Best Women's Putters 2023

Short game and putting, in particular, are two aspects of golf that every player, regardless of age, gender, or any other factor, can be fantastic at, IF they have the proper equipment for their game.

Our pick for the best putter for women in 2023 is the updated Women’s TaylorMade Spider GT.

It features a revamped and extra forgiving design with a face insert built to give poorly struck putts the best results possible.

Best Women's Putters 2023



TaylorMade Spider GT Women's SB Putter

  • Works Well w/ Straight Putting Motion

  • Extremely Forgiving Putter Head Design

  • Unique and Cool Look



COBRA King 3D Grandsport 35 AL Putter

  • SIK Face Technology

  • Multi-Material Construction

  • 3D Printed Rear

  • Designed with Forgiveness in Mind



Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Women's Putter

  • Beautiful Black/Gray Finish

  • Milled Face for Better Feel

  • "Speed Optimized Face" for Consistent Distance and Speed Control

11 Best Putters for Women Golfers 2023

  1. TaylorMade Spider GT Women’s SB Putter (Best Mallet Style Putter for Women)
  2. COBRA King 3D Grandsport 35 AL Putter (Best Blade Style Putter for Women)
  3. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Women’s Putter (Most Forgiving Blade Putter for Women)
  4. PING G Le 2 Echo Women’s Putter (Best Adjustable Mallet Design)
  5. Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s Seven Putter with Stroke Lab (Mallet with Adjustable Sole Weights)
  6. PING G Le 2 Anser (Adjustable Upgrade to Iconic Blade Putter)
  7. Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s One Wide S Putter w/ Stroke Lab (Blade with Adjustable Sole Weights)
  8. PING PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Stealth Putter (Luxury Mallet Putter Pick)
  9. Mizuno M Craft OMOI III Blue ION Putter (Unisex Mid Mallet Putter)
  10. Tour Edge HP Series Nickel/Blue #3 Women’s Putter (Best Budget Women’s Putter)
  11. XXIO Eleven Women’s Mallet Putter (20-30% Lighter Than Everything Else)

Be sure to stick around until the end of the article, where we explain in detail our favorite features on women’s putters in 2023 and hopefully help point you in the right direction to find the best putter for you or the lady golfer in your life’s game.

1. TaylorMade Spider GT Women's SB Putter (Best Mallet Style Putter for Women)

TaylorMade Spider GT Women's SB Putter

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter sets a new standard in terms of performance and “game improving” design influence.

The new update to the Spider GT created more sharp angular features and even greater extreme perimeter weighting for optimal forgiveness and a consistent roll.

This is the first TaylorMade Spider putter to feature an open frame multi-material design. The two steel side wings are 90 grams each and push 82% of the putter’s total weight to the perimeter, allowing the Spider GT to remain incredibly stable on off-center strikes.

The women’s Spider GT putters have a lighter overall head weight and shorter length (only available in 33 inch designs) to fit a wide range of women golfers.

The top of the head that faces players features contrasting light blue accented sightline dots that help players align confidently to every putt.

TaylorMade has updated their “Pure Roll” face insert to the “Pure Roll 2,” which now contains silver aluminum bars angled at 45° throughout the face to produce a consistent roll time after time.

Lastly, a single bend hosel and the hosel’s placement on the face create a face-balanced putter that better fits players with a “straight back and straight through” putting stroke.

Key Features

  • Best TaylorMade Putter for Women

  • Works Well w/ Straight Putting Motion

  • Extremely Forgiving Putter Head Design

  • Unique and Cool Look

2. COBRA King 3D Grandsport 35 AL Putter (Best Blade Style Putter for Women)

COBRA King 3D Grandsport 35 AL Putter

The COBRA Grandsport putter features an oversized blade head shape and a multi-material construction implementing a 3D printed lattice rear, a forged aluminum crown, tungsten weighting, and SIK Face technology to deliver Tour validated stability and consistency on every putt.

A 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge towards the club head’s rear optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible in a blade shape for more consistent and predictable rolls.

A 286 gram steel chassis lowers the putter’s center of gravity and adds structural stability to support the additional components.

A light, 21 gram forged aluminum crown frees up discretionary weight for the engineers to position more mass around the perimeter, increasing MOI and forgiveness on poorly struck putts.

By saving weight with the aluminum crown, COBRA engineers were able to add 30 grams worth of Tungsten weighting to the heel and toe to maximize stability on off-center putts and further increasing forgiveness.


Lastly, by partnering with SIK Golf and Bryson DeChambeau, each COBRA Grandsport features an aluminum face insert with SIK Golf’s patented “Descending Loft Technology” (DLT) that utilizes four descending lofts to ensure the most consistent roll and launch angle for a variety of putting strokes and attack angles.

