Review: Bettinardi Milled Buckle and Belt

A Simple and Classy Belt Buckle
There are many different styles of belts and buckles out there right now.   I’ve got a mixture of traditional, custom and bold one in my dresser.  The best way to describe the Bettinardi Milled buckle and belt is simple.  That is not a bad thing in any way because the buckle is actually quite classy.  What it really means is that I can wear it with a suit and tie without feeling like the buckle stands out like a sore thumb.  Yet it looks very stylish with a golf polo too.
Betttinardi offers a wide range of buckles from the simple (this one) to more complicated and bolder styles as you can find on the Bettinardi website.  If you can’t find one you like, you can also request a custom designed buckel.   No matter the design, they all use the snap on strap style loop to attach to the belt with a single post for securing the buckle into the belt holes.  They are milled in the USA from a billet of stainless steel which you can feel by lifting it.  It is hefty, but not heavy when you wear it,  The finish on the buckle is everything you’d expect from Bettinardi.  The post that goes into the belt holes works really well, almost too well.  The first time I tried to take the belt off, it didn’t want to come off.  Normally you just pull hard on the buckle and they pop right off, but this one you actually need to slide like you were making the belt tighter and then it pops right out of the belt hole.

The leather strap is very nice too. It is a classic edge sewn thick leather strap with a nice sheen to it. It isn’t patent leather, but it isn’t dull either, just that classy shine of a smooth leather belt. It is on the bigger side, but not too large. I didn’t have a single pair of pants that the strap didn’t fit through the loops. The inside of the belt is finish with a softer muted tan leather. The actual thickness of the strap is nice so it holds its shape even after wearing it many times.

Bettinardi offers a wide range of stock buckles, the classiest of which is the honeycomb one. If you want something a little more eye-catching take a look at what he offers. You can even have a custom one made with your initial, logo or idea. Just like Bettinardi putters you get excellent milling and beauty, even with a belt buckle.

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Quick Hits
+Simple yet stylish buckle
+Nice thick strap
+Just the right size for belt loops
+Many options of buckles and straps