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Best Women's Beginner Golf Clubs 2023

With many companies manufacturing golf equipment similar to one another, deciding on a golf club set for beginner women golfers can be daunting. Thankfully, we’re here to help you weed through the options and ultimately tell you what we believe are the best women’s golf clubs for beginners.

We’ll be diving into our eight top-ranking choices for complete sets of the best women’s beginner golf clubs. Our number one choice is the Aspire Women’s Beginner Golf Club Set. We understand that a ladies’ complete golf set can be a hefty investment for many, so we made sure our list today includes options from a wide range of price points for all women’s golf club sets.

Best Women's Beginner Golf Clubs 2023



Aspire Women's Golf Club Set

  • Graphite Shafts

  • Alignment Notched Putter

  • Petite and Standard Options



Wilson Profile SGI Women's Complete Set

  • Lowest price on list while still being quality

  • Petite, Standard and Tall Options

  • Stylish


Great for Seniors

Callaway Strata Women's Golf Package Complete Set

  • Increased Head Sizes

  • Lightweight High Quality Bag

The fastest-growing segment of the game we all love is now the women’s golfer population. According to Golf Digest, with the explosive growth golf saw due to the pandemic, nearly 25% of the rounds played in 2020 were by women, and millions of new and beginning women golfers are arriving on the scene. Professional female golfers are rewarded with this increase in popularity by seeing their purse sizes increase by nearly double at some events. The US Women’s Open purse is up to 10$ Million from the previous year’s 5.5$ Million.

Women’s golf clubs are often sold as an entire set for lady golfers just beginning the game. This can be incredibly helpful to the beginner woman golfer as they can get a good feel of how a set progresses in lofts, lengths, and feels consistent. This also aids in starting their golf habits on the right foot, unlike many male golfers in the same beginner category.

Take a quick look at our 8 favorite choices for women’s golf clubs sets before checking out our reviews.

8 Best Sets of Women's Golf Clubs for Beginners

  1. Aspire Women’s Golf Club Set (Insane Bag/Cart Appeal, Forgiving Irons )
  2. Wilson Golf SGI Women’s Complete Club Set (Best for Budget)
  3. Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Package Complete Set (Great for Seniors)
  4. TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set (Great Choice Overall)
  5. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set (More in-depth version of the Complete Set)
  6. Cleveland Ladies Bloom Golf Set (Quality Putter and Stylish)
  7. Cobra Women’s F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set (Light Weight Clubs and Premium Bag)
  8. Tour Edge – Lady Edge Beginner Golf Club Set (Oversized heads for ease of use)

Our Top Picks Reviewed

Now that you’ve seen our list of the best women’s golf clubs for beginners let’s examine each selection further.

1. Aspire Women's Golf Club Set

What this set includes: Driver (12˚), 3 Wood (15˚), 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron, Pitching Wedge, Putter

Taking the top spot in our list of the best women’s beginner golf clubs, with the Aspire Women’s Golf Club Set, beginner golfers will find everything they need to feel confident when stepping on the course. Every club in the complete set except the putter features an incredibly high-quality lightweight graphite shaft in what they describe as a “ladies flex.” We interpret a ladies flex shaft as conducive to a beginner golfer’s swing speed. The Titanium 460cc driver head gives an encouraging sound when struck that will make the range and tee box your new best friends. The two hybrids in this set replace the need for long irons and are much easier to hit than traditional long irons. The irons in the set were carefully crafted so when extra mass was removed when creating the cavity it could be strategically re-positioned around the perimeter of the head, increasing forgiveness and the size of the sweet spot. The mallet putter includes alignment notches to aid a beginner golfer in confident alignment.

In addition to the features of the clubs, multiple color options are provided as well as a Petite length and Standard length for different heights of female players. Of our list, these have to be in the top tier of attractiveness in terms of bag appeal, along with the Kalea and Cobra sets.



