Best Golf Shoes 2023

Whether you prefer the sharpest cleats for ultimate grip, sneaker-style casual golf shoes that can be worn anywhere, or a hybrid golf shoe somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Our favorite golf shoes of the year are the FootJoy Traditions.

With more and more people picking up the game of golf every day, golf shoe manufacturers are designing more styles that are fashionable, comfortable, and, most importantly, help you play your best golf.

Best Golf Shoes 2023



FootJoy Traditions

  • Affordable from FootJoy

  • 1-Year Waterproof Warranty

  • Lightweight Shoe

  • Comfortable

  • Classic Stylish Shoe



G/FORE Gallivanter

  • Washable Massaging FootBed

  • Cleat Artwork

  • Waterproof Leather



Callaway Coronado V2

  • Heel Stabilizer Technology

  • 2 Year Waterproof Warranty

  • Comfortable Golf Shoes Right Out of the Box

We’re long removed from a world where your golf shoes make you look like you’re headed to your Junior High Dance.

Today, even street-fashion shoe creators like Michael Jordan are getting into the golf shoe industry.

9 Best Golf Shoes of 2023

  1. Foot Joy Traditions (Best Golf Shoes Overall)
  2. G/FORE Gallivanter (Premium Spikeless Golf Shoe)
  3. Callaway Coronado V2 (Great Golf Shoes for Avid Walker)
  4. Premiere Series – FootJoy Field (Spikeless yet Formal Look)
  5. G/FORE MG4+ (On Course – Off Course Style)
  6. Nike Jordan ADG 4 (Affordable Jordan Golf Shoe)
  7. Nike Air Max 270 G (Athletic Shoes Great for Casual Golfers)
  8. PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT Caged (Spiked Golf Shoes with Spikeless Style)
  9. FootJoy Pro SL Sport (Modern Look from FootJoy)

Be sure to stick around after our list, where we highlight our favorite features of the best golf shoes of 2023 and help readers on the fence find their new favorite pair of golf shoes!

1. FootJoy Traditions (Best Golf Shoes Overall)

FootJoy Traditions

The FootJoy Traditions should be a staple pair of golf shoes in every player’s wardrobe.

FootJoy, the number one shoe on the PGA Tour since its inception as a brand over 75 years ago, will be on any self-respecting list of the best golf shoes, and you’re certainly going to see them multiple times today.

The Traditions are incredibly comfortable, exceedingly lightweight, and can be worn to add some class and style to nearly every outfit.

Each pair of Traditions is made with genuine full-grain leather that’s soft, super simple to clean, and backed by a 1 Year Waterproof Warranty. The Traditions offer golfers excellent traction with the help of easily replaceable “Pulsar LP” spikes. One of our favorite features of the Traditions is that the spikes are an accented color that matches the stitching color around the heel.

Golfers have their choice of 7 unique leather color options, and FootJoy goes above and beyond competitors in the space by offering a “Design Your Own” tool on their website for custom pairs (and the best gift ever!)

Colorways: White, Black, White/Brown, White/Navy, White/Blue, Blue/Blue, White/Black Camo, “Design My Own”

Key Features

  • Affordable from FootJoy

  • 1-Year Waterproof Warranty

  • Lightweight Shoe

  • Comfortable

  • Classic Stylish Shoe

2. G/FORE Gallivanter (RunnerUp Premium Spikeless Golf Shoe)

GFORE Gallivanter

G/FORE has created a lot more buzz and intrigue in the golf footwear industry over the last 5 years (since they were purchased by Peter Millar).

Whether you’re interested in their colorful spikeless designs or wondering if the hype behind the brand is true, we can confirm that the Gallivanters are some of the most comfortable and luxurious golf shoes on the market.

Even though the Gallivanters have a “traditional” golf shoes look, some exciting technology goes into each pair.

Ditching old-school cleats, the Gallivanters feature a “G/ROUND Control Technology” molded cleat design that puts them in a “hybrid” category between true spiked and spikeless golf shoes.

The Gallivanters also feature a washable antimicrobial triple density foam cushion footbed with massaging nubs, extra heel padding for increased comfort and support, and select waterproof leather that’s easy to clean and looks great for years. They truly scream “PREMIUM SHOE” right out of the box.

