The 10 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs of 2023

As hinted at in its name, the Hybrid is a hybrid golf club between long irons lofts and the head shape and launch characteristics of a fairway wood. Placing the Hybrid golf club in one category is cruel, as many golf hybrids can come in lofts between 18 and 27 degrees depending on the players’ wants and needs out of the club.

Our favorite Hybrid comes from the known fairway metal experts at Callaway, with their Apex UW Wood.

As “hybrid” as the Hybrid category gets, Callaway is revamping the hybrid/fairway wood game with a mixture of the two, in the now affectionately player nick-named “UWood.”

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2023

As a recently reformed ‘weekend warrior’ golfer, I know all-too-well the anxiety that comes from longer approach shots out of the rough or tricky lies accompanying a poor tee ball. I’ve already missed the fairway; now I’ve left myself 220 yards to an elevated green. These are the moments during a round where momentum can truly swing one direction or the other, depending on how I execute this shot. The decision is simple if we were still playing our father’s or grandfather’s version of the game. Lay-up. With modern technology, we now have something coming to our rescue... the “Hybrid.” (Aka the Rescue club)



Callaway Apex UW Wood

  • Designed with Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele Input

  • Mixture of Fairway Wood & Hybrid



Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

  • 16 Different Independent Loft/Lie Settings

  • Low Spin



TaylorMade Stealth/Stealth Plus Rescue

  • Mid-Launch

  • Mid-Spin

  • Good Shot Shaping

10 Best Hybrids of 2023

  1. Callaway Apex Utility Wood (For Better Players, Built from Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele Input)
  2. Titleist TSi2 Hybrid (16 Different Loft / Lie Configurations from Hosel)
  3. TaylorMade Stealth/Stealth Plus Rescue (Long!)
  4. Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid (Very Long!)
  5. Ping G425 Hybrid (High-Level Optional Stock Shafts)
  6. Mizuno CLK Hybrid (4 Degrees of Adjustability, Right-Handed Player Dominant)
  7. Srixon Z.X. Hybrid (“Players” Look w/ Added Forgiveness)
  8. Cobra LTDx Hybrid (Tungsten Weighting for Distance Boost)
  9. Cobra Air-X Hybrid (Slice Eliminating Technology)
  10. PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid (Fine-Tuning at Fitting Required but Great)

1. Callaway Apex U.W. Wood (UWood) (Built w/ Better Players in Mind)

Callaway Apex UW Wood

The Callaway Apex Utility Wood uniquely combines the key features of higher lofted fairway woods, and key features of hybrids, all while adding a more neutral ball flight. Callaway boasts “world-class pros like Phil Mickelson and Xander Schauffele” directly added feedback to shape the final form of the UWood. It’s a multi-purpose club that better players can depend on from the tee, fairway, or rough.

The UWood’s length is right between a fairway wood and a hybrid, allowing a lot of versatility in shot making while still being easier to hit. The same approach of being “right between” a fairway wood and a more standard hybrid was taken to the head’s shape, giving a more compact profile aiming towards a better player’s eye.

There are 17.6 grams of Tungsten Weighting per UWood. Callaway engineers have precisely positioned the Tungsten insert to focus the center of gravity in a neutral location for a great combination of high launch, steeper landing angles when desired, more consistent spin, a reduced draw bias, and Callaway is claiming “a 17% tighter downrange dispersion vs. the Apex Pro 19 Hybrid.

Right-handed players are optioned with lofts of 17°, 19°, and 21°, and Callaway offers three differently weighted Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Graphite shafts in flexes of Regular-X Stiff.

If you’re a better player who wants to close the gap between their driver – three wood and longest iron in the bag, the Callaway Apex Utility Wood (UWood) will be a fantastic option.

Key Features

  • 17% Tighter Dispersion Compared to Previous Callaway Models

  • 3 Standard Loft Options

2. Titleist TSi2 Hybrid (Highly Customizable Hosel Settings, Built for "Sweepers" of the Ball)

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

Titleist claims to have built the perfect Hybrid for golfers who tend to “sweep” the ball and are looking for something more forgiving in the long iron department.

Titleist has always been one of the leaders in “SureFit” hosel technology. This claim is most definitely actualized in the TSi2 Hybrid. Players can adjust the hosel in 16 different unique configurations. If you’re a tinkerer like me, you’ll love finding what magical alignment of loft and lie configuration leads to the shot shape I see in my mind. On top of that, Titleist includes adjustable head weights in the TSi2’s design for enhanced customizability.

Titleist boasts their “Carpenter 455 Forged Face” is the fastest hybrid face Titleist has ever made, producing faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness from previous similar models. The face thickness varies throughout the surface area, and when in conjunction with a tapered crown design and optimized weight distribution, Titleist promises higher launch and lower spin. Titleist also says all this technology boosts M.O.I. resulting in “a powerful combination of speed and stability.”

