Best Indoor Putting Green 2023

There are zero substitutes for actually practicing your putting. Developing a consistent and reliable stroke, routine, and speed control isn’t something that can be “given.” These skills can only be earned through hard work on the putting green.

Our favorite pick of the 2023 golfing season to make this practice more enjoyable is the PrimePutt Putting Mat. PrimePutt is the scientific leader in creating green-like putting mats for at-home use!

Best Indoor Putting Green 2023



PrimePutt Putting Mat

  • Best Green Replication

  • Best Cups

  • 9ft, 12ft, 15ft

  • 10-12 Stimpmeter Rating



Wellputt 13ft Classic High-Speed Putting Mat

  • Alignment Lines

  • Practice App & Book Instruction

  • Tons of Putting Games



ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator

  • 16 Unique Accessories

  • Ball Leaves "Trail" On Green

  • Included 4 Speeds and Breaks

13 Best Indoor Putting Greens of 2023

The best indoor putting greens on our list today will make your practice sessions easier and more valuable at home as the temperature goes down and winter quickly approaches.

We were sure to include both luxury/designer picks as well as budget-friendly options on our list of mats to help you practice putting indoors.

Make sure you stick around until the end of the article, where we break down our favorite features that make an indoor putting mat most worthwhile.

1. PrimePutt 12' Standard Putting Mat

PrimePutt Putting Outdoor/Indoor Putting Green

The PrimePutt Putting Mat is a beautiful addition to any office, home, or outdoor patio space.

This putting mat uses premium, durable, 1/2″ tour-grade turf that gives the same feedback as a natural grass green that rolls between 10 and 12 on the stimpmeter.

Flexible “no-memory” turf material guarantees to lay flat immediately but can still be rolled up in seconds for easy and convenient storage.

Once you’ve rolled your PrimePutt putting green flat, you can add PrimePutts “game-changing cups” made from the same plastic used on golf courses to maximize accurate feedback and allow golfers to sink up to four putts in a row.

We believe the PrimePutt Mat is the best indoor putting green options because it’s the most realistic replication of a real green.

Each purchase includes three walnut flagsticks for easy ball retrieval and a cool look, and just behind the holes rests a custom walnut backstop that keeps missed putts from getting too far away and can hold golf balls for a cleaner look.

If you’d like to check out our hands-on review of the PrimePutt Putting Mat by our in-house Professional Club Fitter, click here.

Key Features

  • Rolls Flat

  • Beautiful Walnut Backstop & FlagStick Accessories

  • 3 Cups

  • 10-12 Stimp Speed

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

2. Wellputt 13ft Classic High-Speed Putting Mat (Fast, 50 Free Putting Drills)

Wellputt 13ft Classic High Speed Putting Mat

The 13 foot Classic Wellputt Mat is renowned as the leader in accurately scientifically reproducing actual golf course green speeds and rolling conditions.

Players should expect a green speed of between 10 and 11.5, but many users have reported speeds of 12, which we feel really develops the muscle memory and touch of a real green.

The Wellputt putting greens are designed to roll out in one motion to be perfectly flat on any smooth surface and roll up quickly and easily for simple storage.

The Classic Wellputt mat is longer than many but only 1/8th of an inch thick keeping it lightweight and easy for travel. This mat also features no-slip rubber backing like many would expect in the “premium putting green” category.

On both ends of the mat are tons of visual targets and alignment aids that can be used independently or included with the purchase of a Classic Wellputt indoor putting green is free access to the Wellputt App containing 50 free practice exercises that use the visual targets as well.

Going beyond many competitors in the field, the Wellputt Classic mat features three different stroke length markings that coincide with varying putts of length. This helps train the eye to know how large of a putting stroke to make once you transition back to the actual golf course.

Additionally included with the purchase of a Wellputt indoor putting mat is a “Training Book” with an entire putting course you can follow and progress through to improve your putting stroke, distance control, and, hopefully, on-course scoring.

You can get your Wellputt Classic putting mats in Black (shown above) or a Green and Black colorway.

Size Measurements: 13 feet x 19 inches

Key Features

  • Alignment Lines

  • Tons of Putting Games

  • Practice App & Book Course Included

  • 13ft

  • 10-12 Stimpmeter Rating

3. ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator (Most Accessories Included)

ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator

ProAdvanced describes their all-new ProInfinity Putting Mat as a “must-have training aid” for beginners all the way to aspiring professional golfers!

