Best Golf Launch Monitor 2023

Just within the last 5 years, golf launch monitors have seen a dramatic shift in the number of options available from manufacturers and pricing.

It wasn’t all that long ago that “TrackMan” and “GCQuad” (both $20k+ to $15k+ purchases, respectively) were the only launch monitors on the market, meaning only the extremely fortunate players or professional golfers could afford to use their technology.

In 2023, launch monitors are available in every price range, and our guide is here to help you find your best fit!

Our top pick of the best golf launch monitors of 2023 is the FlightScope MEVO+ 2023 Pro Launch Monitor because it doubles as a practice aid and home golf simulator while tracking over a dozen golf swing metrics at a fraction of the price of luxury brands!



FlightScope MEVO+ 2023

  • High Accuracy

  • Face Impact

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • Simulator Software included

  • Data+Video Analyzation



Garmin Approach R10

  • Small & Easily Portable

  • 42,000 Simulator Courses on Garmin App

  • 12+ Swing Data Points Tracked

  • Real-Time Video w/ Stats Overlay



Bushnell Launch Pro

  • Promises Greater Accuracy than $20k+ Models

  • 12 Data Points

  • Exact Carry Distance/Club Head Speed/Launch and Spin

  • Doubles as Simulator

10 Best Golf Launch Monitors 2023

  1. FlightScope MEVO + Launch Monitor (Best Combination of Features and Price)
  2. Garmin Approach R10 (Best Bang-For-Your-Buck)
  3. Bushnell Launch Pro (Tour Level Accuracy for Upper Tier Price)
  4. TrackMan (Most Premium/Professional Launch Monitor)
  5. Rapsodo MLM2PRO (Newest Mid Tier Mobile Launch Monitor)
  6. FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor (Tiny Yet Powerful Portable Launch Monitor)
  7. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 Plus (Better Low-Price Golf Launch Monitor)
  8. FullSwing KIT Launch Monitor (Only Golf Launch Monitor Trusted by Tiger Woods)
  9. PRGR Launch Monitor (No Frills/Budget Launch Monitor)
  10. SkyTrak Launch Monitor (Great for Indoor Setups)

Make sure you stick around after our individual launch monitor breakdowns, where we’ll discuss what we feel are the most essential features in a golf launch monitor and some suggestions on how to get the most out of your purchase.

1. FlightScope MEVO + 2023 Pro Launch Monitor (Best Combination of Price and Features)

FlightScope MEVO + Launch Monitor

The FlightScope MEVO + is the newest FlightScope launch monitor and simulator to hit the market.

The 2023 MEVO + captures 20 data parameters and offers 10 E6-connected simulator courses and 17 practice ranges with various layouts and skills challenges to keep you entertained all season long!

Other free software players receive with purchase include the FullSwing Golf App, the FullSwing Skill App, and the FullSwing PC software key.

By placing the MEVO+ 8 feet behind you on the golf course, driving range, or at home, you gain instant access to most of the data you expect from launch monitors 4-10 times as expensive. With an upgrade to the MEVO+ Pro Package, players can access 20+ more data parameters, including information on your short game, club face through all swings, and swing plane data.

MEVO stands for Measure your numbers – Evaluate your game – Visualize your improvement – Optimize your performance, and the 2023 FlightScope MEVO + does all that “plus” much more.

For even more details about the FlightScope MEVO+ 2023 Pro Launch Monitor, check out our full review.

Price Range: Mid Tier



  • Best Features for the Price

  • Face Impact

  • Portable and Durable Design

  • Works Great as Practice Aid or At Home Golf Simulation

  • Software Upgrades Not Needed But Helpful

2. Garmin Approach R10 (Best Bang-For-Your-Buck)

Garmin Approach R10

Garmin is a company well known and respected for their GPS technology, so it is no real surprise they’ve created one of the most affordable and accurate launch monitors available to the everyday golfer.

For a low-tier investment, you receive over a dozen tracked metrics, including club head speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle, launch direction, smash factor, and much more!

