Review: Best Grips Dinner Jacket PutterShoe and Major Leaguer Leather Grip

Suit Up Your Putter
Putters have become much more than another club in the bag, they have become works of art with a purpose.   Many of the putters I have look as good as they function.  With so much invested in a putter, you really want to keep it looking pristine.  A putter headcover or as Best Grips calls it a PutterShoe, is the best investment you can make.  If a putter clangs around with other clubs, it always seems to lose; it get the dings and scratches right on the top line or the face.  Those marks will be an eye sore on your putter forever.  I can’t imagine playing a putter without a headcover.  While most putters come with a stock headcover, they often are either poor quality or not really all that appealing to look at.  Best Grips PutterShoes really “dress up” your putter and the Dinner Jacket PutterShoe takes that to a whole new level.  You can as Barney Stinson says “Suit Up” your putter.
If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that I am all about dressing up to play golf, so when we decided on the look for the Dinner Jacket PutterShoe, we went with a striped blue and white tie that matches my Vesti Ascendi 1st Tee Jitters shirt.  The colors looked great and the dinner jacket and tie looks so cool in my bag.  The pocket square on the dinner jacket covers gives it that little extra flare.  They can make it in whatever stitching colors and styles you choose, regular neck tie or bow tie.

The cover looks great and it functions just as well.  The thick fleece padding inside the cover protects the putter perfectly and the strong velcro closure keeps it on no matter what the conditions.  It is a oiled suede leather so I was cautious with it in the rain, but even when it got slightly wet, it didn’t bleed or discolor. It is like a leather baseball glove, it can get wet, but still should be taken care of.  I’m really impressed by the style and use of this PutterShoe.

While the company makes really cool PutterShoes, their namesake is also true, they do make the Best Grips.  I’ve had a couple of their grips on my putters for the past 2 years.  Their Gridiron grip is still one of my favorite grips they’ve ever made.  I love the feel of a football in my hands.  When they announced that they are now making a putter grip with the same leather as a baseball glove, I couldn’t wait to try it.  While I might not be as big of fan of baseball as I am football, but I still remember fondly those days in Little League with that well-weathered leather glove in my hand just waiting to scoop up a grounder and throw it to first base.   Those memories all came back when I installed the Major Leaguer on my Bettinardi Putter.  It has that great feel just like a baseball glove; it just gets better as you break it in from use.  I did get mine made up to match my Dinner Jacket PutterShoe with some blue stitchback for an amazing looking combo.

Best Grips recommends using the air installation method since an abundance of grip solvent could discolor or even damage the leathers used if you get it all over the outside of the grip. But honestly, just use air, it is really easy no matter what size compressor you have, a little puff of air and the grips slide right on and stay put.  I prefer the air method for all my grips because it is easy and clean.  Installing a Best Grip should be easy if you do it yourself with air or find someone else to install it, just don’t use too much solvent or too much air pressure.

Best Grips offers a great way to “Suit Up” your putter.  Their Dinner Jacket PutterShoe and MajorLeaguer Grip are well worth the investment.  You can take that old trusty putter and make it look like new or take that high-end putter you just bought and keep it well protected and looking sharp.  Best Grips is the best option to “Suit Up” your Putter.

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Quick Hits
+Dinner Jacket PutterShoe looks cool
+Customization available
+Excellent protection
+Leather grips that last
+Popular leather access. (Major Leaguer, GridIron, etc.)