Best Spiked Golf Shoes 2023

Our list today will include our 10 favorite spiked golf shoe options for your 2023 golfing season. We take crucial shoe features such as comfortability, the quality of materials used in construction, waterproofing features, traditional or athletic styling options, and any added performance technology into account with each of our choices and their positions on our list. We still feel each option could be anyone’s perfect fit, dependent on their style and particular foot needs, so be sure to check out each selection’s individual breakdown.

Our favorite spiked golf shoes for the 2023 golfing season are the FootJoy Tour Alpha’s. Not only are they an incredibly high-quality “Tour level” golf shoe, but they have multiple colors and lace variations for easier adjustability and comfort.

Best Spiked Golf Shoes 2023



FootJoy Tour Alpha

  • Multiple Lace Styles

  • "Optimized Performance Stabilizer" System Technology



FootJoy Traditions

  • Comfortable Shoe

  • 7 Color Options + "Design Your Own" Feature



Travis Mathew "The Ringer"

  • Premium Waterproofing

  • "SweetSpot Cushioning System"

10 Best Spiked Golf Shoes of 2023

  1. FootJoy Tour Alpha (Additional BOA Options & For Serious Golfer)
  2. FootJoy Traditions (Budget Friendly Pick From FootJoy)
  3. Travis Mathew “The Ringer” (Premium “Tour Quality” Athletic Golf Shoe)
  4. Adidas ZG21 (Alternate BOA Style)
  5. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 (Alternate BOA Styles)
  6. Adidas Tour360 22 (Adidas Best Seller & 7 Color Options)
  7. FootJoy HyperFlex (Ultra-Athletic FootJoy Option)
  8. UnderArmour HOVR Drive 2 (Athletic Choice From UnderArmour)
  9. Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper (Matthew Fitzpatrick Pick)
  10. SQUAIRZ Speed (Gimmick Pick That May Just Work)

1. FootJoy Tour Alpha (Additional BOA Options & For Serious Golfer)

FootJoy Tour Alpha

Called “the grippiest, most stable, lockdown, swing for the fences, golf shoes I’ve ever tested.” in our full review, you can check out here. You’ll be amazed by the comfort and stability of the FootJoy Tour Alpha spiked golf shoes offers. FootJoy takes “The #1 Shoe in Golf.” claim seriously with the superior technology found within their Tour Alpha series.

The Tour Alphas from FootJoy separate themselves from competitors first by offering the shoe in three different lacing configurations; traditional golf shoe laces, Single BOA configuration, or Dual-BOA configuration. As everyone has a different foot shape and height to their arch, having three different lacing options means you should be able to find the perfect shoe for your foot within the Tour Alpha lineup. If you do choose a BOA option, you’ll find one or two dials that work to tighten around the perimeter of your foot instead of laces above the top of your foot like traditional shoes—making the Tour Alphas much more comfortable and having a customizable feel down to the finest degree.

While the FootJoy Tour Alphas have a very “golf only” type appearance to their exterior, they are incredibly comfortable thanks to FootJoy’s “Ortholite” insoles. The Ortholite insoles are very cushioning and give a plush, soft feeling to your feet when walking. In addition, the insoles can be interchanged to adjust the fit to your specific foot needs further.

A proprietary “Optimized Performance Stabilizer” (OPS) system comprising of a 3D molded heel, an A-Frame, and a lateral clip allow you to fully “dig” into shots and swing with as much force as you want. The “Chromoskin Leather” upper and exterior of these shoes are stiff enough to feel of premium quality, yet have enough flex and give to be excellent for stability through the golf swing while making a stance or while walking.

The FootJoy Tour Alphas are offered in three sharp colorways and widths of “Medium” and “Wide,” and on top of everything else, they are backed by FootJoy’s 2-Year Waterproof Warranty and a full 90-Day Quality Warranty.

If you’re looking for a high-quality spiked golf shoe that is going to provide incredible stability, comfort, and multiple lacing styles, please consider the FootJoy Tour Alphas for your 2023 golf season.

Key Features

  • Normal & BOA Lace Options

  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty

  • "OPS" Technology for Max Stability

2. FootJoy Traditions (Budget Friendly Pick From FootJoy)

FootJoy Traditions

Almost snagging the top spot on our list is a classic spiked golf shoe from FootJoy, the Traditions. Offered in 7 standard color options and a “Design My Own” feature, the Traditions are the highest and most well-reviewed shoe FootJoy has ever sold. FootJoy has also just announced a limited edition run of the Tradition line called the “Summer Classics.” The company says the Summer Classics line was “inspired by New England summers and nautical reds, whites, and blues.”

