Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2023

Today, the spikeless golf shoe market is flush with options from every major golf equipment manufacturer. 

We have been reviewing golf equipment for over 10 years here and for the convenience of our readers, we narrowed down a list of the 10 best spikeless golf shoes for your consideration in 2023 while taking all factors into account.

Our top choice comes from “the #1 Shoe in Golf” Footjoy and their Premiere Series – Field.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2023



FootJoy Premiere Series - Field


  • Premium Waterproof Leather and Materials

  • NEW VersaTrax+ Traction System



G Fore Gallivanter Series

  • Washable and Removable Footbed

  • Fully Padded Interior for Comfort

  • Waterproof Leather



TRUE Linkswear OG Sport Shoe

  • Similar to Tennis Shoe in Look/Feel

  • Extremely Breathable

  • Comfortable Straight from Box

We realize there isn’t a “one size fits all” with golf shoes, but some things to consider when making your selections from our list: ‘What type of course conditions do you see most often?’ Some of us may play hilly golf courses, some may play wet golf courses, and some may play with dry weather all year-round, but each golfer will have a different need in terms of design and traction that may affect your decision. ‘Do you walk most of your rounds or ride in a cart?’ If you’re walking the majority of your rounds, a fully waterproof shoe, cushioning, and extra-durable may be higher on your priority list.

Take a look at our 10 favorite spikeless golf shoes for 2023 before reading our detailed analysis of each selection below. We feel that any of our 10 choices would be worth your consideration, and we try to offer a sample from a variety of price points and styles, functions, and comfort.

10 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2023

  1. FootJoy Premiere Series – Field (Luxury Top Pick)
  2. G Fore Gallivanter (Alternate Top Pick)
  3. TRUE Linkswear OG Sport (Most Comfortable Out of Box)
  4. FootJoy Pro – SL (Best For Poor Stability)
  5. TravisMathew The WildCard – Leather (Jon Rahm Favorite/Stylish)
  6. New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL (Budget-Friendly/Best for Consistent Walking)
  7. UnderArmour HOVR Drive Spikeless (Durable and Sporty)
  8. Adidas S2G Spikeless (Budget-Friendly/Durable)
  9. Nike Air Max 90 G (Street Friendly/Versatile/Easy to Clean)
  10. Callaway Coronado V2 SL (Most On-Course Traction for Spikeless)

Now let’s dive into each choice further and see which spikeless golf shoes are best suited for you this season.

1. FootJoy Premiere Series - Field

FootJoy Premiere Series - Field

Reigning in the top spot for the best spikeless golf shoe of 2023 is the “FootJoy Premiere Series – Field.” FootJoy’s dedication to being the “#1 Shoe in Golf” is on full display in the Field Series with what we’ve grown accustomed to in all FootJoy products, sparring absolutely no expense in detail and quality craftsmanship.

Premium, full-grain leather and luxurious calfskin compose the shoe’s exterior, with soft sheepskin and lightweight performance material forming the interior. New to FootJoy spikeless golf shoes, “VersaTrax+” traction technology delivers unparalleled grip and stability regardless of golf course conditions. The traction elements on the shoe’s outsole are arranged to provide 360 degrees of grip on any surface. The company says they implement “harder TPU elements for ultimate on course grip and softer TPU for traction on harder surfaces.” Also ingrained in the Field Series is a firmer density cup around the heel to provide maximum stability through the swing. The newest “OrthoLite EcoPlush FitBed” is an insole cushioning system explicitly designed to limit “walking fatigue” for maximum comfort and on-course performance.

The beautiful “FootJoy Premiere Series – Field” is offered in four unique leather and exclusive colorways: “White/Brick,” “Brown,” “Black,” and “White.” In addition, depending on the width of your foot, FootJoy provides ‘Narrow,’ ‘Medium,’ ‘Wide,’ and ‘Extra Wide’ options. Also offered with purchase is 2-Year Waterproof Warranty protection to ensure you get the most playing use out of your pair of FootJoy’s.

