Best Golf Hats of 2023

The vast majority of golfers wear a hat while on the course, and we’d all be hard-pressed to find a professional golfer that isn’t wearing some hat riddled with sponsors every time they tee it up.

Our top choices come from true staples of the golf apparel world.

In our experience the overall best golf hat in 2023 is the Titleist Tour Performance Hat. A true golf hat worn by pros for decades made specifically for the golf course. 

Best Golf Hats 2023



Titleist Tour Performance

  • UV Treated

  • 15 Color Options



TaylorMade Tour Cage

  • Dark Under-Bill

  • Open-Cell Mesh Breathable Back



Nike AeroBill TigerWoods Heritage86

  • AeroBill Technology

  • Color Options

  • Good Ventilation

Even if our golf games don’t quite match the professionals, our style can. When narrowing down our selections, we took performance, look and comfort into account. Our list of the 10 best golf hats for the 2023 season should provide you with enough ammo to look good, feel good, and play well the next time you step on the golf course.

Take a quick look at our 10 best golf hats for 2023 before checking out our thoughts on each selection.

10 Best Golf Hats of Every Style for 2023

  1. Titleist Tour Performance (Our Top Pick)
  2. TaylorMade Tour Cage (Alternative Top Pick)
  3. Nike AeroBill TigerWoods Heritage86 (Feel like a Legend)
  4. FootJoy PomPom (Best for Cold Weather)
  5. Ping Bunker Cap (For Any Occasion)
  6. Callaway Sun Hat (Best Bucket Hat)
  7. Adidas 3-Stripe Tour Hat (Street Style)
  8. Titleist Sunbreaker (Protects Ears and Neck)
  9. Callaway Tour Authentic High Crown Visor (Best Visor)
  10. Ping Birdie Time Cap (Funny and Foldable)

Our Top Picks Reviewed

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 picks let’s dive deeper into what makes each selection ideal for your consideration for a new perfect hat.

1. Titleist Tour Performance Hat

Titleist Tour Performance Hat

Worn by some of the world’s best players (Peter Malnati and Chesson Hadley, to name a couple), Titleist shows why they are one of the leaders in the “luxury feeling” golf product space. The Tour Performance Hat from Titleist features a new lightweight, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking sweatband to reduce the sweaty odors that often accompany a challenging round. The Tour Performance Hat also includes a high-quality stretch clasp closure and is UV treated for sun protection of 50+ UPF. Where we feel Titleist really stands out with this hat is in their offering of the most colors on our list to choose from with 15 different options. Titleist has such a wide variety of hat choices and styles on their website that they have a built-in tool to compare and contrast hats and their features side by side to ensure you’re making the right decision before you make your purchase. We think you’ll look “tour ready” when choosing the Titleist Tour Performance Hat.

Sizing: One Size Fits Most (Adjustable)

Key Features

  • UV Treated

  • 15 Color Options

2. TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat

TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat

While TaylorMade typically makes headlines for their equipment, their golf hats are just as high quality. Seen worn on the PGA Tour by Collin Morikawa, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Matt Wolff, TaylorMade’s Tour Cage Hat is becoming increasingly popular amongst all kinds of players. In an updated version of a previously popular design model, TaylorMade introduces what they describe as an “open-cell mesh” on the back end of the hat to make the Tour Cage hat incredibly breathable. In addition to a comfortable built-in sweatband, TaylorMade proves its dedication to detail with dark-colored under-bills regardless of color selection for reduced glare and staining. Offered in four colors, be ready to perform anywhere with the TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat.

Sizing: S, M, L, XL (Size Chart on Website)

Key Features

  • Dark Under-Bill

  • Open-Cell Mesh Breathable Back

3. Nike AeroBill Tiger Woods Heritage86

Nike AeroBill Tiger Woods Heritage86

We can’t promise you’ll play like him, but you can look just like what most agree is the greatest player ever to touch a club, Tiger Woods. Nike’s AeroBill Tiger Woods Heritage86 provides all you could ever need with a stretchy fabric for a fit that will never grow uncomfortable. Laser perforations across the entirety of the hat provide excellent ventilation and a very absorbent terry sweatband. Nike says their “AeroBill” technology combines sweat-wicking comfort with immense breathability. Using their stretchy material allows this hat to collapse and travel easily in a golf bag’s pocket. Regardless of the shock of seeing Tiger play in the 2022 Masters Tournament, no one was surprised to see him arrive in this exact hat. With at least 12 color options to choose from, we think you’ll be able to find a Tiger Woods hat that fits your style.

