Best Sun Sleeves 2023

Playing many rounds of golf in the sunshine over the years, we’ve tested a lot of different sun sleeves, and we found the Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology to be the best sun sleeves for 2023.

When the sun is splitting the sky, it’s the perfect weather for a game of golf. However, the sunshine also brings harmful UV rays. You can be out on the golf course for a few hours per round, so sun protection arm sleeves are a great way to stay protected during those hot hours.

Therefore, the best sun sleeves will offer UV protection out on the course. Sun protection isn’t the only thing they should give you, though. They should also keep you cool, offer enough flexibility, and stay in place without slipping during each swing.

The Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology meets those needs and is our pick for the best sun sleeves in 2023.

Best Sun Sleeves



Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology

  • Comfortable and flexible

  • Comfortable and flexible

  • Comfortable and flexible



Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

  • Skin Cancer Foundation recommended

  • Lighweight

  • Snug fit



Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve

  • Premium quality

  • Fantastic breathability

  • Benefits circulation

Nike is the biggest sporting brand in the world. That doesn’t happen without quality products to back up the brand. The Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology gives you the quality golfers have come to expect from Nike apparel.

With these arm sleeves, you won’t have to worry about sun exposure on your arms. They’ll keep you cool in the hot weather while giving you the perfect flexibility for each swing. Also, a snug fit ensures they stay in place so that no sun damage can sneak in.

Keep reading to see the best sun sleeves in 2023 ranked and reviewed.


1. Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology (Best Overall)

Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology

The Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology is our best overall pick of the best sun sleeves in 2023. Nike makes some fantastic sports gear, and the quality shines through in these arm sleeves.

They protect against UVA and UVB rays – both contribute to the risk of skin cancer. That ultraviolet protection factor gives golfers peace of mind on sunny days. And it’s great if you have a skin condition that’s made worse by sun exposure.

These sun sleeves are comfortable to wear out on the course, which is essential when playing golf. Distraction from uncomfortable sun sleeves is the last thing you want when trying to shoot your lowest score. However, that’s not an issue with these arm sleeves.

The moisture-wicking properties keep you cool. So, you won’t get that uncomfortable, sweaty feeling during your round.

And the No-Slip Tape ensures they stay in place. These arm sleeves won’t slip into uncomfortable positions while you play. Therefore, you won’t have to adjust them for every shot, the annoying thing about some other sun sleeves.

The material gives you excellent flexibility during the swing. Flexibility in arm sleeves is super important. It’s no good being protected if you can’t swing properly.

Key Features

  • UVA and UVB protection

  • Sweat-wicking properties

  • Stretch-fit material

  • No-Slip Tape

  • Machine wash

  • Hang dry

  • Storage bag included

2. Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves (Alternate Best Option)

Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

Our alternate best option is the Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves. They’re designed to protect against harmful UV rays, and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends them. That’s the perfect seal of approval when you’re spending hours in the sun.

Not only do they offer excellent protection, but they’re lightweight arm sleeves. The sweat-wicking properties make them cooling arm sleeves. And the seamless design makes for seamless comfort.

These arm sleeves fit snuggly and won’t slip around as you swing. And they stretch nicely, meaning you’ll get protection without sacrificing flexibility.

As the name suggests, they are incredibly durable arm sleeves. You’ll get many rounds of golf out of them. And you can even use these sun sleeves for other activities like playing basketball or cycling.

With eight colors to choose from, they are a great option for both men and women.

Key Features

  • UPF 50 protection

  • Stretchy 90% nylon and 10% spandex blend

  • Lightweight Freeflow fabric

  • Seamless design

  • One size fits all

3. Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve (Premium Option)

Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve

The Under Armour Adult Performance HeatGear Compression Arm Sleeve is a good premium option. This arm sleeve is designed for those hot days on the course. It offers you fantastic breathability and will keep your arms dry when it counts.

It fits tight and compresses your arm. That snug fit feels nice when you’re swinging. And the compression benefits your circulation.

However, that compression doesn’t affect your movement when wearing this sleeve. The material is stretchy and allows you to swing as normal.

This is sold as a single sleeve, not a pair.

Key Features

  • Made from 80% polyester and 20% elastane

  • Ultra-tight

  • Compression sleeve boosts circulation

  • Wicks sweat

  • Quick-drying

4. Hopeshine UV Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves (Best Value)

If you want the best value, the Hopeshine UV Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves are the option for you. One pack has four pairs of arm sleeves with various sizes and color options.