We hope you’ll give our top pick, the “FootJoy Premiere Series – Field,” a try in your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • "VersaTrax+" Technology

  • "OrthoLite EcoPlush FitBed"

  • Stylish Classic Look

2. G Fore Gallivanter

G Fore Gallivanter

G FORE. Marketed, “as stylish as it is comfortable, ” making significant waves in the apparel golf world,” G FORE stands out from competitors with their colorfully accented ground-facing sole. It is sure to turn heads from any golf club passerby.

The Gallivanter combines premium waterproof leather and an athletic fit that styles well with many, if not all, course attire very well. The Gallivanter’s built-in cleat design features multi-directional and multi-sized “mini cleats,” providing optimal on-course traction and a freshly designed ultra-lightweight sole.

G FORE separates the Gallivanter from competitors in a few key features. The Gallivanter sports a washable and anti-microbial “triple density” foam cushion footbed designed to provide airflow and “the ultimate massage” to your feet. (They’re nubbed like small pebbles on your soles.) In addition, the Gallivanters have a built-in heel pad to hinder the formation of blisters from extended periods of walking.

Offered in widths of ‘Regular,’ ‘Wide,’ and ‘Extra Wide,’ the only minor shortcoming is the limited colorways of ‘Snow/Twilight’ and ‘ONYX.’

G FORE’s Gallivanter should be in the conversation if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable spike-adjacent golf shoe. If you’d like to read our in-depth review of the G/FORE Gallivanter Wides, click here.

Key Features

  • Washable/Removable Footbed

  • Accented Soles

3. TRUE Linkswear OG Sport

TRUE Linkswear OG Sport

A favorite previously reviewed on our site, we believe the OG Sports from True Linkswear are the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes you can wear straight out of the box.

The True Linkswear OG Sports are just flat-out unique compared to competitors. The design features their patented “zero-drop sole” that gives these shoes almost a ‘barefoot’ shoe feeling. The zero-drop design is more natural to walking and provides excellent traction in all conditions. The shoe’s exterior is constructed of new “Adaptive Sport Knit Technology,” a tightly knit material that is breathable while still providing complete weather and waterproof protection. The OG Sport surpasses industry-leading waterproof ratings (100k dynamic testing) and is backed by TRUE Linkswear’s 2-Year Waterproof Warranty.

The OG Sport has a sock-like fit similar to many street shoes, with laces aiding the overall shoe stability. Speaking of ‘street shoes,’ the OG Sport comes equipped with a “cross-life tread” that can handle a night on the town just as well as a spin around your favorite track. The loop located on the heel makes the shoes very easy to put on and take off, and the toe-box is available in many sizes, depending on the measurements of your feet. On top of all that, the OG Sports are a very lightweight shoe and can be packed for a weekend getaway easily.

Available in two colorways, ‘Cobblestone’ and ‘DeepSea,’ we hope to see the OG sports from TRUELinkswear carrying you to more birdies this year.

Key Features

  • On/Off Course Functionality

  • Breathability

  • Instantly Comfortable

4. FootJoy Pro SL

Billed as “the most stable spikeless shoe FootJoy has ever built,” the Pro SL is exploding with the best leading-edge golf shoe technology FootJoy offers.

To begin, the Pro SL features an all-new ‘Infinity Outsole’ that boasts 189 points of traction, 30% more points of traction than previous models. FootJoy determined the heel was an area that deserved more attention to detail in the golf shoe and added 17% more surface area to the heel to provide the perfect grip and ground contact regardless of course playing conditions.

The ‘Dual-Density Midsole’ is constructed of a firmer Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) to provide perimeter stability and a soft underfoot FTF foam to cushion and balance your feet. To add to the stability of the newly redesigned sole, the integrated ‘Power Harness’ delivers medial and lateral support for the best power, control, and energy return throughout the swing.

The “ChromoSkin Leather” construction is super soft, lightweight, durable, and, best of all, is completely waterproof and backed by a 2-Year Warranty. FootJoy exceeds competitors by offering their Pro SL in seven unique colorways and ‘Medium,’ ‘Wide,’ and ‘Extra Wide’ width options.

