Best Junior Golf Clubs 2023

Junior golfers of previous generations were limited to frankly half-hearted efforts at making performing golf clubs for young kids by major golf club manufacturers. Not anymore.

Our list today breaks down the 9 best junior golf clubs 2023 has to offer our next rising batch of “prodigy” type junior golfers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best junior clubs on the market are the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set. Tour Edge provides everything Junior golfers need to begin their love for the game with easy-to-hit, highly forgiving fairway metals, oversized driver and iron heads, and a premium bag that will last for many seasons to come.

Higher-performing junior golf clubs benefit a child/teen’s ability to like the game and make the transition as they grow and mature into adult clubs much more seamless.

Best Junior Golf Clubs



Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set

  • 10 Clubs in Set

  • LifeTime Warranty

  • Premium Stand Bag

  • Junior Sized Grips



Callaway XJ Junior Golf Club Set

  • For Better Teen Playing Golf

  • Newly Reduced Price Point

  • 7 Clubs in Set



TaylorMade RORY Junior Package Set

  • 2 Quality Made Introductory Sets for Age Range 4-8+

  • Fun Headcover

The 9 Best Junior Golf Club Sets for 2023

  1. Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set (Best Set for Early-Mid Teens, LifeTime Warranty)
  2. Callaway XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set (Fantastic Junior Set for Teens)
  3. TaylorMade Rory Junior Package Set (Rory Blue 4+ for Ages 4 and Older, Rory Blue 8+ for Ages 8 and Older)
  4. PowerBilt Junior’s Silver Series Set (Premium Quality for Cheap $, Stain Resistant Bag)
  5. Wilson Deep Red Junior Complete Golf Club Set (Great Putter, Built for “Better Teen Players”)
  6. MacGregor Golf DCT Junior Golf Clubs (Budget Friendly for 9-12 Years Old)
  7. Cleveland Golf JR Package Set (3 Different Options for Ages 4-12)
  8. Top Flite 2022 Kids’ 9-Piece Complete Set (Budget Friendly for Height 53″ and Above)
  9. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set (Cheapest & Most Basic Set, For Height 4’6″ – 5’1″)

1. Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set (Ages 12 to 16 Recommended, LifeTime Warranty)

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set

Tour Edge describes their Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior golf club sets as “Ideal for players who have outgrown kids sets but haven’t fully developed a need for adult golf clubs.”

Defined as “ideally suited for junior golfers in the age range of 12 to 16,” the Tour Edge Varsity line is developed by the same team of engineers that creates all of Tour Edges’ high-performance golf clubs. This means junior players get to experience and use a lot of the same technology their favorite PGA Tour pros use on a week-to-week basis (Bernhard Langer and Ken Duke, to name a few).

Depending on your junior golfer’s height, weight, strength, and speed, Tour Edge makes it easy to find the proper fitting set by providing a size guide on their website and six unique golf club sets in varying lengths and shaft strengths.

The Bazooka 370 Varsity Set includes oversized heads on every club within the bag. This consists of the high M.O.I “Titanium Matrix Driver” that’s highly forgiving on off-center hits, a stainless steel low center of gravity 4 Hybrid and 3 Wood, 5 iron through sand wedge, and a classic blade style putter.

Understanding that younger golfers will have drastically different size and weight needs when it comes to clubs, Tour Edge exceeds competitors by providing custom grip sizes tailored to smaller growing hands, and new lightweight technology that is progressive through every set to provide ideal weighted clubs for junior players.

A few of the stand-out features of the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Set include the “multi-alignment system” putter head that’s designed to help junior golfers be more accurate on the greens, Tour Edges’ LifeTime Warranty on all their junior sets, and the premium lightweight stand bag included with purchase. The stand bag features an 8-way divided top, comfortable carrying straps, and five zippered pockets for easy and comfortable storage of all your junior golfer’s golf gear.

If you want the best junior golf clubs for the young golfer in your life and want to feel like you’re making a wise “Lifetime” investment in the process, check out the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set.

