REVIEW: Bettinardi Queen B 5 Putter

Elegance and Function
Putters have become a golf collectibles.  The rise of boutique putters and putter companies has any number of putters only worthy of “wall-hanger” status.  You can’t pay that kind of money and actually take it on the course.  This is what I love about Bettinardi, yes, they make “wall-hanger” worthy putters; but they also make     retail models that beautiful, but also useful tools for putting.  The new Queen B line is that perfect balance of function and stunning elegance.  The Champagne Silver paired with tiffany blue, makes this one beautiful putter, but the retail price, still makes it very playable.  While the Queen B line might be aimed at the women golfers,  I felt comfortable rolling this putter on the green.
The Bettinardi Queen B line has 3 models, the 5, 6, and 10.  I went with the popular 5 since I think it really fits my style and my stroke.  The 1/2 toe drop and wider body looks perfect behind the ball to my eye.  I also like how the Queen Bs all come in just a touch heavier.  I think this little extra weight feels really nice.  It doesn’t get too heavy or awkward, but perfectly balanced at 34″.  The details are truly what make this putter so elegant.  The honeycomb face milling is outstanding as always.  The clean cavity and bumpers look classy.  The 5 engraved “queen bees” on the sole look amazing.  The tiffany blue paint fill is done just write to make it pop without getting too gaudy.  The Lamkin grip in tiffany blue looks and feel very nice.  The headcover for these models is stepped up too.  The leather stitched/patches of a Queen B is about as elegant as a headcover can be.

The Bettinardi Queen B 5 is just as elegant on the course as off the course.  The functional side of this putter really shines on the greens.  I have an arc stroke and this one fits that near perfectly.  I like the soft carbon feel at impact.  The alignment is very easy with the sight line and the wider flange.  This putter rolled the ball exactly the way I wanted it to on every putt.   While every putter has a sweet spot, this one’s it pretty large.  I didn’t feel that I had to hit dead center to get a good roll.  I was really happy with the ability of this putter to hit my lines.  The distance control was equally good.  While it doesn’t have any fancy face tech, it still rolled the ball very nicely and consistently.  I made some misreads, but that certainly isn’t the putters fault.  I never felt like I had to manipulate the putter, I could just line it up and stroke freely and smoothly.

Bettinardi continues to impress me with their creativity, elegance and functionality.  The  Queen B 5 is another outstanding model that will work in the hands of a woman or a man.   The headshape and weight are great for golfers with an arc stroke.  I really liked how it functioned on the green, but could have easily been a “wall-hanger”.  Version after version Bettinardi keeps stepping up the Queen B line.  I’ve had the privilege of playing most of them and this one ranks up there with the best.  The color palette and design make this both elegant and functional.

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Quick Hits:
+Great headshape
+Elegant design
+Nice features
+Superb balance
+Works on the greens
+Upgraded headcover

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