If traditional laces aren’t your style, FootJoy offers the Pro SLs in a BOA fit system option that is micro-adjustable to perfect dial in foot-feel accuracy for a custom performance fit.

FootJoy’s Pro SL’s should, without a doubt, be in your consideration for a new pair of spikeless golf shoes for 2023.

Key Features

  • 30% More Traction Points

  • 17% More Heel

  • BOA System Option

5. TravisMathew The WildCard - Leather

TravisMathew The WildCard - Leather

The “WildCard’s” from TravisMathew is a 100% leather, no-frills type of golf shoe worn and endorsed on the PGA Tour by a no-frills type of professional, Jon Rahm.

The WildCard’s are incredibly stylish, looking more like a luxury “Alexander Mcqueen” dress-street shoe than a golf shoe. These shoes would be perfect for a vacation because they complement nearly any outfit, golf or dress-related. The folks over at TravisMathew say they drew inspiration from Southern California in the WildCard’s lightweight, spikeless design and overall appearance. They come in four unique leather colorways: ‘Black,’ ‘Quiet Shade,’ ‘White/Green,’ and ‘White.’

The WildCard’s exceptional leather upper is water-resistant and specially designed to be easy to wipe clean. TravisMathew also added multiple layers of molded foam in the footbed developing the “SweetSpot Cushioning System” that they say “will give you the most comfortable and responsive fit on the market.” This ultra-soft insole is lightweight while still providing comfort for all-day walking if necessary. The shoe material is treated with “3M Defender” before being shipped to consumers, a tested and proven spray-on repellent system to provide water and dirt resistance.

If the WildCard’s are good enough to be on the former world number one Jon Rahm’s feet, we hope it’ll be good enough for your consideration this golf season.

Key Features

  • Fashionable Look

  • All Leather Design

  • Easy to Clean

6. New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL

Yet another favorite and previously reviewed by our site, the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL’sare built to feel like a running shoe on the course.

While the standard ‘Black’ and ‘Gray’ colorways are somewhat understated and plain, the ‘White’ colorway is accented with Black paint flecks on the sole, and some have found the “Masters” ‘Gold and Green’ colorway circulating online.

New Balance created a material called “Fresh Foam” originally for their running shoes but are now implementing the technology in their Fresh Foam LinksSL golf shoes. In addition, “Cush+” midsole cushioning delivers soft, all-day comfort without sacrificing support. The use of these foam compositions allows the shoe’s overall weight to be incredibly light, while still being durable enough for multiple seasons of use.

The “Smart Rubber” spikeless outsole features pressure mapping colors to highlight key performance areas and special tread in these areas to maximize grip. On the top of the shoe, the microfiber leather and performance mesh upper are waterproof while still breathable enough to avoid sweaty feet while playing. On the inside, there is a massive pad that surrounds where the heel rests, so there’s no rubbing or stiffness that can hurt the Achilles or back of your ankle. The Fresh Foam LinksSL’s are truly designed with comfort and playability in mind with every feature.

If all this wasn’t enough, New Balance offers a 2-Year Waterproof warranty so you can be sure you use your pair to its fullest potential. If you plan on walking the majority of your rounds or would just like a pair of spikeless golf shoes that are incredibly comfortable, the Fresh Foam LinksSL’s from New Balance is a perfect contender.

Key Features

  • Great for Walking

  • "Fresh Foam" Running Shoe Tech

7. UnderArmour HOVR Drive Spikeless

UnderArmour HOVR Drive Spikeless

The UA HOVR Drive Spikeless golf shoes are UnderArmour’s answer to players wanting a spikeless shoe that’s comfortable as well as high performing.

Under Armour claims the key to their new shoes being so comfortable is the “UA HOVR cushioning.” This cushioning isn’t just nice on your feet; it’s breathable, it’s waterproof, and its placement in the shoe itself supports the natural motion of the foot in a golf swing, as well as promotes a positive energy return at impact. The molded heel in conjuncture with a shock-absorbing “EVA midsole” is anatomically designed to be an improvement in support and comfort from previous models. The microfiber upper exterior is engineered to be supportive and breathable and includes a lightweight waterproof membrane to keep you cool and dry.