One of our favorite features of G/FORE golf shoes is that every pair has accenting colored artwork on the sole underneath the clear rubber nubs. That way, every time you strike a pose on a good golf shot, everyone can see your sense of style at the same time.

Colorways: Snow/Monument, Snow/Onyx, Charcoal, Twilight, Khaki, (Others on Limited Run Quantity)

Key Features

  • Washable Massaging FootBed

  • Cleat Artwork

  • Waterproof Leather

3. Callaway Coronado V2 (Great Golf Shoes for Avid Walker)

Callaway Coronado V2

The Callaway Coronado V2s are constructed using a multi-material design and are one of the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes right out of the box we’ve ever tested.

Despite the Coronado V2’s technically being spikeless golf shoes, they offer superior traction to most competitors in this space thanks to their “Fusion-Lite” spikeless outsole.

Surrounding and supporting the heel section of the Coronado V2 is a “CounterLok” heel stabilizer that adds to the shoe’s traction while swinging and supports the most injury-prone areas of your feet.

While some spikeless golf shoes might make you worry about slipping, the Coronado V2s have enough grip to let you swing as hard as you want.

One of the materials used to construct the Coronado V2s is an “Opti-Vent Mesh Liner” that keeps the shoes breathable and comfortable enough for year-round play but also adds to the overall waterproof protection these shoes offer.

Each pair of Coronados comes with a 2 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty.

If you’d like to check out our hands-on review of the Callaway Coronado V2s, click here.

Colorways: Black/Camo, White, Navy/Red

Key Features

  • Heel Stabilizer Technology

  • 2 Year Waterproof Warranty

  • Comfortable Golf Shoes Right Out of the Box

4. Premiere Series - FootJoy Field (Dressy Premium Spikeless Shoe)

Premiere Series - FootJoy Field

Often seen on stylish players like Justin Thomas and Max Homa, the FootJoy Field Series is likely the classiest selection on our list.

Made of 100% premium hand-selected full-grain leather and lined by supple sheepskin mixed with lightweight performance materials, this timeless design looks fantastic with every golf course outfit.

Featuring all new “VersaTrax+” spikeless sole technology, the Field Series will provide more than enough traction for any aggressive golf swing regardless of your course conditions. Feel free to get them wet, as every pair comes with a 2 Year Waterproof Warranty.

FootJoy offers nearly every style of shoe they have in multiple widths so that you can stay comfortable round after round.

The Field Series comes in five elegant colorways that all highlight different shades of rich leather and luxurious calfskin details.

Colorways: White/Black, White/Brick, White, Brown, Black

Key Features

  • "Dress Shoes" Look

  • Made with Premium & Luxurious Materials

  • Incredibly Stylish

5. G/FORE MG4+ (On Course - Off Course Style)


G/FORE takes another spot on our list with the newest update to the MG4 line, the MG4+’s.

Combining “off the course” style with the necessities of a golf shoe, the MG4+ is a perfect combination of lightweight comfort and elite performance.

Just like the Gallivanters on our list, the MG4+’s share the same washable, triple density foam cushioned footbed that massages your feet as you walk.

When you combine features like that with a fully waterproof exterior and a “3D Molded External Heel Cup” for additional support during your golf swing, you get one of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market.

Unlike the hard plastic nubs on the soles of the Gallivanters, the MG4+’s feature a 2-piece rubber non-slip outsole with “sawtooth traction” that keeps golfers worry-free of slippage but doesn’t make your feet click and clack on any hard floor surface.

You can honestly wear the MG4+’s anywhere, and no one would think, “Is that person wearing golf shoes?”

Colorways: Snow Camo, White, Grey Camo, Charcoal, White/Royal, Light Gray, Navy

Key Features

  • Great Shoe for Everyday Wear

  • Perfect Shoe for Casual Golfer

  • Tons of Stylish Colorways

  • Waterproof

6. Nike Jordan ADG 4 (Affordable Jordan Golf Shoe)

Co-designed by Micheal Jordan himself, the Jordan ADG 4’s were built as an answer to golfers looking for excellent grip and an updated traditional style golf shoe.

