Review: Bettinardi Studio Stock #9 Putter

Form, Function and Beauty
by Bettinardi
Putters and putting comes down to a couple of key factors.  Does it feel good, does it line up easily, and does it get the ball in the hole?  While the last one is important, the other factors should be taken into consideration too when buying a putter.  Bettinardi takes all those factors and adds some beauty to this package.
The shape of this putter is really nice.  I had seen a few in pictures but didn’t really get the full extent of the head design until mine arrived.  The face shape is a high toe, with a soft tail/shaved off heel.  The Bettinardi FIT face is milled into the sweet spot.  The surprise on this putter was the deep back flange.  Many putters I have seen with this type of face shape are usually thin front to back, but this one is wide, getting close to a mallet size.  It really sets up very nicely behind the ball with its wide body and appealing face.  The neckless putter is matched nicely with a double bend shaft, making it face-balanced.  The single alignment line on the flange is bright against the dark finish and long because of the wide body.  The cavity lines are just about the size of the ball which frames it very nicely.

On the course this putter shined from day 1.  I went out to the course, with no time to spare for the practice green and proceeded to have an excellent putting day.  It really saved my score.  It might have been my best ever, but it was really quite good; no 3-jacks.  I kept this putter in the bag longer before writing this review because I just wanted to do something a little longer term and I found a real comfort level with this putter.  Since I’ve been gaming a Bettinardi for many of my rounds even before I got this putter, the feel was identical to previous putters.  The soft plated carbon putters by Bettinardi feel like no other, they are just so soft, yet firm enough to have excellent distance control and touch.  The form and function just fit very well to my stroke and my game’s needs.  After 10 rounds it fit into my bag very nicely.

Form and function are just a part of what makes this putter so appealing, its beauty is what makes it a true winner by Bettinardi.  The Studio Stock series has a black finish again.  It is similar to previous black finishes, but just a tad less rainbow effect.  The paint color for 2012 is lime green and white, which are matched with a Winn grip and headcover.  It is a real looker again, slightly bolder and brighter than previous versions of the Studio Stock line.  Bettinardi combined form and function in a beautiful package with the Studio Stock #9.

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Quick Hits
+Unique design shape
+Great black finish
+Easy to align with deep flange
+Excellent Bettinardi soft fell
+Beauty blended with form and function

–High-end putter cost