The Grandsport putter is available in lengths of 34 and 35 inches, and it is the first of a few “unisex” putters we’ve included on our list today.

Key Features

  • SIK Face Technology

  • Multi-Material Construction

  • 3D Printed Rear

  • Designed with Forgiveness in Mind

3. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Women's Putter (Most Forgiving Blade Putter)

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Women's Putter

Cleveland might not be the first name you think of when it comes to beautifully milled putters, but the Huntington Beach Soft Premier #4 Women’s Putter should change that forever.

Featuring a plumber’s neck blade design, the Huntington Beach Soft #4 putter provides a very classic look that appeals to every player who prefers a blade style putter.

A sleek, gray satin “PVD” finish delivers a premium appearance and instills a sense of confidence in all users. The finish looks very similar to Scotty Cameron’s “Black Mist” putter finish, which has been incredibly popular this year and in 2012.


To ensure consistent speed control and distance control, Cleveland has implemented their proprietary “Speed Optimized Face Technology” that normalizes ball speed across the entire face of the putter. This makes even the most off-center struck putts have a more predictable and consistent outcome than non “Speed Optimized” putter faces.

Lastly, Cleveland is using a new unique diamond CNC milling pattern that was designed to increase friction for a pure roll and a softer feel at impact.

Key Features

  • Beautiful Black/Gray Finish

  • Milled Face for Better Feel

  • "Speed Optimized Face" for Consistent Distance and Speed Control

4. PING G Le 2 Echo Women's Putter (Best Adjustable Mallet Design)

PING G Le 2 Echo Women's Putter

PING is one of the few golf equipment makers still family-owned and operated in the United States.

The club engineers at PING have enhanced the feel and forgiveness of their new PING G Le 2 line of women’s putters and included three different head shapes for lady golfers to choose from based on what suits their eye and putting stroke the best.

The PING G Le 2 “Echo” putter is a full-sized mallet intended for women golfers with little to no arc in their putting stroke.

PING has implemented their famous “adjustable shaft length” technology into every G Le 2 putter, allowing players to easily adjust the length of the shaft from 31 to 35 inches to fit their unique putting stance and stroke.

PING uses a “dual durometer face insert” that combines a soft front layer and a firm back layer to provide the ideal feel and feedback at impact from each putt.

The PING G Le 2 Echo also comes standard with a softer “PP59 Midsize Grip” that fits comfortably into the ladies’ hands and limits unwanted wrist action in the putting stroke.

Key Features

  • Designed for Little to No Arc

  • Adjustable Shaft Length

  • Specialty Midsize Grip

5. Odyssey White Hot OG Women's Seven Putter with Stroke Lab (Mallet w/ Adjustable Sole Weight Design)

Odyssey White Hot OG Women's Seven Putter with Stroke Lab

The Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s 7 putter is a double bend face-balanced mallet putter that is best suited for strokes with minimal arc and face rotation.

Odyssey has had immense success both on Tour and with amateurs using this head shape, and for 2023 they’ve added their legendary White Hot face insert, upgraded the shaft options to include a new Stroke Lab shaft, shortened the length, and added smaller grips designed specifically for women.

Odyssey notes that both amateurs and PGA Tour professionals alike have asked them to re-introduce their “White Hot” face inserts for years, and they’ve finally listened.

Odyssey engineers have combined a rich silver “PVD” finish with fine milling on every key surface of the putter. These ultra-premium features are unlike anything Odyssey has features on a White Hot and is meant to inspire confidence in players who appreciate the look of a milled putter.

Players can choose between a stunning red Stroke Lab shaft or a premium stepped steel shaft, both featuring a precisely fitting slim pistol grip for a classic look and feel in the hands of players.

If you choose the Stroke Lab Shaft option, your purchase will include two 15 gram adjustable weights in the sole, and if you choose the steel shaft build, you’ll have two 10 gram adjustable weights. Each feature is included to ensure you or the female golfer in your life has the best, most comfortable, and most confidence inspiring putter they’ve ever felt.

Key Features

  • Most Forgiving Odyssey Putter for Women

  • Stoke Lab Shaft Option

  • White Hot Insert

  • Shorter Length and Smaller Grip

6. PING G Le 2 Anser Women's Putter (Adjustable Upgrade to Iconic Blade Putter)

PING G Le 2 Anser Women's Putter

In January of 1966, Karsten Solheim designed the iconic “Anser” putter head. This model became so successful that PING celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016.

The Anser is seeing a revolutionary change to its unmistakable look with its addition to the PING G Le 2 women’s putter line.

Besides the new sharp purple accent colors, PING is including the same adjustable shaft length technology that the other G Le 2 from PING on our list also features.

Additional same technology across the line includes the new softer “Dual Durometer” face insert designed for greater feedback, distance control, and consistency, and a soft “PP59 Midsize grip” meant to promote a smooth, non-wrist influenced putting stroke.

