Review: Birdie Box Golf Subscription Service

Celebrate Christmas up to 12 times a year
Everyone likes getting a package in the mail.  Even if it is something small there is excitement every time a box arrives, even when we know what it inside.  Even more exciting is when it is golf stuff, and better yet when the contents are a surprise.  It is like opening Christmas presents.  Instead of it just being once a year, the Birdie Box Golf Subscription Service allows you to celebrate Christmas up to 12 times a year.
Birdie Box is basically a bunch of golf stuff shipped to you once a month for around $45.  They call it a premium service in that they say that the box’s content will be valued at over $100.  I was very skeptical since I’d seen some pictures before of similar services and it was basically a bunch of golf junk that didn’t sell at retail so they were pawning it off in a subscription service.  While the retail prices might have been $100, the actual value to the golfer was probably closer to $25.  Birdie Box on the other hand really shocked me with the quality golf gear that was shipped in my box.  Everything was something I really liked and the total actually surpassed the $100 value.

Obviously when the box shows up you just want to rip into this 16″ x 12″ box full of golf gear.  Obviously clubs are going to be in it, but mine arrived with 1/2 dozen ProV1s, Kentwool socks, ClubGlove Microfiber towel, Travis Mathews Cooler bag, and an Adidas Vest.  Everything was something I would use and enjoy on the course.  No off-brand junk, no plain t-shirt, not even the slightest feeling of getting a bad deal.  I really like everything that came in my first Birdie Box.  The sizes were right and the colors were even pretty good.

They offer a Men’s or Women’s boxes so either gender golfer or both golfers in your house can get a monthly subscription.  Once you pick your subscription duration, they create a profile page so that you will get appropriate sizes and so that they can tailor boxes to your preferences.  This makes for an excellent Christmas present or gift idea for the avid golfer.

I like getting golf gear as much as anybody, but I was skeptical that Birdie Box was just sending out a bunch of junk.  I was 100% wrong; they send out high quality, high value golf gear.  The subscription service is easy, just make sure if you want to stop it (not sure why you would want to) that you contact them, otherwise it will just auto-renew.  I must say, I am really impressed by the quality gear that Birdie Box is filling their golf subscription service with.  It is like celebrating Christmas up to 12 times a year.

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Quick Hits
+Surprise gear every month
+High quality contents
+Solid value
+Reasonably priced
+Great gift
+1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions

–Surprise gear you might not like

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