With 16 included accessories and various exciting training methods, the ProInfinity putting green can quickly help players adapt to multiple slope conditions and green speeds.

The ball leaves a “trail” on the mat, which gives users instant, accurate visual feedback.

A new alignment mirror with natural arcs for both lefty and righty players, along with three new different size putting gates, enable users to create more drills at home.

The included training book was completely rewritten to feature 100+ new drills for practice that can evolve as your game improves.

Users get to choose from four different Stimpmeter tested speeds ranging from “Regular” 8 to “Tournament Level” 12.5, all on one indoor putting green.

The ProInfinity putting green includes two multi-angle slope simulators along with 5 changeable slope types and 6 additional foam wedges so you can customize your practice experience any way you like.

The practice mat unrolls flat and rolls up smoothly. The anti-slip material on the bottom ensures stability on all kinds of floor conditions.

The newly updated ProAdvanced Putting Mat is so nice we have a full-length hands-on review of it you can check out here.

Size Measurements: 10 feet x 20 inches

Key Features

  • 16 Unique Accessories

  • Balls Leave "Trail" On Green

  • Includes 4 Speeds and Breaks

4. Back 2 Basics Golf Play Off Indoor or Outdoor Putting Mat (High Quality Construction & Putting Games)

Back 2 Basics Golf Play Off Indoor or Outdoor Putting Mat

The Back 2 Basics “Play Off” putting mat that combines all the technical aspects of a world-class putting mat with a unique design meant to make practicing putting fun.

This 10-foot putting mat is made to fit in your office, living room, backyard, or anywhere you can find a flat surface. The Play-Off mat rolls to the size of a yoga mat and slips into the included carry bag for easy and safe storage or travel.

As we mentioned, the Back 2 Basics mat was designed with fun in mind and has a putting version of Skee Ball, a 9-hole “B2B” Members Course, and distance control markers built to keep users engaged at all times while practicing.

The team at Back 2 Basics Golf chose their putting surface through meticulous testing and picked it because of its consistent roll, a speed that mirrors a real putting green, and the fact that it lasts for a long time.

Additionally, if you’d like to perfect your putting path, this mat is designed to complement Back 2 Basics patented “Pro Path Putting Mirror,” famously endorsed by Cam Smith.

Size Measurements: 10 feet x 1.8 feet

Key Features

  • Carrying Bag

  • Built In Practice Games

  • Compatible with Putting Mirror

5. Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat 2022 (High Quality, High Price)

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat 2022

Trusted by over 100 touring professionals and made famous by a strong endorsement from former World No. 1 and now LIV Golf professional Dustin Johnson, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat had to find a spot on our list.

The Perfect Practice mat features a “crystal velvet” material and “TrueRoll” technology that provides real putting green features and green speeds between 10 and 14 on the Stimpmeter, depending on the surface underneath your mat.

The Perfect Practice putting green is incredibly straightforward to set up. It features an automatic ball return system made of high-quality hardwood that connects easily with magnets, no batteries required.

This putting mat features one regulation size hole and one reduced-size hole, making a regular 4.25 inch hole feel giant after extended use.

Precise alignment track lines help players visualize their ball’s path toward the hole. Players can quickly adjust their setup, stroke, or alignment if a ball rolls off the path.

The Perfect Practice Putting mat is 9′ 6″ long in total and features 8 feet of putting green. Additionally, the green has a rubber backing to keep your green in place while you practice.

On top of all the other features, Perfect Practice has a 60-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Size Measurements: 9.5 feet x 15 inches

Key Features

  • Multiple Size Holes

  • Alignment Lines

  • Automatic Ball Return

6. Me And My Golf 11ft Breaking Ball Putting Mat (Practice Breaking Putts at Home)

Me And My Golf 11ft Breaking Ball Putting Mat

The creative minds over at Me And My Golf say over 90% of our putts on the actual golf course have break, so why do we practice straight putts?

With the all-new 11 foot Breaking Ball Putting Mats from Me And My Golf using patented technology, the “Breaking Balls” can simulate hundreds of different breaking putts in your home, office, or studio.

