Best Golf Headcovers 2023

New golf clubs come with headcovers.  They boldly promote the brand of club being used.  While sometimes golfers have matching woods and putters; often we are fit for different brands.  Rather than promoting a brand that doesn’t pay us to do so, or having a mixed bag of headcovers; we believe that custom, matching headcovers are way more fun and offer even better protection for your clubs than the standard OEM covers.

For these purposes, we felt the need to find the 10 best golf headcovers on the market which look great, start conversations and  provide protection for the most expensive clubs in their bag.

Our favorite golf headcovers of the year come from Seamus Golf with their heavy-duty tartan barrel style headcovers.  Seamus Golf’s Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers offer a high level of protection and are made using the highest quality materials, so you know you’re spending your golf budget wisely.



Seamus Golf's Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers

  • Tons of Options of Look and Pattern

  • Highest Quality Fabric and Materials on Our List

  • Easy On/Off

  • Highly Protective



STITCH Headcovers

  • Incredibly Tough Materials

  • Immense Attention to Detail

  • Leather or Wool Options

  • Pre-Stretched for Easy Use



Craftsman Headcovers

  • 60-Day Return Policy

  • 2-Year Warranty

  • Affordable Price

  • Many Styles of Headcovers

  • "Design Your Own" Feature

10 Best Golf Headcovers of 2023

  1. Seamus Golf Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers (Best Head Covers with Many Options)
  2. STITCH Leather and Wool Headcovers (Classic Leather or Wool Options)
  3. Craftsman Headcovers (Stylish and Affordable Head Covers)
  4. Rose and Fire Headcovers (Most Durable, Creative, HandMade Head Covers)
  5. Pins and Aces “Classic Boxing Glove” Driver Headcover (Great Convo. Starter)
  6. CMC Golf Design “Destination Collection” State-Based Driver Headcover (Represent Your Home State With Pride)
  7. PING Decal Blade and Mallet Putter Headcovers (Vibrant Design = Hard to Lose)
  8. Jan Craig Knit Wool Headcovers (Custom Colors Knit Head Cover)
  9. Team Effort NCAA Set of Three Wood Headcovers (College Team Focused 3-Pack)
  10. Studio Crafted Headcovers (Limited but Cool Options)

Be sure to stick around until the end of our list, where we discuss some of the top features we look for when purchasing headcovers and answer some of golfers’ most frequently asked questions about buying headcovers of their own.

1. Seamus Golf Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers (Best Head Covers with Many Options)

Seamus Golf's Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers

Inspired by a desire to show every golfer’s unique sense of style on the course, Seamus Golf decided to use their prior knowledge and experience in the luxury textile world to create a company that specializes in making the highest quality stylish headcovers on the market.

Previously employed by famous Pendleton Woolen Mills, owners Megan and Akbar Chisti take an immense amount of pride in creating beautiful and luxurious feeling wool-lined headcovers. To this day, over 12 years since Seamus Golf’s initial launch, the company still uses fabric sourced from Scotland, Pendleton Mills (their former employer, now partner), or their local area in the Pacific Northwest United States.

Their driver headcover’s “barrel construction” provides additional support to the connection points between the driver and shaft (hosel), is extremely simple to put on and take off with a single hand, and is highly durable, meaning it will far outlast the driver it’s protecting.

Even though Seamus Golf began as a “Fine Wool Headcover” exclusive company, with the success they’ve seen over the last decade with partnerships the likes of the US Open and Masters Tournament, Seamus now offers 72 (seventy-two!) different head cover styles and patterns to allow golfers close to limitless possibilities when looking to show off their personal sense of style.

Golfers can choose between eight headcover categories (Tartans, Tweeds, Pendleton, Hawaiian, Prints, Leather, Canvas + Wool, and Synthetic) as well as their choice of any NBA Team Logo and Colorway (Seamus is an NBA affiliate partner).

Our favorite aspects of Seamus Golf Headcovers (besides their ridiculously excellent quality and number of headcover styles for users) must be their inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic that turned them from a relatively unknown headcover company into one of the most sought-after golf accessory makers in the world. They began with only a few headcover designs and now make products and accessories for nearly every aspect of the game.

If you’d like to see our hands-on review of Seamus Golf’s excellent quality headcovers, please click here.

