Best Golf Valuables Pouch 2023

Whenever I step onto the golf course minus my PING Golf Valuables Pouch, I get really uneasy. I mean, I find it downright frustrating having to walk around with my prized possessions stuffed sloppily in either pocket of my plaid golf pants.

Golf valuables pouches are a budget-friendly way to enhance my golfing experience. With that in mind, how often do you use a valuables pouch on your golfing escapades?

If your answer is “never,” it’s time you reconsidered how you store all your tees, golf balls, and other valuables while on the greens. If your answer is “quite often,” you’re in the right place!

Best Golf Valuables Pouch 2023



PING Golf Valuables Pouch

  • Luxurious velour-lined interior

  • Universal gray/black color scheme

  • Excellent value



Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch by Sunday Golf

  • Camouflage, water-resistant nylon

  • Quite sizeable (6" by 8")

  • Highly functional and stylish



PUMA Golf Valuables Pouch

  • Earthy camouflage surround

  • Highly durable

  • Good price

In this post, we will highlight 8 of the best golf valuables pouch brands of the year and shed some light on 5 important factors to consider before purchasing a valuables pouch.

The 8 Best Golf Valuables Pouch of 2023

  1. PING Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Overall) 
  2. Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch by Sunday Golf (Best for Your Rangefinder or GPS)
  3. Puma Valuables Pouch (Best Valuables Arrangement)
  4. Taylormade Performance Valuables Pouch (Best Storage Size)
  5. Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Design)
  6. INESIS Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Budget)
  7. Hide & Drink Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Waterproof Material)
  8. Bellino Leather Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Quality)

1. PING Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Overall)

PING Golf Valuables Pouch

The PING golf valuables pouch is arguably the best pouch to store your jewelry, cell phone, keys, wristwatch, etc., as you roll in those birdie putts.

The PING valuables pouch comes in a rugged Heathered Grey polyester material complete with a black zipper lining to accentuate the stylish look.

The interior is nestled with a plush velour covering. The divider is strategically fitted to ensure easy isolation of your valuables and maximum protection from nicks and scratches.



  • Excellent value

  • It fits perfectly in golf bags/car trunks

  • Moisture-resistant 900D nylon material

  • Fairly affordable

  • Producers ship this bag within the US alone

2. Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch By Sunday Golf (Best for Your Rangefinder or GPS)

Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch

The reasonably priced 6″ by 8″ Dime Bag by Sunday Golf is my second-best option for decluttering your golf tee bag. It offers a simple yet elegant way to keep your valuables safe from the elements.

The Dime Bag comes with a highly functional carabiner that easily clips on and off your favorite golf bag’s exterior.

The interior is conveniently fitted with pockets and slots that should accommodate necessities such as ball markers, birdie juice, rangefinders, tees, and so on.

Check out our full in-depth review here.



  • Easy to use

  • Weatherproof

  • Highly functional

  • Convenient size

  • Maybe a little small for some accessories

3. Puma Valuables Pouch (Best Valuables Arrangement)

Puma Valuables Pouch

If you love the PUMA brand as much as I do, you’ll appreciate what they have to offer with their polyester valuables pouch.

The PUMA golf valuables pouch doesn’t compromise on durability. It comes with a cinch closure for easy access, convenient valuables arrangement, and secure storage.

The interior features a fleece lining that helps protect your prized possessions against scratches as you try to make putts.

This valuables pouch is designed for internal bag storage, rather than external attachment.



  • Attractive camouflage surround

  • Convenient internal fleece lining

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Durable

  • Limited color options

4. Taylormade Performance Valuables Pouch (Best Storage Size)

Taylormade Performance Valuables Pouch

The Taylormade Performance valuables pouch is easy on the eye, isn’t it? Its attractive design is what drew me to it in the first place.

The durable fabric construction and fur-lined interior pocket complement the funky golf tee pouch construction in the best way.

The Taylormade Performance valuables pouch has a commendable storage space that allows you to store a glove, a few golf balls, tees, and so on. The drawstring closure ensures everything in the pouch stays in the pouch.

This pouch could also come in handy elsewhere when you don’t intend to use it for golf.



  • Drawstring closure system

  • Fur-lined interior with zipper pocket

  • Decent quality

  • Strong material

  • Some golfers may not appreciate its extreme simplicity

5. Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Design)

Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch

When it comes to design, nothing beats the Titleist Golf valuables pouch.

