Best Golf Gloves 2023

Golfing with the best golf gloves can easily enhance your overall golf game. I’ve tested a couple of them and settled for the Titleist Players golf glove as the best golf glove for playing golf.

Good quality gloves should give you a secure grip on the golf club while lowering the chances of calluses or blisters. Furthermore, well-made gloves give a player a natural feel of the club. 

Best Golf Gloves 2023



Titleist Players Flex

  • Strong seams

  • Satin reinforcement

  • Comfortable fabric



FootJoy Hyperflex 

  • Very breathable

  • Zero sweat build up

  • Consistent sizing




  • Classic look

  • Exceptional durability

  • True to size

The Titleist Players premium leather Flex Glove features a timeless, classic style that will have you looking like a professional on the golf course. Its durability results from the solid satin reinforcements all through the thumb and the cuff. They may be a little over the top price-wise, but they’re worth every penny.

We have a lot to share in this guide. Keep reading to explore some of the best golf gloves on the market, from the best budget glove to the most stylish glove. Soon after, we’ll cover a few pointers to help you buy a quality glove for all your golfing escapades. Enough said, let’s get into it!


  1. Titleist Players Flex Glove (Best Comfort Glove)
  2. FootJoy Hyperflex Glove (Best Premium Leather Glove)
  3. COBRA PUR Tour Glove (Best Breathability)
  4. PXG Players Glove (Best Premium Golf Glove)
  5. Callaway Tour Authentic Glove (Best Tour Glove)
  6. Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove (Best Budget Glove)
  7. TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove (Most Stylish Glove)
  8. FootJoy Weathersof Glove (Best Practice Glove)
  9. PING Tour Glove (Best Durability)
  10. TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove (Best Glove for Sweaty Hands)
  11. Red Rooster The Cape Glove (Best Grip)
  12. Srixon All Weather Glove (Best All-Weather Glove)

1. Titleist Players Flex Glove (Best Comfort Glove)

Titleist Players Flex Glove

Ah, yes. The Titleist Players Flex Glove. It is one of the most popular gloves on the PGA Tour. It’s also an excellent option for regular players who wish to know what playing professionally feels like.

The Players Flex doesn’t hold back on quality and comfort. The premium Cabretta leather feel is probably the best aspect of this extraordinary golf glove. When I first slipped this glove on, I couldn’t wait to test it out on the green.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. The Player’s Flex glove rates are high, especially for style points. The stitching also held up after several rounds with zero damage.



  • Awesome fit and comfort

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Somewhat expensive

2. FootJoy Hyperflex Glove (Best Premium Leather Glove)

FootJoy Hyperflex Glove

The best thing about FootJoy gloves is their unique leather combination. The Hyperflex is no different. It has an engineered, soft leather that’s sure to offer remarkable breathability and unmatched durability.

The FootJoy Hyperflex glove features a PowerNet mesh all through the knuckles to offer additional flexibility as well as a consistent fit every time you wear it to play. Speaking of fit, it has an angled closure that is positioned strategically for an exact fit with stress-free comfort. The leather palm is also micro-perforated for perspiration and water resistance. The back of the glove is fitted with a light MicroVent FiberSof material for extra comfortability.



  • Comfortable, super-soft feel

  • Remarkable grip across all conditions

  • Unmatched water/perspiration resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Does not ship internationally

3. COBRA PUR Tour Glove (Best Breathability)

COBRA PUR Tour Glove

When choosing premium leather gloves, Cobra isn’t the first brand that would come to mind. However, straight out of the packet, the COBRA PUR Tour glove feels extraordinary and somewhat tight on the hand.

The fitted cuff enhances the glove’s fit, preventing any extra material from getting in your way.

I tested this glove on a warm day and found it to be super breathable all through. I used it across numerous rounds and discovered that with the right care, it showed little to no signs of damage.



  • 360 Thumb offers a wide motion range

  • Strategically placed perforations for optimum breathability

  • High-quality Cabretta leather

  • Too tight

4. PXG Players Glove (Best Premium Golf Glove)

PXG Players Glove

The PXG Players Glove provides the best value leather for an improved connection between the grip and the hand. The Players Glove boasts a high level of dominance among the premium gloves on this list. The 100% Cabretta leather is ultra-smooth with a soft buttery feel and a premium fit to seal the deal.

When wet, the PXG Players glove adopts a tacky feel that helps you maintain a steady grip throughout your time on the course. Furthermore, the elastic, cotton-based wristband hinders the build-up of moisture within the glove. This glove comes in two colorway options: all black and all white.



