The Best Golf Tees in 2023

In previous golfing generations, the tee buying process was incredibly simple. Far different from today, wood golf tees with only a couple of lengths to choose from made up an overwhelming majority of the tee market.

Like golf club and golf ball manufacturing technologies have evolved, golf tee design has evolved to add options to improve players’ tee box performance without changing their swing.

Our favorite tees are the tried and true Pride Professional tees. They’re durable, relatively inexpensive for their lifespan, and have accenting color lines to indicate proper tee height.

Best Golf Tees



Professional Tee System 1-1/2" & 2-3/4" Evolution Tees 50 Combo Pack

  • Two Lengths Per Package

  • Length Identifying Color Stripe

  • Highly Durable Plastic



Precision Golf Height Control 2-3/4" Tees 75-Pack

  • Three Height Identifiers Per Tee

  • 3 Color Options

  • Premium Hardwood Construction



Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees ProLength 3 1/4" 135-Pack

  • #1 Tee Manufacturer in World and PGA Tour

  • Color on Tee Indicates Length

  • Slim Design for No Resistance

13 Best Golf Tees of 2023

  1. Professional Tee System 1-1/2″ & 2-3/4″ Evolution Tees 50 Combo Pack (Best Plastic Golf Tees)
  2. Precision Golf Height Control 2-3/4″ Tees 75-Pack (Best Looking Wood Tees)
  3. Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees ProLength 3 1/4″ 135-Pack (Best Wooden Tees)
  4. Team Golf NFL Licensed Golf Tees 175 Pack (Best Sports Team Golf Tees)
  5. Zero Friction ZFVictory 5-Prong 2 3/4″ Tees 40-Pack (Maximum Distance Plastic Golf Tees)
  6. MAZEL Natural Bamboo Golf Tees, 2 Lengths (Best Bamboo Tees and Most Color Options)
  7. Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Tees 5-Pack (Best Martini Tees)
  8. Zero Friction 1 3/4″ White Tees 20-Pack (Durable Yet Affordable Tees)
  9. 4 Yards More Players Pack Tee 18-Pack (Every Height Step Tee for More Distance and Consistent Tee Height)
  10. Champ Zarma FLYtee My Hite 3-1/4″ 25 Count (Lasts 5x Longer Than Wood Tees)
  11. Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees, White, 4 Pack (Most Durable Plastic Tees)
  12. Brush T MultiPack 4 Pack Set (Best Brush Tees)
  13. Fiberbuilt Golf Adjustable Tee System (Perfect for Simulator, Indoor, or Driving Range Practice)

Many golfers are unknowingly sacrificing money, playing confidence, extra distance, and tee box consistency by using any old golf tees they find lying around the golf course.

Our best golf tees breakdown will discuss our favorite tees we’ve found for the 2023 season and how each style, material, and tee length will impact a player’s performance.

Be sure to stick around until the end of our breakdown, where we identify each type of tee’s main differences and benefits and answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding all the different golf tee styles.

1. Professional Tee System 1-1/2" & 2-3/4" Evolution Tees 50 Combo Pack (Best Plastic Golf Tees)

Professional Tee System 1-1/2" & 2-3/4" Evolution Tees 50 Combo Pack

Pride Professional tees found another spot on our list with their Performance Combo Pack, which offers two different sizes in one purchase!

The Performance Combo Pack offers 10 tees at 1 1/2″ length (perfect for irons) and 40 tees at 2 3/4″ size (great for drivers and fairway woods) for 50 tees total.

Each tee is made using “Pride Performance Plastic,” which Pride says gives them unmatched durability. The plastic performance tees are specially engineered with low-resistant heads that create less friction between the tee and ball during impact for longer drives!

Like the best wood tees on our list, the Performance Combo Pack uses the same “Professional Tee Color System” that allows for easy identification of length and tee height appropriateness for different golf clubs.

Professional Tee System

Interestingly, Pride specifies to players that their 2 3/4″ tees are for drivers under 360cc (like fairway woods and hybrids), but through our independent testing, full-sized 460cc drivers work perfectly with this length.

Color Options: White/Yellow/Orange (shown above)

Key Features

  • Two Lengths Per Package

  • Length Identifying Color Stripe

  • Highly Durable Plastic

2. Precision Golf Height Control 2-3/4" Tees 75-Pack (Best Looking Wood Tees)

Precision Golf Height Control 2-3/4" Tees 75-Pack

Precision Golf Height Control wood tees are perfect for players that like a sleek looking wooden tee but are ultimately concerned with having accurate and reliable tee height identifiers built into the design.