  • Graphite Shafts

  • Alignment Notched Putter

  • Petite and Standard Options

  • No Tall Option

  • Right Hand Only

2. Wilson Golf SGI Women's Complete Set

Wilson Golf SGI Women's Complete Set

What this set includes: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6, 7, 8, 9 Iron, Pitching and Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart or Carry Bag, Standard Tall and Petite options

Coming in second is Wilson Golf’s SGI Women’s Complete Set. Each club in this set (excluding the putter) is fit for beginners with a regular flex lightweight graphite shaft. The high-lofted driver has a large sweet spot, and Wilson says the driver is “swing speed matched” to improve ball flight for more distance. Each iron is crafted from high-quality 431 Stainless Steel and comes equipped with a low center of gravity, very large cavity back, and perimeter weighting to increase forgiveness, launch angle, and distance on all strikes. Wilson’s “Easy Launch” sand wedge features a very wide sole and is lightweight for more feel and control around the greens.

On top of quality clubs for substantially less than the previously listed Cobra Women’s F Max Airspeed set, the SGI Women’s Complete Set includes smaller all-weather grips and two-bag options (a cart bag or a carry bag with double padded straps).

Where we feel this set distinguishes itself is its Petite, Standard, and Tall options. With a chart on Wilson’s website, ladies can be sure they are buying the best women’s golf clubs Wilson offers for their specific size.



  • Lowest Cost on our list

  • Size Customization

  • Lightweight Bag

  • Less forgiving Blade style putter

3. Callaway Strata Women's Golf Package Complete Set

Callaway Strata Women's Golf Package Complete Set

What this set includes: Driver (10.5˚), 5 Wood (18˚), 5 Hybrid (26˚), 7 and 9 iron, Sand Wedge, Putter, Stand Bag, and Head Covers

The Callaway Women’s Strata 11-Piece Complete Set is designed as a beginner golf club set. We feel this set of golf clubs for beginners is perfect for seniors (and younger players) because of the oversized head aspect of these clubs’ design, increasing forgiveness for slower swing speeds, and the fact that “no frills” are included with this selection.

The 460cc driver is forged from lightweight Titanium and has a large sweet spot to increase distance and forgiveness for all types of beginner players. The oversized fairway wood and hybrid inspire confidence where long irons can sometimes be intimidating. The 7 and 9 irons are lofted to bridge the gap between players 5 hybrid and wedge. The putter is a sleekly designed blade with a contrasting alignment line to give players ease of mind when using it.

The lightweight and durable bag include 5 pockets, an insulated cooler pocket for drinks, a rain hood, and a padded strap system for maximum comfort and usability anywhere, rain or shine.



  • Lower Cost

  • Oversized Forgiving Heads

  • Only 2 Irons

  • Only 7 Total Clubs

4. TaylorMade Kalea Women's Golf Club Set

TaylorMade Kalea Women's Golf Club Set

What this set includes: Driver (12˚), 3 Wood (17˚), 5 Wood (20˚), 5 Rescue (26˚), 6 Rescue (30˚), 7, 8, 9 iron, Pitching and Sand Wedge, a Spider Putter, Stand Bag and Head Covers (Color Options in both)

Taking the fourth spot, the Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set from TaylorMade is designed to leave a remarkable impression. Each club features its trademarked “Speed Pocket” technology that allows for more flexibility lower on the clubface for higher launch and more forgiveness for different swing speeds. In essence, the “Speed Pocket” is a small cavity in every clubhead that allows for more recoil/explosion at impact, resulting in faster ball speeds. Along with that technology, the clubs sport premium shafts that TaylorMade says “provide very high launch and make it easier to square the face at impact.” In addition, premium Lamkin Sonar Lite grips adorn every club in the set, including a Lamkin grip for the putter. Lastly, the bag is rounded out with a premium ladies’ version of the Spider Putter, so our women counterparts can experience the same confidence on the greens as some of the game’s best.

On top of all that, TaylorMade offers three unique color options for the bag and headcovers, including Gray/Green, Charcoal/Blue, and Black/Violet.



  • Premium Materials

  • Easy to Use

  • Variety of Color Options

  • Spider Putter

  • Highest Price on our list

5. Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set

What this set includes: Driver (12˚), 3 Wood (15˚), 4 Hybrid (22˚), 5 Hybrid (25˚), 6, 7, 8, 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter, Stand Bag with Two Color Options and Head Covers

With the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set, Callaway predicts beginner women golfers to find the ultimate distance, forgiveness, and performance in every club in the bag.

