Best Golf Cart Bags 2023

A golf bag is more than just a club holder. When you have the right golf cart bag in place, you can stay organized on the course and even show a bit of your personality. With cart bags being bigger than stand bags, they tend to have more room for storage and showing off design and logos.

Over the years we have tested and reviewed dozens of cart bags, this year we picked our top 9 in 2023, we found the Sun Mountain C-130 to be the #1 golf cart bag.

The number one reason why golfers purchase a cart bag is to protect their golf clubs. Most cart bags have full length dividers and individual club slots to help save shafts, grips, and club heads. After spending thousands of dollars on golf clubs, finding the best golf cart bag is critical.

Best Golf Cart Bag 2023



Sun Mountain C-130

  • Best selling cart bag

    Less than $100
  • Excellent details

  • Many different colors



Grit Golf Tower

  • Square Design

  • "California Closet" Pocket

  • Angular Slots


Best Looking

Vessel LUX XV

  • Great looks

  • Valuables pocket with combination lock

  • Synthetic Leather 

If you have been around the game of golf long enough, chances are you have seen or even had a Sun Mountain bag. These golf bags are made with only the highest quality material, and they have features and functionality that you didn’t even know you needed!

For those that are ready to make the switch to a golf cart bag or tired of all of their gear being jumbled in the bottom of one big pocket, the C-130 is a perfect cart bag.

With hundreds of bags on the market to choose from, keep reading to see how the best golf cart bags of 2023 ranked. 

The 9 Best Golf Cart Bags 2023

  1. Sun Mountain C-130 (Best Overall)
  2. Grit Golf Tower– (Best Function)
  3. Vessel LUX XV – (Best Looking)
  4. Ping Pioneer – (Best Top Layout)
  5. Motocaddy Dry Series (Best Waterproof)
  6. Wilson Staff EXO ii/ NFL Cart Bag (Best for NFL Fans)
  7. TaylorMade Cart Lite (Best Lightweight Cart Bag)
  8. Bag Boy Chiller (Best Golf Cart Bag With Cooler)
  9. Callaway Chev 14 (Best Value Golf Cart Bag)

Sun Mountain C-130 (Best Overall)

Sun Mountain C-130

The best overall golf cart bag in 2023 is the Sun Mountain C-130. Sun Mountain makes some of the best cart bags, stand bags, and Sunday bags on the market. However, where we think they really shine is the golf cart bag. The C130 features all of the pockets and technologies that a player needs, and it comes in a ton of different colors.

The C130 comes with fourteen individual club dividers that will give your clubs plenty of room, even if they have larger grips. There is a velour lined rangefinder pocket located on the front of the bag, featuring a magnetic closure. With high use pockets like this, the magnetic closure is a better fit.

A full length putter tube allows you easy access to your most important club. In total, there are thirteen pockets. With most bags having about eight or nine pockets, the C130 certainly helps you stay organized. For more details check out our full length review of the Sun Mountain C-130.

Key Features

  • It comes with a matching rain hood

  • Available in many different colors

  • Cart strap pass through

  • Glove holder

  • Easy to organize golf bag

  • Anti fade fabric

Grit Golf Tower (Best Function)

Why has no one built a square bag before?  I don’t know, but the Grit Golf Tower Cart Bag is absolutely Genius.  If you want the best pocket storage system for a cart bag, this has it with its “California Closet” style shelves and pockets in the front.  The square bag also rides really nicely on an electric cart.

Overall, Grit designed an impressive cart bag with features like; a large ball pocket that allow the cart strap to pass through.  The little pockets, holders and loops mean all the accessories you’ll ever need are a quick reach away.  The square top with angular slots holds clubs securely with much chatter.

Grit might be a new comer to the bag market, but their design is outstanding and made a genius product for carrying your clubs and gear on a cart.  For more information read the full review here.

Key Features

  • Square Design

  • "California Closet" Pocket

  • Large Ball pocket with strap pass

  • Angular Slots keep clubs locked in

  • Beverage Sleeve

Vessel LUX XV (Best Looking)

Vessel LUX XV

Vessel came to the golf bag market and changed the luxury game. Those that want a golf bag that stands out as being premium will enjoy the Vessel golf bags. This company also makes an impressive stand bag that can hold up long term for the serious golfer. The main difference that sets the Vessel golf cart bags apart is the material and the attention to detail.

The golf bag is made with premium leather, waterproof zippers, and leather zipper pulls. The forward facing pockets include a magnetic rangefinder pocket, giving you easy access to your gear. In addition, there is an insulated cooler pocket.