The seamless design makes these arm sleeves extremely comfortable. Unlike with other arm sleeves, you won’t feel itchy when wearing these.

Also, the seamless design means they won’t leave imprints on your arms. Some arm sleeves dig into your arm and aren’t the best for sensitive skin. Not these, though.

The material is breathable and keeps your arms cool in hot weather. It makes them wonderful protection cooling sleeves. But they keep you warm on cooler sunny days as well.

Key Features

  • UPF 50+ protection

  • 3D seamless weaving design

  • Fast sweat kick-away

  • Quick-drying

5. Aegend 2 Pair Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves (Best Cooling)

The Aegend 2 Pair Sun Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves are the best for cooling. Extremely breathable, they keep you cool on those sweltering days.

You’re not losing any important UV protection, though. These sleeves have the newest UFP 50 protective technology for added protection against skin cancer. Therefore, they’re excellent UV protection cooling arm sleeves.

The weave design means you’ll be comfortable wearing these arm sleeves. And their moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry for added comfort.

Key Features

  • UV protection

  • Made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex

  • Cooling effect

  • Seamless weave

  • One size fits all

6. B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Compression Arm Sleeves (Best Style)

B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Compression Arm Sleeves

For those who want the best style, the B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Compression Arm Sleeves are the best choice. They come in various prints, from American flags to tribal designs.

The compression these arm sleeves offer helps support your muscles and prevent injury. And they hug your arms tightly, meaning they won’t slip during your swing.

Innovative cooling technology regulates temperature, so they act as cooling arm sleeves on hot days. That cooling effect feels fantastic out on the course. However, they can also help keep you warm on cooler days.

Key Features

  • Over 40 prints to choose from

  • Athletic armor

  • Premium pro-fit fabric

  • Stay-dri fabric

  • UPF 35+ protection

7. OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Compression Arm Sleeves (Best Compression)

The OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Compression Arm Sleeves offer the best compression. That helps if you have sore and tender muscles in your arms.

The compression is good for blood circulation, getting it flowing into problem areas. That can come in handy for golf, especially if your arm muscles get sore and tired as the round progresses.

These sun protection arm sleeves also help with cooling during your round. The sweat-wicking fabric is breathable, which helps sensitive skin. They also protect from the sun, making them UV protection cooling arm sleeves.

Not only are they perfect for golf, but they’re also good for other outdoor activities. And these arm sleeves suit both men and women.

Key Features

  • Compression support

  • UPF 50+ protection

  • Sweat-wicking fabric

  • Four-way stretch

  • No seams

8. SHINYMOD UV Protection Arm Sleeves (Alternate Value Option)

The SHINYMOD UV Protection Arm Sleeves are an alternate value option. These arm sleeves come in a pack of three pairs.

They have a hole for your thumb to slot through. So, they cover the hand up to the knuckles. That’s a bit of added protection compared with average sun sleeves.

These arm sleeves feel cool on hot days. That makes them fantastic cooling arm sleeves for playing golf when the heat gets up.

They can be used for other outdoor sports and suit men and women.

Key Features

  • Sun protection

  • Made from 92% polyamide and 8% spandex

  • Elastic gripper

  • Moisture-wicking fabric

  • No seams and ergonomic design

9. SportsTrail Cooling Arm Sleeves (Alternate Cooling Option)

SportsTrail Cooling Arm Sleeves

For an alternate cooling option, you can choose the SportsTrail Cooling Arm Sleeves. These lightweight arm sleeves are breathable and keep your skin cool.

They also offer UV protection and block over 98% of UV rays. So, you get sun protection while staying cool on the course.

These sun protection arm sleeves don’t have seams. They won’t dig into your arms and irritate sensitive skin.

Key Features

  • Block harmful UVA and UVB rays

  • Moisture-wicking fabric

  • No seams

  • Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex

10. The Elixir Arm Sleeves (Minimalist Option)

The Elixir Arm Sleeves

The Elixir arm sleeves are a good minimalist option. They get the job done without any bells and whistles.

You have the choice of eight plain colors with these sun protection arm sleeves. It’s easy to match any outfit you’ll be wearing on the golf course.

These arm sleeves are breathable, keeping you cool during the round. And the elasticity in the fabric ensures freedom of movement. The fabric is also designed to prevent skin irritation like chaffing.

These arm sleeves are suitable for men and women.

