REVIEW: Bixtar SL Golf Balls

High Quality Golf Balls For the Everyday Golfer?
Bixtar is a new golf ball brand crashing into a growing segment of companies trying to disrupt the market shares of the big boys.  Many companies have gone the route of a “lower priced ProV1”.   That model seems to have gained some following, but Bixtar took a different approach by taking on the mid-range golf ball.  They are going after the $25 /dozen market.  So how does the Bixtar SL ball compete for the Everyday Golfer?
The Bixtar SL Golf Ball claims:
  • Designed in the USA
  • New modified ionomer cover using cutting edge technology
  • 432 aerodynamic dimple design for in-flight stability
  • 2-piece construction for extraordinary distance
  • Much Softer Feel than most 2-piece balls
  • Optimal spin rate for excellent greenside control
  • Low/Medium spin off the drive
  • Medium/High spin off the iron

So what do all those claims mean?  I played the Bixtar SL ball for a number of rounds.  I found the ball to be really long off the tee.  This wasn’t a big surprise with a 2-piece ball.  It offered low spin, decent feel and a good mid-flight for long drives.  It is not a super low compression ball so the feel was a soft-firm; not marshmallow, but not rock hard either.  As I worked my way through the bag, it reacted as expected for a 2-piece ionomer covered golf ball.  Fairly long off all the club with low to medium spin on every club.  The green side feel is nice, but moderate spin on the hard AZ greens means significant roll out on every shot.  I liked the “tock” off the putter which meant good distance control.  Overall I was pretty pleased with the Bixtar SL golf ball’s performance

The Bixtar SL golf ball is a nice ball for what it is, but the problem I see is this;  How does it survive in such a difficult market without something distinct to set it apart from the crowd?  It costs the same as its competitor, it performs the same, and it feels about the same.  I love supporting the little guy, I enjoying playing a different ball than my playing partners, but what sets this ball apart from the crowd?  I couldn’t really answer that question.

The Bixtar SL Golf Ball is a solid ball for those that don’t need the high priced “tour” balls.  Unfortunately that could be said about 10 other golf balls right now.    They do offer what they say, “A High Quality Golf Ball for the Everyday Golfer”.  The only problem is so does everybody else.  If they were able to drop their price point, or do something unique to the industry, I’d jump all over that, but at this point, I’m afraid they blend into the crowd on price and performance.

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Quick Hits:
+Soft/Firm feel

–Same price as competitors
–Similar performance as competitors