Key Features

  • 10 Clubs in Set

  • LifeTime Warranty

  • Premium Stand Bag

  • Junior Sized Grips

2. Callaway XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set (For Teens / Premium Junior Set)

Callaway XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set

While major golf equipment manufacturers haven’t always dedicated themselves to the junior golfer side of the game like their adult counterparts, Callaway has taken charge as a company willing to do so. (to the joy of junior players everywhere)

Callaway XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set, as hinted at in the name, is for those stubborn teen years for all young golfers. The body is growing rapidly during these developmental years, and Callaway accommodates that with an “in-between” sizing just slightly smaller than standard adult-sized golf clubs (aiding that transition to a full-sized set, as we discussed earlier). Callaway defines the Level 3 XJ set as ideal for heights ranging from 54 to 61 inches.

The set contains a 17° driver to help young golfers launch their drives a little higher, a fairway wood, hybrid, 7-9 iron, sand wedge, and mid-mallet style putter. The loft degrees change in appropriate gaps to allow young golfers better ability to be confident in their yardages and play with the same game the adults are playing.

A Titanium driver and premium “Junior Flex” graphite shafts paired with the expert engineers at Callaway deliver more distance off every club with enough forgiveness to accommodate a younger player’s game and playing style.

We love that Callaway includes a lower lofted sand wedge, a hybrid, and a fairway wood. Callaway says they wanted to offer junior players in the teen age range “complete golf course coverage” with their loft/club gapping within the XJ3 7 Piece Teen set.

As a few of our final favorite features from the XJ3 set, Callaway provides an incredibly premium bag with full-length zippered pockets and headcovers for the driver, woods, and putter to help instill the notion every player, regardless of age, should treat a club properly.

We can bet the junior golfer in your life would have a boosted sense of confidence that they have the right club for every shot they can face on the course with the XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set from Callaway.

Key Features

  • "Junior Flex" Shafts

  • 7 Different Clubs in Set

  • Lower Lofted Wedge and Hybrid for Perfect Yardage Gapping

3. TaylorMade Rory Junior Package Set

TaylorMade RORY Junior Package Set

As Rory McIlroy has gotten older, he’s become an ambassador of the game and a leader of the PGA Tour.

In his own words, “At age 5, I was given my first real set, and that’s when my passion for the game really started to take off. Now, I have teamed up with TaylorMade to create the perfect starter set for aspiring young golfers, so they can build their passion from an early age—just like I did!”

TaylorMade believes that all golfers remember their first set of clubs (I know I do). If you knew you had the potential to impact your child’s golf journey in a positive way, wouldn’t you do so?

The TaylorMade RORY Junior Sets are offered in a RORY Blue 4+ and a RORY Blue 8+ in two colorways (blue and pink).

The RORY Titanium driver is 400cc, has 16° of loft, and was designed to promote confidence and be easy to hit high, launching drives off the tee. Included with the driver is a unique St. Bernard headcover inspired by Rory’s headcover he uses today! He says, “Sometimes you have to let the big dog eat!”

A fairway and rescue wood were added to the set to bridge the gap between the driver and irons to create forgiving performance from various yardages and lies on the golf course.

The irons are made from 17-4 Stainless Steel, and the irons within the two sets were developed with loft configurations that help launch the ball high and straight.

Lastly, depending on how old your junior golfer is, your set will include a 54° or 56° wedge to make learning the critical part of short game more enjoyable, and a center-shafted mid-mallet putter was developed to give juniors more stability and easier alignment.

If you’re looking for a solid option for the very young golfer in your life, you absolutely can’t go wrong with one of the RORY Blue Junior golf club sets.

Key Features

  • Direct Rory McIlroy Input and Design

  • Designed for Young Kids Aged 4-8+

4. PowerBilt Junior's Silver Series Set (Premium Quality for Cheap $, Stain Resistant Bag)

PowerBilt Junior's Silver Series Set

PowerBilt is a highly budget-friendly company with a fantastic selection of junior golf clubs. Interestingly, PowerBilt and Ping are the only companies on our list that allow you to purchase individual clubs if you’re not interested in an entire set or are just looking for a specific yardage gap fit.

The PowerBilt Junior Silver 8-piece golf set is designed for children aged 8-12 or between the heights of 4’4″ and 5′.

The set comes with a 380cc Medium sized driver head, but the head comes equipped with a higher loft to promote higher launch and more distance off the tee. The shaft is a flexible composite, and the head is comprised of forged aluminum. PowerBilt is incredibly proud of their new shaft. They say it is so lightweight that it contributes to higher club speeds and longer drives.

The Silver set also includes a 5 hybrid, a 7 iron, a pitching wedge, a putter, and two premium headcovers.

