9 Best Women's Golf Bags in 2023

There aren’t many better feelings than putting your clubs in a new golf bag.

Our favorite ladies golf bag of the 2023 season is the Sun Mountain Stellar bag due to its massive storage space and water-resistant technology.

The best women’s golf bags keep players organized while making their way around the golf course, show their sense of style and personality, and are high quality enough to keep clubs protected without being back-breakingly heavy.

Best Women's Golf Bags 2023



Sun Mountain Stellar Women's 2023 Cart Bag

  • 6 Color Variations

  • 11 Accessory Pockets

  • 14 Club Dividers

  • Durable Fabric



Titleist Players 4 Carbon S Women's Stand Bag

  • Smaller Overall Profile and Straps

  • Durable Construction and Materials

  • Lightweight



Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag

  • Dedicated Putter Holder

  • Tons of Pockets and Storage

  • Cart Straps with Added Extra Security

We chose our 9 favorite cart and stand bags of 2023 to help give players multiple options to get prepared for the upcoming season, whether they walk or ride.

Be sure to stick around until the end of our breakdown, where we discuss our favorite features of the best golf bags for women and distinguish what makes a “great golf bag” in our minds.

9 Best Women's Golf Bags 2023

  1. Sun Mountain Stellar Women’s 2023 Cart Bag (Best Cart Bag)
  2. Titleist Players 4 Carbon S Women’s Stand Bag (Best Lightweight Golf Bag)
  3. Callaway Org 14 2022 Women’s Cart Bag (Most Feature-Filled Cart Bag)
  4. Sun Mountain 2.5+ Women’s 2023 Stand Bag (Great Bag for Avid Walking Golfer)
  5. OGIO 2022 Fuse 4 Stand Bag (Most Eye-Catching Color Options)
  6. Callaway Fairway C Double Strap 2022 Women’s Stand Bag (Unisex Stand Bag)
  7. TaylorMade Cart Lite Women’s Kalea Cart Bag (Durable TaylorMade Cart Bag)
  8. Ping Hoofer Lite Ladies Stand Bag 2.0 (Iconic Stand Bag for Women)
  9. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag (Budget Golf Bag for Avid Walking Player)

1. Sun Mountain Stellar Women's 2023 Cart Bag (Best Cart Bag)

Sun Mountain Stellar Women’s 2023 Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Stellar Women’s 2023 cart bag is lightweight (under 6 lbs) and packed full of features that make cart golf as enjoyable as possible.

The Stellar was designed with player convenience in mind, including features like dual integrated lift-assist handles for lifting the bag on and off the cart or in and out of vehicles. Each pocket is front-facing for the easiest access while the bag is strapped in, and it has a “cart strap pass-through” that runs behind the pockets, so the bag is confidently secured to the cart without compromising pocket access.

The Stellar also features fourteen individual full-length dividers that protect clubs and prevent club shafts from becoming twisted during transport. Included in the fourteen dividers is a specific putter pocket that keeps your flat stick away from your other clubs for extra protection.

There are eleven total pockets, including a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket, a vented cooler pocket, a sizeable apparel pocket, and multiple accessory pockets.

On top of being offered in six unique colorways, the 2023 Stellar cart bag from Sun Mountain goes above and beyond competitors in the cart specific bag space by featuring rubber “cart bumpers” on the bottom of the bag for added durability and including a matching rain hood for extra protection when poor weather strikes.

While the Stellar does include a single strap and is exceedingly lightweight, we would only recommend this bag for players planning on using a cart for the majority of the time they play. Players with a push cart will also love this bag!