The Nike Jordan ADG 4’s infuses a classic golf shoes silhouette with a lot of added retro Jordan flavor to create one of the cooler-looking new additions to the golf shoe market. Wanting to avoid spiked shoes, the ADG 4’s have a rubber sole with a beefed-up traction pattern that’s just as versatile as it is comfortable to walk on.

Supple full-grain leather shows off the famous elephant print that’s added to the heel, and players have their choice of four sleek yet stylish colorways that can be dressed up or down.

The ADG 4’s are perfect for golfers who often play in hot weather. They feature a healthy amount of vent holes throughout their leather exterior that help provide proper ventilation and keep your feet cool.

Hearing previous models of their golf shoes caused some golfers to have blisters around their heels, the ADG 4’s have a lowered heel collar and increased padding around the entire leather upper.

Colorways: Grey Fog/Cement, Grey/Burnt, Sunrise, White, Black

Key Features

  • Super Comfortable Golf Shoe

  • Heavy Ventilation

  • Stylish Appearance

7. Nike Air Max 270 G (Athletic Shoes Great for Casual Golfers)

Nike is embracing the trend that modern golf shoes don’t have to look anything like golf shoes at all.

Originally famous for being the first shoes with a visible air bubble in their sole, Nike has found the Air Max 270 makes a good golf shoe that can be worn with casual clothes just as easily as at the golf club.

The Nike Air Max 270 G’s are some of the most “running shoes” street/style looking kicks on the golf shoe market. Believe it or not, the Air Max 270 G’s are a stitch-for-stitch remake of the original 270s, just with the addition of a new breathable mesh and updated tread that helps golfers maintain traction when twisting during the golf swing.

Described by Nike as “flexible and breathable,” these shoes are perfect for consistent walkers or someone that doesn’t like to change shoes when they play golf.

Colorways: White/Blue, White/Black, Black, White/Gold, White/Grey

Key Features

  • Street and Athletic Looking Shoes

  • Upgraded Tread for Golf Movements

  • Modern Spikeless Shoe

8. PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT Caged (Spiked Golf Shoes with Spikeless Style)


The PUMA Ignite PWRADAPT Caged golf shoes are designed to provide a high level of ankle stability and foot comfort while wrapped in a street-shoe looking package.

As you likely noticed from the photo above, the Ignite PWRADAPT Caged shoes feature a “saddle unit” that wraps about the medial and lateral parts of golfers’ feet. As the laces tighten, the cage locks your foot into a comfortable and stable position for your golf swing.

PUMA expects golfers that wear these shoes to walk a lot, so they layered “IGNITE Foam” around all the high-wear areas to avoid the possibility of rubbing or creating blisters for users.

PUMA also added additional traction increasing texture across the soles of the PWRADAPT Cages to boost the already excellent grip PUMA golf shoes are admired for.

Each pair of PWRADAPTs comes with a 1 Year Waterproof Warranty.

Colorways: Grey, Grey/Black, Black/White, White/Brown, Red/Grey, White/Grey, Green/Grey, Grey/Maroon, Navy/Grey

Key Features

  • Sock - Street Shoe Feeling on Feet

  • Highly Comfortable

  • Spikes for Insane Grip

  • Extra Internal Padding

9. FootJoy Pro SL Sport (Modern Look from FootJoy)

FootJoy Pro SL Sport

Described by FootJoy as a “fitter, faster, more comfortable version of the #1 performance spikeless shoes,” every heavy walking golfer should take a look at the FootJoy Pro SL Sports.

If one of your primary concerns with golf shoes is feeling balanced, the Pro SL Sports are perfect for you.

Almost like a pair of “SQUAIRZ” (golf shoes catered towards older men that are always featured on the Golf Channel), the Pro SL Sports have an “Infinity Outsole” that makes golfers feel like it’s impossible to lose their balance while swinging.

The Infinity Outsole has 189 points of traction and 17% more surface area in the heel compared to other models of FootJoy golf shoes to create the perfect grip and ground contact anywhere, rain or shine.

An all-new “StratoFoam” cushioning system built into the midsole of the SL Sports uses a blend of performance materials to provide optimal support and comfort for swinging, walking, and everything in between.

