weather. Your head will stay dry in the rain when you’re wearing this golf bucket hat.

It’s made from waterproof material, so water runs off it. Also, this golf hat is fully seam-sealed. No water will sneak in from unexpected places.

This hat is made from lightweight material. You’ll barely feel like you’re wearing it out on the course. You can easily fold it and store it in your bag without taking up much space.

We like the style of this hat, too. It looks good, understated, but stylish, and you can even wear it off the course. However, it only comes in one color, which is a bit disappointing.

This golf hat comes in three sizes, and we found that it fits the head well.

Key Features

  • Waterproof material

  • Bonded seams

  • Tonal StaDry™ on visor

  • Lightweight

6. Inesis Rain Weather Golf Hat (Alternate Wet Weather)

Inesis Rain Weather Golf Hat

The Inesis Rain Weather Golf Hat is also a good bucket hat for wet weather. Made from waterproof fabric, it’s 100% waterproof.

This golf hat is great to wear with other waterproof gear. The brim design at the back ensures water runs off and doesn’t flow down your neck. It’ll run directly onto the outside of your waterproof jacket, keeping your neck dry and comfortable.

Made from lightweight material, this bucket hat is breathable. So, you’ll stay dry without overheating.

Also, this golf hat has lamented mesh that stops noise when you move. An annoying rubbing sound won’t put you off during your golf swing.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof for 4 hours

  • Brim design funnels water down the back

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Quiet

7. Titleist Men's Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat (Best Sun Protection)

Titleist Men’s Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat

The Titleist Men’s Tour Aussie Wide Brim Hat offers the best sun protection. Wide brim hats offer excellent protection, and this hat fits the bill. Not only does the brim shade your face from the sun, but the material is UV treated to provide sun protection of 50+ UPF.

This golf hat is one size fits all. However, it has an adjustable closure to ensure a secure fit. And it has a removable drawcord, so you can get a snugger fit if needed.

You’ll feel comfortable wearing this hat out on the course. It’ll keep you cool and ready to play your best on those hot days.

Key Features

  • UV treated material

  • Stretch material with adjustable closure

  • Wide brim

  • One size fits all

  • Seven two-tone color options

8. Adidas Rain RDY Bucket Hat (Best All-Weather)

The Adidas Rain RDY Bucket Hat is our best all-weather choice. This hat works well in both rain and shine.

Like the best hats for wet weather, it’s made from waterproof materials. And it’s seam-sealed to keep the rain from seeping in.

However, it also keeps the sun off your head and face. The brim offers plenty of shade for those sunny days on the course. And it’s breathable to keep your head cool.

This bucket-style hat is one size fits most. However, it has an internal hook-and-loop adjustable band that lets you find the perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Waterproof

  • Seam-sealed

  • Made from high-performance recycled materials

  • One size fits most

  • Internal hook-and-loop adjustable band

9. TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat (Alternate All-Weather)

TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat

The TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat is a good alternate all-weather option. It has a water-resistant, fully seamed crown that keeps you dry in the rain.

This hat also has a moisture-wicking sweatband that keeps you cool in sunny weather. And the 2.5-inch brim shades your face and ears from the sun’s rays. That makes it a good hat for sun protection.

There’s a small amount of spandex in its construction. This ensures that the hat fits tightly on your head. You’ll be glad of the snug fit if the wind starts blowing during your round.

It’s one of the best golf hats to protect you from any weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant material

  • Moisture-wicking sweatband

  • Stretch fit

  • Dark underbill reduces glare

  • One size fits most

10. Ralph Lauren Bucket Golf Hat (Most Fashionable)

Ralph Lauren Bucket Golf Hat

The Ralph Lauren Bucket Golf Hat is our pick for the most fashionable bucket hat. You’ll stand out on the course wearing this hat.

This classic bucket hat is updated for the season in color-blocked panels of cotton oxford. It looks fantastic and offers good sun protection. However, it doesn’t protect against the sun as well as wide brim golf hats.

