Best Iron Covers 2023

The best iron headcovers protect your irons, ultimately prolonging their lifespan, and offer you the best value.

Irons can get dinged up during normal use, especially if you’re carrying your bag, but thankfully the Neoprene or Leather head covers on our list can help stop damage.

We found that Callaway Iron Covers are the best overall on the market.

Best Iron Covers 2023



Callaway Iron Covers

  • High quality

  • Lightweight

  • Versatile fit



Club Glove Gloveskin XL Iron Covers

  • Large

  • Water-resistant

  • Convenient design



Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Iron Covers

  • Waterproof

  • Fit standard and oversized clubs

  • Can personalize covers

Callaway iron headcovers are lightweight and fit tightly. They work well if you’re carrying your bag or riding a cart. You get the protection you need no matter what.

8 BEST IRON Covers

1. Callaway Iron Covers (Best Overall)

Callaway Iron Covers

Overall, Callaway Iron Covers are the best golf iron covers in 2023. We’ve come to expect quality products from Callaway, and these iron covers fit the bill.

They offer excellent protection for your irons. It doesn’t matter if you have right-handed or left-handed clubs because these iron covers have a versatile fit.

These iron headcovers are made from lightweight and breathable fabric. They prevent moisture build-up, helping to protect against corrosion over time.

The covers stay on when your clubs are in your golf bag so you can enjoy your round without any worries. These iron headcovers are also convenient because it’s easy to take them off and on.

Not only do they offer excellent protection on the golf course, but they also protect your golf clubs when you travel. The head won’t bang against each other in transit.



  • Quality construction

  • Versatile fit for right and left-handed clubs

  • Lightweight

  • Breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up

  • Nine head covers (4-PW, SW, and XW)

  • Limited colors

2. Club Glove Gloveskin XL Iron Covers (Best Large Option)

Club Glove Gloveskin XL Iron Covers

The Club Glove Gloveskin XL Iron Covers are the best large option for iron covers. This set has nine iron covers – 4-PW, SW, and XW.

The neoprene material feels and looks like leather. It makes these iron headcovers water-resistant, so your clubs won’t get wet or damaged in the rain.

The design makes them easy to slip off and on when needed. However, they stay stable once you’ve covered your irons and won’t fall off.

These golf iron covers protect the club head and hosel. So, you don’t need to worry about any damage in these areas.



  • Large covers

  • Three color options

  • Water-resistant

  • Convenient design

  • Cover the hosel as well

  • Not as durable as the Callaway head covers

3. Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Iron Covers (Best Waterproof)

Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Iron Covers

The Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Iron Covers are the best waterproof iron headcovers. They offer protection even when there’s a lot of rain on the course.

These golf irons covers are made from high-quality PU leather. So, each one is waterproof and keeps your clubs dry.

They fit both standard and oversized golf clubs. With a Velcro closure, you know they’ll stay on tightly while you play.

These iron headcovers have 12 pieces – 3-LW (with a spare LW). You can choose multiple colors and even get them personalized.



  • Waterproof

  • High quality

  • Fit standard and oversized clubs

  • Velcro closure

  • Can personalize these golf iron covers

  • Only fit right-handed clubs

4. Sword & Shield Neoprene Zipper Iron Covers (Best Zipper Option)

The Sword & Shield Neoprene Zipper Iron Covers are the best zipper option. They’re excellent for walking because you know they won’t fall off as you move.

You get 10 pieces with these golf iron covers (3-PW, SW, and AW). They fit standard irons, and the zipper ensures the head covers stay on until you remove them.

These iron headcovers also have a long-neck design. That means they protect the hosel as well.

The number is only printed on one side of these golf iron covers. So, they’re only suitable for right-handed clubs.



  • Zipper for added security

  • 10 pieces

  • Cover the hosel

  • Eight color options

  • Only for right-handed clubs

5. BettGolf US Flag Neoprene Iron Covers (Best Budget)

BettGolf US Flag Neoprene Iron Covers

The BettGolf US Flag Neoprene Iron Covers are the best golf iron covers if you’re on a budget. They’re one size fits all and come in 10 pieces (4-PW, AW, SW, and LW).