The “Traditions” name has never made more sense as this style has been prevalent for many years now from FootJoy. A classic, finely-stitched full grain leather exterior provides comfort, breathability, and durability. Speaking from experience, they can be cleaned with just a few swipes of a Magic Eraser and a towel to return to their original condition for multiple seasons easily.

F.J. backs the Traditions golf shoes with a Year Waterproof Warranty and free returns through their site. The “Pulsar L.P.” cleats by Softspikes provide an interesting accent (usually a contrasting color to the exterior of the shoe) and incredible grip/traction on all playing surfaces.

The Traditions are incredibly lightweight shoes, It’s almost alarming when you pull them out of the box, but their weight doesn’t detract from their high-quality nature and overall appearance. When first put on, the Traditions feel more like a comfortable walking shoe or boat shoe than a golf shoe. The foam midsole helps the lightweight feel and adds to the underfoot comfort of the “EVA Fit-Bed.”

The only flaw we could find with the Traditions from FootJoy is they tend to run a half-size large compared to other models, so take that into consideration before purchase. If you’re looking for a stylish and classic golf shoe that still performs for a budget-friendly price, check out the Traditions from FootJoy.

Key Features

  • Incredibly Lightweight

  • Budget Friendly Pick from FootJoy

  • 7 Color Options

3. Travis Mathew "The Ringer" (Premium "Tour Quality" Athletic Golf Shoe)

Travis Mathew “The Ringer”

Worn by the likes of former World #1 Jon Rahm, TravisMathew’s “The Ringer” spiked golf shoes offer a very athletic look and premium performance to boot.

While coming in at a premium price, The Ringer’s are offered in 5 premium leather color options that look incredibly stylish and athletic for a golf shoe, probably the most “street shoe” looking choice on our list today.

Marketed as Travis Mathew’s “Premium Performance Tour Golf Shoe,” The Ringer delivers ultimate comfort with the use of a “SweetSpot Cushioning System.” Through layers of molded foam, the SweetSpot Cushioning System gives users “the most comfortable and responsive fit on the market.”

While The Ringer’s are 100% waterproof shoes, they’re still incredibly breathable through the use of the “Air-Mesh” lining in their construction. This technology is said to aid in “moisture management” to keep water out and keep sweaty feet cool on particularly warm days.

For traction and stability throughout your swing, The Ringer features removable “Softspike Pivix” cleats with “Spring Flex” leg technology to inspire maximum player confidence that their feet are staying planted where they want them.

Reviews posted on Travis Mathew’s site proclaim The Ringer’s are some of the most comfortable golf shoes ever made. If you’re interested in a premium, waterproof golf shoe that is going to provide long life and a comfortable feel, check out Travis Mathew’s “The Ringer.”

Key Features

  • "SweetSpot Cushioning System"

  • "Spring Flex" spike technology

  • 100% Waterproof

4. Adidas Tour360 22 (Adidas Best Seller & 7 Color Options)

Adidas Tour360 22

The Adidas Tour360 22’s are Adidas’ best-selling golf shoes on the market. Often worn by Collin Morikawa, Sergio Garcia, Xander Schauffele, and many other PGA and LPGA and LIV Tour professionals, the Tour360 22’s a verified “Tour Level” quality golf shoe. In an effort to reduce waste and environmental impact, Adidas uses “production waste” (and other recycled materials) in the manufacturing of these shoes.

Nearly all Adidas golf shoes could be considered a “comfortable shoe,” and that is most definitely the case in the Tour360 22s. As popularized in their line of Adidas “BOOST” shoes, the Tour360 22’s are made with the same BOOST midsole for energy return and enhanced comfort. A “360Wrap” design locks in and “supports your feet through 18 holes and beyond.” An “INSITE” sock-liner provides extra cushioning to the feet to help avoid blisters and provide an optimal fit, and the “SPIKEMORE” traction outsole works in conjunction with the spikes on the bottom of the golf shoes to help provide perfect grip throughout your entire round. The spikes/cleats on the bottom of the shoes alternate in size, angle, and shape of their individual teeth to provide a very grippy feel no matter the golf course.

Interestingly, there are 7 different colorways that all have something unique to offer, but if you have wide feet, you may be out of luck as their website doesn’t offer multiple width options. However, Adidas does offer the Tour360 22’s with traditional laces OR a BOA option that we believe fits a wide foot just fine.

