Review: Big Max Autofold FF Push Cart

A Different Cart Design - A Fast and Flat Fold
Push carts have come a long ways in the last 10 years.  No longer is a 2-wheel drag behind cart the only option.  The range of 2, 3, and 4-wheel carts is ever evolving and changing.  The long folded carts have been replaced by small folding carts that typically fit in a 2′ x 2′ by 1′ square.  Big Max is changing that too.  The Autofold FF folds fast into a flat package.  This different compact design will definitely be a good fit for many trunks. Big Max made a really great cart that folds fast and flat with their totally different design.
Driving a MINI Cooper means that how the cart folds down has been an important factor of every cart I’ve used.  The Big Max Autofold FF folds way more flat than other carts which has a real benefit in the trunk of smaller cars.  When I fold it flat, the Autofold FF fits nicely in the trunk, right under my bag.  I can get it into an even smaller space if I remove the wheels.  Obviously I still need them, but the flexibility of putting them somewhere else offers great space savings.

The folded Big Max Autofold is different, but when you unfold it, you get a cart much like other push carts.  It has 2 larger back wheels and a small front wheel.  There is a console/glovebox which will hold any number of items.  The bag is attached to the brackets with bungee straps and it has a brake on the back right wheel.  It also has a clip-on drink holder and a screw-in umbrella tube.

While they call it Autofold, it doesn’t actually fold by itself (like one cart  I have).  But it is about as simple to fold as any cart I’ve ever had.  There is a lever  that will raise, lower and adjust the main handle.  There is only one other motion needed to fold or unfold the cart.  Release a locking tab to unfold or pull up on the bar right above the front wheel to fold it.  This all takes literally 5 seconds.

Big Max includes many of the things that I’m looking for in my carts.  I like bungee straps because I want my bag to stay on the cart.  It just gives me peace of mind.  I like the huge basket/console/glovebox  they use just under the handle.  It can hold so much stuff; keys, wallet, cell-phone, rangefinder, 1/2 dozen balls, tees, etc.  You can get all the stuff into it all at once.  And as already mentioned, it folds small and flat.

I don’t use the brake all the often on my push-carts because I tend to park it in flat areas or push it up against something so I don’t need the brake, but when I use the brake I want it to hold.  The Big Max Autofold FF brake is a foot lever by the back right tire.  It pushes a rod into the “spokes” of that wheel.  Obviously that creates a little roll with the brake, but once it catches, it hold the cart securely even on a hill.  My only issue is that it is a foot lever.  I’m not sure I really like using my foot to engage or disengage the brake.  I also question it’s durability.  My foot can apply a whole lot more pressure than a hand lever and I don’t feel like I have the same sensitivity to pressure in my foot.

The Big Max Autofold FF rolls down the fairway very nicely.  It isn’t the fast cart on the block, but takes little effort to push.  It doesn’t ahve huge ground clearance so it can kind of get bogged down in the rough.  On hard surfaces it rolls very smoothly and the wheels are very gentle on the grass.  The bag sits very vertical on the cart, not touching any of the main framework.  It makes it easy to grab a club or put a club back in the bag.

Push carts come in all shapes and sizes.  Big Max created a really solid cart that functions on the course very well and folds quickly into a flat package so that it fits differently in your trunk.  It is packed with features and will serve you well for many rounds to come.  Check out the Autofold FF push cart for a different fast and flat fold.

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Quick Hits
+Fast and easy fold/unfold
+Flat when folded
+Solid on course use
+Lots of great details

–Foot brake lever isn’t the best