The standard length of the PING Ladies G Le 2 Anser putter is 33 inches, but it has an adjustable height from 31 to 35 inches and comes with a wrench that, if used for one complete turn, either extends or shortens the shaft precisely 1/4 of an inch.

PING putter engineers and designers have found the G Le 2 Anser to be perfect for players with a slight arc to their putting stroke.

Key Features

  • Adjustable shaft length

  • Face Insert for Consistency

  • Soft Smaller Stock Grip

7. Odyssey White Hot OG Women's One Wide S Putter w/ Stroke Lab (Blade Adjustable Sole Weights)

Odyssey White Hot OG Women's One Wide S Putter w Stroke Lab

The White Hot OG Women’s One Wide S putter is a wide blade with a slant neck giving this putter toe hang that’s best suited for strokes with moderate face rotation and arc throughout.

Like the other Odyssey putter on our list, the One Wide S features Odyssey’s legendary White Hot insert that has performed well enough to claim over 100 PGA Tour wins, including 48 majors.

Also similar to the other 2023 Women’s White Hot putters, the One Wide S is available with both a stepped steel and a new Stroke Lab shaft with shorter lengths and smaller grips explicitly designed for women golfers.

Keeping with the theme of Odyssey putters being built towards specific player preferences, the Stroke Lab build features two 15 gram adjustable sole weights, and the steel shaft build features two 10 gram adjustable sole weights.

Sharp milled lines are featured on most of the metal surface area of the putter, meant to not only upgrade the look of the putter but also to inspire confidence in users when they’re looking down at their golf ball.

Key Features

  • Stroke Lab or Steel Shaft Options

  • Adjustable Sole Weight System

  • White Hot Insert

  • Designed for Moderate Arc Stroke

8. PING PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Stealth Putter (Luxury Mallet Putter Pick)

PING PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 Stealth Putter

The new PING PLD (Putting Lab Designed) line of putters is precisely milled and carefully crafted from forged 303 stainless steel for incredible feel and responsiveness.

A new, deep, and aggressive milling pattern on the face offers consistent performance, roll, and greater accuracy.

PING says the distinctive “Prime Tyne 4” design provides a balanced look at address and ensures stability, making it highly forgiving and accurate.

The putter’s “flow neck” hosel shape promotes and encourages a strong arcing stroke.

This is another selection that has seen fantastic success with both men and women golfers since its release, and it is available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches.

Also included with the purchase is an updated and textured PING Blackout putter grip, a favorite of players such as Tiger Woods.

Key Features

  • Forged and Milled

  • Needs Strong Arcing Stroke

  • Unisex Putter

  • Beautiful Look

9. Mizuno M Craft OMOI III Blue ION Putter (Unisex Mid Mallet Putter)

Mizuno M Craft OMOI III Blue ION Putter

Mizuno has long been known for their ability to create incredible feeling forged irons. That sentiment is now being passed to the putter equipment category with the new M Craft OMOI forged putter line-up.

The M Craft OMOI III Blue ION Putter is forged from premium 1025 carbon steel, and CNC milled using all the successful fundamentals of the original M Craft models.

The OMOI line of putters features a heavier head weight to increase MOI for improved stability at setup, through the stroke, and at impact.

The OMOI line has achieved its new stability by balancing out the increased head weighting with a lighter weight grip and shaft to shift the club’s center of gravity and help control face rotation throughout the putting stroke.

Each putter within the OMOI line from Mizuno comes with an additional weight kit, including a pair of 3 gram and 13 gram weights interchangeable with the 8 gram fitted as standard.

The OMOI III is fully face-balanced and designed for players that implement a “straight back and straight through” putting style.

The Mizuno OMOI III is available in three stunning finishes: New Double Nickel, Bold Blue ION (featured in the photo above), and an Intense Black ION.

Lastly, the OMOI III comes with a KBS tour Black Ion-plated shaft, a Lamkin OMOI Sink Fit Pistol grip, and an upgraded blacked-out M Craft headcover.

Key Features

  • Face Balanced Design

  • Heavier Design

  • 3 Color Finishes

10. Tour Edge HP Series Nickel/Blue #3 Women's Putter (Best Budget Women's Putter)

Tour Edge HP Series Nickel/Blue #3 Women's Putter

Tour Edge’s HP Series of putters contains the Nickel/Blue #3 Women’s Putter that was designed explicitly with high-M.O.I. and forgiveness in mind.

The #3 Women’s Putter incorporates a soft feeling face insert that contains “micro-grooves” that reduce skidding off the face for increased consistency and pureness of the putts roll towards the cup.

Every putter in the HP Series from Tour Edge includes a jumbo grip. This grip helps prevent golfers’ wrists from breaking or hinging during putts, making it easier to create a pure and fluid putting stroke. Additionally, the jumbo grip reduces grip pressure and minimizes club head rotation for a softer touch and more pure putting stroke.