This putting mat purchase includes three different revolutionary weighted golf balls. A Green stripe ball for “Slight Break,” a Red stripe ball for “Medium Break,” and a Blue stripe ball for “Heavy Break.”

These balls are weighted so that an improper speed or paced roll put on them will naturally throw them off course, training players further than most indoor practice greens.

Ambidextrous-sided alignment lines help users practice good setup, starting line, and pace control.

Included with the purchase are guides and a QR code that takes you to instructional videos on how to practice the most efficiently with your Breaking Ball putting mat.

The instructional videos contain further deep dives on alignment and green reading tips that transfer to an actual green.

Size Measurements: 11 feet x 2.2 feet

Key Features

  • Includes 3 Weighted Breaking Balls

  • Protective Carrying Case

  • Hundreds of Breaking Putts

  • Free Valuable Instructional Videos

7. PuttOut Pro Medium Golf Putting Mat (10 on Stimpmeter)

PuttOut Pro Medium Golf Putting Mat

The PuttOUT Pro Medium golf putting mats are available in three colors (Green, Grey, Black/Blue) and are designed with usability in mind.

The PuttOUT putting mats are easy to roll up for storage and come with a low-profile black drawstring carry bag so you can practice your putting anywhere.

The extra thick TPR rubber backing makes this mat roll completely flat straight out of the packaging, giving players a consistently smooth and reliable roll.

Every PuttOUT putting mat reads an accurate 10 on the Stimpmeter, meaning you’ll be practicing on a medium to fast-paced green away from the course, better ready to adapt to any speed throughout the season.

Size Measurements: 7.9 feet x 2 feet

Key Features

  • Consistent 10 on Stimp

  • Extra Thick Instantly Flat Design

  • Alignment Aids and Markings

8. CHAMPKEY Premium Golf Putting Mat (Includes 3 Putting Gates)

CHAMPKEY Premium Golf Putting Mat

The CHAMPKEY Premium Golf putting mat is by far the highest quality “affordable indoor putting green” in its category.

The purchase includes the 8 ft by 14 inch putting green, an automatic ball return channel, and three different sized putting gates.

The Small Gate (2.1 inches), Medium Gate (2.7 inches), and Large Gate (3.3 inches) help users create putting drills that focus on square alignment and stroke consistency.

A “True-Roll” putting surface simulates a real green, and its speed changes depending on the surface it’s placed on.

Its non-slip bottom provides excellent grip on any hardwood floor or smooth surface.

Size Measurements: 8 feet x 14 inches

Key Features

  • 3 Putting Gates (Progressively Smaller)

  • True-Roll Putting Surface

  • Automatic Ball Return

9. Golf Gifts & Gallery Putting Mat 3' x 10' (Large, Indoor/Outdoor, Rough Edges)

Golf Gifts & Gallery Putting Mat 3’ x 10’

While it might not be the Golf Gifts & Gallery roll-up putting green that is carried at most major Sports Stores across the U.S., it is one of the few realistic putting greens that doubles as an indoor and outdoor practice option.

This putting green features simulated high quality material rough around its edges for not only chipping practice but also to keep putts from falling off their edge.

This putting mat features two putting holes with flags and a padded rubber base that could withstand the elements if needed.

This is one of the heaviest constructed putting greens on our list at 24 lbs, and boasts roughly 24″ x 8’6″ of putting green in total.

Size Measurements: Total 3′ x 10′ – Putting Surface 24 inches x 8.5 feet

Key Features

  • Rough Border for Chipping

  • Padded Base

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • 2 Holes with Flags

10. Intech 3-Hole Indoor Golf Putting Green Training Mat (Very Low Price)

Intech 3-Hole Indoor Golf Putting Green Training Mat

The Intech 3-Hole Indoor Putting Green is perfect for the home, office, or anywhere you want to practice your putting game.

The Intech green contains 9 feet by 3 feet of putting surface and has a non-skid surface underneath for extra stability.

By having more than one hole (3 total) at different elevated positions, golfers should never fear getting bored practicing on this mat.

Each of the hole’s varying heights and incline on the green will result in more or less break or speed being required to hit each hole.

Missed putts will catch the two lining back bunkers.

Intech’s “True To Life” putting turf simulates realistic green speeds, perfect for honing your craft at home.