The Garmin Approach R10 is not only an excellent investment to get better at golf, but it’s entertaining to use since it shares compatibility with four external golfing simulator apps and the accompanying Garmin Golf App (9.99$ a month).

The Garmin Golf App syncs with your R10 device to automatically record video with your actual stats overlaid on each shot. The app also allows you and up to three other golfers to play more than 42,000 worldwide simulator golf courses!

If you’d like to hear more about why we feel the Garmin Approach R10 is one of the best “bang-for-your-buck” golf launch monitors on the market, check out our hands-on review of the R10 here!

Price Range: Low Tier



  • Small & Easily Portable

  • 42,000 Simulator Courses on Garmin App

  • 12+ Swing Data Points Tracked

  • Real-Time Video w/ Stats Overlay

  • Specialty Titleist RCT Balls Aid Accuracy

3. Bushnell Launch Pro (Tour Level Accuracy for Mid Tier Price)

Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell is one of the most well-respected golf accessory manufacturers in existence. They’ve partnered with Foresight Sports to create the Bushnell Launch Pro that promises greater accuracy than Doppler radar-based launch monitors.  (It is nearly the same model as the Foresight GCQuad model)

The Launch Pro uses multiple high-speed cameras to measure thousands of frames per second to capture every detail at impact for the most accurate information possible.

The Launch Pro captures:

  • “Ball Launch Data” includes carry distance, ball speed, total spin, horizontal launch angle, spin tilt axis, backspin, and side spin.

  • “Club Data” includes club head speed, smash factor, club path, and angle of attack.

Besides use on the driving range or golf course, the Bushnell Launch Pro gives players “True-to-Life Simulation” that lets them work on their swing indoors on the “Foresight Range” or many of the world’s best golf courses. The Launch Pro also has “multi-player practice options,” making it an entertaining centerpiece of parties!

If you’re a club fitter, professional golfer, or just a player with a moderate-sized budget looking for an investment that’ll pay dividends to your golf game, you should strongly consider the Bushnell Launch Pro.

Price Range: Mid-Luxury Tier



  • Promises Greater Accuracy than $20k+ Models

  • 12 Data Points

  • Exact Carry Distance/Club Head Speed/Launch and Spin

  • Doubles as Simulator

  • Requires Costly Software Subscription

  • Relatively Bulky

4. TrackMan (Most Premium/Professional Launch Monitor)


TrackMan has a “Peak of the Mountain” type of reputation on the golf launch monitor scene, and it’s entirely warranted.

The TrackMan 4 uses “Dual Radar” technology for exact data points on both your club and ball, from putting analysis all the way to drivers. This data (27 data points on both the club and ball) is translated into real-time graphs and graphics and sent straight to your mobile device.

On top of having the most accurate launch monitor technology, the TrackMan gives users access to the most sophisticated performance technology available since the world’s best players are daily users, and their insights, data, and “model swings” captured on video are used to develop TrackMan’s suite of development programs.

Players can connect up to 6 (SIX!) external cameras to the TrackMan for more in-depth swing analysis. TrackMan exceeds many competitors with their “Swing Optimizer” technology that gives insights on optimizing your shot performance.

If you want to take the “guesswork” out of your swing’s club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing conditions, there’s no better premium option than the TrackMan.

More than 1,000 Tour players use the TrackMan to develop their talent and the TrackMan 4 starts at just under $22,000. The only problem with TrackMan is that they’re the best, and they know it.

Price Range: Highest Tier



  • Only Launch Monitor w/ Putting Analysis

  • Dual Radar Technology = Precise Data

  • 27 Data Points Total

  • Completely Weather Proof

  • In-Depth Analysis & Recommendations

  • Highest MSRP on Our List

  • Not as Portable as Competitors

5. Rapsodo MLM2PRO (Newest Mid Tier Mobile Launch Monitor)

Rapsodo MLM2PRO

The newly released Rapsodo MLM2PRO was designed to give the luxury golf launch monitors a run for their money at a fraction of their price.