Color Options: White/Taupe/Java, Navy/Blue/Tahiti, Lilac/Regal/Violet, Black/Coral/Cadet (shown above), Black/Gun Metal/Cadet, Grey Camo/Nickel/Dawn



  • 6 Color Variations

  • 11 Accessory Pockets

  • 14 Club Dividers

  • Durable Fabric

  • Single Strap Makes Solo Walking Rounds Difficult

  • Premium Cost

2. Titleist Players 4 Carbon S Women's Stand Bag (Best Lightweight Golf Bag)

Titleist Players 4 Carbon S Women’s Stand Bag

Titleist has always prided themselves on creating top-quality products, from their clubs, to golf balls to golf bags like the Players 4 Carbon S Women’s stand bag.

The women’s Carbon S bag is strategically sized with a slightly shorter height and a new premium double strap with narrower, smaller pads. These slimmed-down sizes meet the needs of golfers with smaller frames and shorter clubs.

Additional premium features in the Carbon S stand bag include its highly durable carbon fiber legs and anti-rip lightweight material used in its construction.

Despite being a slim bag design and weighing less than 3 pounds, the Carbon S still features a large clothes pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, and four other accessory pockets leaving ample storage space for players looking to use this as their primary golf bag.

Attributes that nearly forced the Titleist Players 4 bag into our list include its velcro glove holder, tour-inspired rain hood, and reinforced four-way top for enhanced durability and a prolonged bag lifespan.

Color Options: Black/Red, Black/White, Blue/Grey, Gray/Charcoal/Coral (shown above), Navy/Grey, White/Black/Red



  • Smaller Overall Profile and Straps

  • Durable Construction and Materials

  • Lightweight

  • Top Tier Price for Smaller Bag

3. Callaway Org 14 2022 Women's Cart Bag (Most Feature-Filled Cart Bag)

Callaway Org 14 2022 Women’s Cart Bag

Callaway describes the recently updated Org 14 as the ultimate cart bag that prioritizes storage, organization, and club accessibility with multiple cart-friendly features.

As you likely noticed from the photo above, the Org 14 has multiple large front-facing pockets to hold golf balls, tees, and other golf gear, along with four full-length clothing pockets that are more than large enough for an extra pair of shoes.

The top of the Org 14 is a “14-way arched design” that was created to keep your clubs easily accessible at all times and from all angles. The 14 dividers include a dedicated putter holder with complete shaft protection to keep players’ golf clubs separated, organized, and safe at all times.

Being a cart specific bag and slightly heavier and larger than most options on our list, this most likely isn’t a bag players should plan on walking rounds with on a daily basis.

That being said, the Org 14 includes a single large shoulder strap for carrying purposes and multiple features to ensure it can support both golf carts and push carts securely. These features include a “cart strap pass-through” area and “trolley-friendly” hook and loop straps on its underside to prevent bag rotation while making your way around the course.

What pushed the Callaway Org 14 to be one of our favorite cart bags is its two fully insulated drink pockets, its magnetic rangefinder holder built onto its side, its included heavy-duty rain hood, and its two extra deep zippered and water-resistant valuables pockets. These features keep players calm, comfortable, and prepared for anything while on the course.

Color Options: Blue/White, Black Camo, Black/Charcoal/White, Red Camo, Pink Camo (shown above), Navy, Navy/Red, USA, Camo



  • Dedicated Putter Holder

  • Tons of Pockets and Storage

  • Cart Straps and Extra Security

  • Heaviest on our list (6 lbs)

4. Sun Mountain 2.5+ Women's 2023 Stand Bag (Great Bag for Avid Walking Golfer)

The 2023 Sun Mountain Women’s 2.5+ stand bag gets its name from weighing just over two and a half pounds!

This bag was designed with the player who walks nearly every round in mind.

The 2.5+ was obviously built to be incredibly lightweight, but it still has contoured, high-density foam shoulder straps for maximum carrying comfort. The straps use what Sun Mountain calls an “X-Strap System” that’s easy to get on and off and works with a single strap for short carries.

Keeping with the “lightweight women’s golf bag” theme, the top of the 2.5+ is made of high-strength-to-weight plastic with a comfort-grip handle for easier transportation, and the bag only has four club dividers to save mass in its initial construction.

