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Review: Bettinardi Queen B #9 Putter

Queen B is for Beautiful
Putting is an art form.  There are many different grips, a variety of postures, even where the golfer focuses their eyes changes from one golfer to another.    There is no one mechanical way to get the ball in the hole.  Since there are so many unique ways to putt, it is great to see putters just as unique as the golfers that use them.  Bettinardi is the king of unique and different designs.  The Queen B line has been one of my favorites since they were first introduced 4 years ago.  While the line was designed for the lady golfer, many a men have gamed them too.  The 2017 Queen B line is Beautiful.  The new shapes are pieces of art.  While any putter can roll the ball at the hole, why not look down at one that is beautiful??
The 2017 Bettinardi Queen B line has two putters,  #8 and #9.  Both are beautiful, but I really liked the look of the #9.  It has many features that really fit my putting style.  The 4:30 pm toe hang goes well with my arch putting stroke.  The high toe is also a very appealing look and the rounded mallet like flange is a slight departure from my normal, but I liked the idea of added alignment help.  The short flow neck is also a nice touch.  If you stripped this putter of all its finishing touches, the design is still pretty unique and yet very functional.

The Bettinardi Queen B #9 isn’t a stripped down putter, but a work of art on top of a great design.  The aesthetics are muted compared to previous Queen Bs.  This one is elegant in a satin silver with black and yellow accents.  The sole is milled with Bees, the face is honeycomb micro milled and the B hex on the face with Bettinardi script in the cavity all create a most beautiful putter.  The white Lamkin Corded putter grip and white headcover are have a luxurious look.  (The new velcro headcover is much easier to use too)

The Bettinardi Queen B #9 is more than just a beautiful putter to hang on the wall, this girl can roll the rock on the green.  While I am not a mallet guy because I don’t put well with weight away from the face, this putter keeps the weight near the face.  This for me helps with distance control and created a solid feel at impact.  The flange on this putter helps with a longer alignment line.  The high toe is great for those that like to see that when they look down at the their putter.  The feel of this soft carbon steel putter is as soft as any metal faced putter you will every roll.  I’m not an insert guy so this is perfect for my preference too.  The 362 gram weight is also a nice touch for a good balanced feel.

In a world of blah and weird putters, the Bettinardi Queen B #9 is a true beauty.  This beautiful putters has great features that make a great putter on the greens too.  The soft carbon steel feel, the high toe, the stronger toe hang, the mallet like flange, the long alignment line, the weight near the face are all design features that are worthy of consideration for your gamer.  This is the true definition of form and function.  Whether you are a guy or gal, the Queen B #9 is Beautiful.

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Quick Hits:
+Unique yet classic shape
+Clean finish
+Great balance
+Easy to align
+Soft feel

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