The only reason they fall to a deeper spot on the list is their price. It’s relatively steep even for the “top tier” golf shoe brands, but the quality is definitely noticeable when wearing and actually playing golf with them. If you’re an Adidas fan and looking for a solid choice from the brand, the Tour360 22 golf shoes will be a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Recycled Materials

  • "BOOST" Midsole

  • 7 Color Options

5. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 (Alternate BOA Styles)

Taking the fifth spot on our list of the best-spiked golf shoes of 2023 is the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2’s. A budget-friendly pick with an almost 50$ decrease in their retail price (ever since Tiger stopped wearing Nike golf shoes coincidentally)

Offered in many different cool-looking and themed colorways and an option for BOA lacing configuration, it’s really a surprise Nike is lowering their prices so drastically. The BOA lace configuration is especially prevalent on their “Wide” line of Victory Tour shoes.

Designers from Nike say they attempted to “bring sophistication to its predecessor (Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour).” Besides the spikes and multi-colored sole, dependent on your color selection, the Victory Tour 2’s are made entirely of leather and definitely have the weight of a premium-feeling golf shoe. The spikes are very large and have to be replaced through the site, unfortunately, but due to their almost comical size, they do tend to last for a very long time on their own.

For truly one of today’s best deals on quality spiked golf shoes, please consider the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2’s.

Key Features

  • BOA and Normal Lace Options

  • Multiple Colorways

  • Luxury Leather Used in Production

6. Adidas ZG21 (Alternate Lacing Styles)

Adidas ZG21

Keeping the trend with the other Adidas shoes on our list, the ZG21s are a quality, comfortable, spiked golf shoe that also offers multiple lacing styles dependent on your preferences.

The ZG21, upon removal from the box, feels so light. They feel equal to, if not more light than my running shoes from Adidas. The shoes are incredibly low profile and feel like normal shoes when putting them on, if that makes any sense. A hybrid “Lightstrike” and “BOOST” midsole create a light, airy feel to the golf shoes. While the upper of the shoe is breathable, it’s still waterproof to keep your feet dry through any golf course conditions.

The three colorways are unique and have light or dark blue accent colors, depending on your primary color of choice. The accented sole looks good when the swing is completed, and one foot is on its toes for it to really be shown off.

As mentioned earlier, if you prefer a more “finely-tuned” feel to your golf shoes fit, Adidas offers the ZG21’s in a BOA lace configuration. With the turn of a dial, you can tighten or loosen the feel of your golf shoes.

For a performing golf shoe that will be as comfortable and lightweight as your favorite pair of running shoes, check out the Adidas ZG21s.

Key Features

  • Very Lightweight

  • Multiple BOA / Normal Lace Options

7. FootJoy HyperFlex (Ultra-Athletic FootJoy Option)

From the #1 shoe company in golf, FootJoy’s HyperFlex spiked golf shoes are what every player who wants an athletic feeling golf shoe needs.

Offered in widths of “Medium,” “Wide,” and “Extra Wide,” all types of players should be able to find a comfortable feel with this pick. The three unique colorways of Grey/White/Blue, Navy/Blue, and Charcoal/Grey are very stylish on their own and would match many outfits. Besides their “Pulsar L.P.” cleats, the HyperFlex’s from FootJoy look and feel entirely like a street shoes.

The engineered mesh upper is flexible enough to feel comfortable, waterproof, and lightweight. FootJoy believes in their waterproofing technology so firmly they provide a two-year waterproof warranty on the HyperFlex’s. To keep with the lightweight theme, a proprietary “StratoFoam” is used to maximize underfoot comfort, reduce underfoot fatigue and provide optimal energy return to players.

Through “OptiFlex” technology or different zones of flex throughout the sole of these shoes, FootJoy promises maximum ground contact for enhanced traction and force transfer.

If you’re not a fan of laces, like many competitors and other products under their umbrella, FootJoy offers the HyperFlex golf shoes in a BOA fit system. With a micro-adjusting dial, players can finely tune the feel of their HyperFlex’s with ease.

For one of the best shoes in the athletic spiked golf shoe market, please consider the FootJoy HyperFlex’s.

Key Features

  • 3 Width Options

  • Street Shoe Feel

  • BOA, and Normal Lace Options

8. UnderArmour HOVR Drive 2 (Athletic Choice From UnderArmour)

While UnderArmour doesn’t make much golf equipment these days, the products they do decide to produce are usually of pretty great quality. That sentiment of few yet high-quality products is most definitely actualized in the UA HOVR Drive 2 spiked shoes.