Lastly, the 2.5+ includes a full-length apparel pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a ball pocket with a two-way zipper for easier use, and a water bottle pouch to keep you hydrated.

Color Options: Violet/Navy/Lilac (shown above), Cadet/Coral/Black, Pearl/Taupe/Java, Black/Cadet



  • Super Lightweight Bag (< 3 lbs)

  • Generous Storage on a Walking Bag

  • 4 Full-Length Dividers

  • No Waterproof or Water Resistant Aspects

5. OGIO 2022 Fuse 4 Stand Bag (Most Eye-Catching Color Options)

OGIO 2022 Fuse 4 Stand Bag

The OGIO Fuse stand bag is an incredibly fun and lightweight bag to carry on the course.

It has the second most color variations available out of any option on our list and has tons of features designed to make players’ lives easier.

The Fuse bag is offered with the player’s choice of 10 unique “mild to wild” colorways that guarantee to make you stand out.

Weighing in at only 4.4 pounds, the OGIO Fuse makes no sacrifices in quality and feels very durable during use. We were surprised the bag could remain so lightweight while having such thick closed-cell foam double shoulder straps. These shoulder straps come equipped with OGIO’s “Fit Disc Self-Balancing Strap System” that keeps your straps level and comfortable for the duration of their carrying life.

The Fuse stand bag uses a four-way full-length divider top for traditional organization of your woods, irons, and putter.

The bag also has 6 front facing pockets, including a patented “Rapid Access Snap” Ball Pocket (that always keeps three balls ready at a moment’s notice), a “Rapid Access Snap” Fleece lined valuables pocket, a water bottle pocket with a drainage port, and an umbrella holder to keep players equipped with something to handle the elements.

Extra built-in accessories include a velcro glove patch, a towel loop, and a pen holder.

We must admit our favorite feature of any and all OGIO golf bags is the included “limited lifetime warranty.” OGIO guarantees their golf bags for one year with any issue, meaning if a problem arises with your bag, you could send it back for repair or replacement within a year for no cost!

Color Options: Aloha Palms, Black, Hyper Camo, Red, Sugar Skulls, Terra Texture, Twilight Tropics Light Grey, Warp Speed, Whiskey, White



  • Ample Storage Space

  • 2nd Most Color Variations on List

  • One Year Warranty

  • Built-In Ease Features

  • No Waterproof or Water Resistant Aspects

6. Callaway Fairway C Double Strap 2022 Stand Bag (Unisex Stand Bag)

Callaway Fairway C Double Strap 2022 Stand Bag

The Callaway Fairway C Double Strap stand bag is one of the multiple unisex golf bags on our list. The Fairway C is compact, sleek, and extremely stylish, with players’ choice of fifteen unique color options.

The Fairway C has a standard four-way top with full-length dividers for safe travel and only six total accessory pockets, making it a most “no-frills” women’s golf bag option.

These pockets include a tee pocket, ball pocket, side accessory pocket, drink pouch, full-length pocket (perfect for rain gear), and a velour-lined pocket great for valuables. Extra built-in accessories include an alloy towel ring and a clip system that lets players use one or both straps, depending on their preference.

The Fairway C is one of the most lightweight golf bags on our list, weighing in at only 4 pounds. Despite its light feeling to players, this bag is made of highly durable fabric that stays looking new with a simple wipe to clean.

Callaway bests competitors by offering buyers the ability to fully customize their bag with embroidered text, icons, or logos in full color for a small fee.

Color Options: Black, Black Camo, Black/Pink Camo (shown above), Black/White, Charcoal, Navy, Navy/Red, USA, Olive Camo, Royal/White, Green/White, White/Red



  • Most Color Options On the List

  • Easy to Clean

  • Very Lightweight

  • Few Accessory Pockets

  • No Rain Hood

7. TaylorMade Cart Lite Women's Kalea Cart Bag (Durable TaylorMade Cart Bag)

TaylorMade Cart Lite Women’s Kalea Cart Bag

The TaylorMade Cart Lite Women’s Kalea bag delivers everything you expect from a full-size cart bag in an easy-to-transport 5.5-pound package.

