Bettinardi 2016 BB1 Putter

New Year = New Awesomeness

In the world of putters, classic designs still rule the greens.  While everyone complains about the “copy-cat” putter makers, yet when a designer breaks the mold, they complain about that too.  Sometimes just sticking with a tried and true head shape is the best way to go.  Robert Bettinardi does a great job of understanding what people want and making it awesome each time the new year model comes out.  The 2016 BB1 is refreshed this year with new looks and features.

I believe that Bettinardi is the king of aesthetics when it comes to putters.  Outside of completely custom putters, there isn’t a putter company that makes a better looking “off-the-rack” putter.  Year after year, model after model, these are the best looking putters you can buy.  I’ll take Bettinardi looks over any other brand.  2016 is no different.  The new BB line is stunning.  The finish is called Midnight Black which is a polished black finish which even has hints of rainbow colors.  The lime green paint fill really pops in contrast to the black.
The head-shape is Bettinardi’s classic BB1 “anser” style head with round bumpers.  It is same as previous version of the head.  From every angle the milling and finish on this putter are perfect.  It looks very refined and elegant.  The honeycomb face has long been a fixture of Bettinardi putters, whether small or large.  This one has the larger milled honeycomb look for a smooth flat face.  Every angle of the putter is clean and smooth.  The larger B on the bottom that was milled out looks really cool as it flows right up to the edge.
Bettinardi added a couple of unique and new touches to the BB line with the satin finished steel shaft.  It looks like a KBS c-taper shaft.  The new Lamkin grip has excellent texture and feel.  The new headcover design is cool too.  The silver and green cover looks nice.  I also like that they went back to a velcro closure system.  The old covers used to be slide on and off.  The had elastic across the back, which kept them on tights, but made them difficult to take off.
On the performance side you are going to love the feel of thisBettinardi putter.  It is as pure as it gets when it makes contact with the ball.  Mild Carbon Steel is about as soft as it gets for metal putters.  The alignment line on the flange is paintfilled with a black/grey paint to show that it is there, but not bright or bold.  It sets up so square to the ball and is very balanced for an arched putting stroke.  While I can’t promise you will shave a stroke off on every hole with this putter, you are going to really like the feel, looks and performance it offers.
Bettinardi made the BB1 putter look, feel and play awesome.  It isn’t revolutionary, more evolutionary of a classic design with new looks.  If you already have a previous model year BB1 you might not see any real putting differences, but the new looks may be just what your eyes like to see.  The Bettinardi 2016 BB1 putter is the new one for this year and it is awesome.

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Quick Hits:
+Great details
+Awesome finish
+Vibrant color
+Classic head shapes

–Putter art can get expensive