Each Precision tee is made of premium hardwood and covered in a shiny and protective paint to prolong its lifespan.

Being made of wood, every tee is fully biodegradable and also comes with 3 different height markings to reliably and accurately identify 2″, 1/5″, and 1″ tee heights. Players insert the tee into the ground like normal, and once the Earth covers the first, second, or third line, golfers can rest assured the ball will sit at the correlated height.

Color Options: White/Yellow, Black/Blue (shown above), Black/Yellow

Key Features

  • Three Height Identifiers Per Tee

  • 3 Color Options

  • Premium Hardwood Construction

3. Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees ProLength 3 1/4" 135-Pack (Best Wooden Tees)

Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees ProLength 3 1/4" 135-Pack

Since 1950, Pride Golf has remained the number one manufacturer of golf tees in the world. Pride Golf additionally holds the title as the most popularly used tee on the PGA Tour.

By far the most recognizable pick on our list, golfers across the globe have consistently chosen Pride Golf tees due to their high quality and very durable hardwood construction, identifying paint lines to regulate tee heights on tee boxes, and non-t0xic lead-free paint that is safe for the environment and golfers alike.

Two features that make Pride Golf tees the best wooden tees in our eyes are the thickness of the wood used to create the tees and the Pride Golf “Professional Tee Color System.”

The tees themselves are made of thin yet sturdy hardwood that feels satisfying to put in the tee box and gives no resistance to players through contact to ensure they are putting their maximum energy into the golf ball.

Lastly, the “Pride Professional Tee System,” or the colored stripe on Pride Golf tees, lets players know when their tee is at its intended length every time for increased player confidence and to eliminate a variable from golfers’ tee shots.

Color Options: Natural with Color Bar, White with Color Bar

Key Features

  • #1 Tee Manufacturer in World and PGA Tour

  • Color on Tee Indicates Length

  • Slim Design for No Resistance

4. Team Golf NFL Licensed Golf Tees 175 Pack (Best Sports Team Golf Tees)

Team Golf NFL Licensed Golf Tees 175 Pack

For over 20 years, Team Golf has been the United States’ largest supplier of NFL, NHL, MLB, and collegiate licensed golf accessories.

While most recreational players might recognize the company for their selection of logo golf balls, towels, headcovers, and golf bags, we chose Team Golf tees because of their affordable price, multiple colors of tees per package, and the unbelievable amount of professional and collegiate team tees available.

Team Golf has specialty colored and logo golf tees for all 32 NFL teams, as well as options for all 30 MLB teams and 47 of the most popular NCAA college programs.

Regardless of the team you pledge your allegiance to, Team Golf supplies each buyer with two tee colors per team (based on the traditional team colors). You’ll receive 175 tees for an affordable price, and all the tees come in a clear plastic carrying jar with an air-tight lid so you don’t lose any tees during travel!

For a great way to show off your or the golfer in your lifes team spirit and personality, consider the Team Golf NFL Licensed golf tees.

Color Options: 32 NFL Team Colors, 30 MLB Team Colors, 47 NCAA Program Colors

Key Features

  • Bulk Tees

  • Multiple Colors Per Package

  • 32 Options For Every NFL Team

  • Only 1 Length (2-3/4")

5. Zero Friction ZFVictory 5-Prong 2 3/4" Tees 40-Pack (Maximum Distance Plastic Golf Tees)

Zero Friction ZFVictory 5-Prong 2 3/4" Tees 40-Pack

Zero Friction takes full ownership of “establishing the performance golf tee market and bringing to light the importance the tee plays in the game of golf.”

Since their initial launch in 2005, Zero Friction golf tees have remained the number one performance-based tee on the PGA Tour, with over 70 PGA Tour victories.

The updated ZFVictory tee is Zero Frictions’ latest performance tee design that was built to offer golfers the look and feel of a traditional tee head(cup) with a specially designed 5-prong contoured performance cup. These tees are ideal for players that are hesitant about switching from wood to plastic tees but are still curious about something new that can increase the performance of their game.

Zero Frictions’ new 5-prong design results in less contact area between the ball and the tee, resulting in longer and straighter drives.

The new ZFVictory promises golfers five more yards off the tee just by using them, which can become a massive advantage over the golf course during 18 holes.

The tees themselves are made of a highly durable “bio-composite” material that Zero Friction says provides increased stability in the tee, both being placed in the ground and once a ball sits atop it.