The Kalea cart bag features a 14-way top with individual full-length dividers for easy and secure club storage.

The top and base of the bag are engineered to be “cart-optimized” for a better fit, and the bag itself features a “cart strap pass-through” that keeps the bag securely in place as you cruise the golf course.

The Kalea bags 8 accessory pockets include; a full-length clothes pocket, a half-length clothing pocket, a bonus front-facing “stash pocket,” a large integrated insulated cooler pocket, a 360-degree zip-off ball pocket, and dedicated pen ports.

Our favorite features of the Kalea Cart Lite women’s golf cart bag have to be the sneaky bonus side pockets next to the ball pocket (perfect for on-course snacks) and the massive open patch on the outside of the ball pocket that TaylorMade left intentionally for players to have the option to embroider and customize their purchase personally.

Color Options: White/Lavender (shown above)



  • 14 Full-Length Dividers

  • Insulated Cooler Pocket

  • Ample Storage Space

  • Only One Colorway

  • No Straps

8. Ping Hoofer Lite Ladies Stand Bag 2.0 (Iconic Stand Bag for Women)

Ping Hoofer Lite Ladies Stand Bag 2.0

The “Ping Hoofer” has to be one of, if not the most iconic, carry golf bags ever created! The majority of high school and collegiate level golfers in America have either purchased or been given a Hoofer at some point due to the bag’s reputation of being durable, high quality, and holding a remarkable 2-Year Warranty from Ping.

Weighing just 5 pounds, the Women’s Hoofer Lite 2.0 is a fantastic choice for the walking golfer. The bag features a four-way divided top to keep players’ clubs organized and protected.

Despite its more petite size, the Hoofer Lite still features 7 pockets with excellent storage space. These pockets include a full-sized zippered clothes pocket, two valuables pockets, a valuables pouch, and a zippered range finder pocket.

Additional quality-of-life improving technology in the Ping Hoofer Lite stand bag includes a rain hood attached inside one of the cushioned hip pads, a “cart strap channel” that keeps your bag extra secure while keeping pockets accessible, and a “back puck” that keeps your shoulder straps tangle free and with tension to make carrying your Hoofer even easier for long rounds.

Color Options: Black, Blue, Blue/Orange, USA, Multi, Navy/Tan, White (shown above), Grey/Black



  • Durable

  • Large Storage Space

  • Range Finder Pocket

  • No Waterproof or Water Resistant Aspects

9. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag (Budget Golf Bag for Avid Walking Player)

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo Golf might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to golf bags, but their Ultra Lite stand bag at a super affordable price certainly caught our attention.

Weighing 3.2 pounds, the Ultra Lite bag is effortless to carry and transport. This bag is engineered with high-strength, stain-resistant polyester to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean.

This golf bag includes a waterproof valuables pocket, a large ball pocket (perfect for customization), dual heavily padded straps, an umbrella holder, and an integrated “SmartGrip” handle that makes picking up the bag extra easy.

The Izzo Golf Ultra Lite bag is available in six unique color variations and always includes a matching water-wicking rain hood.

The only flaw we can find with the Izzo bag is that it doesn’t include a pocket specifically for tees, but it makes up for it by having an extra large zippered garment pocket.

Color Options: Black, Lime Green/Grey, Blue, Orange, Red, White



  • "No Frills" Design

  • Large Garment and Customizable Ball Pockets

  • No Tee Holder

Different Types of Golf Bags for Women

Cart Bag

Cart bags are the largest of all the different styles of golf bags. They almost always have full 14-way divided tops, more pockets, more storage space, and one or no shoulder strap.

Cart bags never have kick-out legs and are intended to be strapped into a golf cart for most of their life.

Cart bags are generally considered too large and cumbersome to carry consistently round after round by the golfer (unless the said player has a caddie carrying the bag for them).