The tread on the bottom of the shoe uses UnderArmour’s signature “UA Rotational Resistance Traction,” where the treads are angled and shaped differently in strategic locations to provide the most traction to power your swing.

The UA HOVR Drive Spikeless golf shoes are available in three color options, including ‘Black/Pitch Gray,’ ‘White/Mod Gray,’ and ‘Mod Gray/Academy, ‘ as shown in the photo above.

In addition to all the wonderful technology this shoe offers, it comes with a 1-Year Waterproof Warranty. If you’re in the market for spikeless shoes that don’t compromise on looks or traction, look no further than UnderArmour’s HOVR Drive Spikeless golf shoes.

Key Features

  • Sleek Look

  • "UA Rotational Resistance Traction"

8. Adidas S2G Spikeless Golf Shoes

This is a more budget-friendly and durable pick from our friends over at Adidas. The S2G Spikeless golf shoes are designed for comfort on and off the course with a bouncy midsole that delivers all-day cushioning and flexibility. If you’re a player walking a lot of rounds, these would be a fantastic addition to your rotation. They look more like gym/hiking shoes while also easily passing as street shoes; the S2Gs can be worn with nearly any outfit. The S2 G’s are offered in sizes 7.5-15 and in seven unique colorways, so nearly everybody can find a pair that fits their style the best.

The spikeless “V-Traction” outsole features differently placed “V’s” as tread, providing enhanced grip on variable terrain. The multi-material upper has reflective details while also being waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. An initiative that’s important to Adidas is creating products with recycled materials. As one of Adidas’ solutions to help end plastic waste, the upper’s of the S2 G’s are constructed with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

If you’re a player that wants a durable and versatile pair of spikeless golf shoes that aren’t going to break the bank, the S2 G’s from Adidas are most definitely a top option.

Key Features

  • Budget-Friendly,

  • Great for Walking

  • 50% Recycled Material

9. Nike Air Max 90 G

Nike Air Max 90 G

In our humble opinions, the “Nike Air Max 90 G” is far away from the most’ new-aged fashion’ golf shoes on the market. Paying homage to the original “Nike Air Max 90,” the “G (for Golf) model” is a street shoe with modern adjustments to turn them into street casual golf shoes.

This shoe features the same timeless aesthetic and clean lines the original “Air Max 90” offers, but now with an added fully waterproof synthetic upper to protect a golfer’s feet under the heaviest of rainfall. New to the ’90 G’exterior is built with a strategic mesh that has a thin, flexible overlay that helps keep out water and makes these shoes incredibly easy to clean. Nike believes this overlay process allows breathability for the feet while still being water-resistant to outside sources.

The “Max Air unit” in the heel and the removable foam insole provide a cushion with every step. The integrated traction pattern in the ’90 G’ design draws inspiration from the iconic “Waffle” outsole on the original Nike Air Max 90s. Nike is joining the movement we’ve noticed from other major golf manufacturers and catering their clothing to a more “casual” golf dressing audience. With an increasing golfer population around the globe due to the pandemic, it comes as no shock that Nike is leading the “casual golf clothes” market from the front.

Of course, there is one caveat with these Nikes. As is often customary with their street shoes, they note on their website the Nike Air Max 90 G’s run a half size large, so you may want to size down slightly from your norm. If you want a sporty, stylish pair of golf shoes that comes with a 1-Year Waterproof Warranty and can be worn anywhere, consider the Nike Air Max 90 G.

Key Features

  • Street Casual Style

  • "Waffle" Integrated Traction Pattern

10. Callaway Coronado V2 SL

Rounding out our list of the best spikeless golf shoes of 2023 are the Callaway Coronado V2 SL’s. If traction is what you’re after, the Coronado’s offer superior “sticking power” to most all other spikeless golf shoes.

To begin, the Coronado V2 SL’s are offered in a spiked and spikeless design, depending on player preference. In addition, they’re offered in a “Medium” and “Wide” width options, and the three unique colorways of ‘Navy and Red Camo,’ ‘Black and Green Camo,’ and ‘White and Blue Camo.’