Key Features

  • Tons of Options of Look and Pattern

  • Highest Quality Fabric and Materials on Our List

  • Easy On/Off

  • Highly Protective

2. STITCH Headcovers (High Quality Knit or Leather Headcover)

STITCH has been making leather and wool headcovers for almost 10 years now.   The leather models are still some of their most popular products. They have honed their craft by making some of the most durable and stylish covers on the market. They offer them in at least 15 different “stock” styles with custom options always available. the STITCH Camo Leather Covers are some of our favorites.

STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers are more than just style, they function very well on the course.  I like how pliable they come right out of the box.  Sometimes leather needs a break-in period, but not STITCH.  They are soft and supple the very first time you place them on your clubs.  I like that the Driver cover is big enough for any 460cc clubhead that it easily slides on and off, but was designed with elastic stitching to hold it on the club no matter how much bounce or wind there is.  The other covers for the 3-wood and hybrid also have that same soft leather, yet remain on the club between shots.

The STITCH Techno Wool Headcovers stand out in a crowd too. First off, they are called techno wool for a reason. They are a 80% Merino wool, 20% Acrylic blend that stretches to accommodate the club head, yet maintains its form round after round. You can also notice the quality in the tightness of the knit. Sometimes wool headcovers look like they used huge yarn and have big holes between the weave. Not with the Stitch covers, they are tightly woven and from color to color they look seamless. Along with the excellent production points they are also long, just like a good wool cover should be. It protects the club and shaft well even into the bag.

Key Features

  • Leather or Wool Options

  • Quality Materials Used In Construction

  • Pre-Stretched for Easy on and off

3. Craftsman Golf Headcovers (Stylish and Affordable Head Covers)

Craftsman Headcovers

Craftsman Golf Headcovers offer players 129 affordable and stylish options to protect every club in their golf bag (the most options of any selection on our list) and have a fascinating company creation story to boot.

In 2010, owner and co-creator David Johnson was searching for more inspiration to make great head cover art in California when a Chinese woman’s head cover made with premium quality leather, careful stitching, and superior overall craftsmanship caught David’s attention. From that moment forward, he and the woman he met (Ivy) developed Craftsman Golf Headcovers, which has grown into a highly reputable and well-selling headcover brand across over 60 other countries and regions.

Craftsman Golf is able to sublimate some of the cost of their premium headcovers by using synthetic leather in their construction. While providing a rich leather feel, the synthetic leather is guaranteed to last a long time and is backed by Craftsman Golf’s 60-day Return Policy and 2-Year Longtime Warranty.

Golfers have their choice of over 125 unique Driver, Fairway Wood, Putter, Alignment Stick, Iron, and complete golf set headcovers to not only provide ample protection to your expensive golf clubs but make your bag and set easily identifiable and stand out amongst a sea of boring stock headcovers most recreational golfers use. Craftsman Golf even offers a “Customize Your Own” headcover and accessory option on their site, a perfect heartfelt, yet affordable gift for the golf lover in your life.

If you want to enhance your overall golf style while still receiving a quality, made, and durable product at a reasonable price, check out Craftsman Golf Headcovers. If you’re interested in checking out our hands-on review of Craftsman Headcovers, click here.

Key Features

  • 60-Day Return Policy

  • 2-Year Warranty

  • Affordable Price

  • Many Styles of Headcovers

  • "Design Your Own" Feature

4. Rose and Fire Headcovers (Most Durable, Creative, Hand Made Head Covers)

Rose and Fire Headcovers

Golfers eager to always distinguish their clubs from their playing partners’ should take a serious look at Rose and Fire Headcovers. “Rose and Fire” displays a passion for creating durable, funny, and one-of-a-kind headcovers for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters.

Each of the 50 unique styles and designs Rose and Fire produces is crafted using one of three options for materials: Military Grade Nylon, Industrial Strength Denim, or Premium Leather.

Not only do these choices of exterior materials last longer than any other option in the designer headcover market, but they enhance the external padding and protection offered by the covers themselves and add to the luxurious feel these covers have when putting them on or taking them off your trusted weapons (clubs).

The small features truly separate Rose and Fire Headcovers from the rest on our list. An overwhelming majority of their 50 unique headcovers are designed to make golfers laugh and not take themselves so seriously. It’s hard not to smile when looking at nearly all of their options.

Besides their heavy-duty headcovers, Rose and Fire also offer golfers tons of unique and stylish accessories like valuables pouches, toiletry bags, and travel shoe bags. These accessories are inspired by the intricate designs of their headcovers and will make your items stand out amongst the crowd, guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a hilarious and creative headcover company with tons of styles to choose from, look no further than Rose and Fire.