The full Titanium head of the driver gives a massive sweet spot and more forgiveness to feel comfortable swinging at any speed. The 3 Wood and two Hybrids in this set are designed with a more aerodynamic shape to not only pass the eye test but to be more forgiving and increase clubhead speed regardless of swing speed. Having multiple Hybrids in the bag provides a great alternative to the often harder to hit long irons. The irons and wedges in this golf club sets are crafted out of stainless steel and include “high flight” technology which Callaway says “delivers distance, forgiveness and control” across the board. To round out the Callaway Women’s Strata set, it includes a precision face milled putter designed for better accuracy and distance control.

On top of all these features, the clubs are cradled in a lightweight stand bag and headcovers that come in two color options, a stylish purple, and sleek teal. This high-quality bag comes with many convenient pockets and a very nice padded backpack strap system for carrying.



  • Options for Look

  • Easy to hit Wood and Hybrids

  • "High Flight" technology

  • Right Handed Players Only

6. Cleveland Ladies Bloom Golf Set

What this set includes: Driver (14˚), 3 Wood (19˚), 5 Hybrid (23˚), 6 Hybrid (27˚), 7, 8, 9 iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag with Two Options for Color

In Cleveland’s Bloom Ladies Complete Set, players will find some more advanced features that allow their skill to develop while still being forgiving enough to play with ease. The higher than average lofted driver has a large head size and a low center of gravity, aiding for straighter and longer shots off the tee. This same low center of gravity design is incorporated in the 3 wood to create ideal launch conditions. Cleveland claims both of their two hybrids in this set combine the accuracy of an iron, the distance of a wood, and a high launching trajectory for overall increased distance and forgiveness. The irons and wedges include a decently sized cavity for an increased sweet spot and responsiveness, as well as a lightweight design to aid different types of swing speeds. To round out this beautiful set, Cleveland took the look of their classic 10i putter and created a Bloom version with increased perimeter weighting to promote accuracy and consistency on the green.

In addition to the wonderful features of the golf clubs themselves, Cleveland’s Bloom Max Cart Bag features an 8 pocket design and an added protected wristlet for valuables. Cleveland offers two colors of bag and headcovers, either accented with purple or mint.



  • Quality Putter

  • Higher Lofts

  • LightWeight Technology

  • Higher Price

  • Right Handed Only

7. Cobra Women's F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set

Cobra Women's F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set

What this set includes: Driver (15˚), 3 Wood (19˚), 5 Wood (23˚), 7 Wood (27˚), 5 Hybrid (26˚), 6, 7, 8, 9 iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter, Premium Bag, Two Color Options for Bag and Head Covers

Cobra Women’s F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set is what Cobra describes as the lightest and most forgiving clubs in their entire family of products. At 285 grams, the driver weighs substantially less than most women’s drivers to increase clubhead speed, and at 15˚ of loft, beginner players will have no problems getting this driver airborne. The driver and fairway woods all sport different amounts of carbon fiber to lower the club’s overall weight. Cobra says this carbon fiber reduces the club’s likeliness to twist at impact, increasing the club’s MOI (moment of inertia). The irons have higher lofts than traditional sets and strategic heel weighting to produce a slight draw bias and to correct for a beginner’s often left-to-right miss. Cobra’s “F-Max Airspeed” shafts are the lightest shafts Cobra has ever crafted. Cobra opts to leave the shafts unpainted for a unique carbon fiber look. Losing the paint also means less overall shaft weight for increased swing speeds without sacrificing stability. If you’d like to read a more in-depth review of Cobra’s F-Max irons and hybrids on our site, click here.

On top of the incredibly crafted clubs, Cobra includes a premium stand bag with as much space and pockets as many tour bags. The golf bag and headcovers come in two color options for greater customization to a player’s specific preference.