Seen worn on Tour by U.A. Tour Staffer Maverick McNealy, you won’t find BOA lacing options or a ton of color variations here like many competitors. UnderArmour takes a more simple approach to create one of the best-spiked golf shoes of 2023 and only offers the HOVR Drive 2’s in two colorways of White/Silver and Navy/Silver.

The microfiber upper is breathable and combined with a lightweight waterproof membrane to keep your feet cool and dry regardless of playing conditions.

The molded heel is designed to be extra supportive allowing maximum torque, and the molded EVA footbed provides a ton of underfoot support and comfort. Signature “Rotational Resistance Traction” is hard spikes surrounding the actual golf cleats to add gripping power for players.

Our biggest takeaway from the UA HOVR Drive 2 golf shoes is that they are really soft on your feet and very comfortable for a pair of spiked shoes. The natural shape they adhere to on your feet makes walking more than one round in a day in them a breeze.

For truly a great shoe, check out the UnderArmour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoes.

Key Features

  • Normal & BOA Lace Options

  • Multiple Spike / Cleats for Max Traction & Grip

9. Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper (Matthew Fitzpatrick Pick)

Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper

Skechers as a shoe brand is more associated with toddlers than golf gear. That being said, with their PGA Tour Staff athlete Matthew Fitzpatrick winning the U.S. Open last week, Skechers might have the golf footwear critics and me on notice.

The Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper spiked golf shoes are only offered in a “Medium” width but in three colorways: White/Blue, Black/Gray, and Gray/Red.

The synthetic upper design makes the GO GOLF Pro 5’s a fully waterproof golf shoe.

A removable “Arch Fit” comfort insole with the high-performance “Resamax” cushioning makes these shoes truly one of, if not the best feeling, pair of golf shoes on the market today. The weight of the GO GOLF Pro 5’s is incredibly light and aided by the ultra-light foam midsole made of “Hyper Burst” material.

If you don’t like the look of the accenting colored spikes, the “Softspikes” on the Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5’s are fully replaceable.

Skechers claims they had a team of Podiatrists tests golf shoes to develop the best golf shoe with a perfect shape for your feet. In conjunction with the same Podiatrists, Skechers patented an “Arch Fit” insole technology system to aid in arch support for users and hinder any golf-related foot pain.

If you play golf a lot and are looking for a spiked shoe that will provide a ton of comfort and support to your feet, Skechers golf shoes may be an unexpected direction you turn to. Please consider the Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper spiked shoes for your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • Fully Waterproof

  • Very Lightweight

  • Podiatrist Tested / Created / Approved

10. SQUAIRZ Speed (Gimmick Pick That May Just Work)


Winner of GolfDigest’s “Best Golf Shoes For Men 2023,” the SQAIRZ Speed golf shoes are designed to aid players’ performance on the golf course.

While the SQAIRZ Speed shoe might not be the most fashion-forward pick on our list, it is one of the most critically acclaimed picks by a decent margin. On top of the previous accolade mentioned, the SQAIRZ Speed golf shoes were named My Golf Spy’s “#1 Shoe for Stability” in 2022, an award SQAIRZ proudly displays on their website.

In what SQAIRZ calls their most “athletic style” to date, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to provide a great spiked golf shoe to players. They enhanced the size of the toe box to a larger and more square shape to allow your toes to spread as they naturally would when barefoot. SQAIRZ says this creates a wider base, better stability, and significantly reduced sway during the golf swing. This extra toe wiggle-room also means a more comfortable shoe for users right out of the box.

The wider base design underneath the balls of players’ feet provides a stronger ground connection, which SQAIRZ says they’ve proved results in 3 mph+ increases in swing speed, resulting in 9+ yards in the distance.

If the promise of guaranteed more distance isn’t enticing enough, SQAIRZ offers their Speed shoe in four unique colorways and free replacement golf cleats/spikes for life!

SQAIRZ is so confident you’ll love their Speed golf shoes that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning if you don’t love how they feel, you can send them back for a full refund. While their boxy appearance and tough-to-watch Nick Faldo commercials might have given them a slightly unfavorable public opinion, the SQAIRZ Speed are great golf shoes and should be on your watch list for 2023.

Key Features

  • Highly Awarded Pick

  • Guarantees 3 mph+ Swing-Speed / 9+ Yards Distance

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