Best High Top Golf Shoes 2023

Whether you’re an expert golfer or a brand-new player, getting yourself a clean pair of high-quality golf shoes can most certainly help you improve your performance on the course.

The colder golf that accompanies the fall and winter golfing season can often result in muddy or wet playing conditions, leading to potentially injuring slippage and extra dirty clothes after your rounds.

Thankfully, high-top golf shoes provide players peace of mind on the golf course by creating extra stability around their feet and ankles.

Best High Top Golf Shoes 2023

These types of golf shoes provide plenty of traction to keep your feet in place while you take your golf swing, providing extra confidence on the course in wet conditions.

Our favorite pick of the 2023 season for high-tops is the New Balance Men’s Freeze LX V3 Turf spikeless shoes. The New Balance Freeze’s are simply very well designed. They are a wonderful mixture of being comfortable, waterproof, seam-sealed, and very easy to clean.



New Balance FreezeLX V3 Turf Shoe

  • Strong Material

  • Comfortable

  • Excellent traction



ADIDAS Men's Climaproof BOA

  • Easy lacing adjustment

  • Remarkable quality



ADIDAS CodeChaos Primeknit BOA

  • Older Model = Cheaper Price

  • Great Tech

  • Very Comfortable

In this article, we’ll break down 7 of the best high-top golf shoes for the 2023 golfing season. Be sure to stick around to the end of the article, where we discuss some of our favorite features of today’s list and what we think makes a good golf shoe.


1. New Balance FreezeLX V3 Turf Shoe (Our Top Choice)

New Balance FreezeLX V3 Turf Shoe

New Balance is one of the world’s most trusted and popular shoe brands. This level of credibility extends to their status as one of the world’s leading hiking and outdoor shoe brands. Over the last 20 years, New Balance has continued to grow its share of the street shoe/great shoe market, now being the 5th largest shoe manufacturer in the USA.

Believe it or not, the New Balance FreezeLX V3 turf shoes were made entirely for a different sport. While initially built for Lacrosse, we found the additional ankle support and incredibly tough alternating tread on these make them perfect for traversing a course and playing golf. Without even knowing it, New Balance created a stable spikeless golf shoe!

The FreezeLX V3s are available in standard “Cream” or “Black” color options and are crafted using 50% mesh and 50% synthetic material. Implementing lighter materials in construction makes the FreezeLX V3s an incredibly lightweight shoe. However, the rubber on the sole is still strong enough to take any impact regardless of turf conditions for an easier time walking between shots.

The “Hybrid Tongue” and Achilles support wrap and secure your ankles inside the shoes during use to ensure you never hurt yourself while wearing them. New Balance says they built the additional ankle support “to add support for demanding conditions on users’ feet and ankles.”

The New Balance Freeze’s premium golf shoe offers commendable style and comfort. Although they’re spikeless, these shoes still deliver excellent traction. The tread on the bottom of the shoes varies in length and direction to dig into whatever turf you face, making the Freeze’s highly comfortable in the high-top category.

What boosts the New Balance’s into the “great golf shoes” category is just how easy they are to clean! With a “magic eraser” or even just a rag and some soapy water, the synthetic and rubber materials wipe clean just as quickly as they get dirty.

Given the limited high-top golf shoe selection on the market, you have a serious contender for the number one spot in the New Balance FreezeLX V3 golf shoes.



  • Unique Design

  • Strong, Durable Material

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Spikeless Shoes

2. ADIDAS Men's Climaproof BOA Golf Shoes (Best Stability)

ADIDAS Men's Climaproof BOA Golf Shoes

Over the last 15 years, Adidas has built an outstanding reputation as one of the leading apparel brands in golf. They’re known for pushing the envelope with exciting designs, and Tour Pros and Average Joes can both agree they make some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market today.

The Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA Golf shoes feature a new-age athletic style that offers performance and comfort. Like the Nike Vaporstorms above, the Climaproof BOA shoe features advanced BOA technology for added convenience for users. With the turn of a single dial located on the tongue of the shoes, users can ensure a precisely snug fit is secured for as comfortable of a feel on the golf course as possible for your feet.

This lace-fastening technology was initially used for skiing and snowboarding equipment but was quickly introduced to footwear, as the BOA lace system is exceptionally comfortable on your feet. The stability and convenience they provide make them a preference among some golfers.

The Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA golf shoes feature an athletic yet modern style. The shoes upper is made from lightweight microfiber leather to allow some air circulation during a long walking round. The convenient “Climaproof Hydro Protection” feature enables the shoes to claim complete waterproof protection and keeps your feet moisture-free throughout every round.

The Adidas Climaproof BOA golf shoes are reasonably affordable and well worth your consideration for the high-top shoe category. It’s clear from the first time you put them on that premium materials were used in every aspect of construction.



  • Automatic lace-fastening BOA technology

  • Durable

  • Waterproof shoe

  • Reasonably priced

  • Thin wire used in the lacing system

3. ADIDAS CodeChaos PrimeKnit BOA Golf Shoes (Older = Budget-Friendly)

ADIDAS CodeChaos PrimeKnit Boa Golf Shoes

While the Adidas CodeChaos Primeknit BOAgolf shoes are very unique looking, they feel outstanding to play golf in.