Hybrid Bag

Hybrid Bag

A hybrid golf bag crosses between smaller stand bags with legs and larger cart bags with more storage space.

In our opinion, hybrid bags are the best of both worlds.

They usually have more storage space than smaller stand bags while only sacrificing a pound or two in overall weight. Depending on the manufacturer and model you choose, the top can have 14 club dividers like cart bags or a 4 or 5-way top like most other stand bags.

Players who both ride a cart and walk rounds that are craving a bit of extra storage space will love a hybrid golf bag.

Stand Bag

Stand bags are among the most commonly chosen for junior players, young golfers, and active walkers everywhere.

They are designed to be lightweight and usually only hold the necessities for a round of golf.

Players that struggle with stamina or having consistent energy throughout a round from carrying too heavy of a golf bag should consider one of the lightweight stand bags on our list, such as the Titleist Players 4 Carbon S or the Sun Mountain 2.5+.

Sunday Bag

Sunday Bag

Sunday golf bags started as a more “hipster” niche product for golfers looking to only carry the bare necessities for a quick stroll around the golf course but have quickly risen in popularity in the last few years.

Golfers who frequent Par 3 Courses or want a smaller bag to carry a few clubs to and from the driving range and practice areas should strongly consider a Sunday golf bag.

What's The Difference Between a Women's Golf Bag and a Men's Bag

Men’s and women’s golf bags are typically only different in color schemes but also sometimes in size and weight.

Companies like Callaway make unisex golf bags that don’t cater to a specific gender, but Titleist makes the women’s versions of their golf bags with slightly shorter profiles to accompany shorter club lengths and slightly smaller and lighter shoulder straps for the smaller frames of females.

What Factors Do We Look at Before We Buy a New Bag?

Buying a new golf bag can be just as difficult of a decision as buying new clubs! The golf bag is something that is used every round, and a bag that doesn’t inspire confidence or at least make the player smile to look at will do nothing toward helping them play their best.

We look at these factors most critically before purchasing a new golf bag:

Exterior Material, Look, and Color Options

  1. When purchasing a new bag, the first thing we look at is the quality, durability, and amount of maintenance the bag will need to look its best. The majority of the bags on our list are made of polyester blends of some kind, but only bags made using “Ripstop Polyester” will be water-repellant.

  2. Additionally, if the bag’s colors, patterns, or overall aesthetic doesn’t suit the player’s eye, the bag most likely won’t be the best fit. The best women’s golf bags inspire confidence in players and simultaneously show off their sense of style and ‘golf fashion.’

Style of Bag and Weight

The style of bag you choose will depend on how you or the golfer in your life most enjoy playing golf. If you tend to walk the majority of your rounds, a lighter weight stand bag with kick-out legs and padded carrying straps would likely be the best fit.

If you or the golfer in your life primarily rides a cart any time they play, a cart bag with no legs and a heavier, more robust design will work perfectly.

If you want a mixture of both bags that has legs and prioritizes storage space, a hybrid bag would be a great golf bag for you.

Number and Size of Pockets

This is entirely down to player preference, but the number and size of pockets on a golf bag can really make or break the purchase in our eyes!

If you’re a golfer that tends to travel a lot, bags like the Callaway Org 14 and Sun Mountain Stellar have multiple full-length apparel pockets that make long-distance packing very easy.


The type of carry straps that come standard with your bag will depend on the kind of bag you choose.

Most large cart bags aren’t really intended to be carried for long distances or full rounds by the player, so they’ll generally only have one large shoulder strap or no strap at all.

Stand bags and “hybrid bags” usually always have a double strap “backpack” style system that makes carrying the bags for long distances very easy.


If you or the player in your life struggles with club organization or keeping up with every club during a round having individual club dividers built into the bag design can really be a valuable tool.

Keep in mind that having more dividers naturally adds weight to a golf bag’s design, likely being the reason why most carry bags only have 4-way or 5-way divided tops.

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