Review: Big Max Blade Quattro Push Cart

Redefining the Compact Golf Push Cart
I’m an avid fan of walking when I golf. The positive benefits are for both my health and a better golf game. This is why I’ve had a push cart since they first hit the market many years ago. If I had to guess a percentage of rounds walked verses rounds riding, it would be 95% walking. Much like cell phones, push carts have seen an exponential growth in technology, form and function over the last few decades. What started as a simple structure to put your bag on has now evolved into a mobile locker room for golf.   Much like how the 3 wheel push-cart changed the golf cart landscape, this 4-wheel cart redefines compact push carts and their function while both folded and unfolded.
 I was really excited to see the box from Big Max show up on the doorstep. BIG MAX was founded 1994 and is a strong brand name, that now conquers the global markets. Since January 2014, BIG MAX entered the US market with a great range of golf trolleys, golf bags and accessories. As the brand continues to gain in recognition, they have also grown in technology and function.  For me a big issue is size since the trunk of my Chevy Camero isn’t exactly large.  It is always a game of Tetris when I try to get my push cart and clubs in the trunk.  The Big Max Blade Quattro fits with ease.

Unless you push a cart off the store floor, most need assembly when they arrive.  Thankfully the Big Max Blade Quattor didn’t need the whole afternoon to put it together. The only assembly in the process is putting the wheels on the cart. It was very simple and extremely easy to understand with the directions. It took me more time to get the cart out of the packaging than it did to unfold it and get the wheels on.

Just as easy as getting the trolley ready for use is getting it ready to use. The BLADE Quattro combines the best of fast and flat-folding technology and simplicity that folds faster than any other cart. The trolley is unfolded in an easy hand movement. Folding the trolley back again is no effort and it takes up very little space. I found the trunk space in my car almost double from the previous cart I folded up and carried around to golf with.

For nearly all push carts today, the extras determine the value of buying one cart over another. The Blade Quattro has plenty of usable features that fit nearly any situation you could encounter. Starting with putting the bag on the cart, there is a bungee cord type strap to secure your bag at the top and at the bottom. The cords make nearly any bag snug on the cart and resists having the bag fall sidewards while playing.  The straps also do a really nice job of keeping it from twisting or needing adjustment during play.

The brake is a simple foot pedal that can be set by pressing down and released by lifting up. A bar goes down into the back wheel and holds it from rolling. It does allow for some initial wheel rotation, but once it gets to a spoke it holds the cart in place nicely.  The push handle glovebox is very useful and expandable because it is a net covered with a score card holder. The netting also has a place to tie the umbrella holder into when not using.  There are places to latch on a cup holder a GPS device holder (sold separately) and a pencil holder.

The Big Max Blade Quattro is compact when folded, but has a nice ride when unfolded.  On level terrain the ride is very smooth and easy to push.  It feels like the center of gravity is over the two smaller front wheels which can make it a little harder to push up or down a hill.  The small front wheels combined with the weight riding on them did cause a couple close calls when the cart caught a crack, bump or rock.  I’m not 100% comfortable with the push and let it roll down a big hill all by itself.  You can help thee balance by loading your bag slightly top heavy to balance things out a little better. I will say though, this is a better balance compared to some push carts which like to tip over backwards because the weight is over the back wheels.  Side to side however the stability is like a tank, it doesn’t tip right or left no matter how you load your bag.

If you are looking for a modern cart with plush features and stability, the Big Max Blade Quattro is a great choice.  This cart is now on the top of my list for recommendations for purchasing a push cart.  The easy of folding and unfolding, the compact size in my trunk and the 4 wheel stability really redefine the push cart.

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Quick Hits
+Small folded
+Big features unfolded
+Easy to push
+Lots of accessories
+Holds bag securely

–Front center of gravity can make hills a little more difficult to navigate