Bettinardi BB1 Putter

This is a “Betty” worth looking at
I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase speaking about an attractive woman and calling her a “Betty”. I think that the new Bettinardi line is full of “Bettys” worth looking at. In 2010 Bettinardi is back on his own after parting ways with Mizuno. While I am a big fan of Mizuno, I’m glad to see Bettinardi putters without any other logos on them.

I happen to be a big fan of the BB1 style head.  I really like the rounded bumpers and smooth lines.  The new BB series, which could stand for a number of things, I prefer “Black Beauty” is finished in glossy smooth black nickel finish and mostly white paintfill.  Just looking at it causes one to lust after its beauty.  Subtle is one of the best ways to describe the look of this putter, but just enough style to accent the best features.

Bettinardi has been making putters for a long time and his signature feature has to be the honeycomb face milling.  I will be so bold as to say that you won’t find a better looking more unique putter face than those of a Bettinardi.  I’ve seen grooves, insert, milling marks big and small, but nothing really compares to the style of a Bettinardi.

The head weight comes in at a near ideal 348 grams.  For my taste that is just about perfect.  I have always liked the feel right around 350 grams.  I ordered mine at 34” in length for the ideal combination of length and weight.  I also went with the upgraded stitchback gripmaster grip.  I have found these grips ideal for soft stable feel without being sticky.

Now on the greens, spring can always been an interesting time of year for golfing and especially putting.  I hadn’t really played, putted or swung a club in 3-months.  While every club in the bag is a concern, the putter can be the most finicky, especially on greens that might be less than perfect.  But to my delight and joy, the Bettinardi allowed me to putt as well as I ever did.  While it doesn’t boast any fancy technology, it simply puts a smooth roll on the ball with great feel, balance and alignment.  The sightline worked perfectly for lining up the face with hole and dropping numerous putts.  The honeycomb milled face looks perfectly flat offering a consistent roll, putt after putt.  It clearly has a sweetspot that is about average size for this style of putter, either side of that offered a noticeable change in feel and performance.

At first I was unsure about the putter cover since it didn’t open in the back like all the others I have used in the past, but when all was said and done, I actually liked just slipping it on and off without having to open up the Velcro or magnets.  I liked the way it looked too.  The simple black honeycomb like texture looked very nice to my eye.

The milled in the USA head from mild carbon steel with the black PVD finish offered a very crisp feel that was not harsh in any way, but a clean click was audible on each putt. It was between a soft stainless and carbon feel.  

Some might say that an anser putter is an anser putter, but I think that the Bettinardi BB1 is much more than just another putter.  It is a beauty, a Betty, a work of art.  The black finish, honeycomb milled face and excellent balance make this an outstanding putter.  If you like traditional good looks, the Bettinardi BB series is perfect for you.  The only issue with the new Bettinardi BB series will be finding them. I haven’t seen any in the Big Box stores yet but hopefully Bettinardi will be able to set up a good distribution base for these putters.

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