Key Features

  • UV 50+ protection

  • Fabric with moisture-wicking properties

  • Compression properties

  • 3D weaving design


When buying sun sleeves, you should look for these features: sun protection, cooling, compression, flexibility, slippage, and size. Let’s take a closer look at these six areas.

Sun Protection

It’s essential to look for sun protection when you’re buying sun sleeves. Sun protection is the main job of arm sleeves. They should shield you from the sun’s rays and protect your skin from harmful sunburn.

It’s no good to wear arm sleeves that don’t block rays and protect your skin. You might as well play golf with your arms exposed if that’s the case.

As you can see from our list, most of the sleeves have UPF 50 protection. That’s the optimal cover to have when you’re out in the sun.

The Tough Outdoors UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves have UPF 50 protection. And the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these arm sleeves. Therefore, that protection is the best to aim for.

However, it’s better to have some sun protection rather than none. At least that protects the skin during a long round. Even UPF 35+ protection is better than nothing.


Cooling is another crucial feature to look for. That plays a big part in your comfort during a game of golf. Feeling sweaty and sticky is sure to distract you when you’re on the course.

As you likely know, any distraction can lead to disastrous golf shots. There’s often a fine line between the fairway and the water hazard.

Sun sleeves made with breathable fabric will keep you cool in the sun. And sweat-wicking fabric will keep you dry, cool, and comfortable.

If you buy arm sleeves without cooling properties, your arms will become sweltering and uncomfortable in no time. Ultimately, you’ll take them off if that’s the case because they’ll be a hindrance instead of a help. Then, you’ll no longer be protected from the sun.

Do yourself a favor and look out for cooling when buying arm sleeves.


Another feature to look for when buying sun sleeves is compression. That’s especially true if you need that extra support.

Compression in arm sleeves is a big help if you recently had an injury. The tight fit gives you that extra support and lets you feel more solid. You want to have that feeling of stability when playing golf.

Also, compression in arm sleeves improves circulation. That’s beneficial if you’ve got sore muscles or feel the strain of golf in the later holes. The improved circulation can get the blood flowing and stave off this strain and fatigue.

Consider compression arm sleeves if you feel like your arms get sore after (or during) a round of golf.


It’s essential to look for flexibility in sun sleeves. If arm sleeves restrict your movement, they’re not good for golf.

During the swing, you must be able to freely bend at the elbows. You’ll be at a big disadvantage if you’re fighting restrictive arm sleeves during the swing.

And sun sleeves that cover your wrist must be flexible. The proper wrist flex is crucial to performing a good golf swing.

If you don’t want to be stiff-arming from tee to green, look for flexibility when buying arm sleeves.


Slippage is another thing to look for when buying sun sleeves. You don’t want your arm sleeves slipping all over the place during your swing. That’s a great way to get distracted and shank one into the woods.

And you don’t want to have to adjust your arm sleeves every few minutes. That gets old very quickly, trust us. It’ll annoy you to the point of removing them.

You want arm sleeves with a snug fit that’ll stand up to the rigors of golf without slipping. That eliminates distractions and annoyances out on the course, from sun sleeves anyway.


Looking for size is essential. The correct size plays a part in the five areas already discussed.

If you buy arm sleeves that are too small, you might leave parts of your arms uncovered. That’ll allow the sun to get at your skin, so it won’t be protected.

Also, small arm sleeves can impact the cooling properties. Breathability will be reduced if your arm sleeves are too small and tight. Air won’t be able to flow and keep you cool.

Oversized arm sleeves can impact compression. You won’t get that tight fit for support and improved circulation.

If your arm sleeves are too small, it’ll affect your flexibility. You’ll feel super restricted out on the course.

Lastly, the size impacts the slippage of arm sleeves. One that’s too big for you is more likely to slip around during your swing.

Not all companies size their arm sleeves the same way. Some have different sizes to choose from, while others offer one size fits all options. It’s best to check this before buying arm sleeves.


We’re confident you’ll now be able to choose the best sun sleeves for you. Our 10 picks offer a good variety for you to consider. Each one of them will protect your skin from the sun and keep you comfortable during your game.

The Nike New Solar Sleeve with DRI-FIT Technology is the overall best. These arm sleeves are of excellent quality and offer fantastic protection against the sun. They have everything you need in arm sleeves with an extremely comfortable fit.

These arm sleeves keep you cool, offer excellent flexibility, and won’t slip when you’re swinging the club. Nike makes great apparel, and these arms sleeves don’t disappoint.

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