If you’d like to check out our hands-on review of their premium driver headcovers, click here.

Key Features

  • Incredibly Tough Materials

  • Hand-Stitched in USA

  • Immense Attention to Detail

  • Wild and Intricate Designs

5. Pins and Aces "Classic Boxing Glove" Driver Headcover (Funny Unique Designs Headcover)

Pins and Aces “Classic Boxing Glove” Driver Headcover

If you’re looking for a bold choice of headcover that will quickly be a conversation starter to strangers, look no further than the Pins and Aces Classic Boxing Glove driver head cover.

Pins and Aces strives to deliver golfers the highest quality, “thoughtfully designed” head covers that are made to last on the market.

This funny “Boxing Glove” driver head cover comes in three classic colors and uses a unique synthetic leather that will never fade, crack, rip, or discolor in its construction.

Each head cover is skillfully hand sewn and includes a super soft interior designed never to risk scratching your golf club head.

Designed to fit every modern driver between 440 and 460cc, be sure to check out Pins and Aces for your next funny head cover.

Key Features

  • Conversation-Starting Headcover

  • LifeTime Guarantee

  • Thick Padding for Extra Protection

6. CMC Golf Design "Destination Collection" State-Based Driver Headcover

CMC Golf Design Destination Collection State-Based Driver Headcover

For over 30 years, CMC Golf Design has been one of the most significant designers and suppliers of high quality golf accessories to the PGA Tour, St. Andrews Links, Dicks Sporting Goods, PGA Tour Superstores, and countless other major golf stores and venues.

CMC Design created the newly released “Destination Collection” of driver and putter headcovers and matching golf towels for golfers looking to represent their home state.

Each headcover features custom embroidery and patches that mimic the state’s most recognizable symbols such as common animals, license plates, and other iconic state identifiers.

Every headcover features premium faux leather and a plush internal lining designed to keep your equipment looking brand new.

Key Features

  • Every State Available

  • High Quality Materials

7. PING Decal Blade or Mallet Putter Headcovers

PING Decal Blade or Mallet Putter Headcovers

PING has for a long time now been a company synonymous with the thought of cutting-edge innovation and pushing the envelope with golf equipment.

PING’s new Decal Blade or Mallet Putter Headcovers are most certainly the latter and one of the most fun and stylish putter headcover options on our list.

This special edition cover “spoils your putter” by having an ultra soft velour lined interior. It secures tightly for travel with a magnetic closure that makes it easy to take on and off easily.

The durable polyurethane exterior naturally repels water and is embroidered with PING logos, product images, and inspiring symbols like gold bullions.

Our favorite features of the PING Decal Blade and Mallet head covers have to be the fact that their primary color scheme is a vibrant orange that is difficult to lose or forget on the putting green, and the padded velour interior features a Masters Tournament-inspired Azalea Flower pattern as a beautiful added touch.

Key Features

  • Mallet or Blade Options

  • Azalea Flower Pattern Soft Interior

  • Magnetic Closure

8. Jan Craig Knit Wool Headcover

Players can stylize and customize their golf bag while keeping the retro vibes high with these superior quality, hand-made knit wool golf headcover.

The Jan Craig  headcovers are Tour-inspired and trusted by actual pros on the PGA Tour. Every knit wool cover gets hand made to the request of golfers for color and design.  They are often sold in sets, but can made for individual clubs as well.

Knit wool headcovers have a retro feel to them, but Jan Craig’s are made with thick wool yarn so that they are both durable and offer the highest club protection possible.

One of the great benefits of Jan Craig headcovers is that they also protect the expensive graphite shafts that are install in modern woods.  Some shafts are even mroe expensive than the club head itself.  The long wool headcovers go down the shaft 9″ or more to keep it from getting dinged or nicked by other clubs. s

Additionally, the premium wool used in construction of Jan Craig headcovers also breaths nicely so that even it they get wet, they will dry out nicely and not hold water up against the club head.

Key Features

  • Customizable Design

  • Retro Wool Style

  • High Quality Work and Durable

9. Team Effort NCAA Set of Three Wood Headcovers

Team Effort NCAA Set of Three Wood Headcovers

Taking an additional spot on our list is once again Team Effort with their Collegiate Set of Three Headcovers for golfers, fairway clubs, and drivers.