We feel PowerBilt sets itself apart from competitors in the bag department. The golf bag that comes with the purchase of a Silver set has 5 dividers like most adult golf bags and features dual carry straps for easy walking. In addition, the bags feature stain-resistant material (helpful for so many young kids playing golf).

Look toward the PowerBilt Silver Series (or Lavender Series for the girls) for a basic yet premium kids’ complete golf club set.

Key Features

  • Offers Each Club Individually (like Ping)

  • Medium Sized Driver Head (For Better Player)

  • Arguably Nicest Bag (Stain Resistant)

5. Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen Complete Golf Club Set (Great Putter, Built for "Better Teen Players")

Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen

When you think of Wilson, you may think of basketballs, but the company has long been a producer of affordable golf club sets also.

The Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen Complete golf club set is fantastic for players in the 11-15 year old range and will most definitely be the last junior golf club set your young golfer will need before they get their first “real” set. Wilson says their Deep Red Tour set is designed for “the better teenage player” yet still built with enough forgiveness and game improvement elements to keep the game fun for younger golfers.

The set includes a 10.5° Driver, a 15° Fairway Wood, a 5 Hybrid, a long-iron, mid-iron, short-iron, two wedges, and a putter.

The driver, fairway metals, and irons all feature what Wilson describes as “an oversized sweet spot to help young kids gain confidence with their golf game.” Included with all the clubs mentioned are lightweight graphite shafts and premium headcovers to keep your set looking great for years to come.

The putter in the Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen club set features heel and toe weighting as well as a junior-sized paddle grip designed to promote a straight putting stroke.

Lastly, Wilson includes with the purchase a dual strap carry bag with numerous pockets more than big enough to store all golfing accessories, balls, and clothes.

If you have a talented and rising young teenage golfer hoping to prepare for the world of adult golf, the Wilson Deep Red Tour Teen junior golf clubs are a great choice.

Key Features

  • Emphasis on Distance

  • Premium Quality Putter and Grip

  • Over-Sized Sweetspot for Confidence Building

6. MacGregor Golf DCT Junior Golf Clubs (Budget Friendly for 9-12 Years Old)

MacGregor Golf DCT Junior Golf Clubs

MacGregor is a more quiet brand in the golf club manufacturing industry, but that doesn’t stop them from producing some of the best kids’ golf clubs on the market. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pick, MacGregor is most definitely the way to go.

MacGregor specifies this set is designed for children ages 9-12, and here’s why.

The driver is largely oversized and has 15° of loft to help junior golfers in this developmental age group get the ball airborne and gain more length off the tee.

The 22° hybrid has a low center of gravity to cater toward more forgiveness and consistency of strike for longer approach shots.

A 7 iron, 9 iron, and sand wedge make the remaining scoring clubs, and all feature a strong cavity back design to boost forgiveness and ease of use.

Lastly, a mid-sized mallet putter makes the set complete and comes with multiple alignment aids to help your junior golfer line up to putts much easier.

MacGregor announced they were upgrading their stand bag from previous years and now include dual straps for “backpack style” carrying, more storage pockets, automatic pop-out legs, and a rain hood just in case the weather turns poor.

If your junior golfer is between 9 and 12 and is interested in the game, the budget-friendly DCT Junior golf clubs for kids from MacGregor will be a well-worth-it purchase.

Key Features

  • Over-Sized Driver Head

  • 22° Hybrid for Easy Approaches

  • Basic and Budget-Friendly

7. Cleveland Golf JR Package Sets "Small, Medium, Large" (3 Different Options for Ages 4-12)

Cleveland Golf JR Package Sets "Small, Medium, Large"

Cleveland Golf is a company backed mainly by its success in the wedge department of the game. They might also be making a run at creating some of the best golf clubs for kids with their Small, Medium, or Large Optimized Junior Sets.

Depending on your junior golfers’ specific age and size range, they will fall into one of the Small, Medium, or Large categories of Cleveland’s Junior golf club sets. Regardless of the chosen set, each selection comes with a premium carry bag equipped with kick-out legs and colorful headcovers to boot.

The Large Set is 7 pieces total, specifically for juniors between 54″ and 63″ tall.

The driver is 18°, built to be easy to launch the ball high into the air. The fairway wood is 22°, and the hybrid is 28°, creating a perfect gapping of loft to develop consistent and reliable carry numbers for your junior golfer.