At address, the Nickel/Blue #3 putter features four alignment lines aimed towards helping even the best putters find consistent and easy perfect alignment.

Key Features

  • Thicker grip

  • Micro Grooves on Face

  • Four Alignment Lines

11. XXIO Eleven Women's Mallet Putter (20-30% Lighter Than Everything Else)

XXIO Eleven Women's Mallet Putter

XXIO has become one of the fastest growing equipment manufacturers due to their promise of creating ultra-lightweight club designs that are 20% to 30% lighter than typical, tour-developed equipment.

Milled from a single piece of forged 303 stainless steel, the new XXIO Eleven Mallet putter offers a highly stable putting platform with an exceptional premium putter feel.

The Eleven Mallet from XXIO features Tungsten weights in the toe and heel to expand the overall MOI (forgiveness) for increased stability and consistency on the greens.

Thanks to the Tungsten perimeter weighting, players with all types of strokes can use the XXIO Eleven Mallet with great success.

At address, players are greeted with dual alignment lines, and two additional dots mark the center of the face for ultimate easy and confident alignment.

To complete the mallet, it features a proprietary multi-texture XXIO grip that has been tapered and shaped to perfectly conform to women golfers’ hands.

Key Features

  • Versatile Putter for Multiple Putting Strokes

  • 4 Alignment Lines

  • Tungsten Forward Weighting

Favorite Features of the Best Women's Putters in 2023

Adjustable Shaft Length:

While most of the best putters for women on our list feature shorter putter shaft lengths to accompany the often shorter female golfers, both the PING G Le 2 Echo and Anser feature actual adjustable height shafts.

Players can experiment and tinker with the overall height of the putter by quarter inches, between 31 and 35 inches, to find the most comfortable feeling position for their specific stance and stroke.

When I’ve wanted to experiment with shaft lengths, I’ve always had to drop my putter off at a professional and pay to have it cut down and re-gripped. With PING’s adjustable shaft technology, that is a thing of the past, saving money, time, and overall headache.

Adjustable Sole Weights:

Putters featuring adjustable sole weight technology add an additional level of customizing players putting experience.

With adjustable sole weight designs, players can add additional weight if they like the feel of a heavier putter or if greens are particularly slow (to help speed control naturally), remove weight if they want a lighter putter or greens are particularly fast (also to help speed control naturally), OR players can add more weight to the heel or toe to aid a push or pull putting stroke bias!

The Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s Seven, Odyssey White Hot OG Women’s One Wide S Putter w/ Stroke Lab, and the Mizuno M Craft OMOI III Blue ION putter all feature interchangeable sole weights.

These options are excellent for players that like to experiment.

"Face Inserts" or Added Putter Face Technology:

“Face inserts” are essentially a plate that is put into the putter face where you actually strike the ball.

Odyssey says their White Hot OG insert improves contact, feel, feedback to players’ hands, and overall performance (their near 50 Major Tournament Victories to back up this claim might have some merit).

Other companies, like COBRA, use SIK Technology face inserts to achieve descending loft on the face of the COBRA King 3D Grandsport. Implementing this type of technology allows players to reliably expect the same launch for every putt, regardless of where they strike the ball, essentially eliminating the possibility of hitting a terrible putt.


A “milled” putter means the head was milled from a single block of metal and usually features a “milled face,” meaning the putter face has a complex milling pattern designed to achieve the best sound, impact feel, and overall feedback.

“Cast putters,” or putters made out of multiple materials, tend to use an insert to achieve the same type of responsiveness that milled putters achieve naturally.

That’s not to cast any shame on multi-material designs, as club engineers have developed ways to achieve greater perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness using multiple materials in the construction.

It’s wise to have the woman golfer in your life test the putters they are interested in before they are purchased. You never know what putter is going to feel great in your hands!

Premium Components:

Most women golfers across the board can benefit from the premium putter shaft, sole weighting, grip, and milling processes that the best putters on our list feature.

If you’d like less wrist action in your putting stroke from a thicker grip, check out the Tour Edge HP Series.

What are the Differences Between Men's and Women's Putters?

Thanks to “The Great COVID Golf Boom of 2020-2021,” female golfers now account for 25% of the rounds played throughout the course of a year in the United States.

Major equipment manufacturers have focused on the men’s side of the golf equipment market for the last few hundred years, so it’s likely long overdue that women golfers see more of the equipment advancement focus.

While still including all the same putt-improving technology from the men’s putters, equipment manufacturers now often slim down the grips, shave off weight in crucial areas, and even shorten the shafts of the putters to make them more conducive to a lady golfer’s stature and height.

The weight and length of the putters are genuinely the only differences.

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