The MLM2PRO uses dual optical cameras + Doppler radar processing technology for precise measurements of your swing, including carry distance, spin rate, spin axis, ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, descent angle, club speed, shot type, apex height, and total distance.

The “Impact Vision” camera uses 240 fps speed to capture users’ swing path and face contact data fully. The “Shot Vision” camera uses a wide-angle to catch the flight of each shot and uses Shot Tracer technology to map the ball flight.

Purchase of the MLM2PRO comes with 100 memory slots to store high definition and slow motion footage with a shot tracer, but that storage space can be upgraded to 10,000 slots for $199 per year.

The MLM2PRO shows you a visual aerial view of your shot dispersion so you can be more confident and precise with your club selection on the course.

One of our favorite features of Rapsodo products are the awesome Rapsodo Combines, Rapsodo Courses, and Rapsodo Virtual Ranges. These premium simulator features are free with your purchase for the first year and include 30,000 virtual courses to test your skills anytime.

Price Range: Peak Low Tier



  • Affordable for Quality of Club Data

  • 13 Total Metrics

  • Can Use Indoor or Outdoor

  • Access to Free Courses and Rapsodo Combines

  • Data + Video for Greater Swing Analyzation

  • Requires Subscription to Software

6. FlightScope MEVO (Tiny But Powerful Portable Launch Monitor)

FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor

The FlightScope MEVO is a fantastic pocket-sized mobile golf launch monitor with plenty of features to help the average golfer “practice with a purpose” at a highly affordable price.

For starters, the FlightScope MEVO is one of the most petite options on our list at roughly the size of two golf balls put together (the photo doesn’t do the product justice to how tiny it is). This makes it highly portable and easy to keep in your golf bag at all times.

The MEVO operates using 3D Doppler radar technology and can be used indoors or outdoors to record up to 6 swing data metrics simultaneously and 8 metrics total.

These 8 data points include Carry Distance, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Smash Factor, Apex Height, and Flight Time.

We also love how simple the FlightScope MEVO is to use. Golfers simply place the MEVO 4-7 feet behind them (on the course or at home), connect via Bluetooth to their smartphone or tablet, and choose the club they will hit on the FS Golf app.

The FS Golf app goes above and beyond by automatically creating videos that include your entire swing and the corresponding data points to go with it (you can also view your shot data without the swings if you want). It also includes “Mevo Skills Challenges,” where you can compare your stats against PGA and LPGA players and use guided “Long Drive” or “Range” practice sessions!

Check Out: Review: FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor

Price Range: Low Tier



  • Very Affordable for the # of Features

  • Pocket-Sized Design

  • Accurate Data

  • 8 Data Points

  • FS Golf App & Baseball/Soccer App Available

  • Golf balls need silver dots to accurately display spin readings

  • No Simulator capability

7. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 Plus (Better Low-Price Golf Launch Monitor)

Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is one of the better pocket-sized portable launch monitor options on the market. Golfers receive simultaneous swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, total distance, and smash factor readings thanks to the SC200’s Doppler radar technology.

We think the Swing Caddie SC200 is one of the strongest options in the exceptionally affordable price range because it offers a few features you’d never expect at 1/50th the price of premium competitors, like automatic distance adjustments based on your current Barometric Pressure and live voice assisted readings of your carry yardages!

New to the SC200 Plus is the addition of club head speed readings with no shot required! This way, golfers can practice building their swing speed without having to be at a place where physically hitting balls is a possibility.

The SC200 Plus also tracks impressive features like the total amount of shots you hit, your total playing or practice time, which club you’re using, and the loft angle of each club (for more precise club selection on the golf course).

Lastly, we really love that we can look at all our swing data for each club individually since the SC200 Plus organizes your swings and practice sessions in easy-to-view club performance data recordings.