Players are able to choose from over 65 (!) different NCAA-affiliated collegiate organizations, and each head cover features three embroidered team trademarks, including logos, team phrases, and the matching team colors.

Every headcover in this three-pack includes a corresponding woven tag that clearly identifies your driver, fairway, and hybrid club. They also feature an expandable sock on their bottoms that provides maximum shaft protection.

These Team Effort NCAA head covers are constructed of durable “420D Nylon” that naturally repels water and makes a long-lasting gift for the sports lover in your life.

Key Features

  • 65 Different NCAA Team Choices

  • 3 Pack

  • Water-Repelling Material

10. Studio Crafted Headcovers (Limited Production but Cool)

Studio Crafted offers numerous designs to fit you style; the Hula Girl was my favorite while browsing their site.  They also have some cool Masters themed covers and 0 Putts Given.  There are a few more putter cover styles too.  If you don’t want to have that plain OEM headcover on your clubs, check out the variety of designs by Studio Crafted Golf.

Each Studio Crafted head cover is as good as anything else you’ll find out there.  I’ve worked with numerous headcover companies and have every OEM cover and these are as good as anyone.  The embroidery is clean, tight and detailed.  The Hula Girls are as nicely designed as any others you’ll find on the market.  I am impressed by the quality of stitching as well as the quantity of stitching.  They didn’t go cheap with the thread count; lots of colors and details on these covers.

Studio Crafted also makes putter headcovers for both blades and mallets. I’m normally gaming a blade so the 0 Putts Given putter cover is a perfect fit on my putter. It is covered in embroidery which looks cool as it repeats the theme from every direction. This one comes in 2 color options;white/red and black/green. White and red model looks great with my IGolfReviews bags and logo. I’m also impressed by its durability and ability to repel dirt. Sometimes I keep the cover on while setting my putter on the ground and other times I toss the cover on the green while putting. This cover still looks like new.

Key Features

  • Woods and Putter Covers

  • Unique and Cool Designs

  • Limited Edition

Main Factors to Look for When Buying Golf Headcovers


The ultimate job of whatever golf head cover you decide to use is to protect your club heads at the end of the day from damage.

In our experience, it’s wise to consider extra padding and the material your headcover is made of when purchasing to ensure you provide as much protection to your expensive golf clubs as possible.

Speaking from unfortunate personal experience, choosing not to use head covers for your more fragile graphite shafted fairway woods and drivers can result in fractures to the hosel area and loft sleeve resulting in a costly and time-consuming repair.

Material - Construction

One of the first decisions that must be made when purchasing a headcover for yourself or as a gift is, “Is this headcover for style? As much protection as possible? Both?”

Depending on the desire of each unique golfer, specific materials should be looked for in construction.  Wool is a natural product and holds up well in any weather condition.  Leather is another popular choice for its durability. Synthetic materials can blend both durability, lightweight and protection all in one.


If you’re purchasing one of the best golf head covers on our list as a gift, be sure to know what specific club head size you’re buying for.

So many reviews of head covers are cluttered with people purchasing the incorrect size and chastising the seller for it! To ensure our readers won’t be one of these people, we’ve included a “Club Head Size Guide” below so you can purchase headcovers with confidence they will fit!

Modern Average Driver =/< 460cc

3 Wood =/< 175cc

5 Wood =/< 150cc

Hybrid =/< 150cc

Number of Headcovers

The bare minimum number of head covers a player should carry should be one for every fairway club (Hybrid, Fairway Woods), the Driver, and Putter.

This is anywhere between 3 and 5+ different head cover opportunities (depending on how many fairway woods a player uses) to show off a golfer’s unique style, some places they’ve been, or a team they are proud of.


Price in the head cover market unfortunately strongly correlates to quality. The higher the quality of the head cover desired, the higher price will often have to be paid.  A number of companies offer custom headcovers which will raise the price significantly, but makes them as unique as you can imagine.  Priced between $25-$100 per cover is the going rate for the one on this list.

What Golf Clubs Need a Headcover the Most?

In our opinion, your most expensive single clubs would be the ones most worth protecting, right?  That would be the Driver, Putter, any Fairway Woods you may carry, and a Hybrid (if you have one).

Optionally, additional head covers could include one for your alignment sticks. Alignment sticks can scratch or poke your driver or fairway wood heads if left accidentally uncovered, leaving nasty scars like this one earned for this very reason.

What Golf Clubs Need a Headcover the Most

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