Best Golf Pants 2023

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, the best golf pants can offer you much-needed protection out on the golf course.

We have over 10 years of experience reviewing clothes in the golf world and found the Puma Jackpot Golf Pants are the best golf pants overall.

You’ll also need comfortable golf pants to perform your best on the golf course. You may be out there for up to five hours, so you must be comfortable during your round. Golf pants should be the right fit to not interfere with the dynamics of the golf swing. Additionally, the material that pants are made from is significant. You want to avoid thick golf pants if you usually play on warm days.

Best Golf Pants



Puma Jackpot Golf Pants

  • Exceptional comfort

  • Amazing mobility

  • Lightweight



Peter Millar EB66 Performance Five-Pocket Pants

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Soft feel

  • Great style



Under Armour 5-Pocket Pants

  • Stretchy where it matters

  • Excellent fit

  • Great for hot weather

Puma Jackpot Golf Pants keep you in peak performance on the golf course. Their next-level comfort makes them easy to wear for the whole day.

These golf pants have a phenomenal fit for golf. There’s no chance of the club snagging on any loose material. So, you can play every shot without worrying about any restrictions.

That’s not all these golf pants have to offer, though. Therefore, keep reading for our review of them and 10 of the other best golf pants in 2023.


1. Puma Jackpot Golf Pants (Best Overall)

Puma Jackpot Golf Pants

Puma Jackpot Golf Pants are our pick for the best overall golf pants in 2023. They have everything to help you perform your best on the golf course.

These golf pants are seriously comfortable to wear for long periods. Puma says, “The Jackpot pants are the best we’ve ever made, and we’ve named them accordingly. When you wear them, you’ll know you hit the jackpot.” A big part of that is down to the fit. The Jackpot Pants feature a relaxed, performance-based fit that’s relaxed at the hip with a straight leg.

The material used in constructing these pants plays another part in their comfort. They are 100% woven polyester completed with a moisture-wicking finish and a 50+ UPF UV Resistant coating to enhance the durability and protection of your Jackpot Pants.

As golfers, we need mobility as well as comfort and usability. The Jackpot pants feature “Duraweave Pockets” (designed to be tee and pencil-proof), a stretch waistband that’ll never constrict the golfer’s movement, bright blue accented detailing inside the pockets and zippers, and six different color options to choose from as the primary pant color.

The smart yet casual look makes them ideal for donning away from golf. Whether you’re heading out for dinner, traveling for business, or just headed to the golf course, the Jackpot Golf Pants from Puma are equally good.



  • Super comfortable

  • UV Resistant 50+ UPF

  • 6 Colors to Choose From

  • Accented Pocket Colors

  • Stretchy Waist Band

  • Reinforced Pockets for Tees and Pencils

  • Some Golfers Dislike Stretch WaistBand

2. Peter Millar EB66 Performance Five-Pocket Pants (Runner-Up)

Peter Millar EB66 Performance Five-Pocket Pants

Peter Millar EB66 Performance Five-Pocket Pants are our runner-up for the best golf pants. It’s not a surprise that Peter Millar is one of the best, as they are well known for making premium golf apparel.

Players should feel comfortable during their rounds. The Peter Millar EB66 Pants fabric feels soft against your skin and won’t cause chaffing if you walk the course. And with a two-way stretch construction, the material gives you the mobility needed for golf. That means you’ll be comfortable no matter what stance you may have to take during your game.

You can store your tees and ball markers for quick access. They have good pockets that stretch with your hand. Also, your credit card can fit in your pockets without any danger of it falling out.

The Peter Millar EB66 Performance Five Pocket Pants have a classic yet refined look and are versatile for use anywhere. They come in various sizes and colors, giving players tons of options to choose from.



  • Extremely comfortable

  • Soft feel

  • Great mobility

  • Stylish

  • Versatile

  • Variety of size and color options

  • Premium price tag

3. Under Armour 5-Pocket Pants (Most Comfortable)

Under Armour 5-Pocket Pants

When it comes to golf apparel, the folks at Under Armour know what they’re doing. That’s apparent with these golf pants. Under Armour 5-Pocket Pants are the most comfortable golf pants in 2023.

The company hit a home run regarding comfort with this selection. They are light and feel super soft against your skin. A stretchy waist ensures a snug fit without the waistband digging into your body. And the slim fit is perfect for golf.

The stretchy material is wrinkle-resistant and helps wick sweat away from your legs. That makes these pants excellent for playing on hot days.

However, the lightweight and thin material could perform better on cold days. If you mostly play in warm weather, the Under Armour 5 Pocket golf pants are an excellent choice.