  • Soft, buttery leather

  • Humidity-enhanced tackiness

  • Cotton

  • Limited colorway options

5. Callaway Tour Authentic Glove (Best Tour Glove)

Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

The Callaway Tour Authentic‘s fantastic grip makes it a top choice, especially among Tour golfers. I was instantly impressed with the quality style and impressive craftsmanship visible through the stitching. The extra elastic on the cuff offers a sense of sophistication, while the high-quality Cabretta leather promotes a phenomenally smooth feel.

The state-of-the-art ‘Griptac technology.’ I noticed the extra tackiness when I held the club. The feedback via the impact and the swing was arguably the most majestic I’ve seen from any golf glove.

I gave the Tour Authentic extended play on the greens, and as was expected, it showed Pro-level signs of durability.



  • Premium Cabretta Leather with Griptac technology

  • Weak Velcro

6. Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove (Best Budget Glove)

The Callaway Dawn Patrol glove is definitely worth the price. It’s among the most inexpensive gloves from the world’s best brands that have a premium feel than what’s expected in the price range. I like how it comes with an elastic band around the cuff similar to the one used in Tour-level models. The band encourages a light, secure, and thin fit when worn for an entire round.

The perforations all through the inner part of the glove are beneficial for perspiration but may wear the leather down over time. With that said, wearing this glove should give players (mostly newer ones) boosted confidence in their game.



  • Clean, all-white aesthetic

  • Affordable

  • Comes with an elastic band

  • Offers Tour-level performance

  • Questionable durability

7. TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove (Most Stylish Glove)

TaylorMade has made a name among pro golfers and weekend warriors. I’m a huge fan of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove overall design. The Tour Preferred’s Cabretta leather has an ultra-soft feel that translates to a deluxe grip around the golf club. This glove gave me remarkable feedback on all my long and short shots.

The stylish appearance of the TaylorMade Tour preferred comes at the expense of flexibility. This glove has a tight fit with very limited give, which might interfere greatly with its durability when constantly wearing it and taking it off. The glove’s breathability is heightened by the wide air gaps between the fingers.



  • Awesome design

  • Premium glove used on Tour

  • Limited stretchability

8. FootJoy WeatherSof Glove (Best Practice Glove)

FootJoy WeatherSof Glove

Unlike the TaylorMade glove or the Bionic Stablegrip golf glove, the FootJoy WeatherSof Glove is a splendid option for practice. Its affordable price shouldn’t overshadow the fact that it has tons of superior features that make it a great value product.

I totally agree with FootJoy’s claim that the WeatherSof offers a unique blend of secure grip and soft feel. This glove is substantial yet comfortable; the mesh that runs across the knuckles improves breathability and comfort.

The extra leather in the thumb and palm helped limit the slippage even when the glove became wet. This glove comes in all-black and all-white color options.



  • Extra leather on stress areas

  • Commendable value

  • Highly affordable

  • Thickness hinders feel

9. PING Sensor Tour Glove (Best Durability)

PING Sensor Tour Glove

The PING Tour glove is one of those gloves that you’re sure to be used for the foreseeable future. The Sensor Tour is the first of the three offerings from PING. The other two are the Sensor Sport and the Sensor Tech.

The Tour glove has the most premium features of the three gloves. It’s equipped with PING’s state-of-the-art Sensor Cool technology and constructed with a soft, lightweight Cabretta leather. This glove comes in about 10 different sizes to ensure you get the right size for your hand.

The spandex materials at the back of the hand and across the knuckles offer more flexibility and make it lighter.



  • Smooth, tacky, and soft feel

  • Stable grip

  • Long-lasting

  • Continuous use leads to palm discoloration

10. TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove (Best Glove for Sweaty Hands)

TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove

Are you a golfer with sweaty hands? Do you mostly play in humid courses? The TaylorMade Stratus Soft Glove is just for you. The topmost part of the hand is made using a breathable synthetic material that offers a favorable amount of stretch with sufficient airflow.

The palm of the Stratus Soft glove is pure leather and has an impressive soft feeling. They’re probably the softest gloves on this list. While using it, the micro-perforations on the fingers ensured a cool feel. I also found no need for taking it off for pitches and chips whenever I needed maximum feel. The velcro and cuff closure were comfortable and secure as well.



