Review: Bettinardi iPhone Case

Milled Protection For Your iPhone
Robert Bettinardi knows how to mill cool stuff.  His putter milling has always been one of the best in the business.  If you take that skill and apply it to other uses, you get a really awesome accessory.  The Milled aluminum iPhone case is just another one of his creations.  It offers stunning looks and amazing protection for your iPhone.
There are somethings that I expect to draw attention when I use them or wear them.  If they are bright, bold, special, unique, etc, but honestly I didn’t expect my Bettinardi iPhone case to get as many comments as it did.  Most the people I know have an iPhone, most of them have a case on it, and for the most part I don’t have a clue what case others have on their iPhone.  It seemed that almost everyone that saw me pull out my iPhone commented on the Bettinardi case, especially if they touched it.  The milling, texture and weight really grab people’s attention, while still being classy.


A true sign of a good case is how it handles the drop test.  While this is one part of reviewing products I don’t particularly enjoy.  I don’t mind hitting hundreds of golf balls, playing in the rain, swapping out shafts or anything else that goes along with golf product reviews, but dropping my iPhone is not one of them.  But guaranteed if I use a case long enough on my phone, I will drop it at some point in time.  No matter how hard I try, how careful I am, it will slip out of my pocket or hand at least once.  On cue, I dropped my phone twice with the Bettinardi case on it.  This case works!  I dropped it on hard tile flooring and I thought the tile was going to break.  The case didn’t even have a ding or a mark on it.  The other drop was in the garage and again, even on the dirty concrete floor, no damage could be found on the case or the phone.  The silicone inner protects from shock and the outer milled aluminum shell is very strong.   The aluminum shell doesn’t seem to ding, dent or scratch, which is the sign of real quality.

Between the looks and the protection it offers, this is a great case.  It is not however lightweight or slimming.  If you are looking for a super slim case, this isn’t it.  It is is heavy and thick.  If you are used to an iPhone without a case or very thin one, this one will feel quite different.  It adds weight and thickness to your phone.  I actually liked the heft for talking on the phone and using it.

The only slight issue I found is that the coloring on the silicone wears off in spots that get a fair amount of rub from use.  Near the bottom and top where the buttons are, the black wore off the white silicone.  It doesn’t bother me, but just so that you are aware of what happens over time and use.  The rest of the case still looks like brand new so it doesn’t look bad, just a couple wear marks.

If you like your Bettinardi putter and are looking for milled protection for your iPhone, this is the case for you.   It looks cool, it functions very well and people notice the craftsmanship of the case.  It is milled protection for your iPhone. Well done Mr. Bettinardi.

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Quick Hits
+Milled aluminum shell is cool
+Outstanding protection
+Excellent looks

–Silicone wears