Review: Bettinardi iNOVAi CB Putter

InNOVAte or Die
You’ve probably heard this phrase before when it comes to business.  If you don’t innovate, you end up falling behind and eventually dying.  The putter industry is the same, no one just makes “bullseye” putters anymore.  You need to have some sort of “anser” copy and some sort of creative mallet putter to remain relevant, along with a full line of options in between.  Bettinardi does it as well as anyone with their stunning putter line. The new iNOVAi putter is their creative mallet design with high MOI forgiveness.  InNOVAte or Die? Well Bettinardi chose to innovate with the iNOVAi putter.

The iNOVAi putter is about as good looking as a creative putter can be.  You can’t expect clean and simplicity in an innovative putter.  This is about as easy to look at as any putter in this category.  The black aluminum body is the base of this putter paired with a large stainless steel weight around the back rim, creates a high MOI putter with good weight and feel and tons of forgiveness.  The F.I.T. face creates a soft, yet firm feel so that you can feel the response of the putter hitting the ball.

The real secret is the balance of the head because of the aluminum body and stainless steel weight, there is very little twisting that takes place during the putting stroke, the weight counteracts any tendency to move.  It also delivers a solid strike into the ball as you push the bulk of the weight through the impact point.  Alignment is very easy since there is long white line across the top and a “t” line so that you have both directions covered at address.

The iNOVAi is face-balanced so it will be a perfect fit for Straight Back-Straight Through putter strokes, but even for me with an arch stroke, I found that I putted very well with this putter.  I also went with the Counter-Balanced model for even more forgiveness.  The extra head weight as well as counterbalanced weight just above the hands makes this putter send the ball on your intended line every time.

I had great success on the greens this spring with the iNOVAi putter.  It keeps the 3-jacks off the card and really makes 2 putting from anywhere on the green a breeze.  The only reason it won’t have a permanent spot in my bag is because I like the cleaner look of the Bettinardi CB BB1 putter.  But the iNOVAi will certainly get some more game time in 2015, especially if I get a typical summer slump putting and need the added forgiveness.

Bettinardi certainly did some inNOVAtion with the iNOVAi putter.  It looks good, feels great and putts very well.  I’ve been tracking my statistics using ARCCOS golf and putting has been my strongest point of my game in 2015 and this putter might just have something to do with that.  If you are looking for more forgiveness yet good feel and very good looks the iNOVAi is the putter for you.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Off the charts forgiveness
+Great balance and feel
+Quality looks
+Works on the greens
+CB or regular models

–Only offered in face-balanced