  • Great for humid playing conditions

  • Optimum breathability and comfort

  • Micro perforations

  • Comfortable and soft fabric

  • Poor-quality velcro

  • Limited colorway options

11. Red Rooster The Cape Glove (Best Grip)

Red Rooster The Cape Glove

Have you ever heard of the Red Rooster brand? Let me introduce you to one of the most versatile and true-to-self brands out there. Their latest offering, The Cape glove, is a fun and unique piece of equipment that will impact how you play in the best way.

The Red Rooster The Cape glove is true to size and offers a pretty solid fit. It’s also affordable and comes with features you’d expect in a premium glove.



  • Made with AAA Cabretta leather

  • Impressive durability

  • True-to-size fit

  • Flashy colorway

  • Poor branding

  • Uncommon brand

12. Srixon All Weather Glove (Best All-Weather Glove)

This durable, soft, comfortable, and flexible glove offers one of the best performances. The Srixon All Weather glove offers fantastic feedback and feel from the club and performs remarkably well in all weather conditions, hence the name.

The most impressive feature of the Srixon golf is probably the leather. Typically, you’ll notice the leather tearing on visible areas such as the fingers, palm, and thumb after extended use. However, with the Srixon glove, I never noticed any markings or peelings after more than 1,000 shots. Pretty impressive, right?



  • Lycra inserts and synthetic upper leather

  • Cabretta leather on thumb and palm

  • Tested durability and dynamic durability

  • Highly comfortable

  • Low-quality fit



Your desired golf glove should have a snug padding in the palm. A good glove should have stretchy synthetic materials at the knuckles that allow it to flex while you grip the golf club.

While focusing on functionality, determine the hand on which you will wear the glove. Ideally, you’re supposed to wear the glove on the top hand in relation to your respective grip position. That means that if you’re a right-handed golfer, you should have your glove on your left hand.

If you’re a left-handed player, wear your golf glove on the right hand. You can opt to wear your glove on both hands to prevent calluses and blisters. A good golf glove should have synthetic materials on different parts of the fingers or knuckles to enhance flexibility.


It goes without saying but you should opt for a golf glove that fits snugly into your hand – almost like it’s a second skin.

Wear gloves that have a tight fit but are not too tight. That will make swinging your club a rather tedious task. Golf gloves come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of both men and women. If you have a wider hand, the cadet-sized gloves should keep you comfortable throughout your time on the course.

Additionally, there should be limited material in between the ends of each finger. Too much of it would otherwise indicate that you’re wearing a big glove. Ensure your glove has a smooth fit on both the back of your hand and the palm.


The costlier gloves are made using softer materials. Not only do they have a nicer feel, but they also react better to moisture if your hand breaks out with sweat.

A good number of golf gloves are made using leather since it offers a great feel in addition to acting like a second skin. The level of moisture resistance in leather golf gloves is also impressive. It holds water on wet days without suffering any ill effects. However, you may need to allow it to dry under the sun and then pull it back to shape. In other words, avoid leaving your wet leather gloves crinkled up in your bag when wet.


When shopping for a glove for the first time, you’re bound to go for tour preferred brands such as PING, Callaway, Under Armour, Srixon, Wilson Staff, or even FootJoy.

Remember that you don’t need to break the bank to get the best glove performance on the golf course. A standard glove is more than enough to keep your hands warm in cold weather and keep them dry in hot and humid conditions.

If you’re one to spend the longest time in the driving range, it’s advisable to use cheaper gloves while in practice. When you’re out on the course, only then can you use a soft feeling and costlier glove.

Personal Needs

If you’re getting a golf glove, it’s recommended to go for one that satisfies all your personal needs. If you have specific style considerations, you won’t need to sacrifice them for the sake of owning a golf glove.

Most fashion-style golf gloves today are furnished with a slit specifically on the ring finger for players with a knack for big rings. Other gloves feature openings on the fingertips to offer more room for long fingernails.

If you care about whether or not your glove will cause the dreadful golfers’ glove tan, you’ll find a couple of gloves made using material that blocks Ultraviolet rays from tanning your hand while you play.


And there you have it – the best golf gloves of 2023. All the gloves mentioned in this guide are tackier than conventional types, allowing you, the player, to have a confident and stable grip on the golf club. The one that does it best is the Titleist Players Golf Glove. Its fit is spot-on, the grip is super solid, and the durability is unmatched. You can’t go wrong with these synthetic gloves from Titleist.

When buying a golf glove, ensure you buy in bulk to keep them fresh at all times. Pro tip: Hang your glove on your bag or cart to ensure they’re aired out between shots. Additionally, if you want your glove to last a little bit longer, never abandon them in your car’s humid and hot trunk between rounds. With that out of the way, you’re all set to get the best out of your golf glove!

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