The whole Pro SL Sport shoe is lined with FootJoy’s lightweight, waterproof performance mesh that gives exceptional air circulation to the golfer’s feet while keeping them dry no matter what.

Colorways: White/Black, Black, White/Blue Fog, Grey/Reef Blue, White

Key Features

  • 2 Year Waterproof Warranty

  • Incredibly Stable and Comfortable

  • Super Stylish and Modern FootJoy Shoe

Favorite Features of the Best Golf Shoes of 2023

Here’s a list of our favorite standout features of the best golf shoes 2023 has to offer.

Waterproof Material - Warranty

Is there a worse feeling than wet socks you have to walk around on?

We put waterproofing at the top of our list of features to look for when we test golf shoes. If you’ve never had a pair of waterproof golf shoes, prepare for a much easier life and time around the golf course.

Used - Lost and Found Golf Balls

Waterproof shoes mean you can walk with no fear close to the wet banks of a pond on your local course, you can get rained on without developing squishy shoes and BAD blisters, and we’re convinced they are super easy to keep clean since they have almost a “waterproof barrier” around their exterior.

Easily Cleanable Material

Golf courses are dirty as hell.

Whether picking up leaves as you walk, spraying yourself with dirt and grass from taking divots, or the unexpected mud puddle your cart tire flings all over you, it’s very easy to get absolutely filthy after just a few hours of playing golf.

Having easily cleanable material is a MUST when considering the best golf shoes of 2023.

Something we’ve noticed purchasing golf shoes over the years is that leather-based shoes tend to last longer and are easier to clean.


The golf population has exploded in the last few years, and along with it, prices of everything golfing related have skyrocketed.

Golf shoes are slowly rising in price along with everything else, and if we’re investing our hard-earned cash into a pair of golf shoes, it makes us feel a little better when the purchase comes with a “Warranty” of some kind.

Any golf shoe purchased from FootJoy or Callaway will include a 1 or 2 Year Waterproof Warranty (depending on the make and model of the shoe you buy).

Traction - Grip

Golf shoes date back to the late 1800s, but “spikeless golf shoes” only have a 25ish-year history.

Growing up in the early 2000s, most spikeless shoes were seen as a novelty, and the best players in the world would never consider wearing them to attempt to perform their best.

Modern spikeless golf shoes offer golfers TONS of traction, and many of us “spiked golf shoe” die-hards are starting to give the spikeless market a second look.

When trying on golf shoes at the store, make a few twisting movements to see how much traction and grip the spikes (or lack thereof) provide your golf movements.

Slippage causes crappy shots and injuries, two things we want to avoid at all costs!

Multiple Widths Sizing

We’ve always found it odd that golf gloves have tons of different sizes but golf shoes often only come in one width? Surely every golfer doesn’t have the same size feet, right?

Companies like FootJoy and G/FORE take their shoe sizing options for consumers seriously (this shouldn’t come as a shocker as they are known for their shoes more than anything else).

FootJoy has remained “the Number One Shoes in Golf” since they came into the space because they care about finding the right fit for their customers. If you’re spending money on quality shoes, you want them to fit your foot shape properly.

If you have wide or narrow feet, consider these more “shoe specialty” brands when choosing your next pair of golf shoes.

Tiger Woods Change to FootJoy Shoes Following Injury

At the 2022 Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods shocked the world, but for one of the first times in his career at Augusta, the amazement wasn’t surrounding his golf game alone.

For the first time since his original Nike endorsement deal was signed in 1996 (over 26 years ago), Tiger showed up to Augusta wearing FootJoy golf shoes.

Besides this being his first time wearing a different shoe than Nike, this was Tiger’s first Major Tournament start since his horrific car crash back in February 2021.

During that crash, Woods suffered extreme leg injuries, including “significant orthopedic injuries to his right lower leg,” that nearly cost him that leg altogether.

Tiger Woods Change to FootJoy Shoes Following Injury

When asked about the footwear change, Tiger said, “I have very limited mobility now. Just with the rods and plates and screws that are in my leg, I needed something different, something that allowed me to be more stable. That’s what I’ve gone to.”

This should be a lesson to all players to keep trying new things and experimenting with the game to feel comfortable and play their best golf. If Tiger is still willing to experiment on one leg, why wouldn’t you?

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