Review: Best Grips

Are they the best?
  With a name like “Best Grips” the bar is set pretty high.  So how are their grips?  I can honestly say they are better than that.  I am happy to report that they exceeded my expectation.
The grip that most intrigued me from day 1 was their gridiron grip.  It uses the exact same pigskin that is used to make NFL footballs.  It looks and feels exactly the same because it is.  Having played running back in high school and college, I love the feel of that leather in my hands.  It is one of those feelings that you just never forget.  Sure I haven’t played football competitively in 15 years, but I still have fond memories of practices and games, carrying the ball, it was wonderful.

So how does it work as a putter grip?  First of all it looks so cool.  It looks like you wrapped football around the grip; all that’s missing is the logo and the commissioner’s signature.  The feel is equal to the real deal.  It is maybe a little firmer than other grips, but the pebble grain texture more than makes up for that.

The other grip that came in the box is a white leather stitchback.  It is much softer than the gridiron grip.  It has a smooth soft white leather sown with black treads and black caps.  It has a firm under-layer like all of the Best Grips but the white leather is plenty soft and offers a superb feel for my putter.

One thing to remember about these high quality leather grips, is that you need to install them using compressed air.  DO NOT use solvent, it will wreck the leather or whatever exotic grip your using.  For me this was no big deal since this is how I do all my grips, even the plain old rubber ones, but for some club makers they might not be used to doing a grip this way, so check first.  It would be so sad to see one of the Best Grips ruined.  There is a big warning with each grip, but I’m sure it has happened more than once anyways.  (People don’t always read warning labels)

The final cool piece of leather art that came in the box is a putter shoe.  Honestly it looks just like a putter cover, but Best Grip calls them putter shoes.  While the shape is pretty tame, the leather and skin pattern is not; my putter shoe is a mixtures of leather and lizard skins.  It looks so cool and gets so many compliments.  You can’t miss it.  But not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it functions very well protecting the putter.  The inside is lined with a wool like material that offer more than ample padding.

Honestly I can say that my putters will always have Best Grips on them.  Simply because they are the best.  I’ve tried the other stitchbacks from other companies and they don’t feel as good, come in as many varieties, nor do they hold up as well.  You can just feel the passion that goes into every Best Grip.  They simply are the best.

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Quick Hits
  +Unique designs
  +Exotic materials
  +High quality
  +Long lasting

–A little more expensive
  –Air install only