Review: BioSteel Sports Drink

A Healthy and Purposeful Pink Sports Drink

About 7 weeks ago a random box arrived at my doorstep.  I hadn’t ordered it or talked with the company about it (at least that I can remember).  I opened it up and found a sports bottle and 7 packets of something.  I wasn’t sure what it was because there was no other information included.  The 7 packets were small with only minimal information on them too.  While I don’t feel like I have too many enemies, I wasn’t sure what this was or why it had arrived.  Fast
forward to 3 weeks ago when I started the Pebble Plan.  I became increasingly frustrated by the beverage offerings while golfing.  Plain water, Beer, soda, sugary sports drinks or diet soda(with who knows what in them), and none of them really do a good job of offering healthy, refreshing hydration during the round.  I remembered I had this stuff sitting there and assumed it wasn’t anthrax so I’d give it a try.  I also looked up the company’s website to learn more about it too and became convinced it should be a good product for what I was looking for.

Bio Steel recommends you add 1 packet to 250-1000 ml of water.  I don’t understand the metric system so I found a conversion chart that says a 20 oz. bottle is about 600 ml of water I figured that would be a good option, right in the middle.  20 oz. fit easily in the supplied sports bottle.  I added 1 packet and the water, put the cap on and shook.  In under 30 seconds I had a pink drink ready to go.  It was time to give it a test and see what this stuff tasted like.  While I can’t pinpoint the flavor, it is different than other beverages out there,  I will say this, it is delicious.  It is a fruity, berry like flavor; crisp and refreshing. They only offer one flavor so if you don’t like it you are out of luck.  I was glad I liked it.  When I fill the sports bottle completely with water it is more like 1000 ml so then I add 2 packs.   The only strange thing is that it loses its color after about an hour or so.  It turns kind of a clear off-white color. The taste remains so it is not a big deal, but don’t mix it up and then set it in the fridge to cool it before your round; mix it and drink it.

Bio Steel also uses independent lab testing with the strictest standards to make sure that there are no banned substances in this sports drink so you don’t have to worry about getting a lifetime ban for using Bio Steel.  It is a good sign too that Hunter Mahan and Jordan Spieth are drinking this stuff and both are doing really well this year on the PGA tour.

I like it for more than the flavor.  It has electrolytes, amino acids, and Vitamin B without sugar or caffeine.  I can drink it without wrecking my diet or getting jitters.  The combination of minerals and vitamins offer excellent mental and physical benefits while drinking.  I notice at the end of my rounds I can still stay engaged in my round and seem to be thinking just as clearly as I did to start my round.  It certainly helps alleviate that drained feeling.  I doesn’t put you in the zone or give you some crazy ability to focus, it just helps keep you where you are.  Hot summer days can be taxing both physically and mentally while playing and Bio Steel Sports drink certainly refreshes and nourishes your body and brain.

Seriously, this random product showed up like it was destiny.  While I didn’t give a try for a number of weeks, once I did, I’ve fallen in love with this Bio Steel pink sports drink.  If you price it out, it costs about the same as a purchased drink at the golf course.  I fill up my sports bottle with water and ice to go to the course and then often refill it halfway through the round and I’m good for 18 holes.  Bio Steel is a purposeful and healthy pink sports drink. #DrinkThePink

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Quick Hits
+Tastes Great
+Helps maintain focus on the course

–Only 1 flavor
–Loses color after an hour

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