The Best Golf Practice Nets of 2023

When you’re deciding to take the game a bit more seriously, or you’re tired of spending gas, travel time, and your hard-earned money going to your local driving range (in my instance, a 35-minute drive each direction), it may be the perfect time to invest in your game with a golf practice net.

We have been reviewing golf equipment for over 10 years including dozens of golf nets and in 2023 the net we recommend as the best is the Net Return Pro Series V2.

In acknowledgment that there are many distinctive differences to golf nets, our Buyer’s Guide today features golf hitting nets that will cover every player finding the best golf hitting net for their specific practice area needs.

Best Golf Practice Nets 2023



Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

  • Best Overall

  • Bryson DeChambeau Endorsed 

  • Multi-Sport Functionality



Rukket SPDR Portable Driving Range

  • Best Middle Tier Price

  • Hitting Mat Included 

  • 2 Minute Set Up



Rukket HAACK Golf Nets

  • Best Low Budget

  • College Golf Coach Designed

  • 2 Minute Setup / Breakdown

Investing in your ability to practice from home or on the go if you travel frequently pays HUGE dividends to your game. The previous instructor of Tiger Woods, Hank Haney, says “making 100 swings a day” is the greatest thing any golfer can do to benefit their game. With the incredible quality of the best golf hitting nets on our list today, you’ll be able to make those 100 (hopefully more) swings in complete comfort and ease of mind.

The phrase, “No wasted reps.” is becoming increasingly popular on the PGA Tour amongst the biggest range grinders’. The golf nets below enable players to use each swing to its fullest (immediate feedback) to ensure no energy is wasted, not bettering the player or user’s game!

Top 5 Golf Practice Nets of 2023

1. The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

If you’ve been on the golf side of any social media over the last few years or have flipped by The Golf Channel recently, you’ve likely seen Big Bryson DeChambeau marketing a product of some kind. Until his multi-10 Million-dollar signing with the Saudi Crown Prince-funded LIV Tour, DeChambeau would be the spokesman for nearly anything you put in front of him.

One product DeChambeau got chosen to endorse that is actually worth the money is the Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net (Multi-Sport).

To begin, the Net Return Pro Series V2’s specific measurements are Height: 7’6″, Width: 8′, Depth: 3’6″, and Weight: 29 lbs. The practice net’s structure comprises of Powder-Coated Black Tubular Aluminum Framing and Stainless Steel Push Buttons. Every piece of the Net Return Pro V2 feels solid and sturdy.

Included is a substantial Black Duffle Bag for storage and travel convenience. The net is thoroughly UV treated and rated for multi-sport use, including but not limited to; Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, etc.

While the Pro Series V2 may sound like quite a large net, the team over at Net Return designed the V2 to have a one-person assembly in under 5 minutes with no tools required!

The Pro Series V2 claims to be the only practice net on the globe that fully returns the ball to the golfer’s starting position.

The Pro Series V2 can handle ball speeds of 225 MPH, and included with the purchase is a “250,000 shot guarantee.”

If that wasn’t enough, the Net Return Pro Series V2 comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Full One Year Warranty. It’s pretty clear Net Returns Pro Series V2 has replaced the company’s earlier generation “Classic Pro Series Net” with significant enhancements.

If budget isn’t of concern and you’re looking for something incredibly high quality that also returns your ball to your starting position, please consider the Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Practice Net!

Key Features

  • Large Net Yet 1-Person 5 Minute Assembly

  • High-Quality Material

  • 250,000 Strike Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty / 30 Day Money Back

2. Rukket SPDR Portable Driving Range

Rukket SPDR Portable Driving Range

Rukket Sports makes products for nearly every sporting genre that exists currently. Whether it be Golf, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Hunting, or General Outdoors products you seek, Rukket Sports will likely have an option readily available for purchase.

Ultimately, what has led to Rukket Sports’ rise to many golfer’s fan favoritism is their uncompromising “Lifetime Warranty” on their golf hitting nets, including the SPDR Portable Driving Range.

To begin, included with the purchase of the SPDR Portable Driving Range is a three turf portable “No-Skid” hitting mat, FREE “Side Barrier Protective Wings.” Including these protective wings allows players to practice without fear of a wary strike causing damage to property or belongings nearby. Essentially every company in the space charges additional money for more giant nets like this, but not Rukket Sports!

Fully assembled, the SPDR Portable Driving Range stands at a solid 10 feet Wide and 7 feet Tall.

The heavy-duty, powder-coated folding metal frame comes fully pre-assembled, and takes just two minutes to set up or take down, thanks to Rukkets’ “easy button system.” The SPDR Portable Driving Range breaks down or assembles itself quickly by the click of a few quality metal buttons and is stored comfortably in the 4-foot premium quality included carrying case.