Size Measurements: 9 feet x 3 feet

Key Features

  • 3 Holes

  • Multiple Heights & Incline at Hole Locations

  • Large Size

  • Back Bunkers

Golf Gifts & Gallery Dual Grain Putting Mat

The Dual Grain indoor putting green from Golf Gifts & Gallery is easy to use and perfect for someone without a ton of space or money to spend.

You can take your indoor putting practice to the next level with the beautifully simple Dual Grain putting mat.

Simply unroll your putting green out of its container, and its wrinkle-free material will allow you to practice on any flat surface.

Upon your first use, roll a few putts in either direction on the green. Putt one way for a “slower” speed or the other direction for a “faster” speed. You’ll get the most out of whichever speed is closer to wherever you play the most, and either side is fast enough to be accurate to a muni or Tour-level golf course.

Included with the purchase is a removable regulation-size half-cup target, and the back features a non-slip backing to prevent movement once you position your official putting mat.

Size Measurements: 8 feet x 14 inches

Key Features

  • "Slower" and "Faster" Speeds

  • Use or Roll Up Quickly

  • Low Price

12. Divot Auto Putt System Putting Aid (Automatic Ball Return on Budget)

Divot Auto Putt System Putting Aid

The Divot Auto Putt Putting Green is an excellent training aid for people struggling with putts inside 8 feet and also hate having to retrieve their golf balls.

The Divot Auto Putt practice green is portable and easy to set up with a simple unroll.

The greens turf is a high quality, nondirectional, non-fraying turf designed to simulate real greens.

It has a regulation-sized cup and a unique no battery required mechanism that returns balls to users whether they make or miss.

Size Measurements: 7 feet 6 inches x 14 inches

Key Features

  • Auto Ball Return System

  • Low Cost

  • Easy Set Up

13. Crestgolf Golf Putting Green Game Set Practice Golf Putting Mat 2 Putters 10 Golf Balls (More Fun & Party Based)

Crestgolf Golf Putting Green Game Set Practice Golf Putting Mat 2 Putters 10 Golf Balls

Crestgolf wanted to create a golf-themed backyard competition and “beer-pong” based game and made just that.

This putting green features anti-skid foam and simulation grass that is durable and runs quite fast.

Included with the purchase is a 10mm thick high quality material base that allows users to adjust the slope for both teams and make the experience more challenging.

Two 30 inch putters and 10 numbered performance golf balls along with 20 turf hole covers (meant to cover a hole when that cup is made).

The Crestgolf Practice Golf Putting Mats fold up quickly and efficiently and can be stored in your included waterproof travel tote bag.

Size Measurements: 8 feet x 2 feet

Key Features

  • 2 Putters & 10 Balls Included

  • More Game Based

  • Includes Break Adjustability

What Features We Like


This is obviously a specific trait dependent on how much space you have for your indoor putting greens. Still, for bedroom use, we included plenty of options barely over a foot in width (Divot Auto Putt Putting Green, Dual Grain), and for larger rooms or even outdoor use, we included a few options of 3 foot width and 12 foot length. (PrimePutt Putting Mat, 13 foot Classic Wellputt Mat)


Often the most critically overlooked aspect in all of golf, speed control on the greens can and should be practiced often.

If you’re looking to practice speed drills and speed control multiple ways on a budget, consider the Dual Grain.

If you’re looking to ball out or want a great Christmas gift, consider the PrimePutt Putting Mat or the Classic Wellputt mat.

All three options are fantastic indoor putting greens to work on speed control, just the latter two are exponentially nicer than the Dual Grain.

Accessories - Alignment Aids - Cups

A ton of the choices on our list include accessories and alignment aids designed to help you get better on the greens.

Those accessories include things like adjustable “break” ramps, putting gates, movable holes, booklets and apps with tutorials and games, automatic ball return systems, and even carrying cases for safe travel.  One thing that made PrimePutt 12′ Putting Mat our favorite is their replication of cups.

Breaking or Flat Practice Mat

We were sure to include both flat (non-sloping) putts and indoor putting greens that have break and slope.

If you struggle severely with sloping putts, it might benefit you to choose one of the more “break-focused” options like the ProInfinity Putting Mat or the 11 foot Breaking Ball Putting Mats from Me And My Golf.

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