What stands out about it is its classy rounded finish and pinch-and-clinch closure system which makes it rather easy to access your valuables.

Titleist also offers the zippered pouch alternative complete with textile pockets. The Titleist pouch offers a high quality leather protection and ample storage space.



  • High quality, durable leather material

  • Offers two closure options (zippered and drawstring)

  • Perfect for tournament gift/customization

  • Elegant design

  • No attachment clip

6. INESIS Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Budget)

INESIS Golf Valuables Pouch

As classy as the INESIS golf valuables pouch looks, one would expect it to cost a fortune. On the contrary, it’s one of the most affordable valuables pouches you’ll ever find.

The INESIS valuables pouch is 100% polyester and features a 2-way draw-string to ensure your tees are tucked safely together in one convenient place.

This valuables pouch is super lightweight and comes in a single color (black). If you want to keep your golf bag neat and tidy without breaking the bank, I strongly recommend the INESIS golf valuables pouch.



  • Extremely affordable

  • Durable polyester material

  • Perfect size

  • Secure two-way draw-string mechanism

  • Only suitable for change/tees

7. Hide & Drink Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Waterproof Material)

The Hide and Drink golf valuables pouch is a hand crafted, waxed canvas accessory made from the most exquisite Full Grain Leather.

This sleek Hide and Drink valuables pouch is roomy enough to store all your golfing valuables as well as other non-essentials such as dice, coins, collector’s items, etc. It’s also small enough to fit in your golf bag or back pocket.

Hide and Drink’s sleek Full Grain Leather material is one of the most ancient and durable kinds in today’s market. Its leather cords will keep your valuables safe and moisture-free for years to come.



  • Makes for a great gift item

  • Easy storage

  • Strong and unique leather cords

  • Convenient attachment clip

  • Slightly expensive

8. Bellino Leather Golf Valuables Pouch (Best Quality)

Bellino Leather Golf Valuables Pouch

At first sight, the Bellino Leather Golf Valuables pouch looks a lot like a mini travel bag. However, rather than packing your shampoo or toothbrush, you can conveniently carry your golf valuables and accessories.

The Bellino golf tee pouch is zippered to safeguard everything within the pouch. The metal hook is strong enough to carry the weight of the pouch while attached to your golf bag.

I was particularly impressed by the sturdy, supple leather material and the handy front pocket for storing a reasonable number of golf tees.



  • Made of supple leather

  • Convenient front pocket for golf tees

  • Commendable storage space

  • It's the smallest pouch on this list (measures 4" by 6.5")

What to Look for When Buying a Golf Valuables Pouch

Here are 5 key factors to consider before purchasing your desired golf pouch:


Do you want a waterproof golf valuables pouch? Would you want to hook it to your golf tee bag or have it inside your golf bag? Would you prefer a single, spacious pouch or would you rather have one with separate dividers and/or pockets?

The answers to these questions will vary based on your individual needs as a golfer. However, the more questions you’re able to answer, the lesser your options become.


Brand is everything. Pick out a valuables pouch brand that you’ll be proud to attach to your golf bag. If your desired brand is popular for producing high-quality pouches that are a hotcake among golfers, you’re on the right track. Your choice of brand should further represent your golfing style.

Your Style

Do you want a golf tee pouch that complements your golf tee bag or one that carries out its function exceptionally well? If you’re more focused on style rather than functionality, we recommend having these five fashion styles on your radar: Vintage, artsy, casual, grunge, and chic. Any of these are enough to turn heads on your first tee.


Settle for a valuables golf pouch that’s within your budget. The more you save on it, the more you set aside in your bank account to settle your green fees or even buy that brand new putter you’ve always wanted.

Golf pouch prices fall between $10 and $100. Knowing this, there’s no need to go past the $100-mark to get a premium valuables pouch. Research widely and seek out a pouch with value, quality, and your desired features at just the right price point.


Golf valuables pouches are made of sturdy materials such as nylon, cloth, or leather. Even though all three options are worth considering, there’s one factor you should use to pick the best option: their moisture retention capability.

Pick a pouch with a material strong enough to keep your belongings dry in the midst of rain showers, humidity, or morning due. Leather and cloth pouches should therefore be out of the question.


And there you have it – the best golf valuables pouches of 2023! Use any of the above pouches to safeguard your possessions as you center on rolling in a couple of birdie putts. Good luck!

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