Another part of Rukkets’ design that sets them apart from competitors in the “best golf practice net market” is their “No Scratch” rubber base mat. This mat collects and keeps your golf balls pristine after a strike, and the return system Rukket says “makes using only one ball to practice a reality.” While the previously listed “Net Return” hitting net claims to be the only practice net with automatic ball return, Rukkets SPDR would like to challenge that notion for less than 1/2 of the price…

If price is a bit of a concern, but you’d still like to have a premium net with a LIFETIME WARRANTY INCLUDED, you need to consider the Rukket Sports SPDR Portable Driving Range for your 2023 grinding season.

Click here if you’d like to read our hands-on review of the Rukket Sports SPDR Portable Driving Range.

Key Features

  • NO-Assembly Required

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Ball Return System

3. Rukket HAACK Golf Nets

Rukket HAACK Golf Nets

Most of us should know by now the last thing we want to be called while on the course or making a swing is a “hack.” Thanks to Rukket Sports, players can rid the hack inside of them with one of the best golf nets on the market, the HAACK.

The HAACK got its design and name from famed college golf coach Chris Haack. (who has taught multiple current PGA Professionals currently on Tour) Coach Haack calls the HAACK golf net “the last golf net you will ever need.” Being around college students with little income, Coach Haack designed the HAACK to be a combination of the perfect size, durability, affordability, and ease of use.

While not as kitted with extras like the number two spot “Rukket SPDR,” the HAACK from Rukket Sports is a premier budget net that offers the same uncompromising “Rukket Fair Play Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty” as the other Rukket item on our list.

The Rukket HAACK features a design unlike any other on our list. Its quick dimensions are 10 feet Wide x 7 feet Tall x only 3 feet Deep! The only reason the HAACK finds a lower spot on our list is that if you tend to have hosel-adjacent swings, the three feet of depth may not be enough!

The Rukket HAACK features a four-ply knotless, high-performance, durable net that features the same “unmatched ball roll back” feature as the Rukket SPDR.

The HAACK boasts a “quick and easy” setup and breakdown time of two minutes. When you couple an extremely simple using and storage process with an ultra-lightweight design, you end up with a mightily portable and quality golf hitting net.

If you’d like a mat to hit off of or targets to look at / hit into, you’ll need to look at other options on our best golf nets list. If you want a durable net with none of the frills at a fraction of the cost of competitors, the Rukket HAACK would be a perfect option.

Key Features

  • 2 Minute Setup / Breakdown

  • College Golf Coach Designed

  • Affordable and Durable

4. Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net w/ Roof

The equipment manufacturer Spornia claims since 1998, they have been the top manufacturer and distributor of pop-up practice nets. Seeing as Spornia only produces golf-practicing products, they may know a thing or two about the field with the SPG-7 golf practice net.

To begin, Spornia recognizes that not everyone has abundant space to have an at-home practice net. The SPG-7 is more compact than previous competitors at 7 feet Tall by 7 feet wide and 7 feet Deep! The Spornia SPG-7 comes pre-assembled and inside your included over-the-shoulder zippered carrying case. Erecting the 23-pound SPG-7 to its full upright and ready position takes literally just a moment’s notice, and you’re fully prepared to have a quality practice session anywhere.

Included with the purchase of the Spornia SPG-7 is a high-quality net (obviously), a chipping net/basket, a “Bulls-eye Target” sheet, Poles / Ground Stakes, and a Premium Carry Bag.

By including these key features listed above, it’s pretty clear Spornia actually cares about their users or buyers of their products getting better. Other sports manufacturing companies charge exorbitant costs for things like a “Bulls-eye Target” to absorb ball impact or a chipping net to provide instant feedback to a player’s short game when hitting into a golf net, but not Spornia.

The main components that separate the SPG-7 from competitors in the “best golf nets on the market” niche is the instant set up and take down style and their “gentle ball return” feature. When removing the SPG-7 from its packaging for the first time, it will actually pop out and assemble itself (similar concept to the mattress in a box, just much faster). Additionally, through Spornia’s design of their net and the angle it sits at, golf balls roll gently down and never touch the floor, so you’ll never have to worry about damaging your practice balls.

For a beautifully designed net that will make setup and practice much more effortless, check out the Spornia SPG-7 golf practice net.

Key Features

  • Chipping Net and Full Hitting Net

  • "Bulls-Eye Target"

  • Gentle Roll Back Feature

5. SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

While SKLZ is likely a brand you’ve only seen in the sports department of your local Walmart or Target, that doesn’t mean they don’t make a fantastic golf hitting net. While being one of the cheaper nets on our list, we’ll show you why it’s still one of the best nets on the market for at-home grinders out there.

To begin, the SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit stands at just 7 feet tall, a few feet deep, and only 11 (eleven!) pounds making it the smallest and most portable option on our list.

Most golf nets on the market for purchase today, and particularly none of the other nets on our list, include golf balls, unlike the SKLZ. The Home Driving Range Kit consists of a pack of 12 “limited-flight” Impact Golf Balls, a hitting mat with rough and fairway lies, and a 1 and 2-inch rubber tee set to work on both iron and wood tee shots.