  • Lightweight Clubs

  • High Quality Stand Bag

  • Higher Lofts for Ease of Use

  • F-Max Airspeed Shafts

  • Higher Price

  • Right Hand Options Only

8. Tour Edge - Lady Edge Beginner Golf Club Set

Tour Edge - Lady Edge Beginner Golf Club Set

What this set includes: Driver (15˚), 3 Wood (18˚), 6 Hybrid (31˚), 8, 9 iron, Pitching Wedge Sand Wedge, Putter, Stand Bag/Clubs with 3 Color Options

Tour Edge’s Lady Edge Beginner Golf Club Set rounds out our list as an affordable and practical option for the beginning lady golfer. Every club in the set is oversized to increase confidence and ease of use. Starting with the 460cc driver, Tour Edge describes it as being “designed for superior distance and accuracy.” The 3 wood and hybrid in this set are designed with “deep” center of gravity technology to make them easy to hit while still having a low profile for inspiring confidence when the player is addressing the ball. The stainless steel irons also include an oversized head design with expanded toe weighting and a generously sized cavity for a larger sweet spot to aid off-center strikes. Each of the clubs besides the putter features Tour Edge’s “Moda High Launch Graphite” in 55 grams to aid slower swing speeds and provide a consistent feel across the entirety of the bag. The mallet putter included is a high MOI design for easy and accurate distance control.

Options for the Tour Edge Lady Edge Beginner Golf Club Set include a lightweight dual-strap stand bag in Turquoise/White, Violet/White, and Black/White. Interestingly enough, only the Turquoise set is available in left-hand or tall (+1″) options. All color sets are available in standard and petite options.



  • Affordable Price

  • Over-Sized Head Design

  • Color Options for Bag/Clubs/Head Covers

  • Only Turquoise set for lefty's or tall players

Buyers Guide – What to consider when purchasing a set of golf clubs for a beginner woman golfer?

Should I buy a starter set or each club individually?

If price or budget is any kind of concern, a starter set is generally substantially cheaper than attempting to purchase each golf club individually to form a set. When a golfer is beginning their journey in the game, it’s important to develop a consistent striking pattern and swing pattern. These two feats are MUCH easier accomplished when the golf club set is specifically manufactured to progress fluidly from club to club, as they all are in the sets listed above. By buying a set of golf clubs that are designed to flow into one another, you are allowing a player to retain feel from shot to shot when it is critical they develop this type of confidence.

Is there a difference between men's and women's golf clubs?

Yes. Often times club manufacturers design a set of golf clubs or an individual golf club with a specific type of player in mind. With women’s golf club sets, you’ll generally find a lightweight graphite shaft, heads designed with a lighter weight, and even lightweight grips to aid the slightly slower swing speeds typical to a lady golfer. Women’s golf clubs are also marginally shorter than men’s clubs to account for the smaller frame size on average. In addition, higher lofts and larger sweet spots are usually added to a women’s set of clubs in comparison to men’s clubs to aid in carry distances and ease of use.

What clubs should be included in a starter set for a woman beginner golfer?

Complete sets for beginners make the game more accessible and enjoyable to anyone in the beginning phases, regardless of gender. If your starter set doesn’t include some kind of game improvement irons, some kind of easy-to-launch hybrid or wood, and an oversized driver, you’re likely selling yourself short. In addition, having steel shafts instead of a lighter weight graphite shaft or other composites may be hindering to a woman beginner golfer rather than helpful.

We feel sets for beginners should include but not be limited to:

  • A large/oversized Driver with higher loft (10.5˚-15˚+)
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid(‘s)/Rescue(‘s) (Could be 1-3 per set)
  • Game Improvement Irons (Irons with a generous cavity) (2-5 per set)
  • Wedge(‘s) (1-3 per set)
  • Putter

Concluding Thoughts

Our hope is that you now feel confident in choosing a set of ladies’ golf clubs for beginners. We feel that you’ll love our top overall choice, the Cobra Women’s F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set, because of the premium “F-Max Airspeed” shafts and use of carbon fiber throughout the set, as well as the customization they allow with different colors of bag and headcovers. Cobra is a top-ranking producer in the club manufacturer world, and their dedication to their craft most definitely shows in the F-Max line of products.

If the price of some of these sets is too much for you to pull the trigger, or you’re not confident the game will be in your life for a long time to come, our runner up choice in the Wilson Golf SGI Women’s Complete Set is a great place to dip your toes in for a more affordable price while still being quality products.

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