REVIEW: Bettinardi 2018 BB1 Putter

Another Edition, Another Work of Art
Putter makers have the difficult task of making something that is unique yet traditional in shape.  They need to be creative, but not too creative.  They want something that looks amazing, but also functions on the course.  I am impressed that with every new line of Bettinardi putters they are able to create functional art.  The new BB series follows in the long line of putter series that offer stunning looks, great traditional head shapes and a creative model or two.  The newest version checks off all the boxes for a great putter that is also a work of art.
The finish and color palette are always key to what makes the newest Bettinardi BB series putters new and exciting.  This year the matte black finish called stealth black has just the right dull/sheen combo that gives it a rich tone.  The white and bright yellow absolutely pop in contrast to this finish.
Bettinardi is always experimenting with different face mills.  The new  BB series has a very tight deep mill pattern called super-fly milled.  Previous Bettinardi putters have had Hex milling or Fit Face.  The new tight mill offers are really soft feel of the face and a good roll.  The milling is done with great precision so that you have a perfectly flat face.
The Bettinardi BB1 is a traditional anser headshape with soft lines and round bumpers.  The headweight is perfectly balanced and offers a solid feel at impact.  At 350 grams it is that nice weight that isn’t too heavy or too light.  The 1/4 toe hang makes it perfect for my arch putter stroke. The new grip is bright yellow, and has a rough corded feel too it.  While it is a standard size it is just slightly bigger than some others.
While there might not be anything technologically superior to the face milling or headshape, the Bettinardi BB1 putter still gets the ball in the bottom of the cup.  My first round with this putter in the bag I had 5 birdies.  That was an exceptional day for me.  Since then I’ve had great success with the putter in the bag.  The whole package makes this putter work on the greens.  The matte black finish looks really clean behind the ball with the single sight line.  The carbon steel is soft and the face milling puts a nice roll on the ball.  The anser headshape balances nicely and offers a solid feel at impact.

If you are a Bettinardi fan or collector, this new model is really nice.  If you don’t have a Bettinardi in the bag, you might want to check out the new BB line.  The newest edition looks great, works well and is another piece of Bettinardi art.

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Quick Hits:
+Great new looks
+Excellent finish
+Soft Feel
+Nice balance
+Success on the greens