Check Out: Review: Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor

Price Range: Lowest Tier



  • 5 Basic Club and Ball Data Readings

  • Accounts for Live Barometric Pressure for Greater Accuracy

  • Incredibly Small and Portable

  • Audible Carry Distance Readings

  • Measuring Range of 30-320 Yards

8. FullSwing KIT Launch Monitor (Only Golf Launch Monitor Trusted by Tiger Woods)

FullSwing KIT Launch Monitor

Tiger Woods has a reputation for demanding the most out of both himself and his equipment. He trusted FullSwing to develop a launch monitor that he’d be willing to stand behind and endorse as the best of the best on the market.

The FullSwing KIT Launch Monitor tracks 16 different points of both club and ball data. This includes information like carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, club path, face angle, face to path, attack angle, and apex height.

The FullSwing KIT captures all the data using a 4K Camera with 1080p output to your mobile device (using the FullSwing App). FullSwing also promises to be the only launch monitor that lets golfers re-arrange what data points are shown on the KIT’s full HD display or your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

By upgrading to the “Premium” version of the FullSwing App, you’ll gain access to every swing and every session you’ll have with your device. You can track trends over time with your past yardages/dispersion charts/frequency of clubs used, you have unlimited video storage, and you get customized “Bag Management” assistance with individual club profiles to see exactly how you perform with each club in your bag.

Besides the ability to use the FullSwing KIT as a home golf simulator, their new “MultiSport Software” lets you compete against the computer or your friends in over 13 interactive games and sports like soccer, baseball, football, or even zombie dodgeball!

Price Range: Highest Mid Tier



  • Trusted By Tiger Woods & Jon Rahm

  • Same Data as Luxury Models for 1/4 Price or Less

  • Protective Travel Case

  • Customizable Data Display

  • Premium App Subscription Seems Important

9. PRGR Launch Monitor (No Frills/Budget Launch Monitor)

PRGR Launch Monitor

Are you looking for accurate information on your carry distances and club head speed without making a massive investment? Look no further than the PRGR Launch Monitor.

For roughly the price of a new iron, you can accurately track your total distance, carry distance, smash factor, ball speed, and club head speed from a device smaller than the average cell phone!

The PRGR is a pocket launch monitor that uses Doppler radar technology to give you super-accurate and fast information from shot to shot. The easily readable LCD screen is big enough and bright enough to easily read while standing over it on the range or golf course.

We tested the PRGR head-to-head against a FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor (that’s 45 times as expensive) and were shocked at the PRGR’s accuracy. We found both the total distance and the smash factor to be very similar, if not identical!

Don’t expect the PRGR to completely compete with the 25+ data point “luxury model” launch monitors, but do expect it to provide basic ball data you can trust for improved club gapping at a very low price.

Check Out: PRGR Launch Monitor Review

Price Range: Lowest On Our List



  • Extremely Inexpensive

  • Accurate Compared to Expensive Models

  • Smaller Than Cell Phone

  • 1 Year Warranty & 30-Day Returns

  • No Recharge Feature (Only AAA Batteries)

  • 5 Data Points

10. SkyTrak Launch Monitor (Great for Indoor Setups)

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak is known for creating some of the leading indoor golf simulators on the market, and the SkyTrak Launch Monitor pays respect to that reputation.

The primary software that comes with the SkyTrak device contains a full practice range that will display all your club and ball flight data needed to learn everything you want out of your swing. (Swing speed, spin rate, shot dispersion, launch angle, descent angle, and much more).

SkyTrak specializes in creating software that will make you want to work on your game daily. The “Game Improvement” or “Play & Improve” software gives you access to “Player Skills Assessment Tests,” “Bag Mapping” (dials in yardages per club with graphics to assist), “Practice Randomizer” (simulates on-course play), “Wedge Matrix” (learns the capabilities of your wedges with full-1/2-or 1/4 swings), “Shot Optimizer” (shows your potential with each club), and “Shot History” (lets players analyze their swing performance against previous practice sessions).