The first thing you likely noticed is the CodeChaos Primeknit BOA’s use a “sock-like” collar that’s more prominent on their popular soccer line. This gives you that sock-like fit that keeps your feet comfortable. When you add in the highly convenient BOA system, the shoes feel like an extension of your feet once you put them on and get them dialed into your comfort zone.

Using the dial to activate the micro-adjust feature is like being able to do your own precise fitting on a pair of shoes. The collar offers a high level of support to prevent unexpected slippages and to protect and insulate the players’ ankles.

The CodeChaos shoes from Adidas are made with a unique outsole design called “Chaos TRAXION.” The spikeless outsole certainly contributes to the shoe’s easiness on your feet when walking. The CodeChaos spikeless shoe comes in 2 color options, Black or White, but each selection has a bright accent color (like Adidas is known to do).

The CodeChaos golf shoes are complete with an idea stolen from their own BOOST line of shoes, and a BOOST Foam cushioning insole addition is made to improve traction in all types of playing conditions.

Read our in-depth and hands-on review of the Adidas CodeChaos pair of golf shoes here.



  • Great Traction

  • Sock-Like Comfortable fit

  • BOOST foam cushioning

  • Difficult to match with certain outfits

4. Skechers Torque Brogan Golf Shoes (Most Relaxed Fit)

Skechers Torque Brogan Golf Shoes

You probably know Skechers for producing little kids and your grandmother’s favorite shoes. Unless you’re a fan of the primary golfer sponsored by them (Matt Fitzpatrick), you may not know that Skechers makes some of the most comfortable and best-performing golf shoes out there. The Skechers Torque Brogan golf shoes are a perfect example.

These Skechers golf shoes feature a unique six-spike design. The top of the shoes features a strong velcro strap that secures your laces and helps to keep them dry while you take your swings and move around on the course. The best part about them is that you can replace the spikes once you’ve depleted their traction and contact points to increase the lifespan of your shoe.

For added comfort on the bottoms of players’ feet, Skechers partnered with “Resamax” to create a very soft and reliant insole.

These shoes are a perfect solution to keep your feet dry and warm if you play in cold areas. They have a relaxed and comfortable fit and ample insulation. You’ll also appreciate the extra space meant to accommodate thicker socks, which you’re bound to wear during the colder playing months.

While maybe not the most gorgeous golf shoes on our list, their superior waterproofing technology definitely makes them a strong contender in the best high-top golf shoes category.



  • Super Comfortable

  • Very Durable

  • Versatile and durable

  • Responsive and Lightweight Resamax Insole

  • Plain Looking

5. Adidas Men's ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Golf Shoes (Stylish and Recycled Materials)

Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Golf Shoe

With an initially very high MSRP on the Adidas Men’s ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA golf shoes, they somewhat went under the radar of many golf footwear fans in their 2021 release.

Just over a year has passed since the initial output of the line, and the Adidas team seems to have realized the starting price was too much. The cost of the ZG21 Motion Primegreens has dropped 45% since its launch!

Adidas offer’s a stylish and lightweight alternative to their ClimaProof BOA Boots and their CodeChaos PrimeKnit BOA golf shoes that will not weigh you down while you walk around the golf course.

No “virgin polyester” will be found in a single pair of Adidas’s ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA golf shoes. These shoes are made of high-grade “Adidas only” material called “Primegreen.” To reduce waste from their facilities, Adidas’s “Primegreen” is created from high-performance recycled material from their facilities.

Six rigid “ThinTech” spikes combine with the alternating tread “BOOST” sole on the bottom of the shoe to provide immense traction, grip, and comfort regardless of course conditions or moisture on the ground.

These shoes are fully breathable while also being 100% waterproof. The waterproof “Perform-Fit Wrap” powered by the “BOA Fit System” lets you dial in a precise fit and keeps your feet dry in damp conditions.

Compared to the other models from Adidas on our list, the ZG Motion Primegreen BOA golf shoes have a significantly lower weight leading to less on-course exhaustion from walking rounds.

For a handsome-looking high-top golf shoe, please consider the Adidas ZG21 Primegreen BOA spiked shoes.



  • Wide array of color options

  • BOOST Sole

  • Lightweight

  • BOA Lacing System

  • Bright Accent Colors

6. FootJoy Winter Boot Golf Shoes (Best Looking Winter High-Tops)

Skechers Torque Brogan Golf Shoes

FootJoy has been “the #1 Shoe in Golf” for many years. With Tiger Woods switching to their shoes after his most recent accident (the first brand switch in over 25 years!!!), we don’t see their reputation going anywhere anytime soon.

The FootJoy Winter Boot golf shoes offer remarkable warmth and protection throughout the cold winter months. Providing the most “Classic Golf Shoe” look on our list, the genuine leather upper of these winter boots aids their waterproof capability, stability, and stylish design.

Although these boots are designed with winter in mind, they’re great for all-year-round usage if you expect seriously muddy conditions. As with every FootJoy offering, a 2-Year Waterproof Warranty is included with the purchase.