The interior valuables pocket even comes with a combination lock. The padded single shoulder strap is well positioned and comfortable, making it easy to move the bag around. The features, velour lined pockets, and even the magnetic pocket options make the Vessel LUX XV a great looking and premium golf cart bag.

Key Features

  • Magnetic water bottle sleeve with drainage

  • Forward facing pockets for ease of use

  • Pen holder

  • Valuables pocket with combination lock

  • Easy personalization of ball pocket

  • It comes with a cart strap sleeve

Ping Pioneer (Best Top Layout)

Ping Pioneer Cart bag

Pulling your clubs in and out of the top of the cart bag should be easy, and it should make sense. The Ping Pioneer has one of the best golf cart bag top designs that we have seen. In addition, this bag features a cart strap pass through system that allows you easy access to all of your gear at all times.

Overall, Ping used impressive high-end features on the Ping Pioneer; a magnetic ball pocket is much easier to use than a zippered ball pocket. Oversized apparel pockets on the side of the bag ensure that you are ready for any golf course condition. There is also a dedicated putter well to keep your most important club within quick reach.

Ping always thinks about things that golfers need when they design their products, and this cart bag is no exception.

Key Features

  • Cart strap channel

  • Putter well

  • Water-resistant valuables pocket

  • Magnetic rangefinder pocket

  • Large apparel pocket

Motocaddy Dry Series (Best Waterproof)

Motocaddy Dry Series

As a serious golfer, you may be willing to play in any condition. We can certainly relate to this. With the Motocaddy Dry Series, you can be playing golf in a serious rainstorm, and your clubs and gear will remain dry. Many cart bags come with a waterproof valuables pocket, but the MOtocaddy Dry Series is an entirely waterproof golf bag.

The bag has 14 full length dividers, and the bag sits well on both golf carts and pushcarts. Motocaddy is well known in the golf industry for its pushcarts and electric pushcarts. This is one of the best golf bags for walking, especially with that added waterproof feature.

For more details on this bag check out our full review of the Motocaddy Dry Series.

Key Features

  • Bag locking system

  • Completely waterproof bag

  • Works for walking and riding

  • Multiple pockets are front-facing

  • Easy to use zippers

Wilson Staff EXO ii/NFL Cart Bag (Best for NFL Fans)

Wilson Staff EXO ii NFL Cart Bag

Do you spend your Saturdays on the course and your Sundays watching football? You are not alone. Golf and football tend to be two of the more popular sports, and finding a golf bag that can combine your two passions is important. If you want to represent your NFL team while out on the course, the Wilson Staff EXO ii is the best overall option.

Wilson Staff put out one of these golf cart bags for every NFL team. Each bag has a 14 way top with full length dividers and plenty of storage for all of your gear. We liked the side life handles that help moves this cart golf bag around when it is not on the cart.

The bag has multiple large pockets for gear and even a cooler pocket. Overall you will have plenty of room to store your things and start up a conversation with other football fans at the same time. For more details you can read our full Wilson NFL bag review here.

Key Features

  • Available for all NFL teams

  • Bright fabric that does not fade

  • Good pocket design

  • 14 way top to protect golf clubs

  • Smart strap system for keeping the bag in place on the cart

TaylorMade Cart Lite (Best Lightweight Cart Bag)

TaylorMade Cart Lite

Golf cart bags can get heavy. Although you may not think this is a big deal because you will be using it on a golf cart, it can really do some damage to your back. For those who arrive at the course and have to lift the bag out of the car and to the cart, the weight should still be considered.

The TaylorMade Cart Lite bag only weighs 5.5 pounds, yet it is a full size cart bag. This means that you will still enjoy the 14 way top and have plenty of room for storage of your gear. There are eight total pockets, and although they are not all front facing, TaylorMade did add an extra front facing option.

OF course, this golf bag will not stay lightweight if you fill it with too many divot tools, ball markers, and three dozen golf balls. However, starting off with a lightweight and well-organized cart bag like this one is a step in the right direction.

Key Features

  • Only weighs 5.5 pounds

  • It is available in several different color options

  • 14 way top and plenty of room for all golf clubs

  • True Cart Strap Pass system

  • An excellent option for pushcarts

  • Engineered base for a secure fit on the golf cart

Bag Boy Chiller (Best Golf Cart Bag with Cooler)

Bag Boy Chiller cart bag

Staying hydrated on the golf course is key. Whatever your drink of choice is, it is imperative to keep it cool on those warm summer days. The idea of a cooler in the golf bag was brought to the market years ago, but only the Bag Boy Chiller takes the insulated cooler pocket to the next level. You can fill this cooler with six 12 ounce cans; you can also remove it and attach it to the cart bag.