Lastly, each pack of ZFVictory tees includes a bonus 1 3/4″ “Hybrid 4-Prong Tee” that is extra durable and large, perfect for many Par 3’s and shorter tee’d hybrids and fairway woods to come.

Color Options: Purple, Blue, Green, White/Black (shown above)

Key Features

  • Durable

  • Promises 5 More Yards

  • Less Contact Between Club and Tee

6. MAZEL Natural Bamboo Golf Tees, 2 Lengths (Best Bamboo Tees and Most Color Options)

MAZEL Natural Bamboo Golf Tees, 2 Lengths

MAZEL Bamboo golf tees found our list due to their sleek look, environmentally friendly production practices, performance based design, and tons of color variations to choose from.

Sold in packs of 50 or 120 tees, MAZEL specializes in combining 2 3/4,” and 3 1/4″ length tees in one package and quantities split down the middle.

MAZEL’s tees are made of 100% natural hardwood bamboo for consistent performance that is also eco-friendly, biodegradable, and causes NO secondary environmental pollution.

MAZEL includes stripe markings on all their 3 1/4″ tees to help players freely customize the height of their ball at repeatable lengths. Additionally, the company says the glossy cup design of their tees minimizes the surface contact between the golf ball and tee, reducing side spin for more optimal accuracy and distance.

We think MAZEL’s design is perfect because players can experiment with the tee’s length, height, and color, all in a single purchase.

Color Options: Black/Brown (shown above), Blue, Natural, Green, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Beige

Key Features

  • Two Lengths Per Purchase (2 3/4" & 3 1/4")

  • 9 Color Variations

  • Durable Bamboo Tees

7. Martini Golf 3-1/4" Tees 5-Pack (Best Martini Tees)

Martini Golf 3-1/4" Tees 5-Pack

Martini Tees have been a staple of the golfing world since their initial launch in 2008, with their promise of straighter and further drives using their tees.

These performance benefits are achieved due to the Martini tees larger cup. This cup design allows players to tilt the ball toward the hole as much as 20%, far more than standard golf tees. This provides longer, straighter drives with more roll.

Martini Golf Tees even hired an independent testing company to compare their legendary product to standard wooden tees.

By using a computer-controlled robot driver to hit each ball exactly the same way, the independent testers found drives hit using a Martini tee resulted in a dramatic increase in the straightness of the drive, carry distance, and roll out length.

Each tee is 3 1/4 inches tall and made from a proprietary polymer resin blend that Martini Tee testers say will last over a year of normal use before showing signs of damage.

Martini tees are also perfect for beginner players and senior players because a golf ball sits very comfortably in the oversized cup and doesn’t fall out easily!

Color Options: Multi-Color Pack, Red, Pink, Orange, White, Blue, Green, Yellow

Key Features

  • Incredibly Durable

  • Extra Large Cup Design Results in Extra Yards

8. Zero Friction 1 3/4" White Tees 20-Pack (Durable Yet Affordable Tees)

Zero Friction 1 3/4" White Tees 20-Pack

The shorter length 3-Prong Zero Friction tee was designed to provide as little resistance (friction) to players as possible by reducing the contact area between the golf ball and tee, resulting in maximum distance and accuracy for players.

The 1 3/4 inch length of these tees makes them perfect for teeing up iron shots, hybrids, and fairway woods, but larger driver heads might run into some issues with this size.

Thankfully for players, with each purchase of a Zero Friction 3-Prong Performance tee pack is a free “Lock-N-Drive” adjustable height tee with a modifiable step that stops your tee length at your specified height.

The “Lock-N-Drive” tee is also longer than every other tee in the Performance pack, making it suitable for large driver heads.

Zero Friction prides itself on being the number one performance golf tee on the PGA Tour and creating an environmentally friendly product using bio-composite materials in their tees’ construction.

Color Options: Only White at 1 3/4 inches

Key Features

  • Environmentally Friendly Tee Material

  • Shorter Tees for Lower Height

  • Free Additional Adjustable Tee

9. 4 Yards More Players Pack Tee 18-Pack (Every Height Step Tee for More Distance and Consistent Tee Height)

The 4 Yards More Players Pack golf tees allow golfers to have every size tee offered in one purchase.

These tees were the first tees proven in both “robotic” and “field” tests to improve distance!

The tee’s flexible 6-prong design reduces resistance from the clubhead to the ball and allows for superior contact and energy transfer compared to traditional tees. Additionally, every 4 Yards More tee features a “step” or “stopper” that forces the tee to stop being put in the ground at an extremely consistent height.