In our opinion, these boots are very stylish, and the lightweight “EVA midsole” offers outstanding cushioning. The outsole is entirely made from “DuraMax” rubber and provides the highest quality of stability and traction on different surfaces.

The upper construction combines “Ballistic Mesh” with full-grain leather for extra durability. One unique feature is the presence of the zipper. Once you’ve tied the laces on the FootJoy Boa shoes, close the zip to protect your feet against the harsh elements fully.

“Pulsar” spikes (very common amongst top golf shoe brands) are implemented in the shoe design to enable players to have complete confidence in the traction of their shoes.

A “ProofGuard” membrane is used to coat the shoes to boost their waterproofing power and keep your feet comfortable for as much winter golf as you can handle.

Our favorite part about the shoes, besides the warmth and protection they provide in their durable package, is the fact you can wipe these clean SO easily. Since they are made with premium leather, a simple rag cleans these back to pristine condition in no time, and they age very gracefully.



  • ProofGuard membrane for more waterproofness

  • Pulsar spikes for extra traction

  • Warm and Insulated Interior

  • Perfect for Muddy Conditions

  • Higher Price Range

7. PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Hi-Top Golf Shoes (Most Color Options of All)

PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Hi-Top Golf Shoes

PUMA is a brand that’s trusted for producing stylish, elegant, and premium products primarily focused on performance. The first thing we noticed about these shoes is their impressive look, which is to be expected from a boundary-pushing brand like PUMA.

PUMA golf shoes typically incorporate flashy colors with unique designs. The Ignite Pwradapt High-Top golf shoe boasts a thin, flexible frame compared to most high-top golf shoes on the market currently. Where other brands have the same sock-like ankle support, Puma incorporates that material on the sides of the shoe to boost breathability and comfort for users.

A thick velcro strap helps to keep the foot secure at all times when wearing and helps to avoid slippage when making a swing.

The bottom of the Ignite Pwradapt shoes from PUMA has seven incredibly soft spikes that offer the best traction on any surface possible.

PUMA believes in their product so much they provide a 2-year Waterproof Warranty. If your product is damaged by water from normal use, you’ll be fully entitled to a new pair of golf shoes.

Our favorite feature has to be the fact that PUMA continues to release more and more color options for these high-tops as the popularity continues into the 2nd full year of production. At the time of writing, there are 10 different colorways that are all very stylish to choose from within the PUMA Ignite Pwradapt high-top shoe line.

We encourage you to consider them for your 2023 golfing season.



  • 10 Color Options

  • Knitted collar for comfort and breathability

  • Remarkable Traction

  • 2-year waterproof protection

  • Velcro isn't for Everybody



I recommend you try on a variety of models before making your purchase. The best spikeless golf shoes feel more like running shoes than traditional spiked golf shoes. If you know you’re planning on walking a lot, that is definitely something to consider.

With there being both a laced version and a BOA version of nearly every golf shoe on our list of high-tops today, try both options to see which feels like the best shoes for your game.

While trying the shoes, take a few practice swings and see how the shoes feel while making the motions of a golf swing and walking around a little. In doing so, you’re checking for any discomfort and pinching. Your feet should ideally feel secure while not feeling too snug.


You’ll need to put into consideration the kind of material that will blend perfectly with the terrains and weather around your area. Some of the most common golf shoe materials include leather and polyester.

Leather is a trusted material in today’s competitive golf shoe market. This is because it is a highly versatile material and can be used the entire year-round. While maintaining a good level of comfort, leather golf shoes manage to keep the winter and wet weather out. However, keep in mind that quality leather isn’t all that cheap, but the investment could last for years with proper care.

Polyester is useful in the summer and warmer months due to its lightweight nature and breathability. They’re not all that good in wet weather. Thus their application is usually only on the upper of most golf shoes or heavily coated in a waterproof membrane.

Spikeless or Spiked Golf Shoes

Next, decide whether you want a spiked shoe or a spikeless shoe. Each type of shoe has its advantages and disadvantages, and it would be beneficial if you’d know the differences between them.

Spiked golf shoes provide improved stability and grip but don’t feel as comfortable for walking rounds as a traditional tennis shoe. They are more of the “traditional golf shoe” look for sure, but being “high-top golf shoes” instantly removes that credibility.

Spikeless high-top golf shoes tend to offer a higher level of versatility off the course but may not provide the same traction that spiked golf shoes offer. Think about what matters most to you.

Waterproof Capability

The waterproof aspect of golf shoes can be essential, depending on your climate and playing conditions. As a golfer, you’re outdoors most of the time and your feet are always on the move. The wrong golf shoe may lead to a leak in moisture within the shoe and uncomfortable rounds on the course. If you find a “water-resistant” pair of golf shoes, that means that they’ll survive in short showers but struggle to block out the water in heavy rain.

On the other hand, fully waterproof shoes often provide the least amount of breathability, meaning if your feet are already prone to sweating, you should consider that.


As with many life decisions, choosing the best overall golf shoe for you may be dictated by your budget. Fear not, as resources like eBay, 2ndSwing, and even Amazon run tons of deals annually during the winter and around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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