Sizing: S/M, M/L, L/XL (Size Chart on Site)

Key Features

  • AeroBill Technology

  • Color Options

  • Good Ventilation

4. FootJoy Pom Pom

Some call them a “sock cap,” some call them “beanies,” and FootJoy calls them a “Pom Pom.” As most of us are getting excited about warmer weather approaching, we should still all be prepared for playing in cooler conditions when the time comes. Nothing will help these times more than a FootJoy Pom Pom. These beanies are crafted from a super soft knit construction and feature a fleece-lined ear band for warmth and comfort. A good beanie should keep your mind off the temperature and focus on your game. With a plethora of colors and designs, keep yourself prepared and warm in your FootJoy Pom Pom.

Sizing: One Size Fits All

Key Features

  • Fleece Lined Ear Band

  • Many Colorways

5. Ping Bunker Cap

Ping Bunker Cap

Soft as well as stylish, Ping impresses with their Bunker Cap. Coming in Tan, Plum (color shown), and Navy, the Bunker Cap find’s our list because it could be worn literally anywhere. Are you expecting a hot date? The Bunker Cap is stylish enough to be dressed with anything. Are you expecting a hot round? The Bunker Cap features a moisture-wicking SensorCool headband to handle any heat. The overall design is simple and understated with a faux leather patch adorning the front. It also features a snapback closure for an adjustable fit. Regardless of the situation, Ping’s Bunker Cap is designed to help you stay cool.

Sizing: One Size Fits Most (Adjustable)

Key Features

  • SensorCool Headband

  • 3 Colors

  • Stylish Design

6. Callaway Sun Hat

Channel your inner Joel Dahmen by adding a bucket hat to your golf hat rotation. Bucket hats provide immense protection while being a head-turner in the process. Callaway’s Sun Hat integrates a 50+ UV Coating to deliver the highest degree of sun protection in any Callaway hat. In addition, this bucket hat is lightweight, collapsable, has an adjustable drawstring in the rear for size customization, and features mesh and a sweat-wicking headband for maximum comfort and breathability. No longer reserved for your friend who “loves to party,” the bucket hat is a strong choice for all types of players.

Sizing: One Size Fits Most (Adjustable Drawstring)

Key Features

  • UV Coating for Sun Protection

  • Drawstring

  • Collapsable Design

7. Adidas 3-Stripe Tour Hat

Most notably worn on the PGA Tour by Xander Schauffele, Adidas is bringing street fashion to the golf course with their 3-Stripe Tour Hat. Featuring a stylish 3 stripe design, Adidas provides four different color options as well as a built-in sweatband to help keep you cool. Six embroidered holes surround the crown to provide extra ventilation around your head. The 3-Stripe Tour hat features a snapback closure design and is the only golf hat on our list that is made out of 100% recycled material.

Sizing: One Size Fits Most (Adjustable Snapback)

Key Features

  • 100% Recycled Material

  • Fashionable

8. Titleist Sunbreaker

Titleist Sunbreaker

For your particularly sunny rounds, prepare yourself with a Titleist Sunbreaker. Featuring Titleist’s new StaCool sweatband, a protective flap to protect a player’s ears and neck, and UV-treated materials for 50+ UPF protection, you can feel perfectly safe while feeling perfectly comfortable at the same time. Titleist implements their performance stretch material in the Sunbreaker as well as an adjustable closure for a customizable fit. Titleist heard the concerns from potential users, “Won’t I see the flap in my peripheral?” The answer is no. Titleist’s research and development team spent extra time carefully crafting the shape and design of the back flap the Sunbreaker has attached to ensure that it will be of zero distraction to users on the course in game-time situations. This golf hat will dominate extra sunny weather wherever needed.