  • Amazing comfort

  • Stretchy where it matters

  • Excellent fit

  • Great for hot weather

  • Good pockets

  • Not the best in cold weather

4. Travis Mathew Open to Close Pants (Stretchiest Choice on Our List)

Travis Mathew Open to Close Pants

For a pair of pants that work just as well for the office as a night on the town, the Open to Close Pants from Travis Mathew is precisely what every golfer needs. They are designed to keep comfort levels high for any occasion, focusing on mobility and subtle stretching for recovery as you move.

Made from 100% Polyester, the Open to Close “Perfect Pants” are supremely comfortable and offer a casual yet sophisticated look, unlike most “dressier” pants in this category. Each pair is crafted from quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant fabric and allows for easy wash and wear (perfect for busy lifestyles).

The Open to Close pants have five pockets (two with zippers), so wearers can easily carry everything they need for daily life yet easily transition to only carrying what they need when on the golf course.

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can be worn quite literally anywhere, go for the Travis Mathew Open to Close “Perfect Pants.”



  • 5 Pocket Design

  • Wrinkle-Resistant

  • Supremely Comfortable

  • Enhanced Stretch

  • Easy to Wash and Quickly Drying Fabric

  • Runs 1/2 to Full Size Large Due To Extra Stretch

5. Adidas Ultimate365 Pants (Most Versatile)

Adidas Ultimate365 Pants

If you’re looking for versatile golf pants, the Adidas Ultimate365 Pants are a phenomenal option. The name gives it away, but they can be worn all day, every day.

Adidas is the only golf gear manufacturer on our list that uses 100% recycled “Polyester Twill” material for their pants, demonstrating their dedication to becoming an emissions-free clothing manufacturer before 2025.

These golf pants are incredibly comfortable and breathable thanks to their “four-way stretch” design. Adidas says this construction was made for year-round play and features built-in UV coverage that lets golfers play confidently on sunny days.

The Ultimate365 Pants are a favorite of Adidas-sponsored PGA Tour players such as Colin Morikawa and are available in five different color variations. Hence, players have multiple options to find their best look.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense pair of golf pants that can be worn year-round and are made using recycled materials, consider the Adidas Ultimate365 Pants.



  • 100% Recycled Materials

  • UV 50+ Factor Protected

  • Breathable and Comfortable

  • 5 Color Options

  • No Zippered Pockets

6. FootJoy Performance Tapered Fit Pants (Alternate Comfort Option)

FootJoy Performance Tapered Fit Pants

FootJoy Performance Tapered Fit Pants are an alternate comfort option. If comfort is your main priority, they are a great choice.

The light fabric gives you excellent levels of comfort. Also, these pants have anti-microbial properties that add to the comfort. Wear these golf pants, and you’ll feel fresh and ready to perform your best.

The tapered fit gives these pants a modern look and feels perfect for the golf course. And the bottom of the pants sits nicely on golf shoes to complete the look.

Due to the lightweight fabric, these golf pants will serve you well in warm weather. They’ll keep you cool when things heat up. They are also wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about ironing them.



  • Very comfortable

  • Anti-microbial properties

  • Great fit

  • Modern look

  • Cool in warm weather

  • Not the best for off the course

7. Travis Matthew Right on Time Pants (Alternate Versatile Option)

Travis Matthew Right on Time Pants

Travis Matthew Right on Time Pants also offers you fantastic versatility. You can wear these out on the town or out on the links.

The four-way stretch material gives you a great range of motion for golf. You won’t feel any restrictions as you do your business during your round.

Travis Matthew makes designer apparel; these pants don’t disappoint in that department. They are super stylish and look amazing in any situation. However, they have a subtle look so that you can wear these pants with almost any golf shirt.

If you want pants suitable for more than just golf, these are an excellent choice.



  • Versatile

  • Comfortable

  • Excellent range of motion

  • Super stylish

  • Matches almost any shirt

  • Could be more color options

8. IZOD Men's Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pants (Best Budget)

IZOD Men's Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pants

IZOD Men’s Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pants are our budget pick for the best golf pants. These golf pants are for you if you want comfort and mobility at a great price.

These pants are lightweight with moisture-wicking properties to direct sweat away. That moisture management keeps you dry on hot days. Also, they provide UPF 50 protection to protect you from the sun.

Swingflex technology utilizes four-way stretch material to give you excellent mobility. You’ll feel free and loose when you play golf in these pants.

The IZOD Men’s Swingflex Pants come in 12 colors and are available in various size combinations. It should be easy to find a style and look that suits you.



  • Great price

  • Perform well in the sun

  • Comfortable

  • Fantastic mobility

  • Excellent selection of colors and sizes

  • The crease running down the front

9. FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants (Best Cold Weather and Rain)

FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants

The FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants are the best option against cold or wet weather in 2023. If you tend to play golf in cold or rainy weather, these pants are your best option.

