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Take All the Help You Can Get On the Greens
I don’t think you can ever be a good enough putter.  Even if putting is the strength of your game, I highly doubt that you make a 1 putt on every green.  There are so many factors that lead to good putting;  the correct read, the proper speed and hitting the line.   Add to those basic factors, the proper head, the best balance, the correct loft, the right sightline, etc.  A combination of these details can help you miss or make putts.  If there is anything you can do to improve your putting in any of those areas it seems like it would improve your scores.  One factor that I’m guessing you’ve never considered is your putter shaft.  You’ve probably tried every head shape and every face tech on the market to see if it help, but the shaft?  BGT wants you to rethink your putter shaft for improving your putting.

How can a putter shaft improve your putting?  Here is what Breakthrough Golf Technology claims: Stability was designed to improve putter-specific motion and performance. It increases flexural rigidity and significantly reduces torsional rotation through BGT’s patented design. It limits unwanted movement by stiffening the shaft by 25% without abolishing feel and reducing torque by almost 50%, to deliver the club face squarer at impact.  The performance of the shaft was exhaustively tested with hundreds of putters using state-of-the-art high-speed cameras, robots, SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll software and Trackman4. The result was to re-invent the putter shaft from the ground up.

Basically BGT says that their Stability shaft keeps your putter face from twisting before or during impact yet maintaining a better feel than steel.

Breakthrough Golf Technology is the brain child of Barney Adams the originator of Adam Golf and the Tight Lies design.  He’s been around the golf industry for a few decades now.  The Stability shaft is a 4 piece design with a carbon fiber upper, aluminum insert, an aluminum shaft sleeve and a steel lower shaft which connects to the putter head in any of the standard sizes and bends.  The smoked steel looks cool and the larger carbon fiber upper has a nice matte finish.  I put the shaft in my Custom Slighter Damascus putter.  The combo looks amazing. 

Does BGT live up to the hype?  I don’t have high speed cameras, robots or any of the other state of the art technology to test their claims at the most technical of levels.  I used the on-course testing method to see if BGT can back up it’s claims.  I had 25% more 1 putts and 40% less 3-putts.  In the course of a round that adds up to be about 1.5 stokes difference.  Could you use a shot or 2 benefit on your score card?

The biggest difference that the BGT Stability shaft made was a noticeably better feel.  Even if your putter stroke is inconsistent, you can feel the reduction of vibration and the stiffness of the shaft.  These are good things.  You don’t want the putter to whip into the ball, nor do you want it so stiff feeling that you loose all touch.  The BGT Stability shaft allows you to still feel putts, make them feel softer and yet maintain a rigid connection between your hands and the head.

SPYZINGER’s Thoughts:
This past month, I had the opportunity to put the BGT putter shaft into my bag.  I had the shaft installed into a Odyssey Versa 2-Ball.  Prior to receiving the shaft, I became versed in the technology.  Reducing unwanted shaft movement, stable feel, and delivering the putter face squarer at impact?  Sign me up.  However, I couldn’t help but to be skeptical.  Would a 12 handicap like myself be able to feel or see a difference?  From the first putt on the practice green, I could feel something was different.  I was holding a product that did exactly what the company said it would do.  It just felt stable, much more solid, and crisp at impact.  Putt after putt, the dispersion and misses, short or long, high side or low side, just seemed to me tighter.  Much like the Adams Tight Lies of yesterday, Barney has produced a product that is far from a gimmick and does exactly what they say it does.  I get the sense that whether you are a single digit player or high handicap, the stability of this shaft will help no matter your skill.  The putter hasn’t come out of my bag since I put it in play a month ago.

The BGT Stability shaft is the real deal.  While we never think about our putter shaft, this one does reduce vibration and has the potential to reduce putts.  Is that worth $200?  That depends on your golf budget.  If you spend $500 for a couple yards off the driver, then $200 for a couple strokes on the green is certainly worth it.  A number of boutique putter brands are offering the Stability shaft in their putters so you might start seeing these as “stock” options for putters.   Any help is appreciated on the greens and this is one way to hit a few less putts.

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Quick Hits:
+Cool looks
+Amazing feel
+Less putts
+Works on any putter

–A little pricey for a putter shaft

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