Sizing: One Size Fits All (Adjustable Closure)

Key Features

  • UV Treated

  • Neck and Ear Protection

9. Callaway Tour Authentic High Crown Visor

Want to look like the game’s most iconic lefty? Look no further than Callaway’s Tour Authentic High Crown Visor. “Traditional styling with modern materials” is how Callaway describes this golf visor. The Tour Authentic High Crown Visor has three color options and is equipped with a cooling sweatband, moisture-wicking fabric, and an adjustable strap to make it fit you perfectly. For players who find other styles of hats too warm or for players with particularly thick hair, a golf visor provides the perfect solution with an exposed crown section for maximum airflow (and hair flow). For players with particularly long hair, visors are a perfect fit because a ponytail can fit unhindered in this crown-less cap. Golf visors haven’t always received the same respect as other golf hats, but this visor is changing that notion and has everything you need to enter the rotation.

Sizing: One Size Fits All (Adjustable Strap)

Key Features

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric

  • Cooling Sweatband

  • Adjustable Strap

10. Ping Birdie Time Cap

Ping Birdie Time Cap

Get in the right headspace to play a good round with Ping’s Birdie Time Cap. This unstructured cap is made out of 100% cotton, is collapsable, and features Ping’s SensorCool headband to help keep you dry. Like Ping’s “Bunker Cap,” the “Birdie Time Cap” features six embroidered holes surrounding the crown for increased airflow to your scalp. It has an adjustable clasp for a customizable fit, and the only reason it finds the last spot on our list is that it’s only offered in two colors. In our minds, the playful logo more than makes up for the limited color options, and hopefully, the design will have birdies on your mind.

Sizing: One Size Fits Most (Adjustable Clasp)

Key Features

  • Funny Design

  • 100% Cotton

  • SensorCool Headband

What are the differences between one golf headwear style and the next?

As seen in our selections above, there are many different types of golfer-related headwear. The more “traditional style” and the style we most commonly see on the PGA Tour are just standard “golf hats“. They have a bill, they generally have a logo of a popular golf-related company, and are commonly made out of a performance / moisture-wicking material to help with ventilation and sweat drying around the player’s head. “Golf caps,” we believe, are more of a baseball-style cap. Curved brims are generally a softer, less structured design and made of cotton instead of performance fabric. The “cap” style is one that can get worn on the course or anywhere for that matter, as it doesn’t directly stand out as strictly golfing-related apparel. The Ping “Bunker Cap” and “Birdie Time Cap” are both perfect examples of what stylish golf caps can look like. “Bucket hats” must be included on any golf headwear list because of their laid-back nature. Popularized on the PGA Tour by Joel Dahmen in recent years, bucket hats have a loose and relaxed fit while providing massive amounts of sun protection (exponentially more than a standard hat) with the large brim that circles the entirety of the hat. Bucket hats are also the most likely to be UV or UPF treated as an extra layer of sun protection. Lastly, the “golf visor” finds our list because they’re almost synonymous with golf culture. The visor is a hat without a crown section for more breathability than its “golf hat” or “golf cap” counterparts and a bill to keep the sun out of your eyes. Popularized originally in the 1980s by PGA Tour professionals and more recently repopularized by Phil Mickelson when he wore one all four days to win the PGA Championship in 2021, visors are most definitely here to stay. In countless references in movie and TV history, when golf is brought up, the people in question are more likely than not to be wearing golf visors.

The benefits of choosing a quality hat:

Generally, the most important thing when choosing a golf hat is keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes. From there, extra benefits can include;

  • A built-in headband/sweatband to keep sweat out of your eyes
  • Keeping your head/neck cool with proper ventilation and airflow
  • Reducing your risk of heat-related exhaustion or heat stroke
  • Protecting your neck, face, or ears from sunburns / UV exposure
  • Complete your outfit with an accessory that matches your style

The ultimate reason to wear a hat on the golf course:

Skin cancer. From every hour spent on the golf course, golfers can experience up to five times the amount of UV radiation exposure needed to cause any type of sunburn. Unfortunately, this excessive amount of radiation exposure has been associated with skin cancer which affects over 3.5 million Americans every year. Adam Scott, Joel Dahmen, and Rory Sabbatini have all had their own battles with skin cancer, and now all advocate for proper protection from its causes while on the course. Adam Scott went on further to say, “It looked like I’d been in a bar fight..” after receiving 30 stitches in his face and nose from his skin cancer removal surgery. If the most handsome man on the PGA Tour has to have his face cut open and scarred due to sun exposure, don’t you think we should do all we can to get ahead? Wearing any of the UV treated and UPF protected hats we listed gets you a leg up on sun protection, not only reducing your exposure to the radiation but reducing your likelihood of getting sunburnt so you can play more golf comfortably.

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