The rest of the set is rounded out with a 7 & 9 iron, a 56° wedge, and a typical to most junior sets mid-sized mallet putter.

Cleveland is offering a no-nonsense approach to the junior golf club industry, and we believe their Junior golf set is most definitely worth your consideration.

Key Features

  • Small/Medium/Large Options

  • 18° Driver (Easiest to Hit Highest on List)

8. Top Flite 2022 Kids' 9-Piece Complete Set (Budget Friendly for Height 53" and Above)

Top Flite 2022 Kids’ 9-Piece Complete Set

While Top Flite may be failing as a company (their website now directs to Dicks Sporting Goods) but they’re most definitely succeeding in their budget-friendly kid’s golf clubs.

For a limited time, Top Flite is offering their 2022 Kids’ 9-Piece Complete set of golf clubs for 30% off their already below industry-norm prices.

With the purchase of a set comes a beautiful, lightweight stand bag with padded and adjustable dual straps for comfort while carrying. Each bag has a valuables pocket, a full-sized pocket for a change of clothes, and two kickstand legs.

Top Flite’s lightweight, junior flex composite shaft driver was designed to produce more distance and a higher ball flight.

A “hybrid iron” combines the distance of fairway woods with the accuracy of an iron to produce easier long approach shots with consistency.

Every iron in the set (4) comes with a wide sole to provide more bounce and make getting through any turf easier for young kids.

Lastly, a full-sized mallet-shaped putter offers improved alignment from previous Top Flite junior boys and girls golf sets, designed to help develop proper aim and line visualization in younger players.

If you’re looking for an introductory budget-friendly set of junior golf clubs for kids, the Top Flite 2022 Kids’ 9-Piece Complete set may be the perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Junior Flex Driver

  • "Hybrid Iron" for Approaches

  • Wide Sole on Irons for Forgiveness

  • Not Expensive

9. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set (Cheapest & Most Basic Set, For Height 4'6" - 5'1")

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

The most budget-friendly pick on our list of the best kids’ golf clubs in 2022 comes from Confidence Fitness and their Confidence Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids.

This set is designed for players aged 8-12 or 4’6″ – 5’1″ tall.

The driver is an easy-to-hit 15° oversized head with a junior flex graphite shaft. A high-quality headcover comes with it.

A 7 and 9 iron make up the middle of the set and feature a deep cavity to boost forgiveness for young players. The irons feature a different version of the same lightweight graphite shafts in a junior flex.

The set is finished with a forgiving mallet putter with “easy alignment” to help kids roll putts easier.

The deluxe bag features automatic pop-out legs, dual shoulder straps, a 4-way divider top, 4 exterior pockets, and a rain hood.

For a no-frills, introductory set that is exceptionally budget-friendly (bordering on cheap), be sure to check out the Confidence Junior Golf Clubs for kids.

Key Features

  • 15° Oversized Head on Driver

  • Deep Cavity on Irons for Ease of Use

  • 4 Exterior Pockets on Golf Bag

Final Thoughts with @ScramblingTom

Tour Edge and Callaway truly goes the extra mile for the younger generation of player by putting in the same effort and using the same club head engineers and technology for both adult and Junior sets of clubs.

While the upfront cost may be marginally higher, you are making a sound investment that has the potential to last for a few seasons on the low end. The bag within both sets is of premium quality and will last for many years and protect your junior golfer’s belongings well at the same time. If you can afford to look in this direction, the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity Junior Set or the Callaway XJ3 7 Piece Junior Golf Club Set would be a fantastic investment in your kids’ golf game and playing future.

If you are looking for an introductory set for your 4-8+ year old potential player, the “Small” Cleveland Golf Jr Set or the TaylorMade RORY Junior sets would be a great place to look. Their price points aren’t very high for the quality of the product you’re receiving, and while only a few clubs are contained within these sets, it’s perfect for a kid to start playing golf and gaining confidence with a club in their hands.

If you are on a budget or aren’t sure the junior golfer in your life is going to fall in love with the game, one of our more bargain options like the Confidence Fitness Set, the MacGregor Golf DCT Set, or the Top Flite 2022 Kids’ 9-Piece Set would be an amazing option that wouldn’t break the bank.

In our opinion, the best junior clubs are the ones your junior player will actually use. Unless it’s a surprise or gift, let them have some input on the color of the bag or a headcover. You never know what will make the golf bug bite!

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