On top of all the game-improving technology added to the TSi2 Hybrid, Titleist goes above and beyond by offering “premier shafts” by Mitsubishi and HZRDUS in many different weight and flex dimensions.

If you’re looking for a hybrid, you can fine-tune your game and want to know it’s built with quality materials. The Titleist TSi2 is most golfer’s perfect fit. As always, I encourage readers to hit all these clubs that make the list if you’re able, as you never know what will be a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • 16 Different Adjustments Available

  • Premier Shaft Options

3. TaylorMade Stealth/Stealth Plus Rescue (Long!)

TaylorMade StealthStealth Plus Rescue

A list of hybrids and general fairway metals couldn’t be complete without mentioning a TaylorMade product somewhere. TaylorMade offers a standard “Stealth Rescue” and a “Stealth Plus Rescue” with an adjustable loft sleeve for players seeking a little more customization to the feel of their TaylorMade hybrids.

Besides the added adjustability of the Stealth Plus Rescue compared to the standard Stealth Rescue, TaylorMade defines the Stealth Plus as a “more advanced ball-strikers” Hybrid, citing it as being very slightly less forgiving and slightly lower launching than the standard Stealth Rescue.

Right-handed players are optioned with a “2, 3, or 4” Stealth Plus Rescue or a “3, 4, 5, 6, or 7” standard Stealth Rescue. Regardless of the model chosen, TaylorMade has implemented some new technology to aid players seeking optimal launch, fast ball speeds, and maximizing forgiveness.

A “V-Steel Sole” design redistributes weight and positions the center of gravity into a more advantageous position for players when compared to previous TaylorMade hybrid models.

A “C300 Steel Twist Face” is engineered for “explosive ball speeds.” TaylorMade claims their high-strength C300 Steel Twist Faces help golfers overcome mis-hit tendencies for more straight shots.

Lastly, “Thru-Slot Speed Pocket” technology is added to the Stealth Rescue (like we’ve seen added to previous TaylorMade products). This time, TaylorMade says this is their “most flexible Speed Pocket design” to improve forgiveness of low-face strikes and produce additional ball speed for users.

If you’re looking for added distance and ball speed without compromising on the “adjustable hybrid” features some companies have, the TaylorMade Stealth or Stealth Plus Rescue may be the perfect Hybrid for your bag.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Hybrid and Non-Adjustable Version

  • Added Distance Technology

4. Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid (Very Long!)

Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid

Callaway boasts their Rogue ST MAX is “our longest Rogue S.T. hybrid model.” 

This is a great place to start if you’re looking for an immediate boost in distance from your current Hybrid.

Offered in slightly stronger lofts than competitors, Callaway ensures their Rogue ST MAX hybrids will fit an extensive range of golfer’s bags who are looking for speed, forgiveness, and technology built towards performance.

A new A.I.-designed “Jailbreak technology system” has been completely redesigned to promote speed and stability in the Rogue ST MAX hybrids. Two heel and toe perimeter-based frames provide stiffness while still allowing the face to flex for faster ball speed.

The A.I. technology continues with a “high strength 455 Face Cup” optimized with A.I. technology to perfect speed, launch, and spin.

Depending on the model chosen, up to 24g of Tungsten placed in the precise center of gravity locations delivers a higher launch and even more distance and ball speed.

Callaway went with a more “iron-like” progressive head shape with a refined sole for better turf interaction regardless of course conditions.

3H – 6H Hybrids are offered to right-handed players in the Rogue ST MAX hybrid, and Callaway offers a Mitsubishi Tensei A.V. Blue or Project X Cypher Black as their standard shafts.

For one of the best hybrid golf clubs 2023 has to offer and more ball speed than you may know what to do with, check out the Rogue ST MAX Hybrid.

Key Features

  • Longest Callaway Hybrid Ever

  • JailBreak Technology in Face / Head

5. Ping G425 Hybrid (Premium Optional Stock Shafts)

Ping has consistently taken a different approach to club development for as long as we can remember. Never feeling rushed to release a new product, Ping has built a reputation as a “results-first” company.

Ping’s “Facewrap” and “Spinsistency” technology combine in the G425 Hybrid to produce predictable spin so players can reach and hold more greens.

The “Facewrap” technology is simply a face design that “wraps” or extends into the crown and sole of the club to increase flexing for high ball speeds, added distance, and high-launching shots. “Spinsistency” refers to the curvature of the face Ping implemented (mainly lower on the face where loft tends to decrease) to bring more consistent spin performance to users.

Overall, the club head is sleek, and I prefer the look of no flutes (unlike the G425 MAX Driver that I use). Adorning the crown is a new 3-dot alignment feature to inspire confidence in users and essentially act as an alignment aid on the course.