Each 4 Yards More golf tee is made from a highly durable polymer material and is promised to last up to 100 drives.

Even though the 4 Yards More tees have been proven to add more distance to players’ drives, each tee conforms to USGA and R&A specifications.

Lastly, every 4 Yards More Golf Tee Players Pack comes with six 1″ Hybrid Tees, two 2 3/4″ Standard Tees, eight 3 1/4″ Driver Specific Tees, and two 4″ Extreme Tees.

Color Options: Multi-Colored Pack (shown above) Includes Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red/Purple

Key Features

  • Four Tee Heights in One Purchase

  • 4 More Yards Promised

  • 100 Drives Per Tee

  • Step for Consistent Height

10. Champ Zarma FLYtee My Hite 3-1/4" 25 Count (Lasts 5x Longer Than Wood Tees)

The Champ Zarma FLYtee My Hites are performance tees that will increase players’ distance and accuracy from tee to green.

Made from super durable plastic, each My Hite FLYtee has distinct length lines to allow players to tee the ball at the same height every time.

The FLYtee shallow cup design reduces surface contact spin to produce longer and straighter drives. The cup of each tee is so shallow in fact that each ball looks like it’s barely perched on the tee!

Lastly, each FLYtee features built in reinforced ribs down every side. This adds durability and impact resistance for a tee lifespan of at least five times longer than traditional wood golf tees.

Color Options: Green/Pink/Orange Striped Pack (shown above), White/Blue, White

Key Features

  • Prolonged Durability Design

  • Shallow Cup Design for More Distance and Less Side Spin

11. Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees, White, 4 Pack (Most Durable Plastic Tees)

Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees, White, 4 Pack

The Callaway Par-Tee golf tees offer an innovative multi-material co-molded construction with a durable plastic base and smooth rubberized head.

The unique look, feel, and design of the cupped head and sharpened tip makes teeing the ball up extremely easy, even on hard and dry tee boxes.

At 3 1/4 inches in length, the Par-Tee tees are perfect for large driver heads and were designed to deliver low spinning drives with a penetrating trajectory for added distance and rollout.

Callaway describes their Par-Tees as “virtually unbreakable,” and we’ve found that since the tees bases are made with such strong plastic, they work perfectly for divot repair tools and groove cleaners as well!

Color Options: Multi-Color Pack (shown above), Black/White, Green, Blue, Red

Key Features

  • Will Last Forever

  • Extra Large for Confidence/Divot Tool/Groove Cleaner

  • Delivers Lower Flight with Low Spin

12. Brush T MultiPack 4 Pack Set (Best Brush Tees)

The Brush T MultiPack includes four different specially designed bristle-topped tees that provide less friction and more distance to users.

The four unique sizes of brush tees included in the MultiPack include 3 Wood, Driver, Oversize, and XL. Consistency is key to a quality tee shot, and the Brush T base is inserted into the ground at the same height every time, thanks to its step before the bristles begin.

The Brush-T is a patented design that uses synthetic bristles to cradle the ball precisely the same every time. The bristles allow your golf swing to be free of any variables and feel nearly “frictionless” for longer and straighter drives.

While these benefits might sound like they are breaking some rules, the Brush-T’s use is fully permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf.

Color Options: Multi-Colored Pack (shown above) Includes Blue, Black, Orange, and Yellow

Key Features

  • Four Sizes Per Pack

  • Consistent Tee Height

  • Brush Bristles Hold Ball for Less Friction

13. Fiberbuilt Golf Adjustable Tee System (Perfect for Simulator, Indoor, or Driving Range Practice)

The Fiberbuilt Adjustable Tee System was made so players in love with the grind of practicing can use just one tee for their entire sessions.

The Adjustable Tee can be moved up or down to the ideal height for irons, fairway woods, or drivers, with a tee cup that provides the same launch angles as every standard wooden tee.

Each Adjustable Tee is made from a polymer material that delivers exceptional durability so players won’t keep breaking tees from extended practice.

These tees fit through the designated holes on most practice mats and alternatively work great for frozen tee boxes in cold weather.

Color Options: Black (shown above)

Key Features

  • Highly Durable

  • Adjustable to All Heights

  • Works with Mat or Outdoors

Main Differences Between Golf Tees

Tee Material

The main materials that golf tees are constructed of include traditional hardwood, plastic, rubber, and bamboo.

Depending on the material used in manufacturing, each tee can have a different life expectancy, shape, style, or promised added benefit.

Main Differences Between Golf Tees
Traditional Wood Golf Tees

Traditional Wood Golf Tees

The most common tee of the modern golfing world, standard wooden golf tees have consistently been in the majority of professional golfers’ bags for decades.