The interior sweatband and the embroidered ventilating eyelets will help keep you cool as you play. This hat is best used in the sun. It won’t keep you dry like some other bucket hats on the list.

If there’s no chance of rain and you want to look good, this hat will fit the bill. And it’ll give you some UV protection, too.

Key Features

  • Ralph Lauren's signature multicolored embroidered Pony at the front

  • Interior sweatband

  • Embroidered ventilating eyelets


When buying golf bucket hats, you should look for coverage, comfort, sun protection, waterproofing, adjustable straps, sizing, versatility, and style. Let’s look at these areas in some more detail.


The coverage golf bucket hats offer is an essential feature to look for. If you play golf in very sunny conditions, you’ll want maximum coverage. That’ll ensure you’re better protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

In the fierce sun, you’ll want your whole face and neck to be shaded. Wide brims are the best option to give you maximum sun protection.

Also, coverage is important in wet weather. You’ll want to keep the rain off your face and your neck.

A brim that covers the neck and helps the water run down your back is a great option for wet weather. The best golf bucket hats will give you the best coverage.


The best bucket hats must be comfortable. Often, golfers underestimate the importance of comfort. However, it can be the difference between an average score and a great score.

Being comfortable as you hit a shot gives you the best chance of hitting a good one. We bet you’re usually feeling comfortable when you play your best golf.

Also, golf should be enjoyable for you. Feeling comfortable on the course helps players enjoy the game more.

You don’t want golf hats that are too loose and constantly need adjusting. And you don’t want them to be too small because they’ll dig into your head and make you uncomfortable.

Golf hats should be comfortable.

Sun Protection

The best golf buckets hats should offer sun protection. A round of golf can last up to five hours. You’ll want to wear hats that protect you from the sun, especially if you often play in sunny conditions.

It’s unpleasant to get a nasty sunburn. And you don’t want to increase your risk of skin cancer. Look for sun protection when buying golf bucket hats.


Waterproofing in bucket hats is essential to look for, especially if you live in a wet climate. Getting your head wet will make you uncomfortable during your game. It’s distracting and annoying to have wet hair out on the course.

Also, you can get sick if it’s cold and wet. The last thing you want is being sidelined with a flu that stops you from playing golf.

It’s best to err on the side of caution and look for waterproofing when buying golf bucket hats.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are a good feature to have in a bucket hat. They can help you get a tighter fit and stop the hat from moving while you swing.

Also, they can prevent the hat from blowing away in the wind. If you don’t want to be chasing your hat down the fairway, look for adjustable straps.


Sizing is essential to look for when buying any golf apparel. You don’t want the hat to be too loose because it’ll move and distract you as you’re playing. However, you don’t want the hat to be tight as it’ll dig into your skin and leave unsightly marks.

Most bucket hats are one size fits most. But make sure you check the sizing before you buy one.


Versatility in a bucket hat is also a good feature to look for. If you live in an area with an unpredictable climate, you’ll want that versatility. A bucket hat that performs well in all weather conditions is likely the best option in that case. You’ll be prepared no matter what weather sweeps over the course.


Style is another feature to look for when buying a bucket hat. Some of us might be hesitant to admit it, but how we look on the golf course is important.

When we look good, we usually feel good. And that positive feeling can impact our game a huge amount.

Style might not be a top priority, but it’s something to consider when buying a bucket hat.


That wraps up our list of the 10 best golf bucket hats. Now, you should be able to choose the best golf bucket hat for you. We’re confident our choices cover a wide range of buyers.

The Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Armourvent Bucket Hat is the best overall. It offers premium comfort and will keep your head cool on those sweltering days.

This hat fits snuggly on the head, so you can focus on your game. And if the wind picks up, you can further secure the hat with an adjustable drawcord.

Under Armour makes premium gear, and that’s on display with this bucket hat.

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