The 12-pack of practice balls are durable as well as dent resistant to allow training in small places or indoors with complete confidence.

Including a practice hitting mat with differing lie options and tee heights prove SKLZ cares about consumers and is honestly a feature I’m surprised I haven’t seen with competitors, seeing as this is the cheapest best golf net on our list today.

Honestly, the only reason the SKLZ Home Driving Range setup finds the final spot on our list is that it isn’t made out of metal like every competitor (fiberglass rods make up the bulk of construction), and setup takes roughly 10 minutes compared to the “5 minutes or less” promise of all the competitors above.

For one of the best golf practice net options on the market today, please consider our budget-friendly choice of the SKLZ Home Driving Range.

Key Features

  • 11 LB Weight

  • 12-Pack of Limited Flight Balls

  • Compact Size for Easy At Home / Inside Use

The Stand-Out Features of 2023 Practice Nets


If you’re deciding to spend the money and make the investment in your game by buying a practice net, it’s completely reasonable that quality of material and quality construction can force you to lean in one direction or the other. If quality is what you seek over all, go with the Net Return Pro V2, the Rukket SPDR, or the Spornia SPG-7. Each of the three options mentioned above is made using powder-coated metal and would quite literally last a lifetime (unless you choose a Rukket where “lifetime” is guaranteed). Starting with high-quality construction provides a feeling of ease to parents, coaches, and players. Never is there a fear of your net falling or breaking from normal use.


Depending on how much space you have in your practice area, the smaller SKLZ Home Driving Range or the Spornia SPG may be the perfect fit for your game. Speaking from experience, hitting inside isn’t always the easiest way to practice your golfing skills (if you’re constantly worried about breaking or damaging something). Thankfully, due to their design and under 9-foot height, the SKLZ and Spornia both work perfectly indoors.

Ease of Setup / Storage

The amount of people that have ample space in their house/property to practice golf fully is a fraction of a fraction of the golfing population. Thankfully with modern golf equipment technology, net manufacturers have supplied us with extremely simplistic and lightweight options.

-If your only concern is not wanting to assemble something, the Spornia is likely your best bet. It pops out and folds back into itself for the fastest setup and breakdown of a setup we’ve ever seen in the practice net equipment market.

-If your concern is weight, the SKLZ Home Driving Range is HALF the weight of competitors. It may require a bit of assembly, but it’s a simple process, and it all breaks down to store in a travel case very easily.

-This is more niche, but if you have a setup where you just want to be able to take your net outdoors and back indoors close to the same area, the Net Return Pro V2 and the Rukket SPDR are both easily picked up and moved (without having to disassemble).

Final Thoughts with @ScramblingTom

In the “Best Golf Net” buying category, there are a few stand-out manufacturers. For our breakdown today, we chose what we believe to be the highest quality net options and manufacturers you could find for your at home practicing.

1. If budget is of absolutely no concern, you have ample space, and are looking for a premier golf net, it would be hard to go wrong with the Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net. While the upfront cost is high compared to competitors, the golf net itself, being backed by 250,000 strikes and being insured for essentially every sport you can think of, makes it a purchase you would likely only have to make once. The “ball return” aspect makes outdoor practice much less strain intensive, and the net being capable of other sport activity could aid multiple children’s practice habits from home.

2. If you’d like to make sure you spend less than 400$ but still want quality construction, a sturdy frame, and other built-in / included features, check out the Rukket SPDR Portable Driving Range or the Spornia SPG-7. While the Rukket SPDR doesn’t include the same additions like the chipping net, all Rukket golf products include a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Regardless of features, a lifetime warranty is a ridiculous benefit to making any purchase and, in my humble opinion, far outweighs any smaller addition. BOTH the Spornia SPG and the Rukket SPDR include a hitting area / hitting mat and are both incredibly simple to setup. If ease of use and mobility of setup is of paramount importance to you, then the Spornia SPG-7 is most definitely the way to go. It requires ZERO assembly due to its pop-out design and simply folds into itself for use literally wherever you want.

3. If you’re working with limited space, OR working with a limited budget, OR have a slower swing speed / ball speed, I’d fully recommend the Rukket HAACK or the SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit. The reason I include the slower speed comment is because the HAACK or SKLZ don’t include wings to catch stray balls. If you’re prone to mishits but still lack some speed, it shouldn’t be an issue. Regardless of their lower price point, the construction of both the SKLZ and HAACK is immensely solid, and players should be able to use either with full confidence. The Rukket HAACK includes more features like an internal smaller net to catch and distribute force from the golf swing but doesn’t include as nice of a hitting area / mat as the SKLZ Home Driving Range. In addition, the SKLZ golf net includes a dozen practice balls designed to lower player ball flight in case of stray contact. The practice balls feel and look like real golf balls but, due to their design, are less likely to damage property or yourself!

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