Unlike every other option on our list that is sized by waist measurements, the HydroLite Rain Pants from FootJoy are sized from Small to XXXL to Large/Long combos for our taller wearer (an included sizing chart is on their site).

FootJoy constructs these pants from advanced technology-packed materials that are 100% waterproof and breathable yet protective in cool, windy, and rainy golf course conditions. The stretching waistband features a “gripper stretch” material that keeps shirts tucked in confidently while flexing as players move to keep them comfortable.

FootJoy has built a reputation of utmost quality, and a few of the features in the HydroLite Rain Pants prove that reputation to be true. Each seam is sealed for complete waterproofing. FootJoy includes a two-year 100% waterproof warranty with every pair thanks to their “Lightweight Sta Dry System,” which acts as a windproof, lightweight, comfortable, and quiet waterproof shell.

The last standout feature of the FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants that made them a “must-include” choice on our list is the pair’s included 5″ Velcro Pant Bottom that allows for convenient length and fit alterations after purchase.

If you’re looking to be comfortable and dry regardless of what weather you may face on the golf course, pick the FootJoy HydroLite Rain Pants.



  • WaterProof

  • WindProof

  • Lightweight

  • Quiet

  • 2-Year WaterProof Warranty

  • No Pockets

10. Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Pants (Alternate Budget Option)

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Pants

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Pants are an alternate budget option. If you want golf pants that are affordable and look good, these are a great option.

They have a stylish, classic look that comes from being fitted at the hip and thigh while having a tapered leg. They give you a simple look for your golfing days out.

Although they’re not as stretchy as other options, they stretch enough to keep you mobile as you play.

With smooth material, these pants feel comfortable. Also, they are wrinkle-resistant for hassle-free upkeep.

You can’t go wrong with the Amazon Essential Men’s Slim Fit for an incredibly low-cost pair of golf pants.



  • Low price

  • Classic look

  • Decent mobility

  • Comfortable

  • Hassle-free upkeep

  • The fit could be better

11. Haggard Men's Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front Pants (Best for Larger Golfers)

Haggard Men's Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front Pants

Haggard Men’s Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front Pants are the best golf pants for larger golfers. They come in a wide range of sizes to cater to larger and taller golfers.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for that selection. These pants are comfortable to wear all day on the links. They have excellent stretch capabilities, which is down to the four-way stretch construction.

Also, the moisture-wicking fabric takes care of sweat and keeps you dry on hot days. These golf pants additionally give you UV protection against the sun.

The material won’t wrinkle on the Haggard Men’s Cool 18 Pro Pants, which is always a bonus. You pop them into the washing machine, dry them, and you’re good to go.



  • Over 70 sizes

  • 17 color options

  • Comfortable

  • Keep you dry

  • UV protection

  • Durability could be better


When buying the right golf pants, you should look for fit, comfort, material, performance, versatility, and budget.


Most golf clothing must have the right fit, and golf pants fall into that category. They should fit so they don’t restrict your movement during a game. If you have an awkward stance, you don’t want to fight against your pants to get into position. The best fit ensures you’ll have the mobility you need.

Also, you don’t want the fit to be too loose and baggy. That increases the chance of your club snagging against the material and messing up your shot. There will be more danger of that happening when you’re chipping or putting, arguably, the most crucial aspects of the game, so you want to avoid ill-fitting pants affecting your scores.


Comfort is often an overlooked part of golf. When comfortable, we’re freer from distractions and can play our best golf. Therefore, the best pants for golf must be comfortable.

Comfort was a significant factor in how we chose the best golf pants. Every option on the list performs well when it comes to comfort.


When buying a pair of pants, you should check their material. It’ll determine the type of performance you’ll get from the pair of golf pants.

It’s best to identify your needs and then choose pants with the best material for you. For instance, some materials will have stretch properties that are excellent for golf. Others might wick sweat away and keep you cool.


The performance of golf clothing is often related to the material. Therefore, it’s good to look at these factors together. If you play in hot weather, you don’t want pants that perform best in cold weather. That’s true for golf pants, as well as all golf gear.


It’s a good idea to look for versatility when buying golf pants. They can be expensive, so why not get a good pair that you can wear on the course and off it? Versatile pants can be worn anywhere. Why not bring your style from the links to the town?


It’s a good idea to consider your budget when buying any golf products, and pants are no different. The price points vary widely, so it’s best to have a budget before you start searching.


Overall, Puma Jackpot Golf Pants are the best golf pants in 2023. They offer fantastic comfort and give you exceptional mobility.

The pants are lightweight and allow you to be free and comfortable on the links.

With 6 color options to choose from, the Jackpot pants are just as versatile as they are stylish.

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