These iron headcovers are thick and prevent damage to your iron heads. Your clubs won’t get beat up when your golf bag is moving around, whether you’re walking with them or transporting them.

They fit a wide selection of the top golf irons, including Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist. And the US flag design makes them stand out in your bag.

It’s convenient to put them on and take them off. That gives you easy access when you need it.



  • Excellent price

  • 10 iron headcovers

  • Thick material

  • Fit almost any brand

  • For both hand orientations

  • Not as durable as other options

6. Craftsman Golf Crocodile Pattern Iron Covers (Most Stylish)

Craftsman Golf Crocodile Pattern Iron Covers

The Craftsman Golf Crocodile Pattern Iron Covers are the most stylish iron headcovers. The crocodile pattern looks pretty cool in your golf bag.

They’re made from high-quality PU leather and protect your clubs. Also, these iron headcovers are well-made, durable, and last some time.

You get 11 pieces in this set – 3-PW, AW, SW, and LW. The identifying number is printed on both sides, so they work for right-handed and left-handed clubs.

These iron headcovers have a magnetic closure. They’re going to stay on once you’ve fastened them.



  • Stylish look

  • High-quality materials

  • Durable

  • Suit both hand orientations

  • Magnetic closure

  • Pattern not to everyone's taste

7. Big Teeth Golf Long Neck Iron Covers (Extra Coverage)

The Big Teeth Golf Long Neck Iron Covers are the best golf iron covers if you want extra coverage. With a long-neck design, they protect the head and some of the shaft.

They’re understated yet stylish, giving them an elegant look in your golf bag. These iron head covers also have an elastic closure, so they’ll stay snug but are easy to pull off.

The high-quality PU leather combined with fur lining protects each iron comfortably and creates a waterproof seal for your clubs when these head covers are used.



  • Extra coverage

  • Stylish

  • Elastic closure

  • High-quality material

  • Waterproof

  • Might look too plain for some

8. Aliennana Golf Iron Covers (Best Designs)

Aliennana Golf Iron Covers

The Aliennana Golf Iron Covers offer the best designs. You can get patriotic with US flags and designs or a shamrock design, aliens, and others.

These are the best golf iron covers for those who like exciting designs. You’re sure to find something to your liking here.

It’s not all about the design because these iron headcovers are also practical. Made from premium leather, they’re water-resistant and stain-resistant.

You get 10 pieces in the set (4-PW, AW, SW, and X). They fit both standard and oversized irons. A Velcro closure ensures the cover stays on your clubs.



  • Great designs

  • Premium leather

  • Water-resistant and stain-resistant

  • Velcro closure

  • Velcro may lose its closing power


When buying iron covers, you should consider the number of covers, the closure system, durability, ease of use, and design.

Number of Covers

Considering the number of covers is crucial because you want all your irons to be covered. Some iron head covers don’t have a cover for a sand wedge or lob wedge, so you need to think about that.

Also, you might have an approach wedge that you want to cover. It’s best to cover all of your irons if you’re going to buy covers.

Closure System

The closure system is also crucial to consider. Before you search, think about how you play golf. For instance, you might need a better closure system if you walk.

Magnetic or Velcro closures are better if your clubs move around a lot. They ensure nothing slips off. Once you confirm that, you can narrow down your options even further.

Some headcovers don’t have a closure system and slip on and off. A cover like this might work better if you ride a cart or use a push cart.


You want headcovers that are durable and will last some time. Also, the whole point of an iron cover is to protect your clubs. They can’t offer the protection you need if they’re not durable.

When you play golf, your clubs move around and knock into each other. Also, you can hit your clubs when removing them from the bag. Any cover needs to be durable to withstand this.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to waste time removing an iron cover. It needs to come off quickly and go on just as easily, so consider ease of use.


There are a few different designs to choose from. Some are more practical and offer extra protection, while others are more stylish.


Overall, Callaway Iron Covers are the best golf iron covers in 2023. They give you the quality we expect from Callaway and fit irons of both hand orientations. The lightweight, breathable material prevents moisture build-up and protects your irons from corrosion.

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