BGT ZNE Wedge Shaft Review

Breakthrough Golf Technologies ZNE Wedge Shaft offers Control & Consistency


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I had JP Golf install a BGT ZNE Wedge Shaft in a JP Premier 56* Wedge.  I was able to play this club for 5 rounds of golf in AZ with iGolfReviews.  The combination of stability, consistency and control is impressive.

This is the definitive Breakthrough Golf Technology ZNE Wedge Shaft Review for 2022.


Gaining a footprint in the golf shaft business with the Stability Putter Shaft, the shafts just keep on coming from Breakthrough Golf Technologies. Starting with putters, BGT now has driver and wedge shafts available for purchase. Each category of shafts with specific game changing technology.  The two C’s that I covet the most in my wedge play are Consistency and Control. New and exciting technology recently released by BGT is the ZNE Wedge shaft that will put both of those in your game. I set out to test the new ZNE shaft in a custom built JP PREMIER wedge. The results were instant and I think it will change the wedge game going forward.


As I normally describe to customers the definition of technology in golf is the use of materials and application. Golf’s first 2 piece wedge shaft is designed with Advanced Materials Integration to help square up the club face for more center strikes and better shots. This is achieved with a combination of Graphite and Steel merging with a Proprietary Coupler “Designed with internal micro-barbs to ensure a virtually unbreakable bond between graphite and steel”. 

The name of the game in creating consistency and control with the ZNE shaft is Stiffness. Enter the Stiffness Stack – A zone where the materials come together and help control the kick point of the shaft. 

What is Stiffness and Why does it matter?

There are a few terms to understand how a shaft is categorized by its stiffness – Weight, Torque and Frequency. Weight is an easy one, it’s the overall mass of an object. In golf shafts the heavier or thicker the wall of the shaft is, the stiffer the shaft can be. Torque is a twisting force that can cause rotation. The lower the torque of a shaft, the less it will twist and can cause a stiffer feeling. Frequency in golf shafts is the rate at which the shaft will bend or oscillate, the higher the number the stiffer the shaft.

There are many theories about weight and stiffness when it comes to fitting the right shaft. I believe each person and swing is different, so finding the right combination is important to help create consistency and control in our clubs. ZNE has 3 options to choose from with different weight, torque and frequency numbers, so picking a shaft isn’t a one size fits all. Each shaft has a Matte finish and a Black Ceramic Dura-Coated Tip with accent colors to identify the model. There is a 90 gram, 115 gram and I chose the 130 gram weight option because I normally play a steel shaft with that same weight.


Sturdy is the first thing I felt when I picked up the JP PREMIER wedge with the BGT ZNE wedge shaft in it. Choosing the 130 gram option, I knew the club would have a weight that I prefer in my wedges. Also, the Grip felt wider than a traditional steel shaft. I assume this is to accommodate the amount of graphite used to make the shaft. I didn’t mind the bigger grip as I use a midsize grip anyway, but it is something to consider. A typical steel shaft has a butt diameter of .600 inches. The butt diameter of the 90 gram ZNE is .600 inches, while the 115 gram model is .610 inches and the 130 gram model is .615 inches.

Center Strike Hits! How do you improve consistency and control? Find the center of the clubface. The first dozen or so shots with the wedge were all center strikes. I certainly try to hit my clubs in the center of the clubface, but the BGT ZNE wedge shaft was taking solid shots to another level. The off-center hits also had reliable feedback, which is important to know if the result was my swing or hit location. The distances and dispersions on shots were also very close to the same I would expect from my current wedges with Steel shafts. I can certainly see a set of wedges in my bag with ZNE shafts in them.


ZNE by Breakthrough Golf Technologies is an impressive wedge shaft that I didn’t even know I needed.  From the company that created a STABILITY putter shaft and the BRAVA driver shaft, it comes as no surprise that this shaft is very consistent and offers amazing control.  They answered the question, “How do you make a wedge shaft better?” Combine Graphite and Steel to create a super stiff profile that helps provide consistency and control with your wedges.

For more information: Breakthrough Golf Technology

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