Besides the sharp looks, the Coronado V2’s are also incredibly functional. Unlike most spikeless shoes, the sole of the V2’s has sharp nubs for grip and an overall harder, more plastic-like feel to the bottom of the shoe. This “Fusion-Lite” outsole is what gives these spikeless shoes the same grip and tact that their spiked counterparts have. One thing we will caution users about is this harder plastic configuration of the sole does lead to minor slippage on hard/wet surfaces. (The only reason it’s last on our list!)

In terms of comfort and performance, Callaway really thought of everything. The “ForgedFoam” midsole provides a nice rebound on each stride, while the “CounterLok” heel stabilizer provides confidence to the player and insurance against even the most violent of lashes’ footing. An “Opti-Vent” mesh upper on the body of the shoes allows breathability and heat management to the feet while still maintaining waterproof status. Callaway believes so strongly in their waterproof technology that they offer a 2-Year Waterproof Warranty on their Coronado V2 SL line of shoes.

If you’re the type of player that would enjoy the benefits of a spikeless shoe while never compromising on traction, the Callaway Coronado V2 SL’s are a great alternative. If you’d like to read our full and in-depth review of the Coronado V2’s, click here.

Key Features

  • Arguably Most Traction On List

  • "CounterLok" Heel Stabilizer

  • "Opti-Vent" Heat Management

What to Consider When Purchasing Spikeless Golf Shoes?


As someone who grew up in the unpredictable weather of the MidWest, nothing is as crucial as keeping dry when that non-forecasted storm arises. Thankfully, it’s becoming more and more common for shoe manufacturers to include some water protection built into the purchase of a pair of their shoes. In this article, EVERY selection offers some waterproof protection, but if you’re someone that knows they’ll experience wetter weather in the 2023 golfing season, it may be best to choose a shoe like the FootJoy Field’s, the G/FORE Gallivanter’s, or the TravisMathew Wildcard’s for their non-mesh upper approach. Choosing a non-mesh style shoe can often ensure a little more water resistance than a mesh style counterpart. In addition, knowing with full certainty that your shoe IS water-resistant can allow you as the player to dedicate all of your thought and mental fortitude to pulling off your shot, not thinking about how wet your socks are about to be.


Even as close as 5-10 years ago, plenty of modern golf shoes were wildly stiff and uncomfortable, nearing unplayable. If you’re a player that plans on walking even one round in 2023, comfort should be near the top of the list when making your spikeless shoe selections. Players who experience joint or muscle pain from extended periods of playing golf can at times find relief from the cushion spikeless shoe designs provide. Thankfully, wearing spikeless shoes over the spiked alternative is a great way to make sure you feel your best when teeing it up. If you’re prone to blistering, choosing a more flexible, less rigid shoe design like TRUE Linkswear OG Sport or the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL’sshould hinder some of those issues.

Traction / Grip / Stability

Of course, the reason we’re wearing “golf shoes” in the first place is for steady foot grip when addressing a shot. Spikeless golf shoes have made major advancements in relation to grip, and players everywhere are confirming increased stability and rotational support from footwear made in recent years. Rory McIlroy himself has been seen many times in the 2023 season at the range, and practice facilities wearing normal “Air Max 90’s,” not even the “90 G” model made specifically for golf. While not all golfer’s ability is going to be equivalent to that of Rory’s, if he finds spikeless options provide what he needs to practice, we amateur players should find no issue doing the same.

Looks / Style

Anybody that’s played golf for any amount of time knows the game takes a while. On average, golfers spend more than 4 and a half hours on the course for a round of 18 holes. These 4 and a half hours don’t include the range or practice time spent in the same golf shoes as when playing. If you don’t look down at your feet and like what you see, that’s one more negative influence and variable added to the already often flooded mind of a golfer. While your shoes should be waterproof, comfortable, and grippy first, they should look good and inspire confidence when putting on your feet as well. While not everyone will be able to afford it, having multiple pairs of golf shoes can be a real-life-saver when unnoticed puddles arise, or they’ve been left at the club from the previous round.

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