The night before you go to play, fill your cooler with drinks and a sandwich, and in the morning, simply attach it to the bag. It’s a great system and one that many golfers don’t know how to live without. In addition to the cooler, the Bag Boy Chiller has a 14 way top with full-length dividers.

There are also 9 zippered pockets and a patented bag-to-cart attachment system. These systems give you that extra confidence you need to ensure your golf bag stays in place throughout the round. The Bag Boy is a well-known name in golf cart bag technology; the bag is built to list and has functional features for a golfer.

Key Features

  • Ball retriever sleeve

  • Room to store your rain gear, jackets, sweater

  • 3 Mesh pockets for quick access

  • Rubberized putter well

  • Umbrella Holder

  • Towel ring and velour-lined valuables pocket

Callaway Chev 14 (Best Value Golf Cart Bag)

Golf cart bags can get kind of expensive. When you look at all of the features that these new cart bags have and the materials they are made of; the higher pricing starts to make more sense. Those on a budget should consider something like the Callaway Chev 14. This is a little smaller than other cart bags on the market, but the price tag is a bit smaller as well.

The Callaway Chev 14 still has a 14 way top and full length dividers. You will feel as though your clubs are just a bit closer to each other, but not enough to cause any problems with the clubs themselves. The bag is just a little over 4 pounds, making it an ultra lite cart bag. If you walk the golf course, this is one of the most critical cart bag features to consider.

There are 5 front facing pockets and a velour lined valuables pocket that is also waterproof. Lastly, this is one of the better looking golf cart bags on the market; Callaway did an excellent job with color choices and patterns to help the Chev 14 stand out.

Key Features

  • 14 way top with full length dividers

  • Glove attachment

  • Matching rain hood

  • Made with ripstop fabric

  • Oversized ball pocket that can be removed for customization

  • Very fair overall pricing

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Cart Bag

Now that you have all the details on the best golf cart bags on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one is the best for your needs. There are some specific features that golfers need to be aware of when shopping for a golf cart bag. With so many great options on the market, use these features to determine which is best for your needs.

Pocket Type

It’s great when a golf bag has 12 pockets, but if they are all small, where will you keep your rain suit? Perhaps more important than the number of pockets is the variety in the pocket types. Look for bags with a cell phone sleeve, glove holder, cooler pocket, apparel pocket, valuables pocket, a rangefinder pocket, and more. These different compartments allow you to stay organized on the golf course.

Pocket Location

One of the most critical technological advances in golf cart bags has been the forward facing pockets. The forward facing pockets allow golfers to access their gear even when the bag is on the cart. Pockets that are on the side or even towards the back of the bag are difficult to reach when you are playing. With the forward facing pockets, you can stay more organized and be less frustrated trying to find all of your gear.

Top Design

Even though most of the cart bags on our list have a 14 way or 15 way top, the design of the top can vary. Take a look at these layouts and plan where you will put your clubs. If you are a player that has extra fairway woods or extra wedges, make sure you like the configuration of the top of the bag.


Dividers are essential when riding in a golf cart. Clubs that are not separated will knock into each other and potentially experience some damage. For those that have graphite shafts in their clubs, this can be a problem as, over time, the shafts can split and splinter. Full-length dividers are better than just a top divider as it gives each club its own space.


Golf cart bags typically start around 4.5lbs and go up from there. Many golf cart bags start closer to eight pounds. If you have trouble lifting something in and out of the trunk of your car looking for a lightweight cart bag that has strong utility handles on the top to lift and carry the bag.


We hope you now feel like you have a better understanding as to which golf cart bags are the best on the market. These golf cart bags features easy access to all of your gear, large ball pockets, plenty of room for apparel, and technology to keep your golf clubs safe.

The Sun Mountain C130 stands out as the best overall golf cart bag on the market. The entire bag was designed specifically with the serious golfer in mind. If you spend a lot of time on the golf course, you will want a spacious bag with tremendous organizational features like the C130.

With Sun Mountain products, you won’t have to worry about longevity. These bags are built to last and will ensure that the colors do not fade over time. With all the money we spend on golf clubs, it makes sense to invest a little more in a cart bag to ensure that it protects golf clubs the way it should.

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