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Review: Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter

Sinking More Putts Makes Golf More Fun
There are few better feelings in golf than watching the ball drop into the hole.  Sure 300 yard drives, zip back chips, and high beautiful irons shots are all cool, but that rattle of the cup, the ball disappearing from the surface of the green really tops them all.  Golf is hard enough, and when you struggle on the green, it gets even more frustrating and the scores end up much higher than they should be.  Since having the Bettinardi SS28 Putter in the bag, golf has been more fun.  I’ve consistently made more 1 putts, got closer with my lag putts and have lowered my scoring average.
I don’t have a complicated matrix nor an army of golfers using this putter, it is simply me playing multiple rounds of golf and comparing it to some of the other putters I’ve rotated through to see what is the best fit for my game and the AZ greens.  The Bettinardi SS28 is a twist on a traditional putter.  The main body has a similar look to an anser, but the back flanges remind me of a mallet style putter.  What I like most is that the wide body isn’t heavy on the back edge.  The majority of the weight remains right behind the face.  The combo of a bigger body, but compact weight makes it a very good fit for my ability to control distance with this putter.

Bettinardi added a couple Studio Stock models for 2017.  The #28 is the one that fit my eye the best.  The new mercury grey finish with black and blue paintfill has a timeless look (like most Bettinardi’s do).  It is a classic design that is a perfect fit for my stroke.  The 1/4 toe hang is ideal for my arched stroke.  The 358 gram head is a nice weight that offers solid feel and good balance without getting too heavy.   The F.I.T face has a softer feel than the standard Bettinardi honeycomb milling.  The F.I.T face combined with carbon steel metal make for an exceptionally soft response when putting the ball.  The Lamkin Cord Bettinardi grip is also really nice.  It has a firm texture that feels great in my sweaty AZ hands.

There are many putters that look and sound great on paper, but the Bettinardi SS28 became my gamer because of what it does on the greens.  The extended flange offers great balance and easy alignment.  The compact face looks nice behind the ball.  But what I really like the most is that weight of the putter is right behind the ball.  I can control the distance much better than when the weight gets out on the corners.  My recent rounds have proved that this is my gamer dropping numerous birdie putts and saving par on some crucial holes. 

Bettinardi has done it again with a great design, excellent looks, amazing feel and a putter that simply putts the ball in the hole.  With the Bettinardi SS28 I’ve had my best putting rounds of 2107.  I look forward to rolling this putter throughout the year and keeping the scores low.  The less putts I take, the more fun I have.  If you are looking to have more fun and lower your scores, this might be an excellent fit for your game.  There are couple other options in the same head, center shafted and arm lock so make sure you know your stroke before diving into the wrong putter.  But if this is the right one for you; more fun and less putts are potential with this putter.

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Quick Hits:
+Classic looks
+Excellent feel
+Easy to align
+Perfect balance
+Makes more putts
+Made in the USA

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