Like we’ve seen in competitors, a Tungsten sole weight strategically positioned by Ping engineers increases the M.O.I. in the head to create one of the most forgiving hybrids on the market today.

Included with purchase is a “Trajectory Tuning Chart,” and when combined with “Trajectory Tuning 2.0” technology on the G425 Hybrids, players have eight unique positions to customize the flight they see in their Hybrid.

Ping offers the Alta CB Slate as their stock shaft, which they say due to its lightweight nature, creates high launch with stability and consistent feel, or optionally, Ping offers the Aldila Rogue Black 95 for players who like lower to middle launch, and a Mitsubishi Tensei C.K. Pro Orange 80 is for mid launch, mid spin, and control.

If you’re looking for forgiveness and consistency out of a hybrid club, please consider the Ping G425 MAX Hybrid and the wonderful features that comes with purchase.

Key Features

  • "FaceWrap" and "Spinsistency" Technology in Head

  • Desired Ball Flight Based Shaft Options

6. Mizuno CLK Hybrid (4 Degrees of Adjustability, Right-Handed Player Dominant)

Mizuno CLK Hybrid

In what Mizuno calls “the perfect transition club between your longest iron and most lofted fairway wood,” the CLK is the newest higher flying and impressive sounding Hybrid Mizuno offers.

Coming standard in 5 different lofts, all adjustable by 4 degrees, players will be able to easily find a perfect fit for their yardage gapping.

A new “MAS1C Maraging Face” allows greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds from every part of the clubface.

A “dual wave” is beneath the club head and leading bottom edge to produce steeper landing angles and improve turf interaction. I’ve truly not seen a design like this since the mid-2000s, and I love that the technology is making a comeback.

At address, the crown looks wide and flat, inspiring confidence and looking more like a 7 wood than a hybrid.

After taking player feedback, Mizuno is proud to announce their Mizuno CLK Hybrid has a solid “tour preferred” sound at impact compared to previous models.

Each standard loft selection comes at a different length, making being fitted for a CLK Hybrid very important. While Mizuno does an amazing job of going above and beyond by offering 10 different standard shaft options, they lack by only offering most of their models to right-handed players. (Don’t worry, lefties, I’ll stick up for you.)

If you’re a right-handed player who is looking to have a higher ball flight and an insane amount of adjustability, the Mizuno CLK hybrid would be a perfect choice.

Key Features

  • 4 Degrees of Adjustability

  • 10 Standard Shaft Options (Well More Than Competitors)

7. Srixon Z.X. Hybrid (Low Spin, "Players" Look)

Srixon ZX Hybrid

Branded as “Fast. Forgiving. Full of power.” the Z.X. Hybrids feature all three mentioned traits while being quite stunning at address.

The Srixon Z.X. Hybrid has more of a “players” look, with a slightly smaller head shape than most competitors. The Z.X. Hybrid is offered in lofts of 16°, 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28° making finding the perfect fit for your yardage gapping very simple with a proper fitting.

Some players have noticed a slightly closed appearance at address, resulting in a slight draw-bias; other players have not reported the same thing. We’d likely attest that to each player putting the club in a different position at address, but nevertheless, a slight draw bias can be extremely helpful to reduce spin in high wind situations.

Carbon Crown Construction results in Srixon engineers having weight to play with. Srixon’s team placed the center of gravity in an advantageous position for players to provide a high launch while still allowing players to work the ball in both directions. This C.G. placement also allows players to feel confident hitting their Hybrid off the fairway and the tee at the same time (where some competitors are only great at one aspect or the other).

The Srixon Z.X. Hybrid is offered with a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 stock shaft and shaft flex of Regular through X Stiff.

If you’re a better player who wants to confidently close the gap between their longest iron and highest lofted wood, the Srixon Z.X. Hybrid could be a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Offset Hosel / Face Design

  • Lower Spin

8. Cobra LTDx Hybrid (Offered in Multiple Lengths or the "One Length Set" Option)

The Cobra LTDx Hybrid is offered in 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, and 6H, with lofts between 16° and 27°, meaning all players should find a perfect fitting hybrid club for their bag. Each Hybrid within the Cobra lineup has a different length and lie angle, so a proper fitting would most likely be in order for this to properly fit for your swing.

Like Ping and TaylorMade, Cobra offers their hybrid golf clubs with an “Arccos Grip” (adding .25″ in length) that gives players more precise swing speed and general swing data straight to the Arccos Golf App. As noted Cobra sponsored athlete Bryson DeChambeau implements the “one-length set” approach to his clubs, the Cobra LTDx Hybrid is also offered in a “one-length set” option to fit into a person with that styles bag.

Both the bag appeal and the club head at the address are very satisfying. More and more club manufacturers are going with a “matte” finish instead of the traditional hybrid glossy finish.

