Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy Golf Balls Online?

In general, Amazon still reigns supreme for the lowest prices and fastest shipping but they don’t usually offer discounts on factory new golf balls. 

In fact, factory new golf balls rarely go on sale and they are usually exempt from product discounts at every store, so how do you save money on brand new golf balls? There are only a few ways to do it. 

How To Save Money on New Golf Balls

1. Wait for Seasonal and Holiday deals

Typically before the new season around March and April as well as during the holidays around November and December are the only times you can find discounts on new golf balls. 

Typically the deals are either a flat discount per dozen or a multi dozen deal such as buy three dozen and get one for free. Other than these times you will usually have to pay full price except for the rare occasion or one off holiday.

We track all the top online stores and will keep the current best golf ball deals we find listed below: 

Golf balls currently on sale on Amazon ↗

2. Price drops on last-gen models

Every 2-3 years golf ball manufacturers will release a new generation and shoppers can rejoice as the previous models go on sale. You can expect to save a decent amount of money by not playing the most recent release of the ball. 

These deals don’t last forever as they are only available until the old models are out of stock. 

Check out the current deals on last-generation golf balls here:

Prior generation balls on Amazon ↗

Prior generation balls at PGA Superstore ↗

Prior generation balls at Global Golf ↗

3. Direct to consumer brands

With the emergence of e-commerce, new-age golf ball brands have popped up with a direct-to-consumer business model. The idea is that by being direct to consumer they can produce the same tour quality golf balls and pass the savings on to golfers.

These golf balls are cheaper even by the dozen, but they offer huge savings when you buy in bulk from them.

Vice Pro for example, which is their tour ball competitor starts at $35 per dozen and you can get them for $28 per dozen if you buy 5. Check out our full Vice Golf Balls Review if you want to read about our experience using them. 

In general the two best direct to consumer golf ball brands are: 

Vice Golf ↗ 

Cut Golf ↗ 

Both these stores offer great golf balls and are cheaper than the big golf brands, they are worth a try. 

4. Buy used (not refurbished)

A common way for golfers to save on golf balls is simply buying them used.  (However don’t buy refurbished.) This is the best way to get the name-brand golf balls for the absolute lowest price although it does come at the cost of quality. Depending on the store and quality rating the difference could be negligible to many golfers and you can save a great deal of money this way. 

For the best prices and quality on used golf balls, we always recommend Two Guys with Balls. You can get 10% OFF with code: IGR

Our Golf Ball Recommendations for 2022

Gold Standard: Titleist Pro V1 ↗

Low-Cost Alternative: Vice Pro ↗ (underrated, must try) 

Alternative Tour Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft ↗

Best Budget Ball: Kirkland ↗

Editors Pick: Srixon ↗


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