SkyTrak exceeds competitors in the simulator space of launch monitors by joining forces with the 5 most famous golf course simulator partners (E6 Golf, WGT TopGolf, The Club Golf, Creative Golf, and Fitness Golf) for ultra-realistic practice and playing experiences.

If you’re looking for a practice tool to help you better know your golf swing and have fun simulating golf in the process, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor could be the choice for you.

Price Range: Mid Tier



  • Heavy on Golf Simulation

  • Generous Price for # of Features

  • Built-In Wifi HotSpot Makes Traveling Practice Easy

  • 5 Compatible Simulator/Golf Game Apps

  • SkyTrak Subscription Plan Needed for All Features

What To Look For In A Golf Launch Monitor

There are tons of golf launch monitors on the market at every price point you could think of, so we can understand why it’s so hard to decide which is the right launch monitor for you.

Check out the qualities we pay the most critical attention to below:

Data Parameters Measured:

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is, “What am I looking for out of this golf launch monitor investment?”

Suppose you’re only hoping to chart your carry yardages more accurately than smashing balls on the driving range and guessing. In that case, you can save some money and go with one of the lower-tier price bracket picks like the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus or the PRGR that focuses on the basics alone.

If you’re hoping for more in-depth club data, you should expect to spend a bit more money than our two most affordable launch monitor options.


“Accuracy” and “Price” generally go hand-in-hand in the golf launch monitor world, but thankfully launch monitor technology continues to get better and cheaper every year.

The cream of the crop in accuracy is the TrackMan, but they charge a fairly enormous sum for it. That said, most competing golf launch monitors measure their accuracy within a % range of TrackMan (TrackMan being considered the “Gold Standard”).

Every launch monitor on our list promises incredible accuracy, but *, for the most part,* you get what you pay for in accuracy. (the Garmin Approach R10 and Rapsodo MLM2PRO being exceptions because they’re both relatively inexpensive and fairly accurate).  This is why the FlightScope MEVO+ 2023 Pro is our top choice because of the balance between price and accuracy.


Speaking as a player that tries to hit the driving range as frequently as possible, having an easily portable launch monitor was at the top of my priority list when choosing my selection.

Our list of the best golf launch monitors 2023 has to offer includes options smaller than a cell phone to heavy and bulkier designs.  Our top choice FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Pro is big enough to have a large sensor for tracking shots, but small enough to fit in a golf bag to take to the range.


If you’re not all that tech-savvy or just don’t like messing with technology, then having an easy-to-use launch monitor is probably pretty important.

While every option we selected is reasonably intuitive and straightforward after using them a few times, our top 2 choices (FlightScope Mevo + 2023 and Garmin Approach R10) come with a suite of software options for both outdoor launch monitors or in-home simulators.


The more in-depth analysis and specific swing diagnostics you’re looking for, the more money you should plan to spend.

A few exceptions on the market offer relatively similar metrics and ball flight/club data to the premium-priced competitors out there (Rapsodo MLM2PRO and Garmin Approach R10, to name a couple). Still, you will always sacrifice a % or less of accuracy.  This is why the FlightScope MEVO+ 2023 Pro takes the top spot because of the middle price point with high accuracy.

You likely noticed we added the “Price Range” section after every listing. We categorized “Low Tier” as between $200 and $800 USD, “Mid Tier” as $850 through $5000, and “High Tier” as $5000+ (TrackMan being the only option in that category).

Simulator Capability

If you want more than just your basic swing data and are looking for at-home golf simulation capability, the lowest you should plan to pay is around $600 to $1000.

The only options on our list that do not have simulator capability are the Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 Plus and the PRGR Launch Monitor.

The FlightScope MEVO+ 2023 Pro comes preloaded with 10 courses by TruGolf e6 software.  Most of the other launch monitors get you with hidden charges are in the software subscriptions or key costs. Still, if you want the experience of playing bucket-list golf courses from home, these are a very small price to pay in comparison.

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