They’ll come in different lengths and colors, but generally, the cup design and overall style stays the same from brand to brand.

Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic tees have much more variation in color, size, shape, and style than wood tees due to plastic being much more malleable than wood in the construction process.

Plastic tees are generally regarded as more durable than standard wooden tees, and a large portion of plastic tees are designed with performance benefits in mind (lower resistance or friction from cup design, bristles, etc.)

Plastic Golf Tees

Rubber Golf Tees

Rubber tees provide an excellent option for players needing something for their practice mat or players that have a tough time getting tees into the ground in their area.

Rubber tees are designed to provide a consistent and reliable teeing height, as well as extreme durability for prolonged practice.

Bamboo Golf Tees

Golf tee manufacturers have begun experimenting with bamboo as the base material more and more due to bamboo’s high point of durability.

Unfortunately, bamboo tees generally cost slightly more than standard wooden golf tees, but their longer lifespan might justify their higher price.

Bamboo Golf Tees

Tee Length

The USGA rules of golf specify players’ tees cannot exceed 4 inches, but the vast majority of players use a tee 3 1/4″ or smaller.

Players struggling to gain height on their tee shots can tee the ball higher for a naturally higher ball flight.

Many players in Korea will specifically use “Par 3 tees” that are shorter for teeing up irons and longer tees for longer tee shots.

To be frank, most tee height, color, and material preference comes down to a player-by-player basis and what inspires confidence in one player to the next.

Tee Style

Just as golf club and ball technology has advanced, the different style and sub-genres of golf tees has expanded to offer players various features to benefit their game.


A regular tee with a small cup or indentation at its top for the golf ball. Generally wood or plastic and between 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″.


Pronged tees are always plastic and use their prongs to hold the golf ball in place. These types of tees often promise less “ball-to-tee” contact or friction for increased distance and/or accuracy by producing less side spin.


Rather than having plastic prongs or a normal cup, brush tees have plastic bristles for the ball to rest on.

Like most pronged tees, brush tees help improve distance by promising reduced impact resistance.

Step Tees

Step tees feature a plate somewhere on their shaft that only allows players to push it into the ground so far.

This design ensures players are teeing the ball at a reliable and proper height, reducing variables on tee boxes for increased drive consistency.

Oversized Cup/Martini

These tees feature an oversized cup/top for the ball to rest on.

These tees were designed for easier ball placement on the tee itself and the ability to adjust the angle of how your ball is resting for a customizable angle of attack. Some players like rolling their tee ball slightly forward to lower drive trajectory, while others lean their tee backward to help their launch angle.

Does Tee Height Affect the Distance of Drives?

Tee height dramatically affects drives carry distance, backspin, and ball speed.

Through GOLF Magazine’s independent testing on tee height affecting drives, they found stark differences between Low Tee Height, Mid Tee Height, and High Tee Height ball data.

Low Tee Height with the driver resulted in less carry distance, higher spin rates, and the most significant level of consistency shot to shot.

Mid Tee Height resulted in a noticeable jump in ball speed and launch angle from the lower height tee with less backspin and more distance.

High Tee Height resulted in the least amount of consistency but the greatest carry distance and ball speed when struck solidly toward the center of the face.

Knowing when and where to adjust your tee height to aid the shot you’re seeking can separate good rounds from great and average players from amazing ones!

Are Wooden Tees Better Than Plastic Tees?

While the majority of professional golfers use wood tees, that doesn’t make them necessarily better than plastic tees, but it does make you curious why they would do that.

Most people think that wood tees are most commonly provided for free to players, and the high level of courses they play wouldn’t want their tee boxes littered with plastic non-biodegradable tees.

Plastic Tee Ban?

Plastic Tee Ban

In 2019 the oldest golf course in England, The Royal North Devon Golf Club, placed a ban on the use of plastic golf tees on their grounds.

Posting the image above with a bird and a plastic tee in its mouth, the club revealed itself as the first in the country to take the initiative, along with the simple statement:

“The simple fact is that plastic tees are more likely to harm the birds and animals we share our wonderful course with.”

While most golfers are conscious enough to pick up their tee, whether it be plastic or otherwise, the fact of the matter is any poorly discarded plastic tees are harmful to the environment, whereas their wooden counterparts are fully biodegradable.

More ecological sustainability in the game of golf is something that’s being taken more seriously as the game progresses forward with time. The Earth and environmentally conscious golfers are thankful for it.

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