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Review: Bettinardi SS6 Putter

A Classic Design Meets Bettinardi Workmanship
There are a couple putter designs that are truly timeless;  the classic blade, the anser and the mallet.  While there are so many variations of each design, sometimes simplicity is better.  Rather than trying to redesign a classic, Bettinardi just went with it and created another stunning classic putter with just a little of his flair.  The SS6 is a classic blade putter with a great finish and wonderful face milling.
The Studio Stock line was introduced last year.  The Olympic bronze finishes, super fly milling and blue paint fill make this line stunning to look at.  The line consists of an anser style putter, mallet putter and this blade putter.  They all are offered in a super soft carbon steel head for exceptionally good feel.  Between the finish and the milling, this is about as soft of feeling putter as you will find without a mushy insert.
One of the keys to making a compact head like this is getting the weight right.  It is easy to make it light, but getting a 358 gram head like Bettinardi did is key to making this a very playable putter too.  The mass of this putter is split between the thick face and the lower back flange which allows for very good feel and distance control.  By design, it isn’t the most forgiving putter, but it does put a really nice roll on the ball.  I was really impressed how this simple putter hits the ball solidly, smoothly and gets it rolling almost immediately off the face.

The Bettinardi SS6 doesn’t have any alignment aids which I think is best for a classic putter like this.  If you want fancy arrows or stripes, you should be looking at a different putter.  Even without the alignment aid, it is very easy to square up.  The back edge is slightly flattened about the same width as the ball.  The face sits down very square at address so if you keep the front and back of the putter perpendicular to the ball, you can get the ball started on your intended line every time.

The 6 o’clock toe hang is perfect for my arch stroke too.  I vary between a strong and mild arch stroke style.  This one works great with my putting method.  I’ve had very good success on a variety of greens.  I had a couple important putts on my last few rounds that I confidently stepped up and rolled in with the Bettinardi SS6; an 8 foot eagle putt, a 6 foot birdie putt and a 10 foot par save.  My lag putting has been good too.  I think in my 5 rounds with it I only had a couple 3-jacks, which to be fair, it wasn’t the putters fault; I was actually just hoping not to 4-putt from where my approach shots landed.

The Bettinardi SS6 is a great classic design that few companies are offering.  If you like this kind of blade putter, you won’t find a better one anywhere else.  The soft carbon steel, the super fly milling, the Olympic bronze finish, the Lamkin grip and headcover are one of the nicest putter packages around.  The SS6 is a classic blade design paired with Bettinardi’s workmanship.

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Quick Hits
+Classic putter head
+Beautiful finish
+Great weight
+Amazing feel
+Rolls the ball nicely

–High-end price

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