Cobra implements a large amount of technology in their Hybrid department to provide users with the best experience possible. A Tungsten “PWR-COR” weighting system positions mass lower and more forward in the head to combine low spin with faster ball speed for more distance. “Highly Optimized Technology,” a.k.a “H.O.T. Face Technology,” utilizes A.I. to create a club face with 15 different hot zones (varying thickness) to increase smash factor and ball speed across a larger area of the face than previous models. A forged “PWRSHELL Face Cup Design” is used on the clubs’ impact zone to increase flex across the entirety of the face and sole for higher ball speeds and higher launch on perfect or off-center hits. Lastly, two “Baffler Rails” adorn the bottom of the head (lining either side of the Tungsten weight) to increase turf interaction and “allow the club to glide effortlessly out of tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers.”

The LTDx Hybrids from Cobra are offered with a KBS PGI shaft in flexes of “Lite” all the way to “Stiff.”

If the Cobra LTDx Hybrid sounds like it could aid your game and current yardage gap, please consider it for your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • Insane Amount of Technology & Built for Speed

9. Cobra Air-X Hybrid (Slice Eliminating Technology)

Cobra Air-X Hybrid

Cobra has long been creating extremely hot drivers and woods. This sentiment of being able to see an increased ball speed from just technology is actualized in the Cobra Air-X Hybrid.

On top of Cobra redesigning the Air-X head to be significantly lighter than previous models, Cobra is using their new Ultralite 50 or 45 (depending on flex chosen) and offers each shaft in flexes of Stiff to Senior, making this club perfect for scratch, mid handicap golfers, or senior golfers. Cobra even makes sure the grip they choose standard is very lightweight (41g) to maintain faster swing speed and ball speed for users.

The overall lightweight approach to the design of the Cobra Air-X Hybrid and the slight offset in the face design is perfect for players looking for added club head speed to increase distance and slice correction.

While being the only real “Gun-Metal” -adjacent color (not commonly seen in Hybrids), it sits confidently and comfortably behind the ball and inspires confidence even in first-time users. One thing worth mentioning is the sound. Cobra’s drivers are notoriously loud, but the Air-X Hybrid is remarkably muted and compact sounding at address. Regardless, this product does not hinder or even mark poorly in the sound category but rather sounds different than you may expect with a Cobra fairway metal.

The Air-X Hybrid is offered in 3H-7H with corresponding lofts of 19°-31°, leaving players with higher loft options if they’re trying to close a tighter yardage gap.

A new “forged face insert” enhances ball speed for smoother tempo swings (also aiding our Senior golfer compadres). Head weighting is localized in the back and heel to create stability and, when used in conjunction with the offset hosel design, can fully help players eliminate the slice from their game.

If more distance and a reduced ability to slice sounds like something that your current hybrid or golf club set in general is missing, consider the Cobra Air-X Hybrid.

Key Features

  • Slice-Correcting Technology

  • Senior Flex / Lightweight Design Perfect for Senior Players

10. PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid (High Tech, Should Require its Own Fitting)

PXG 0317 X Gen 2 Hybrid

While P.X.G. loudly boasts their products are never out-of-stock, their 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids are currently sold out on P.X.G.’s retail site. We’re choosing to take that as a sign that the word is spreading, and P.X.G. Hybrids are making a name for themselves amongst consumers.

The PXG 0317 X Gen2 would have the most classic look at address of the entire list if the head didn’t feature a clearly Carbon Fiber Crown. Yes, the Carbon Fiber saves weight, but at the same time, it comes off as a bit jarring at address. P.X.G. says they chose a stiff, multi-thickness carbon fiber construction on the crown to “reduce energy loss, yield faster ball speeds, and help reinforce the face structure for improved consistency. In addition, the use of carbon fiber in the crown saves approximately 9 grams of mass from the crown’s overall weight that can be repositioned to the sole to optimize ball flight. 

The hosel can be adjusted (+/-) 1.5 degrees to optimize the trajectory players see, and a “Weight Forward” approach to the club heads C.G. promotes low spin to improve distance. 

The high-strength steel face used in the PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids is designed to promote faster ball speeds, and lastly, a “HoneyComb TPE Insert” is used on the inside of the club head to enhance the sound, feel, and dampen unwanted vibrations. 

Like most all P.X.G. clubs, the 0317 X Gen2 Hybrids are built to be fitted to a specific user before purchase. The Gen2 Hybrids have EIGHT (8!) black or platinum-colored weights made out of high-density Tungsten or low-density Titanium that P.X.G. claims allows players to achieve “the best possible results without changing your swing.”

For an incredibly high-tech hybrid that is designed to be tinkered with by users, please consider the PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid.

Key Features

  • Highly Adjustable / Fine-Tunable

  • Should Be Fitted Before Purchase

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